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Found 27 results

  1. So these seem to be popping up ever since 2011 ended. (well namely Finest) I've felt the need to post a big Thank You thread for a while. For the longest time I figured it would be a waste of space and not really a topic that needs it's own thread. Then I see a few come by and figure okay so Thank You threads are okay, but then I felt the need to not jump on the bandwagon to make my own, adding to what could've been a huge flood of threads... 2011 passes... meh it was more of a trickle actually. Anyway I don't share too much personal information with people (in fact it's almost law for me to avoid people in the first place) in real life since it's a scary and dark place where everyone may and will use ANY information against you. But here things are different... IRL I cannot tell a sole (minus a few who found out by other means, only one of them supports me ) that I am a Brony. I can see why people would poke fun at me. I'm like some gentle giant that looks scary, but then ends up chasing the villagers to give them a big hug instead of the most traumatizing rape that ever existed! (don't look too much into that metaphor, I surely didn't) Something that is supposed to be mean and scary apparently HAS to be mean and scary according to social order. I thank you for being an outlet for my self expression. A nice place for a gentle giant to stop pretending to be a monster! (Gentle Giant as in nice guy who is 6'2'' 295 lbs and doesn't tear people in half) Also speaking of openness I've let slip a secret recently to a few forum folk that I was scared for my life after I posted it. I'm speaking of the LGBT Thread that I posted that I have bisexual tendencies. This is something that has only popped up very recently where I had a dream that I had a near sexual experience with a man... I picked my brains for weeks on that dream. I've came to the conclusion that under the right circumstances I'd, well to put it bluntly, "Do a dude." Now this has absolutely nothing to do with MLP making me bi since I had this dream before I was a Brony but they are related. Both are secrets that I can confidently share with you guys on the forums that I couldn't share with anybody else! If (more like when) either secret get's out I'd never hear the end of it from my peers! More so with the bisexual secret since my Conservative Catholic Father who damns his own step daughter to hell for being a lesbian would... well I really don't wanna know his reaction! I'm 110% certain that I'd have the rest of my immediate family to protect me, but still that's an experience I wish to NEVER have! Plus there is virtually no gay/bi guys in my hometown that I know of so it's not like it's a secret worth getting out anyway unless I'd leave this town. I've also shared my bit on love too. I said I don't believe in relationships, I don't believe in monogamy. I have my reasons which I'll share now. (get ready for a truly tragic tale) I had a female friend who was my best friend. I fell deeply in love with her. Then as soon as I could muster the courage to tell her she wouldn't shut up about some other guy. Other guy comes in and I prayed to Gods I never believed in for one more chance, but no they're still in a 4 year relationship. Her bf even ironically proposed to her on my 16th BDay! (And thus the first time in my life I considered suicide as a valid option). I had a couple (couple as in two) relationships since then that failed completely! Therefore I gave up on the thought of the traditional structure of love. I first tried to make a polygamous relationship where I share my female friend with her bf which lead to a very terrible series of arguments. (probably the 2nd thought of suicide) After 4 long years of watching the couple who will never quit (and ironically had a terrible sense of PDA just to rub the salt in) I decided that even If I had her, she was forever changed into a shell of her former self. She's like a corpse now following her bf around, and I'm no necrophiliac. (once again I don't think on these metaphors very much) TLDR: So there you have it. I am a product of society. A paranoid, bisexual, atheist, non-monogamous, Brony who must hide on the Internet for dear life! But I still have you guys who are my family who I love deeply! As for comfort and pity there's no need for it now. The dark chapters of my life above are gone though the newer secrets of a new chapter remain, but are safe in your careful hands! So I leave you with thank you to describe what you guys mean to me, or (paranoia kicks in) perhaps fodder for people to find and exploit... well then I guess this will double as psychological profiling for when the murders begin! (had to end on another one of my classic metaphors) Thank You!
