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Found 4 results

  1. Who else here hates all these new internet terms? Mostly the ones that have become popular in the popular in the past year or so. So who else hates all these new terms from the internet like: Bae, Squad, Banter, Yolo, Cray, Swag They just annoy me so much whenever someone says them EDIT: Well, okay, I don't mind Cray much, actually.
  2. I found this site that I thought was interesting, that lists a bunch of different words people use to describe horses. Here are some of the more interesting ones I saw. Words for Horse Filly (female young horse under 4) Colt (male young horse under 4) Barn Sour (a horse that doesn’t like to leave the barn) Broodmare (a breeding horse) Foal (baby horse) Gelding (neutered male horse) Hard Keeper (horse who’s weight is hard to maintain) Jeanette (offspring of a Stud and Jennie) Mare (adult horse) Mule (horse/donkey offspring) Pony (small horse breed, NOT a baby horse) Purebred (horse that is theoretically perfect for breeding) Rogue (horse with bad temper) Sire (father of a horse) Stallion (non-neutered adult male horse) Weanling (a just-weaned horse) Yearling (a horse just barely under or approaching 1 year old)
  3. I'm just curious as to why a big majority of female viewers seem to hate the term. I can't help but get the vibe that the females who watch the show think the term refers to negative indifference. I haven't gotten a clear reason yet, so please tell me what your opinion on the term pegasister and how why you think it gets a bad rep.
  4. If you're a female brony, you probably already heard about the term Pegasister. If you're a male Brony, you probably don't care what female bronies call themselves since they're still fans whatever name they choose. What do you think about this term? Do you use this term? If so, why do you prefer it? If not, why did you choose the be called a Brony?. I heard some arguments like : it separates the male fans from the female fans, they may prefer earth ponies or unicorns to pegasi or some say the name is just stupid. I like the term myself and I want to know what do you think of it?