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Found 28 results

  1. Poll about how many people love to text or how often they do.
  2. Without any context, post the last text you sent...
  3. Ssssssssso small and walking all alone in thissssssssss forest... Let me help you be lesssssss alone... you can keep me company... you jusssssssssst need to stare into my eyessssssss... my big beautiful eyesssssssss... that'sssssssss right... jusssssssst stare... back and forth... back and forth... don't worry anymore ponycub... i will keep you sssssssafe here with me... you can ssssssleep ssssssssafetly in my coilssssssss... my comforting coilsssssssss... you wanna sssssssleep in my coilssssssssss right?... good little pony... you feel sssssssso tired now... your eyessssss are ssssssso heavy... hard to keep them open... hard to keep looking into my eyessssssss... don't be afraid of me... you can sssssssleep peacefully till morning... jusssssssst let go of your fearssssssssss... good ponycub... you can trussssssssst in me... ssssssssssweet dreamssssssssss.
  4. Height limit of 750px for a single image? Oh come on, you can't ruin this for me. *cough* *cough* Nice, but now what it is about? I'm pretty sure this is something, that most of us know and just ignore, nevertheless, I couldn't resist to bring this to attention in a FABULOUS way. The thing is, that each time you access editing of the post, another character counter is added to the stack, just like in the comic above. Simply doing this: Edit post -> cancel -> edit -> cancel -> edit and so on... is enough to create a funny-looking wall of these. It's not really problematic, as I don't think anypony will ever have the need to edit the same post many, many times without reloading the page etc., but it's still a glitch and it shouldn't be like this, so that's why I'm just mentioning it. In fact, I have reported a similar (if not exactly the same) issue in my previous silly comic. It was fixed back then, but apparently that character counter came back to seek for revenge. So... while there's no need to panic, I hope you enjoyed that little comic. I just couldn't resist. Also I am aware, that the comic isn't 100% accurate to how the editor works, as normally you have to submit the post first in order to edit it afterwards, but otherwise it wouldn't really work for the comic ~ you get the point.
  5. Hello, i would like to suggest a change to the status update system. When somebody replies on a status update, you can't see what status update it is that was commented on. It's just plainly "a status update". It would be nice to know what status update somebody commented on and you usually follow multiple status updates so it can get really confusing real fast. And i know it's possible because when somebody reacts to a reply you made on a status update, the notification you get tells you what status update it was. Alongside that, and i know this was already suggested by someone else, i want to suggest the option to unfollow certain status updates, as more often than not you don't care about a certain status updates anymore but still get the notifications for it because you commented on it once.
  6. NOTE: Though it may look like a thread with just a silly comic, it actually is tech support related. I believe you all are bored of threads related to that character count box, due to amount of these, so this time I'll try to make it at least a tiny little bit entertaining. (hopefully) Now getting to the point- When editing posts, there are two character counters displayed at the top. Due to recent changes, that box is moved to the center and it adds a header of some sort below the toolbar, where that box is drawn, so that the real first line, where we can type, is below that counter. While it works as intended, there are two of these when editing posts. As a result, it draws two headers, which still works as intended, but unnecessarily takes more space and looks kiiiinda bad. It's not a big issue of course- from my perspective it's just purely cosmetic, as I'm a desktop user, so I still have tons of free space in my view. I'm just letting you know, that's all. How does that look in a non-comic version: That's all, thanks.
  7. Hello there! I'd like to ask if enter's behavior is set that way on purpose. You see, back in v3 when we pressed enter, it was just going to a new line, not new paragraph like it is now. Basically that means, that pressing enter now puts double spacing of some sort, that is kinda inconvenient to work with. I know this function can be avoided by holding the SHIFT button, but it gets kinda messy when it comes to images... Not mentioning all these special boxes... These paragraphs are going wild, when pasting complex contents. Generally it's much easier to double enter manually, than replace new paragraph with a new line, because you need to sneak in between contents like a ninja, backspace hoping nothing will break and then put shift+enter, so that it nicely connects. At the moment the double spacing is forced, with an option to avoid it. Instead of that I'd prefer being able to decide if I want to double enter from the very beginning. That way it all was just clear- I was the one, who was deciding how many enters I wanted to put. By the way from time to time I'm experiencing an issue, where I can't create a new paragraph. Literally pressing enter does absolutely nothing and copy pasting stuff all over the place is not fixing that. Sadly, though I had that problem multiple times, I have no idea what is causing this, nor how to recreate that. Anyway, Shift+Enter works though, so that's why I was just always using that workaround. I believe, that disabling that paragraph thingie would prevent the editor from having that trouble, but it's not a big issue, so there's no need to be bothered by this. So.. Would it be possible to change the enter's behavior? If that was set that way on purpose, due to personal preferences or something else, then it's okay. My preference actually was the single line option, so that's why I was thinking, that it would be at least worth to ask. Thank you!