  2. Heres the deal… As a fun way to say thank you to this awesome community.I have come up with something I think will be kinda fun to do! So as you all may know, I have a saltwater reef tank..thats never been named and is about to get a huge facelift, in-fact phase 1 starts this Friday.. Anyway, heres where you all come in, I want you guys to come up with a name for it, as it will now be the community tank! Heres how this works… you guys come up with names, submit them in the comments and i’ll add them to the list, then after I get enough, I'll let you all vote. Now the fun part! The winning name will be engraved on a glass plaque and added to the tank which will be in all the upcoming videos I've been asked to make for it. Now the one who comes up with the winning name will get a commission of there OC done by @Trix or Treat?, paid for by me, and ill also be making a donation to the Gallery of Goodwill. Just a small way I wanted to say thank you to you all. Official name is Aquastria!!
  3. Wow! So I just opened my computer and logged on to the forums, wanting to go ahead and chat with some of my RP friends. What I open the site to find is around 64 notifications all from @Justin_Case001. They had gone and reacted to and commented on almost every single one of my blog posts. I wasn't able to go back through them all and comment or react back, but I wanted to give a big thank you to whoever you are. It took me from an iffy mood to a pretty good one. So thank you @Justin_Case001, for all the advice you gave in your comments!
  4. This is Eternal Nature, ruler of the elusive Everfree Kingdom, not known to Equestria. I am free to answer any questions, and do your self to some coffee or some tea. Thank you!
  5. A special message to everybody I met and every Staff member on the MLP Forums. A long time ago I was supposed to do a drawing for most forum users I made great friendships with. But School being the biggest priority I only got 4 of them done out of the 10. But you know what, The brony fandom and this site community is by far the greatest gift I could ever receive. I don't have many friends in real life, and it feels so much better to have a group of friends for you to comfort me everyday. I am LITERALLY crying tears of joy writing this entry, but seriously. Thank you very very very very much for accepting my friendship and a super big thank you to the staff who keep this place a second home for me. You guys make me the happiest person I could ever be. I give all of my love in return to the best place I ever found. Thank you very much, and happy holidays. -Whirlwind
  6. I may have only been on this site for around 5 months, but the amount of people I got to talk to and helped escape my darker time frame from before makes me be thankful to you people here I don't have that many true friends that mean a lot to me, but seeing what some of you people have done to me makes me feel like I have a brother/sister. I love talking to people here. Not just about the show but about our daily lives. Thats what make me connect with you guys here. I just wanted to say, Thank you. Thank you for everything. You guys have made me better person and opened the door to new friendships It really does mean a lot to me
  7. So here's some Doctor Who Poems that I just started working on not too long ago. Each day will be a new topic on our Whovian Universe. I will also be setting up a request shop for Whovian ponies, though it will take some time on requests... considering I don't know everything about The Doctor. So if you will, here's one I just finished called The Eye of Annihilation. Through the one eye of such destructive creatures, they see death. With no emotion, they are feared. With no mercy, they kill without the shedding of the opponent's tear. As they never stop to see their prey, As they take their last breath, For they have no soul, they kill as they may. Their favorite word is a word that in the eye of such creatures who will annihilate, No soul will ever forget the word of such evil murder..."Exterminate!"
