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Found 78 results

  1. I've been playing TF2 for a very long time and even played it a lot on my gaming channel and that got me wondering, how many of you guys also play TF2 as well as your favourite classes, items maps etc. I'm just a curious person :3 Personally my favourite is Spy but I'm best with Soldier, I use different weapons almost everyday so it's hard for me to pick one and my favourite map is orange_toyfort. I'm on a server with that map almost everyday xD
  2. I'm a relatively new Pyro main (only at about 75 hours as of typing this out, and in fact at this point it's only my 3rd most played class after Sniper, who was initially my main and remains my top secondary, and Demoman, who's always been one of my secondaries), 300+ hour Pyro mains go easy on me. Also, I'll just leave you all with the list for now. I will say that pretty much every Pyro weapon above D is viable in my experience and f*** even D-tier weapons can be useful aside from stock melee which is worse than every other option than the dumpster fire that is the SVF and the Phlog is more than viable as well if it isn't properly countered by a Direct Hit/Liberty Launcher/Air Strike Soldier or really anybody else (except spies and Degreaser/Flare Pyros) with two brain cells. I will say that I think a couple of these placements are probably controversial, my Detonator placement is likely the best example. Also Dragon's Fury is underrated, even if it still isn't very good. EDIT: A couple of adjusted placements and Rainblower added because of the taunt (which makes it slightly better than stock even if other than that and the Pyroland it's identical). I will however note this list will have no duplicates otherwise because all others offer no improvements over stock.
  3. 2020 is only going to get even worse, but yesterday Rick May, a voice actor most known for his voicing for TF2's Soldier and of Peppy Hare as well as Andross from Star Fox 64, died from COVID-19. May was in the hospital already fighting numerous medical issues including cancer and heart problems before succumbing to the CCP Virus (as I like to call it).
  4. Well, I was originally going to vent here, but I got inspiration after watching a YouTube video to do something less simultaneously migraine-inducing and controversial. I'll just discuss some of my favorite characters to play as in video game history, and why I enjoy them so much. The only rules here are one per game. These are not in order. Barik (Paladins)- The Dwarven god among men himself. My main when I played Paladins, he brought me so much enjoyment playing the game that I can hardly contain myself right now with the literal nostalgia I have on the topic. I actually don't know why I enjoy him so much. Maybe it's my signature playstyle of plopping turrets wherever I see fit and destroying everyone? Maybe it's his emphasis on positioning? Maybe it's dashing in circles like a little madman high on drugs? Maybe it's even because I'm playing as the Paladins equivalent of Goldeneye 007's Oddjob? I really don't know. But he's so enjoyable that I managed to play as him in over HALF of all of my matches playing the game. Axton (Borderlands 2)- My recent obsession, Axton has become my favorite Borderlands 2 character to play as. Why? Only one line must be said here. "Have you met the misses?" Are you starting to see a pattern here? Turrets. I freaking like turrets. Axton's turret has great offensive zoning potential building an Engineer build, and it also gives you INSANE buffs to your damage output running the Battlefront skill. Combining this with weapons with high damage potential like the Unkempt Harold results in the DPS being taken to MAXIMUM overdrive. Sure, he has the worst melee in the ENTIRE GAME and I like playing melee builds, but his turret build is even better than Melee Zer0 for me. Yoshi (Smash Bros)- Oh. My. Word. The. SPIKES. I've always found Yoshi a blast to play because there's just so many ways you can burst your opponent into submission. But the most fun will always be spiking straight into volleyball combos. If you're unaware, Yoshi has the capability to pretend you're a volleyball and smack you into the next ZIP code with a combo of chaining down and up airs. They keep saying Villager isn't the face of mercy, but Yoshi is RUTHLESS. He'll knock you into the next ZIP code with his tail, He will throw eggs at your face like grenades. Heck, he will even use his HEAD as a weapon of mass destruction. Seriously, that noggin has some serious kill potential. Sniper (Team Fortress 2)- There's a good reason he was my go-to when I played the game. He's a great example of how a sniper class should be executed. He's got a surprising amount of versatility, and he's got a lot of ranged damage. Sure it's at the expense of close-quarters... but... IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE! Take a Shahanshah. Sure it deals bad damage if you melee somebody at above half health, but when you get flanked, it's super useful because your health pool is going to get low enough to get the damage buff at low health. With that boost, those annoying scouts are history. Also, he's even got support options! Get a Sydney Sleeper and you can mark targets for your team to take down for you! Mordecai (Borderlands 1)- Note that I didn't say one per SERIES. Sure, Bloodwing is a bit of a subpar action skill without investment, but that's more than made up for running him with a Sniper or a Pistol build. Sniper builds on him are BETTER than Zer0 in all honesty. With skills like Trespasser that allow you to have up to a 100% chance to IGNORE SHIELDS and skills like Killer that allow you to consistently chain damage output, it's not hard to see what makes him fun to play but also really good. This isn't to mention his potential with pistols (especially revolvers) running the right build, especially with the right Class Mods along with skills that buff reload speed and DPS. I may add a League of Legends character and a DotA 2 character later on, but this is it.