  8. Hello there! This time I'll try posting something without images and in-depth description. I'd like to ask if you could add extra buttons to the text editor. Namely, the one called "Remove Format". I kept using it a lot in the previous version and I'd like to have back in the current one. It is really essential for me. Why? Let's assume, that I modified one word to highlight something like THIS. Now when I want to continue typing with the default format, I need to reset the font size manually, then reset color manually, remove bold and italics. Whew, a lot of clicking for such a simple thing, don't you think? Also when I have a formatted text, then even - going to next lines doesn't work, so in some cases it gets kinda tricky to 'escape' that, because you have to reset it manually, unless you've made an extra line before formatting, so that, going down will allow you to write further with the default settings... There are tricky (yet kinda glitchy ) workarounds though- 1) Go to next line; type one character; go back; type again - if that doesn't work - backspace to previous line, go to next line again and type. Still doesn't work? Keep doing this until it will work... 2) Go to next line; type one character; highlight it; cut and paste it without formatting (ctrl+shift+V) - sometimes it doesn't work though, so you'll have to paste it normally and then paste it without formatting.. Still doesn't work? Keep pasting with both methods until it will eventually work. A workaround to avoid all of this is to make the whole post, then format it at the end. But all of that could be replaced with one working-anytime solution- 1) Highlight text; press the button; Done. Increase Indent and Decrease Indent would come in handy too, but that's optional. What do you think? Thank you! Still a wall of text... but I tried!
  9. The minimum character limit text/box covers part of the text area. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is hard to see in that area, and can cause typing mistakes. The only way around it is to make a new line, but all of this can be avoided by moving the character limit box up.
  10. So I made this little font cause I wanted to make something decent after all the shitty fonts I've made before. I call it Invader's Eye and there's no direct reason behind it, I just wanted to go with some sort of alien-ish name and the dots in each character.. well that's the eye I suppose. My idea when making it was to make something that looked very alien-like and needed some sort of effort from the reader to see what it says, without being too hard to read. I think it actually turned out decently. Some of the characters may be too similar but overall I'm pretty satisfied. Here's a sample text: So.. what do you think?
  11. So, I've gotten bored a few times recently and created a few one line text arts. I would love to see what you all can come up with. Here's mine, and feel free to tell me what you think: Sofa. h~~r| Pack of smarties. >{[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]}< Campfire. £}X And my favorite, the s'more. ]0|[
  12. Nightmare Night has already hit these lands. And as a homage, I wrote something in ten minutes because I was bored as heck. Why, you may ask? I don't know, I was bored I guess. "A night to be remembered; dim, portentous, menacing. Gentle wafts turned into vicious blasts of air, threes were plucked from their roots, supernatural thunders branded a clear sky. Confused souls ran and stumbled upon each other, yet none could tell, none could understand what transpired, how grudges from past times unveiled into havoc. As a mere fabric the skies gashed, dismembered constellations covered the sky as the most obscure of voids emerged amongst them, concealing the brightest of moons; the whole crowd impregnated with the stench of apprehension, of utter horror. Whereas catatonic ponies and beasts anticipated the most hideous consequences, a cackle emerged; impudent, loud and pervasive, and subsequently followed an outburst of chaos. A blinding, yet mesmerizing beam slit the skies and embraced the world below. None was prepared, for the embodiment of spite had arrived, overwhelming as a storm, all-powerful as the skies up high and the most devastating tide. And a slender figure arose, its black coat merging with the new darkness that surrounded the firmament; orbs emanating hatred and pride surmounting the fiend, whose svelte figure was protected by unknown metals and was escorted by ethereal mist. The world trembled at each step, the grass and flowers withered with each step, untold atrocities arose from the depts of the world. A thunderous voice pierced the skies, and a warning was dispatched, for the Maiden of the Night had returned. Shall nary forget their deeds; for betrayal does not go unforgiven; for time does not seal the deepest wounds. The Nightmare was free." Enjoy the spooks lads. Have a good one.