  8. Dear Fandom, Thank you. This fandom has been a huge part of my life for over a year now, and I just wanted to say 'thank you' for all the things you have done to make me feel good about myself. First of all, you are all so welcoming, it amazes me how warm-hearted you all are. I have made some amazing friends in this community, and when I was feeling down, they always had my back. I have not met anyone in this community who is mean or rude, and I think that says a lot about the people here. You are all so amazing and kind and loyal. It makes me feel so happy to think that if I need someone to talk to, there is always someone to talk to. Thank you so much. /)
  9. Well Guys Its Official If you go to you will see this image Of all the Animatronics from all the FNaF games (1,2,3,4) with some of them waving at YOU, With Big Letters that say ''Thank You!'' Well, its been fun while it lasted, Well, We should Also Thank Scott (The Creator Of The FNaF) for everything he has given us :') Well before we say goodbye to FNaF What Are Your Final Sentiments (or Thoughts) on FNaF Ending (for real) And What You Liked From All The FNaF Games And ETC. Well I Am Gonna Say This -no scott, THANK you for everything you have given us over the last few months, hope you have a good life and a great time with your time and everything. thanks for everything scott
  10. Can one word make you feel better? If it does why is that? I want to say sorry to people every time I feel that I did something wrong or something that made other people to work unnecessarily. It makes me feel better after I've said that. I want to forgive all things that happened to me but some of them are harder than others, because I don't want to hold a grudge. It just makes me feel angry if I do. I don't usually say thank you because I feel it kind of awkward maybe because I think that I should've handled this myself not needing others help me. But I truly appreciate if someone helps me I just feel I don't deserve it. Ok it lagged and made 2 threads sorry about that. I hope you can forgive thank you.
  11. I know i'm possibly not the best at being mushy, but I've bene wanting to tell you guys; thank you for making me the best person I can be. Over the two in a half years I've been here, you guys have really helped me shape my personality to what it is now. I learned to take jokes, be comfortable in my own skin, help other people the best way I know how, to smile, to laugh more; all from help of you guys and the show itself. I know this may sound very unbelievable, maybe it is...but you guys rock so much! Thanks for making my time here so far awesome. Just to remind you. -snicks
  12. Can one word make you feel better? If it does why is that? I want to say sorry to people every time I feel that I did something wrong or something that made other people to work unnecessarily. It makes me feel better after I've said that. I want to forgive all things that happened to me but some of them are harder than others, because I don't want to hold a grudge. It just makes me feel angry if I do. I don't usually say thank you because I feel it kind of awkward maybe because I think that I should've handled this myself not needing others help me. But I truly appreciate if someone helps me I just feel I don't deserve it. Ok it lagged and made 2 threads sorry about that. I hope you can forgive thank you.
  13. Boy, it's been a while since I made one of these little things, huh? Well, where should I begin? Maybe I'll start with a big, hearty Happy New Year to everybody. With 2015 creeping up on us, we can hope for a brighter year ahead (Because, frankly, 2014 absolutely SUCKED) Unlike some others, I will be busy on this evening playing my new PS4 console with a bottle of grape champagne on my desk and a comfy Dualshock 4 controller nestled within my grubby hands. I'm not one for getting together with people on this day of the year. Perhaps it's just because how people I know act when they're wasted. Trust me, the people I know get far too wild and reckless when they've had one too many. But, I digress. I'm writing this just a handful of hours before we enter 2015 to show my gratitude to you all. I have a bit to get off my chest and not much time to do it, so I'll try to not ramble on too much (Like I did up there) First off, the least important one out of all of this. As some of you may know, at the beginning of the year, I started a small YouTube channel called GeekySteven ( I simply decided to do it after a few months of writing game reviews on this very site. I decided to do those reviews in a video format, after a few forum users pitched that commonly-used idea to me. At first, I really only did it to see just how far I'd go, and see how long it'd take me to give it up again. But frankly, I think I had a pretty good first year doing this, and I'm going to continue doing it throughout 2015. I owe a lot of that success this year to you guys. It warms my heart to see you guys supporting me and my mediocre videos. I know plenty of other better options out there, but me, of all people? I honestly can't wrap my mind around it. It simply, utterly amazes me. Thank you all for supporting me and believing in me throughout the year in my internet endeavors. I simply couldn't be any more grateful for it. That leads to my second thing I want to say; the forums. In all of my years on this giant information hub known as the internet, I've never seen a fan community so welcoming, kind, and diverse. Ever since Summer of 2013 (Hard to believe it's been that long) I've gotten know all kinds of members, and while there may have been some bad eggs throughout my stay here, the community has shown overwhelming love to one another, and nothing else makes me more happy to see all of these different people come together. I'll be honest; if it weren't for the community, I likely wouldn't be a brony right now. So, to all of my friends on here, as well as the brony community as whole, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all helped me remember just how awesome the human race can be under all of the bullshit that happens outside of it. There's so much potential within this giant community, and I can't wait to see that potential blossom, if it hopefully does to begin with. In essence, I want to give a gigantic amount of gratitude to everyone here. Thank you to all of my friends on here. Thank you to all of you who are crazy enough to watch my YouTube stuff. Most importantly, thank you to the entire community. You all are absolutely awesome individuals, and I couldn't be more grateful for all of the support and kindness you've given me ever since I first stumbled upon this place. My entire life is controlled by insecurity and stress, but knowing that I have you all here, even though I likely will never see your faces, puts me at great ease. I owe you everything :') Let's make 2015 a great year, why don't we?
