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Found 14 results

  1. " I know this might be a common sense question but I have never been a Common Sense person " I just noticed the Testing Forums... place. What exactly is it for, all It says this: and that doesn't help very much. What exactly is a test post?
  2. Testing, Testing, MLP Back in Testing, Testing 1,2,3, Rainbow Dash was required to take a test to get into the Wonderbolt Reserves. The test also required her to know basic Wonderbolts history, rather than just the parts that she wanted to know about them (basically only that they're awesome, cool, and fast flyers). Like Rainbow Dash, do you know the history of the MLP franchise? Do you think you'd pass or fail a pony history test, without cheating? Just for bucks, let's see how you do. 1: What was the name of the My Little Pony franchise's predecessor? 2: Who was the first baby pony? 3: What is the name of the first mute pony in the television series? 4: What is the name of the first human to appear in the television series? 5: What year did the first pony toy debut? 6: What is the name of the first pony seeing doing magic in the original series? 7: What is the name of the trick that Firefly performs? 8: Who gives the Rainbow of Light to the ponies? 9: What is the name of the leader of the Flutterponies? 10: What year did Friendship is Magic start? 11: What is the name of the person who is responsible for creating the first ponies that kick started the brand? 12: What is the name of the MLP related line that involves birds? 13: Who voices the pony, Gingerbread, in the My Little Pony animated series? 14: What is the name of the pony who is the keeper of pony lore, in generation 3? 15: What is the name of the first Pegasus pony to be introduced in generation 3? 16: What is the name of the pony who inspired Generation 4 Rainbow Dash's personality? 17: Which pony share a name with a Dragon Ball Z character? 18: Which came first? Dream Castle, or Paradise Estate? 19: Name a generation 3 pony who has a quirk of blowing their bangs from out of their eyes. 20: What Non profit organization did Hasbro support with My Little Pony sales in 2008? 21: What was the name of the pony designed by Luke Chueh? 22: In what year was the pony "Cotton Candy Skydancer" made? 23: Junko pony was designed by who? 24: What is the name of the first alicorn to appear in the My Little Pony animated series? 25: Who does Patch take on a high-flying, hot air balloon joy ride, in Pony Tales? 26: Name an MLP set that came with 7 ponies, each having an inspirational word on their bodies. 27: What are the names of the first two ponies to get married, in MLP's animated series? 28: Accordding to Lauren Faust, which ponies inspired generation 4 Rarity's preliminary design? 29: In "My Little Pony Tales", what is the name of the pony who has a fleur de lis cutie mark? 30: What is the name of the MLP variant toy line that originated in Japan, in 1985?
  3. Hello, I need some testers for my new linux distro, all thats set in stone is it will be beginner friendly, in its current stage of development the specs are as following Based of xubuntu Comes with additional themes Comes with additional software if your interested pm me
  4. Good evening Everypony! Sēkr here, with the newest project/obsession that I've had an absolute joy to work on these past couple days. This is a new card game idea that features Lamiaponies, Diamond dogs, tricky magic, and plenty of crystals. I wanted to show my game thus far, and get any feedback from the community. If you have any additional questions, don't be afraid to comment below or even PM me. I'll try update the OP as the game is polished, thanks to your many wonderful comments. An Important Note is that I’ve yet to make all of the mock-ups yet, and as such this game is still largely theory, having not been properly playtested. This will change in the coming hours, as I complete my supplies. Mock Up cards built! Alpha testing and balancing in progress! Many thanks in advance to anybody that actually takes the time to read through all of this Crystal Caves Game
  5. like i said, i want your thoughts, and be respectful, this is just a test run. If you guys like it, try to get someone to make this an actual song, that would be really nice. Enjoy!
  6. Random 1-minute metal thingy I did. Link: clicky I am more interested in comments on the mixing/sound rather than the composition, assuming there are users here who can give feedback on it...such as guitar/bass EQ and whatnot.
  7. Hello! So I have been working on a My Little Pony game in the unity engine for a little while now and I am wondering what should come next? The original thread about the game can be found here: The thread contains everything about the game along with the download. If you don't want to download it but still want to help the main things that the game has so far are as follows: * A Twilight demo * A Luna demo * A Discord demo * Magic * Flight * Some of the many assorted powers of Discord. I originally started this game juts to see how far I could get, mainly with controls and smooth gameplay etc. but it seems that I have accomplished that fairly well, so... Where should I take the game next? What should I add? What type of game should it be? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hello again! today I am posting an update the My Little Pony game I posted a while ago. (I am still new here and still do not know if I am posting these things in the right place) This game was and is mainly a project for me to see how far I can get, what I can accomplish and to see if people like it. So far in this game there are three playable characters: Twilight, Luna, and last but certainly not least, Discord, Each character has different abilities, for example Luna can fly and Twilight cannot while Discord has multiple assorted powers such as flipping over houses and changing the time. I have never seen a My Little Pony game that allows you to play as Discord, so I am proud to say that in this game you can indeed play as Discord and flip over some houses along with other assorted powers. Things added in this update: *A Luna level *Discord can now alter the time *Changed/Fixed mouse sensitivity *Multiple bug fixes *unfortunately I am still lacking a proper name for the game. Things that are soon to come: *A changeling level, changelings will be able to do exactly as they do in the show, fly, magic, and turn into other ponies *More houses and if I can accomplish it, ponyville in it's entirety, I have been slowly modelling houses and such things, any help with this would be greatly appreciated because as I am sure you can guess this is a very big project and is very time consuming for one person. Please let me know what you think about this game DOWNLOAD: The help topic for new ideas is here: Please actually read the "READ ME" file, it is very helpful. Disclaimer: Although I made the game and most of the models, I did take a few resources from the web, all credits are in the read me file, or in the about section on the main menu. If by some odd chance you have come across this game and have created one of the things used in the game and you don't want it to be used in the game just tell me and I will remove it (I am not good with copyright and I don't want to piss anyone off)
  9. Testing a CCG's cards with sticky notes isn't as hard as you'd think. All you have to do is write the info on the sticky notes, sometimes using two, and you're good! At least, I am. I got my Uno cards, I got my pen and felt tip pens, I got my sticky notes, I got my tape (to keep the sticky notes from coming off) and I got my computer with my Deckbuilding document open! (I set this up so you guys could see what I'm doing :3 I actually make these sitting in my chair, not on the floor ) That's why I need tape. :3 And I messed up on that one up top But, waste not, want not~~ (Especially since I lost my other set of sticky notes) And this is the whole shebang! (That's a digital keyboard resting on its box in the background, in case you're wondering. Also, the rug is Pooh.) FOOVILLE: THE ULTIMATE PIGGY CCG COMING A LONG TIME FROM NOW Let the foo-ntastic games begin...
  10. SCS