  13. My favourite emoticon is ' c: ' Mainly because it's just a cuter alternative to ' : ) ' My least favourite is ' - _ - ' (without the spaces) Depending on the topic and situation, using this emoticon makes you look like a pretentious douche sometimes. (Sorry if you use this emoticon often, I don't mean to offend you, don't take it personally). You guys?
  14. I will cut to the chase on this one. There appears to be a problem of some kind with the text box I would use to comment on threads or topics. I cannot post images, gifs or even text. Furthermore, the options above, such as URL or Special BBCode do not work properly. I can access them, but when I try to insert a spoiler or a web address, they do not work. Could somepony help me fix this? It would be much appreciated. EDIT: It appears to be Internet Explorer which is suffering this problem. Everything works fine on other browsers like Safari for instance. Should I shift forum operations to Safari?
  15. How do you change the text that appears above your avatar in threads because I've seen many users have custom text above their picture and I cant seem to find the place to change it anywhere?
  16. I first prank-texted my brother's friend two months ago pretending to be a secret gov't organization trying to recruit intelligent people. At first he responded to it like I was joking, then he got more hostile. Blah blah, some time later, I made him freak out and he was seriously creeped out to me. I thought it got too far so I just told him it was a prank. He asked me who I was and I didn't tell him (He said he would knock my teeth out if he figured out who I was). I later warmed him up and made him normal with me, but he still didn't know who I was. Eventually, he thought I was a girl, (didn't specify gender to him.) I went along with it and pretended to be a girl as a 2nd prank. His girlfriend apparently got jealous of me (haha) and she posted my number on the internet for everyone to see. I just blocked him after that and any unknown numbers that called me. I told him that if he claims harassment I'd stop texting and if he stops I'll stop. I just want to know if there is any way for me to get in trouble for this? I didn't do anything wrong; I said it was only a prank, I told him if he claims harassment I'd stop, and I even said if he stops I'll stop. He even quit showing hostility towards me. His girlfriend might still be angry, is it possible for me to get in any real trouble for this? He also never claimed harassment, if that's worth mentioning
  17. Hello. I want to know how to add color and make text bigger on an iPad. Now, I have to use an iPad because this is the only thing I can use to go on this forum unless we go to my grandmas house and I can use her laptop. But until then, how do I make text bigger and add color? And also, how do I add an image to my signature? I'm really struggling. I really want a signature, and I want to edit my About Me page with big text and colored. Can someone please help me? I specifically want an answer from a mod or a donor, subscriber, whatever, so I can actually do it right and not have any problems. Please help?
  18. What I a picture that has text in it that could cheer someone up or just make their day. Here's my example: Anything from you all?
  19. Brewing up Rhymes From time to time, I’m given to ponder, An alchemist zebra who’s given to wander, The Everfree forest, despite all the danger. Gathering herbs with which she’s no stranger. From potion to poison each she has mastered, Brewing her cures to solve each disaster. With leaf and seed, with stem and root, She crafts oils, elixirs and salves to boot. Long have I wondered in my meditations, Why Zecora would converse - without provocation - With measured meter and couplets paired, Into rhyming verse wherever she fairs. It’s has been in my mind that far in the past, Under a curse Zecora fell, that was cast, By creatures whose nature was whimsy and malice, To discomfit the zebra and disrupt her ballast. Others have said that it’s a game that she plays, A tradition to sharpen her mind through each day. But perhaps the truth is simply that she, Finds joy in language, by waft and by weave. Whatever the case, it brings me a smile, To follow along each loquacious mile, And if I had my way, I tell you true, I would count this zebra as my friend, too.