  14. I think I should introduce myself first... I'm Slepping Warror, a.k.a.禾叔(Uncle He). And as you can see on the left, I'm a Chinese brony. I started watching the show last year, it should be an anniversary recently...... The first bronydom I knew is here, the MLPForums, and the first 2 bronies i got to know is Musix. (i wonder is @Musix working?) Musix showed me what is a brony, and what brony truly are by his...behavior(? i don't konw what word should i use ) He helped me a lot when i was sad, or confused. He taught me how to be a brony in words and deeds. Now, in China, we got a growing bronydom during and after S4. So I decided to take my part of the responsibility in the fandom, founded CNBrony site with other 2 bronies. It's a forum like this, but in Chinese. I'm the one and only tech of it. It's pretty stressing, but i think i'll stick to it. I believe it can be better and better, just like life itself. Non of this could happen if there wasn't a 'Musix' igniting me when i made contact to this fandom back then. So... Thank you, Musix (Salute) And you guys are just...amazing!....Thanks, bronies all over the world.... And yeah!!! I'm bucking back!!!
  15. Hey yall, thanks for stopping by. This is my first blog on this site, and thus should be about my first experience with this site. Being a brony since 2011, I knew that the community was quite large, however, I never really became part of it. That is, until BronyCon 2014 rolled by. Now, I was forced to become part of the community. This was my first con, and my first time ever getting involved with other Bronies. First off, I really didn't know what to expect going in. I signed up to the forums and posted on the welcome forum. The welcoming part I got was AMAZING. Really, guys, thanks. The utter kindness and acceptance going on here is truly inspiring. After asking a few questions on the forums, posting in a few fan clubs, and even a few stints in the life advice section, I headed off to BronyCon. When I got there, I was blown away. The people were kind, caring, and most of all accepting. Epic cosplays, amazing artwork, and phenomenal panels made the experience quite unique. There is where I bought my first posters, my first plushie (only the best handmade Babs ), and where I really felt like I could be myself. This is an open thank you to everyone who made my BronyCon experience as amazing as it was (and a shout-out to the EverFree staff for standing at the back of the line with me even though yall had backstage passes). This is also an open thank you to everyone who made my forums experience what it was, and what it will continue to be. Thanks guys, you're the greatest! -WireBound
  16. Right, This seemed to be the only place that I could put this forum, as a result of feedback, so I just wanted to say.... Thank you! You really helped during my first month in the forums. I saw how you handled other cases, like forums in wrong places, and saying the friendly way of things. I had my forum locked for Glive usernames, but I got DIRECTED to the real one! Thank you, you deserve it!
