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Found 6 results

  1. Rainbow might have her heightened awareness thing going on during flight, Twilight has her flashcards... but what about you? How do YOU study for an important exam? I personally like to set up the material in my room, copy down everything relevant to the subject, rehearse it and then solve test-like problems. Doing it all while downing a mug of coffee and listening to soundtracks which i feel can inspire thinking.
  2. I'm still writing my fimfic "Harmony's New Heroes" and I'm already 2 chapters completed out of 4. I'm almost finished with the 3rd chapter. Here they are on Fanfiction and FIMfiction Right now the 6 new Elements of Harmony wielders have to each be given tests to prove their worthiness of wielding their respective elements. What sort of tests can you come up with for Honesty, Loyalty, Laughter, Kindness, and Generosity. I've already got one for Magic. Thanks.
  3. So, in about three weeks I have semester finals. WOOO! I just wanted to know how all of you study for finals/any tests. I usually have a LOT of trouble with studying, and end up winging it, but right now I'm studying my head off (so much for winter "break"). My question is, what are your study methods? Share~ Maybe yours are better than mine, or someone is better than someone else at studying or has good ideas. My study methods are as follows: -For history (AP World), "World History Crash Course" is awesome. I'm currently watching all 40-some episodes, they're really funny and teach a lot. They're on Youtube. -For math I just go in my math book and choose 5 problems to do for each chapter section. -I'm good enough at English that I never need to study. -Not sure what to do for science...? Any ideas? -For Spanish I'll probably get flash cards or the like. -I have no clue what to do for choir, I don't even have ideas... I hope this topic doesn't exist - I looked it up and nothing came up.
  4. Hello and Welcome to the G.O.A.T Exam(Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test)!Post the answers you chose(in the form of numbers.1,2,3,4) and i will quote what job you have earned!
  5. heres one of my newer songs its called down pour and i really can't pin down the type of genre of music it is so what does it sound like to u, and i would like to now what u like or dislike about it im new to composing music
  6. As the title says, this is a Personality disorder test which I found on the internet the other day. So, take the test and find out what Personality Disorders you have, of course if you feel that you have them. Plus, the other one is for the fun of it. (more accurate IMO) My results were: http://similarminds....y_disorder.html Disorder info: Now get going! Do the tests, and if you want, share what results you got.