  5. This can be because of the personality, your play style, or both. Mine has to be The Demoman. I just love his personality, he's hilarious! Gameplay wise I love him to, with Engie & scout at a close second and third. What are your guys?
  6. Hey guys I saw that there are several bronies on here who play TF2 and i decided to make this page for them and myself, along with anypony who was interested. Come to trade, make new friends, find somebody to join you on a match of MvM, or whatever else you can think of. below are some sites to make trading easier. by the way, I'm a Heavy main. Just putting that out there. my steam id is the same as my name her: kaiser5578
  7. Hello guys! it's been a long time since the last i visited this forum. Well, i am actually busy with other stuffs like animating, drawing, and life activities. And to be honest, i don't really follow the MLP new stories and stuffs including the movie like i used to in the past, but i still make MLP artworks tho' Here's my latest MLP artwork which is a crossover with one of my best games i have ever played, Team Fortress 2!
  8. I drew drawings of all 9 Tf2 mercs! The sniper was a bit of a rush-job.
  9. Just two guys from Boston dancing. Please ignore the corpse in the background. "I'm the real Spy!" "No, I'm the real Spy!" nerf engineer.jpg I don't even know how I got this many points. All I did was build a sentry and shoot people. Kaztotsky tower! The only one of these screenshots that was taken recently. I don't remember why I took this screenshot. I think it was because this was the first time I had ever seen a boxtrot spy, and I thought it was really cool. Man, I used to be such a noob.
  10. Sooooo... I heard someone is @Lightwing's apprentice. Oh boy... This isn't gonna be fun. ;w;
  11. Something I worked on a month ago, you can find it on my deviantart page. This took me about 30 minutes? It could've been an hour, I wasn't keeping track of the time while I was drawing it. Here's the link to the deviantart page:
  12. Mine is the HazMat Headcase for Pyro and Sniper. What's yours?
  13. I've been playing quite a few multiplayer games lately. So I'm wondering if anyone on the Forum play the same games as I do and perhaps we can team up and play together sometimes? Current games: TF2. Spiral Knights, World of Tanks, VOEZ.
  14. Ok, this is a project I've been trying to get off the ground for months now. The project is a fanfiction reading of a TF2/MLP crossover called Walking Nightmare. Here's a link to the story : ------------------------------- Waking Nightmare Fan Fiction Reading Test.mp3 This is a test I put together to showcase how exactly everything was going to work together. Being this is a test, I had to pitch my voices for the sake of demonstration. (However, the two voices that aren't pitch shifted are the narration and the Medic's voice) Main Characters: Scout (Casted) Soldier (Casted: DexterousWings ) Heavy (Casted: Random Select) Engineer (Casted: Freddy Fazbear) Demoman (Casted: DoctorMcCrimmon) Spy (Casted: Bronyance) Pyro (in this fic is portrayed as a girl) (Casted: DoctorMCCrimmon) Sniper (Casted: Random Select) Medic (Casted: Midnight Lustre) Twlight Sparkle (Casted: Gina M) Applejack (Casted: Gina M) Rarity (Casted: Valri Cat) Pinkie Pie (Casted: Songheart) Rainbow Dash (Casted: DoctorMCCrimmon) Fluttershy (Casted: Gina M) Princess Celestia (Casted: DoctorMCCrimmon) Princess Luna (Casted: Valri Cat) Derpy (Casted: Valri Cat) Spike (Casted: maydrock) Note: There are more characters that appear in the story later on and to avoid spoiling plot points. I suggest that you read the fic to learn about the other characters involved and see if you want to voice them. Information for sending auditions: You can send your audition entries to my email: Just put the character you wish to audition for in the subject. Note: This fic is a lengthy one, so there will be a long term commitment if you decide to take part in this.
  15. If you play TF2 regularly, chances are you came across someone spamming voice commands. While it could be an annoyance, there is a specific group of people who spam in a very screative manner. Using a combination of automated voice lines, voice commands and taunt lines, they could end up making the 9 characters we all know and love/hate say some moderately hilarious things. After all, that is how "pootis" and "gottam" became a thing. E.g. Soldier negative comment + Call for medic = "That was an amazing killing spree, by the - MEDIC!" Spy fencing taunt + Dispenser here = "Just lay your weapons down and - Place a dispenser here!" Engineer Build a sentry + gunslinger swing = "Sentry going - Bang." Soldier call for help at control point + Jeer + Schadenfreude taunt = "You will help me defend my - Pain is - *Laugh*" What are some of those hilarious or awkward quotes you heard or came up with?