  17. It nearly slipped my memory, but a quick double-check on my profile confirms that today is the anniversary of me joining the forums. Wow. I first found the site in the wake of "The Crystal Empire". I was so excited by that awesome episode and all the rumblings it caused in the mythology of the show that I had to listen to and read every theory that came out of the woodwork, so I searched for a pony-specific forum and came across this one. I then spent the next three months or so lurking about, absorbing all your knowledge and crackpot delusions (which were very well written nonetheless), and when Twicorn became a thing that was totally gonna happen, I decided to make the leap and became a member of this forum. And the whole thing just sort of snowballed from there. My commenting on the last few episodes of the season gave way to my reviewing of the whole of S3, which then gave way to anticipation of S4 (coupled with that whole EQG ordeal) which then gave way to an endless, pointless, but totally worth it wasting of time with you knuckleheads. I made friends here, of course. @Sir.Flutter Hooves was always there to be overly friendly to everyone, would be ready to spew off some random and nonsensical but ultimately enlightening fanon with me (we have to do that again sometime), and @Edgeworth1001, who joined shortly after me, was always a pleasure to associate with. @Batbrony's love of Derpy has always been an inspiration to power a nation. @Fhaolan was is an exceptionally cool dude, and incredibly tolerant of my constant ramblings of the Whovian variety. By the way, I'm reading his story "Terror of Tartarus", and it's aces. You should all read it, too. @Accellerant is always there to cheer me up and encourage me when I am at my lowest points, @~StatesTheOblivious~ and I forged a bond in the heat of our battles to defend Sparity to the last, is just a great dude to mess around with, is able to withstand my sarcasm and dorkery like no one else here, it's always a joy to talk about the quality of new episodes with , and , or Godot, or whatever, is one of the coolest guys here, period. And likes Brazil, so that automatically makes him my friend. I could name drop some more people here, but just assume everyone here is a fantastic human being (at least I hope most of you are human beings), and that I'm better for knowing each and everyone of you Being on these forums have given me something to do for the past year of my life. It's through here that I regained my interest in drawing and associating with other people outside of whatever social circle I'm in. As of now, this is the closest thing I have to an active social media source, and it's always been encouraging that I have a group of people I can talk to at the end of the day. I'm not always the best person to associate with, and I'm sorry for that. I'm a bit spiky, I tend to take my emotions out on others frequently, I'm a wee bit too facetious or confrontational at times, I curse way too bucking much, and when I dislike something, I dislike it hard. But I truly appreciate the friendship I have with this community, and it's through you guys that I experience this wonderful, silly, impossible show that we've all taken a liking to. And so, after all is said and done, after all the badly photographed sketches which then became weirdly vectored art, all the the theories regarding why Fluttershy keeps all her friends' dresses in her cottage, the arguments in defense of Rarity, the surprisingly controversial banners, the illegal breaking of people's status updates, the infrequent reviews, the promised Weeping Angels which I am so still totally doing, the art blocks, the words of kindness, the ballooned ponies of the new and improved variety, the weird requests for art, the obsessive amount of focus on The Day of the Doctor, the diabeetus, the horror movie trivia, allusions to stuff no one really cares about, the enormous amounts of typos,, and my ultimate quest to defeat the system and my eventual triumph in the form of a feature on EQD, I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you all.