  20. Well I have only recently joined these forums, but I thought I should put this up somewhere simply because any feedback is good feedback. Since I discovered 'Welcome to Ponyville' I was pretty impressed. Then I read that the team had been hacked and disbanded. I was really disappointed to say the least. A couple of days later, I discovered something called RenPy, a Python based visual-novel scripting engine. an Idea started to form. Now I can honestly say, I am terrible for starting projects that I get bored of and never finish. Which is why I have not mentioned this anywhere previously (combined with the dozens of other 'I'm making a pony game' topics in sure are floating around. Somehow, however, I kept at it. Slowly but surely, Project Harmony is chugging away. It's not Welcome to Ponyville. Its not got its own custom engine. Its not meant to 'rip off' or 'beat' any game, project or anything else. Its simply something I have wanted to do since before becoming a brony even. Anyway, If you see any topics about, you know what it is: LITANY OF MAGIC (Previously known as Project Harmony) A visual novel based, choice and decision heavy simulation / text based adventure based in Ponyville which I have been working on since March. The plan at the moment is to keep building, setting small, reachable goals so that if progress stalls at any point it can be rounded into a playable state. The current system plan is to give the player a set number of days (Currently planning 100, will almost defiantly change depending on the amount of contact put in. I'm hoping to produce a playable beta with 50.) How will it play? The game is text based, with images. Anypony played Ace Attorney? Like that. Each day, events unfold, you make decisions which influence the events of the story, yourself and what ponies think of you. You know nothing about who you are - a blank slate which will grow depending on your actions. Days you play are sectioned into three types. STORY DAYS. Story days are set dates where specific, mane quest events take place. For example, day 1 is a story day which introduces you to the game - set events happen and you are given choices to make. Story days will feature the most game changing choices. EVENT DAYS. Event days play out like story days, certain scripted events take place. Event days will be (somewhat) random and will feature some story changing choices, but mostly will effect what the ponies of Ponyville think of you. Event days will have requirements: If you told Pinkie Pie you hate Parties, don't expect a surprise party event! If you meet the requirements then any day that is NOT a story day will have a chance of being an event day. STANDARD DAYS. Any day which isn't either a story or event day will then be a standard day - a 'filler' day so to speak, where you don't have anything special to do so can feel free to work, train skills, shop or just see who you run into. I have put a LOT of thought into the day system and think it will work well, but ill keep everypony updated as and when. Ponies track a LOT of variables. So far I have implemented variables for about 25 ponies, including Friendship, Trust, Health and Love. Also includes flags for whether you are Friends, Enemies and even if you have never met at all. The theory is to build an adventure, something impressive with choices which affect game play - not just by changing a few words but by making it so that you may meet completely different ponies on a second or third playthrough. If I do this properly, you should be able to play for say, the third time and say 'Oh look, Such and such a pony is in this game!'. Thanks to the Event days, meeting a new pony will open up new stories which involve them! (In theory). So yeah, mostly a 'Choose your own Adventure' with a little 'The Sims' and a dash of dating sim (Which, if thats not your thing, can be ignored quite easily, Romance is great but friendship is magic.) (Also, forget about anything cloppy, some scenes may be slightly more grim than the show, but I'm hoping its something everypony can enjoy.) But Cinderscribe, how can we trust you? Where is this at now? The basic frame of the game is done, at least to a playable standard though no doubt I will decide something needs to change. Variables are set up and I think I have enough ponies to make a 'lite' version, with time. Whats really holding me up is that I lack resources - I'm currently using placeholder vectors from MLPvectorclub on deviant art - specifically chosen from those amazing people who marked them as 'Feel free to use for whatever' and while this is all fine and dandy, I still don't like using somepony else's work without express consent - and with (so far) about 10 vectors per pony, well, thats a lot of permission to get. As such, I taught myself to vector - my work is passable, but slow. I also have no music (Which I have some ideas in mind but don't want to make presumptions so will not be voicing them.) or voice acting (Which is such a large task it will not come into the picture until I'm happy with the rest of the game.) What I DO have is a working affinity system, enough placeholder vectors to start crafting the mane story, along with some of the event stories (Mane 6 are effectively covered atm). I have a Stats, Inventory and health system. I have the early bones of the magic system and I have confidence in myself. Here is a very low quality video of the Charater Generation process (Alpha, may change. Probably will.) and the battle system (Unfinished, only have 3 Abilities fully coded at the moment): Hopefully I'll continue with this enough to get a working prototype out. In the meantime though, because I'm terrible at writing long forum posts, you might not see many updates. that dosent mean its dead, I just work slowly! Peace out Ponies!