  16. Things that just piss you off in TF2. GO! -Haxorz are already in the list, shut up.
  17. The link: There are two people in the team right now, me and Rusty_Gears. I chose to be Pyro for some reason and Rusty hasn't decided yet. We need all classes except pyro and maybe medic (he says he's a medic main). Again, the link: You need a password to join. Add me on Steam (Lonk Chase), and msg me on the forums saying who you are. You can probably figure out why you need to add me. Thanks!
  18. The stupidest and worst drawn comic of them all. I don't care. It's funny to me.
  19. Hey Guys! I decided to make some cool SFM artwork and I wanted to share one of them with you guys! To explain what this picture is about is how I vision myself as a director when I'm animating my SFMs. In here, you can see that I'm socializing with my film crew! Scout's In charge of filming, Vinyl is in charge of sound while her friend Octavia is watching her, etc. Spy, I dunno, I just added him there for the fun of it hehe. Consider him as an actor waiting for his cue :3 Hope you guys will like it!
  20. I recently try"ed getting into csgo skins, and thought why not make a thread on it. Here's my first ever made ones. My second. I really made this but I think it looks like a all ready made one.
  21. anon some pony tf2 members and more ask them anything anon>help me
  22. As we promised last week, PoniArcade will be launching tonight! Using your feedback from last time, we'll be holding three gaming events this weekend. So for those feeling left out of BABSCon, here's a good way to mingle with your fellow bronies in time for Season 5 of FiM! Schedule Friday (April 3, 2015) @ 4 PM PDT (7 PM EDT): Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Saturday (April 4, 2015) @ 11 AM PDT (2 PM EDT): Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Sunday (April 5, 2015) @ 11 AM PDT (2 PM EDT): Garry's Mod (Gmod) Note that Gmod and CSGO have been switched, and that both are now at midday instead of the evening. Servers Currently, the following servers are in operation (more info here): Team Fortress 2 Server 1: [ONLINE] Server 2: [OFFLINE] Server 3: [OFFLINE] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server 1 (Classic Casual): [ONLINE] Server 2 (Demolition/Arms Race): [OFFLINE] Garry's Mod Server 1: [ONLINE] Server 2: [OFFLINE] Once again, for those without TF2, you can legally download it for free as long as you have a Steam account! One thing to keep in mind is that these games do depict some (unrealistic) blood, so some discretion is advised. TeamSpeak You can get TeamSpeak from its official site. If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them below. We look forward to seeing you! MISC/UPDATES Be sure to check this thread regularly to receive the latest news! Events are planned to be streamed through (via Twitch) GMod game modes and maps are TBD. We'll announce them ASAP! PArc now has its own forum! Discuss events, ideas, reports, bans, and all things PArc!
  23. What, game nights? You might be thinking, "But I thought those died out with the dinosaurs!" Well, let me tell you: I am a dinosaur, and I haven't died yet. And neither have game nights. Starting Friday, March 27, PoniArcade will be holding three events. The details are below: Schedule Friday (03/27/2015): Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Saturday (03/28/2015): Garry's Mod (GMod) Sunday (03/29/2015): Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) We'll begin at 4 PM PDT (7 PM EDT, 11 PM GMT) for all events. Please vote to let us know if you can make it to these times. It'll also help us determine whether we need to set up any more servers in advance. Servers Currently, the following servers are in operation (more info here): Team Fortress 2 Server 1: [ONLINE] Server 2: [OFFLINE] Server 3: [OFFLINE] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server 1 (Classic Casual): [ONLINE] Server 2 (Arms Race): [ONLINE] Garry's Mod Server 1: [ONLINE] Server 2: [OFFLINE] Note: Because this is our first time holding a public event, the servers may not perform as expected. Depending on how many people vote in the poll, we may also add more servers. For those without TF2, you can legally download it for free as long as you have a Steam account! If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them below. We look forward to seeing you! UPDATES Be sure to check this thread regularly to receive the latest news! Events are planned to be streamed through (via Twitch) Based on the poll, we've set up more servers to acommodate the extra traffic
  24. DxDiag.txt Here's my Direct X Diagnostic ↑ I'm at a loss for words as to why I'm having lag and/or rubber-banding in Team Fortress 2. Speed test results ↓ I normally don't get any lag myself, even in Dallas servers I get lag now. It's been going on since last week as of this post. Things I've tried Resetting the router Calling my ISP and having them restart the internet (mine's Time Warner Cable, they're pretty much the devils advocate to Comcast IMO. They don't have game settings for their internet) tried some variations of launch options closed unnecessary processes (I normally do this when I first launch TF2) go to just one monitor set the graphics to their lowest settings Is this a "recent update" sort of rubber-banding? Any launch options I should try? I'm at my wits end here. Also I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to put this.
  25. so, I just watched "expiration day" again, and a little beam of inspiration hit me straight to the face, and so I did this drawing I know, I suck with ponies anatomy and wings xD