  18. My resolution for this year was to earn a thousand brohoofs. For a moment, I became so overwhelmed by the numbers. It's really all I thought about. I've been seeing all of these people that were ranking in brohoofs by the thousands. It made me want to be like them. I looked up to the members like Dsanders, Skylar, and ChampionRD92. They made me want to be like them; having the amount of popularity they had... That was until I actually talked to them through PM's. I treated them like gods. But, in return, they just typed to me like I was crazy. They helped me realize that they're really no different from me. They're just who they are, interacting with the members on here. They're just regular members, bronies, people of the community. But, I'm not just talking about them. I'm talking about every single member on here. My brohoof counter was going up slow, and I felt so alone on these forums. But, that was until you guys lent me a hoof and helped me come to realization. In the end, brohoofs don't mean a thing. They're just there. If you just act like who you are... people will look at you no differently than someone like Sir Flutter Hooves or Dsanders. So, thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. But, more importantly, I'd like to apologize. I let the brohoof counter corrupt my thinking. I thought that those with a ton of brohoofs were the most loved... but, that's not the case. We're all the same; bronies just interacting with each other through topics, PM's, and status updates. I was so focused on getting brohoofs, that... I forgot to interact with you. I think it's important I realize this before I go further into the year. Again, thank you all. I let myself become obsessed with something that was never important to begin with. You all have changed my life for the better, and for that, I will be eternally greatful. I wish I could do so much more for all of you, but I'm just a teenager behind a computer screen. I can't really do much but extend my gratitude. I'll never let something like this happen again. I'm going to make it my goal to be a better person than what I once was. Again I can't thank you all enough. I'm not leaving out a single one of you. You've all been kind and compassionate to me, and I couldn't ask for any more than that. *Hugs tightly* Thank you all. I'll see you around the forums... as a better person :') /)
  19. I just finished watching "Bronies: the unexpected adult fans of my little pony friendship is magic" (I know I'm a little tardy to the party on that one) but it made me realize how amazing everyone in this community is and how proud I am to be a part of it. I am so thankful I have the ability to escape the world and come to a fandom that fully understands me the way that this one does. To all you artists, musicians, animators, voice actors, fanfic writers, and whoever else; Great job and keep up the amazing work. Thank you to all of you. You are all truly 20% cooler (I can't believe I went there either.) I extend to all of you the highest of brohooves. ............../\ ............./..\ ............/....) .........../..../ ........../..../ ........./..../ ......../..../ ......./..../ ....../..../ ...../..../
  20. So today was pretty awesome! I'm doing very well with my grade (an 80% average, which I've never gotten in my whole life!) and I'm listening to my old favourite bands again and just being regular me. If none of you have known, I've been diagnosed multiple times with chronic depression and haven't been feeling myself for a long time. I've recently reconnected with what I believe in and have been feeling great thanks to my counselling, and of course, you guys I just wanted to take this time and say how much all of your friendships mean to me. I love you guys. Stay golden. ~Nikki out
  21. This thread is dedicated to my time and people on MLPForums. The few weeks that I have been here, it has been life changing for me. I have meet many new friends. I'll name a few. 1. Little Gamie, A funny ass guy with a great sense of humor but cares about his friends alot. 2. Skylar, He has helped have self cofidence with myself and to do what I want in life even in the shithole I live in right now, Also he helped me with my problems before it took a turn for the worse and yes I mean suicide, I can never thank you enough for that Skylar. 3. Kaza, One of the first friends I've made on this site. This guy has a great attitude and a caring nature, but if someone messes with his friends he doesn't let them get away from him. 4. PrincessOfWubs, You also have commented and became interested in my music also supporting me, thank you for that. 5. Gary Oak/Trixie, You are a awesome fucking dude man, you have a great laugh and great sense of humor, and I was one that was with you when you got banned. 6. Hertick, You also made me laugh and we had fun on skype. 7. Dusty Dasher, you are a great guy, we talked on skype though not as much ad I did with the other guys. But I love your personality. 8. Makusu2, A great guy with some great tips, you rock man, *flutter woohoo*. Anyways If I am missing anyone, just tell me and I will add you. Thank you everypony and I hope you have a great day today.