  21. So I was asking the question. I saw many women (usually teenagers) use their cellphone a lot. It's like they can't stop, even if the teacher and the parents get angry. I know they use it mostly for their friends but Why? (PS I HATE TEXTING AND MY DAD WON'T GIVE ME CELLPHONE EVEN IF I AM AT HIGH SCHOOL. AND I AM A BOY)
  22. Killian Jones

    On Friendship

    After quite some thinking over this past year or so, and even more so these past few weeks. I got quite introspective about friends and friendship. A lot of things have happened, which bring me to my conclusions. What I have come to realize is that so many people out there truly undervalue friendship and what it means. And more importantly, throw around the word friend at someone without thinking once or twice. Very casually like it is nothing at all. And what it turns out is that people who often do this have many, many friends as a result, or what they call friends. But the question to me is, how well of a friend? And the thing I immediately think about is a sort of test. It is simple, elegant, but difficult for the ones who are not truly your friends. It goes something like this: “Tell me something about me, that you know cause we talked about it and isn’t a superficial and you didn’t have to outright ask. ” It is a nice test, because so many won’t be able to answer these things at all. And it does end up coming down to how well you value friendship. Now it is pretty easy, how can you value friendship? You can do so with little effort through investing time in a meaningful relationship. And there aren’t that many things to do, just hanging out, chatting, playing games together are pretty easy ways to get to know each other, and the more time invested, the more you get to know each other. And the more value your friendship has. But it takes time, a lot of it, and over a course of more time. Which brings me nicely into the next point. All relationships take time and a little bit of effort, consume much of it, and some of your own mental energy. And humans have a limited amount of it. And it would seem that people who have a seemingly large amount of friends either have more time per day than there is actually time in that day and the ability to juggle so many people. Especially keeping up with them well. And I realize for myself it already is so hard.So I wonder how others must do it, but seeing their interactions with me. I honestly believe they don’t. Cause it is all so shallow. What happens often, and it is a term we use often is “best friends” and really best friend is just a substitute for friend, except we lobbed too many people into the friend category we need to start and differentiate. Which is ridiculous because it puts many people in an awkward twilight zone about where they stand with anyone else as a person. And I often feel we shouldn’t lie to each other and call each other friend when you really aren’t. I personally have learned a lot this past year. I have lost many people whom I used to consider friend, but in reality, I never was, and never would have been, and to them I wouldn’t be considered a friend in return by my definition. So it really wasn’t much of a loss. But in reality, I feel like I should treasure my true friends. And while I will say this, if you are reading this, and you believe you don’t fit this category well, or you are often absent to create a proper connection. Then I am sorry, but you are not really my friend. And those who are know who they are. Thank you for reading and good day. <3 Especially to my friends.
  23. I am trying to make a banner, but I can't rotate the text. Here's a couple of images of what I mean. Here's the start, with the text I want to rotate in a text box (it's on it's own layer): And I try to rotate it, everything looks cool, right? Whole text box appears to move: But then this happens, the actual text and text box are separated, and the text itself moves, but the original box does not. As a result of the text still being confined to the box, only the section still "in" the box is visible. The rest is cut off: WTF is going on? How can I fix this?
  24. Before I start, note that I type OOC text in dark gray like this. Hi! I'm Silver Spoon! Please don't tell Diamond I'm talking to you "losers", okay? She would be mad! And I don't like it when she gets mad, because then she can get violent! What was I talking about again? Oh yeah! Ask me anything! I'll give answers! Notes: Keep things in the MLP universe, please. Video games and stuff technically aren't canon. No puppets this time around. But hey, it means I'll respond faster! Plus I can answer from other PCs!
  25. Yet another boring afternoon I decided to draw again, so I though I should draw Vinyl Scratch because well....wuubs <3 <3 <3 I hope you like this drawing.