    Testing Forum

    Some of you may have noticed the sudden appearance of the Testing Forum at the bottom of the MLP Forums category. I have seen several questions about this over a relatively short period of time, so I want to clear up any confusion. This forum section is not new. It was created some time ago, but apparently there were issues with its permissions that resulted in only staff having access to it at all. I fixed that earlier this morning. The purpose of the Testing Forum is to serve as an additional location for people to be able to test various things before they post them elsewhere on the site. There is indeed a preview button available for posts, but some people may wish to see what the final product will look like in the form of a post before actually posting it publicly. Please bear in mind that only you, moderators and administrators will be able to view topics you post in this forum section. This allows you to test whatever you wish to test in a private environment. Feel free to post any additional questions you have about it here.
  11. Debian Testing is okay, but if you want to go cutting edge, go Arch... seriously.
  12. My signature is here so I can put it on my iPad and put it as my actual signature. So yeah.
  13. I'm looking to build a dedicated quality assurance (QA) team to be's alpha testers and shape the site's direction in its earliest stages. At this time, I'm looking for people who: create (or have created) MLP:FiM fan music are interested in uploading their fan music to will report bugs they run into will provide feedback on what's good, what isn't, and what's missing enjoy trying new things! QA staff will have access to a private forum where they can communicate directly with me and their fellow testers to share their experiences, request features, and directly influence the development of If you're interested in joining the QA team, let me know in a comment on this blog entry, send me a private message, or email me at, and I'll add you to it.