  22. Well, now that I've got your attention, HELLO EVERYPONY, I'M BACK!!! Wow, been awhile hasn't it? So as you can see, no, I am not dead thankfully. The truth is, well, I said some not so nice things about Thereisnospoon's Bane cosplay, and, well... he didn't take it too kindly. Things happened... Yeah, I'd rather not talk about i- wait, what am I saying, that's just the bad dream I had the other night after eating all those tacos. Anyways, where was I? Oh right, sorry, that's not what happened. I have two things for all you guys and gals today: a thank you and an apology. First, to each and every one of you on the forums, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the company, laughs, and fellowship you gave me this summer. I'm not gonna lie, this was a long and oftentimes trying summer; for those who don't know, I was interning up in Northern Michigan with a small nonprofit group, and working part time with a grocery store to get some money since I only got a limited stipend from the nonprofit. I had long hours and was in a very isolated location, away from friends, family, and even home wi-fi or reliable phone service. Basically, for almost 3 months, my most reliable means of communication with anyone has been through these forums. I couldn't go on Xbox Live, and it was even difficult to get in touch at times with my family given the poor phone reception and our busy schedules. On top of these difficulties, I had a pretty lousy supervisor at my internship; she was nice enough, but she was a poor motivator, not very organized, and despite having a lot of good ideas, she was not very good at getting volunteers to help out with our group. What that meant was that I got loaded with a crap ton of busy-work and didn't get much appreciation for it; it was kinda like working for a cross of OCD Twilight and stubborn, "A'hm not gonna take no help from nopony" Applejack, if that helps any of you picture what I was dealing with. So basically, I had to deal with a lot of stress from my supervisor, the cabin fever given the isolated nature of where I was at, how busy my two jobs kept me, and also a feeling of helplessness concerning some struggles my family's going through back home that I just haven't been in a position to help with this summer. That said, it's not like this was an entirely bad experience. I actually loved my second job at the grocery store; the coworkers and managers were great and actually appreciated my work, it was air conditioned, and I made some great friends. Heck, they even gave me a raise halfway through my stint! I also got a lot of great experience out of this whole thing, despite its difficulties. I think maybe another reason it was difficult was because I was coming down from my college graduation "the world's at my fingertips" high, but hey, that's life for ya. Still, in spite of these admitted positives I have no doubt that one of the most important blessings God's kept in my life to get me through this whole experience has been you guys. Whenever I needed cheering up, a good laugh, and some virtual shoulders to lean on for support, you guys have always been here this summer. I cannot begin to express just how very much everything you guys have done for me this summer has meant nor how it's helped me get through any stress or hard times I've had to deal with. From the bottom of my heart, just, thank you guys for always being there and for being such great friends. I couldn't have gotten through this without the magic of your friendship! Come here you guys!!! Huh, where did they come from? Darn kids, gotta stop leaving the door open... Anyways, now that that's said, on to the second part of this blog post: the apology. "But Batbrony, what could you possibly be apologizing for?" you may ask. Good question random citizen, allow me to explain from the beginning. But in order to do so properly, I'm gonna need some help from the only man, or rather, anchorman more capable of doing so than me: Ron Burgundy. What? We dabble in jazz flute together. Anywho, let's start from the beginning. Basically, I made a mistake last week. A BIG mistake. Like, ginormous, "Holy-cow-why-did-you-just-do-that?" mistake. It took two seconds stupidity to make, but hey, that's all that was needed for the damage to be done. Basically, it was tantamount to this: And at the time, I was just as unaware I'd done anything wrong as Ron was. But what I did was wrong. It was stupid, inexcusable, crass, unchristian, and blatantly against the forum's rules, and I am truly ashamed for what I did. When I did finally learn just what a mistake I'd made, I was this shocked: Despite the fact that this was a completely unintentional mistake, it was hardly innocent, and for any mistake there must be consequences. