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Found 8 results

  1. I can't really find the words, but I'm infatuated with her. Is she generally regarded as a cliche "edgy" bad guy? I don't care, personally... i love her. She has an edgier (don't hate me for using that word in a positive sense, please) backstory than Luna and Starlight Glimmer combined. The isolation and loneliness that Luna suffered and the losses that Starlight felt, done better, bigger and badder. Her pain just feels more real and convincing than the others. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, so I'll leave it at that.
  2. So, with the release of issue #4 the movie prequel series of comics are now complete; with each have a focus on a specific character for the most part (Storm King for #1, Captain Calaeno for #2, Capper for #4, Tempest for #4). Personally I found the series enjoyable, and it even has me hyped for the movie itself. That said, this bring up a few questions: 1. As always there is a question of canon. While I THINK it's been stated that this is canon to movie, I think some doubts have risen from some in the community. 2. Will the Misfortune Malachite be mentioned in the movie at all; considering what happened to it? 3. What about characters like Chummer, Strife, and Rambler? Will they show up in the film in some form, or are they comic-only? 4. With there being a novel of Tempest's backstory; does it mesh at all with the comic? Regardless I think the prequel series have been an enjoyable ride, and I'm glad something like this was done.
  3. Hey guys, so my sis pointed something out and I noticed it from her original reveal anyway, but does anyone else notice Tempest's eyes are different to everypony else's? Could she be partially blind after the Ursa Minor attacked her? All other character pupils are black except for her. Even though she doenst really show any disability with sight, could it only be partial? SUper long shot, but artists have an attention for detail in animation and film too. If you watch the Ursa flashback again, he strikes her from (his/our) right to left instead of the other way. The scar couldve been left as his claw "leaves" her face instead of the initial contact (which is on the wrong side). Please tell me Im not the only one who saw this. It could just be a design choice and animation error/continuity/aesthetic and im looking too far into it here ^^;
  4. ^ my blog! welp heres some drawings i did over a few weeks uvu~~ enjoy
  5. This is regarding to new movie; thar be spoilers ahead. Yar. Okay, so there was one issue that I had with the movie above all others. The big reveal of how Tempest lost her horn. Some random bear rips it off. Oooh ahhh. Now she's evil. Now, I wonder if that was the original idea, as I feel what was in my head was probably what they had originally gone for and changed it once upon a time. When Twilight Sparkle got nasty at Pinkamena Diane Pie, crushing the poor pink pony's heart, there was a random spark of electricity/magic around Twilight's horn. At this point, I thought to myself: "that's how it happened! That's how Tempest lost her horn." You see, at that point the Princess of Friendship herself turned against the ideals of friendship themselves and lashed out at her best friends, stating that she would be better off without them. The magic of her horn reacted in a negative way causing a rift in the horn itself. Do you think, as I do, that maybe the original intent of the script was going to be that Tempest lost her horn through betraying friendships and lashing out at friends which caused a negative magical reaction in her horn, causing it to be destroyed? If so, do you think that Twilight was going to start going down that path? With the "open up your eyes song"I could have seen the movie go down that road where Twilight Sparkle starts to join the bad guys, and we see her horn start to crack under the influence of the betrayal of friendship. Then rather than just Tempest's reformation, we would have to see Princess Twilight Sparkle's reformation. Do you think any of this was what they may have originally gone for? Did you think this yourself when you saw the magic sparkles on Sparkle's horn? Would it have made the third act of the film better, rather than the epic origin story being just some bear? Thoughts?
  6. The days as Tempest - Remorse Credits for the picture:neonkitty17(DA) My name is tempest, my name is tempest, my name is... The though risp and slash its way in to my pure being. I stand over one of Stormkings soldiers. My metalhoof clamed against his chest. This one happen to be not so loyal, this one is a traitor. As part of my training and a perfect chance to show the Stormking that Im not a cute little pony anymore, I will make him scream. When I look back at this day it becomes clear that my mind was somewhat clouded. I so dreadfully wanted to show the world and not at the least my self that I was bigger and better, faster and stronger than anyone else except...the Stormking. I longed for the day that the Stormking would take me in as his apprentice. With his knowledge in combat I would soon become a fearsome leader myself. It almost brings out a laugh now days, the naive though that the Stormking was my key to becoming something in the world,to belong somwhere. Now in my new life ,which I describe in this diary as the quite days,I try to visit the makeshift graveyard I built as often as I can. Its just a block of stone really, yet tough and raw around the edges, just like the person it belong to. The stone visual only one symbole, three blue shapes and a red diagonale line. Everytime I visit this place I try to remmber the fallen traitor, trying to guess what he did wrong, why he was not allowed back in to the pack that day like me an the others. I was never told, nor did any of my research find why he was meet with this terrible fate. I often curse myself for the event that day. Back then I was driven by hate and fury then after the Stormkings my selfcentered ignorance become totally visible and like whise my guilt. Today I honor that man for standing up against something greater than himself. Even through his death, his act of defiance spread a messeage to me, a message of clarity, that one day... One day could I become something different.
  7. It's the first theatrical My Little Pony movie in 31 years! Was it worth the wait?
  8. I made a song! It's my first song. I made this in Ableton Live. If you know the electronic music duo Boards of Canada (which you probably don't), this sounds very slightly similar. Very slightly. The name was suggested to me by Dat Moog, a fellow user here. I am terrible at coming up with names.