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, so I'll just come out and say it; I was suspended. I won't say who suspended me, nor what for specifically, but it did definitely hurt. For about the first couple hours I fell pretty hard (brace yourselves people, we're going to some dark places ): Then after I got over the initial shock, I fell a little harder: That was about... the first 12 hours or so. I couldn't get in touch with anyone, not even on FimFic, and I was just petrified that a few friendships had been jeopardized by all this. But, this is where the story takes a turn for the better. After going to God in prayer, and finally getting in touch with one of my best buddy's from the forums, I was able to considerably calm down and figure out the best course of action. I realized that there was no point in bitching and moaning about this; I made a mistake, and just because I've been around for awhile that does not put me above the rules. The forums have rules, I broke one, and for that I needed to suffer the consequences. I'm thankful to the moderators for cracking down on this, because it truly goes to show that nobody is above the rules in the slightest. More importantly for me personally, it humbled me in a good way; I think things had been going so well on the forums for awhile, that I actually may have developed a bit of a pride problem even. Not much, but I certainly didn't see something like this coming and should've known it would after the boneheaded mistake I made. Anyways, once I realized just what a poor judgment I'd made and that this suspension was the right response to my poor decision, I concluded that the best thing to do would be, not come back angry, hotheaded, and full of bitterness, but rather, FIX IT, starting now. And so, to Feld0, the staff, my friends and brony and pegasister companions, and the whole MLP Forums community, I say this: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for letting you all down, I'm sorry for breaking the rules and doing what I did, and overall I'm just sorry for doing something I shouldn't have done in the first place. It was wrong, and I am going to do my best to ensure that it never happens again. I pledge to more than ever be the best forum member I can possibly be, to spread friendship and fellowship to as many of you as I can, and to do my best to uphold and promote the principles and virtues that both MLP and the forums strive to embody and promote themselves, namely, pure, sincere friendship. I'm going to try my best to tone down however crass my humor may have gotten, given the younger ages of some forum goers; after all, the last thing I'd ever want to do is reflect badly on these forums, especially as such an old, longtime member. All I can ask of you is that you might accept this apology and have me back. The best thing I can do at this point is put this all behind me, move on and learn from my mistake, and get back to the way things were before, but only better. Before I sign off, I'd like to thank a few notable names. I'd like to thank Feld0 and the staff for always upholding and enforcing the rules of the forums; these guys rock and we should all appreciate the fine job they do to maintain this site. I'd like to thank anyone, particularly in the Christian Brony Group, who kept me in your thoughts and prayers. Your support was much appreciated. And finally I'd like to thank DashForever for being about the best friend a guy could be through all this. Dude helped me get over my initial shock and determine to come back ready to be the best brony I can be, and also gave me some much needed company online during the past week. Also, as a thank you to the forums for all your support this summer, I'm going to dedicate the next chapter of my fanfic, "Batmare Begins" to all you guys! My friends, the moderators, anyone on the forums, Chapter 3 (which is currently being edited) will be dedicated to you and anyone else who helped get me through the summer! Finally, I'd like to ask that none of you delve further into this warning matter, because there's nothing more that need be said and publicly discussing warnings is strictly against forum rules. I made a mistake, I recognize that I made a mistake, and I rightfully suffered a consequence for that mistake; there is no controversy or complaint to be made here. All I intend to do as a result of this episode is learn from my mistake and correct my behavior in whatever ways I must. The rest of you should learn from this as well and just always strive to do your best to follow the rules in turn. After all, the rules are only there to help us build and maintain the absolutely best and most harmonious forum we possibly can have; they're there for our benefit and nothing else, and so just go and follow them guys, or at least do your best to. So, all that said, let's do what we do best and get back to some fun, friendly, forum shenanigans! Thank you everypony for your friendship, and by my muffiny fists of justice I swear that I will do my best not to let any of you down like this ever again. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit... to the forums... so really it's more like a return to the forums if you think about it, but, oh buck, you know what, buck it, I'm just off* Here's to more pony fun and shenanigans with all my friends on MLP Forums. Cheers!!!
  23. Lately, I have been in while the worst mood for months now thanks to high school. But, the forums have really turned my frown upside down and every time that I come on to the forums I always feel so happy to talk to the members on the forum. Discussing topics, and anything possible. So I have to say.. thank you everypony! So I really appreciate it.
  24. Hey everypony! Im auditioning for the voice acting part of Shining Armor in My Little Pony: Origins. Its a really neat parody in the making. Now i know im a girl and all so i know my voice impression is definately NOT perfect, but im still bearing my guts and trying out. Id love love love it if all of you beonies out there could rate my audition for me! and please please please be nice! I want positive thoughts on it not negative critisiscm. thanks everypony.
  25. Tumblrpon Thunderdome: TUMBLRDOME!!! Armageddon Hell in a Cell, 2 falls for a victory!!! A special thank you to you all as well for helping me reach my first 10,000 views!!!