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Found 11 results

  1. Here is Mario Party 3's Ending Theme on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  2. As some of you might know, i recently subscribed to the Playstation Now service and i am having a great time with it playing games on it and it seems like Sony and microsoft with their Xbox Game pass push their services more and more with current gen games. Which makes me wonder, how long until physical copies become more and more obsolete? It kinda reminds me of the rise of the MP3 format, where digital music became more convinient, while all the big music stores that still sold CDs went out of business and i feel like stores like gamestop are also losing more relevance. Gamestop is making less and less money out of their games and had to close down shops because of their dissapointing revenue, since they have been doing a nose dive since 2014. What do you guys think
  3. Okay so it's now the morning of September 23rd in Australia and today is ment to be likely the end of the world or judgement day according to most religions out there. So what are your thoughts on today?
  4. Source: (I really hate Fox News, but Kucinich is pretty trustworthy if you ask me... He's a lot like Bernie honestly) In a nutshell, Kucinich believes that some intelligence officials have been trying to sabotage US-Russia relationships since the last months Obama admin to start up another Cold War to get intelligence on the Russian military (I assume that's what he means by "cash in"). He uses these events to support his belief: A. A recently leaked call from the head of the NSA. Assume it's about maintaining bad relations with Russia. B. The peace deal in Syria. The agreement was violated by a bomb that killed over 100 Syrian soldiers. C. Flynn lied to the FBI about Russia sanctions discussion (plausibly because he knows something's up...) This could be catastrophic, if correct. I believe it is, and it sounds utterly terrifying. Another buildup of weapon technologies that could end up in World War III and the end of modern America. When I say could, I mean LIKELY. Though it has other implications as well. It would hurt the economy (by increasing military spending and make welfare possibly become a thing of the past while living in the bubble that's about to pop, likely through nuclear annihilation, the nuclear annihilation part is the most concerning, for obvious reasons. I think with this in mind, the nuclear clock right now should be at 1 minute 'till midnight, instead of 2 1/2 minutes. I certainly hope some of the best of society can prepare for plausible nuclear bombing. Or at least some of society... I may sound like a crazed lunatic when I say that, but think about it. You know what happened last time. We almost got bombed. Literally we were about to get bombed in September of 1983 because of a glitch in a satellite, but it didn't happen only because of a now retired lieutenant colonel named Stanislav Petrov trusted his instincts and didn't press the button. Otherwise, America today would already be a nuclear wasteland, though probably not quite like it seems that it could be in the near future, sometime during Trump's presidency. I hope not, but I think it could easily happen due to this. Stories like this are WHY I'm concerned. I'm concerned that we may be at the beginning of the end for America. I feel like it should be understandable what my concern is now that there are multiple threats to our safety, between our president and his cabinet and rouges in intelligence agencies. Though I'm also concerned, in a lesser amount, about economics and our political atmosphere being as un-American as can be in America. This bombshell makes me much more concerned, that we may have the beginnings of the end here in these covert attempts to bring us to war with the Russians, which we don't want. I don't want war at all if possible, let alone with the Russians. They could end us, as they almost did 33 years ago.
  5. After this season, which in my opinion was the second weakest season (third one is the weakest) i have come to the conclusion, that there is not alot of things left for me, that really keeps me hooked, because our main characters, most of the time this season, didn't had that much progress and some of the best episodes in this season, where actually about side characters. Let's look at some of the good episodes this season: The Crystaling Gauntlet of Fire No Second Prances A heartswarming tail The Times they are a changeling Dungeons & Discords Buckball Season The Fault in our Cutie Marks To where and back again With these episodes, i see a very strange trend here. Our Main Characters, are not the main protagonists in here. They are all replaced by side characters, like Big Mac, Maud, Thorax, Spike (he is a side character for me and always will be) Discord, Starlight Glimmer (she was handled like a side character) etc. While the Mane 6, the characters which where build up tb care the most about, are stepping aside. It's not only that, but the ones that do actually feature the mane characters as the focus, are actually kinda bad. Let's look at those episodes: Newbie Dash Applejacks day off The Cart before the Ponies 28 Pranks Later I am not saying all are bad. Saddle row review was probably the best episode of this season. But you also have episodes Flutter Brutter, which just made me just made me shake my head. I think it's kinda clear for me, that these writers just don't know to do with the main characters anymore. Rainbow Dash is finally a wonderbolt. Rarity has now 3 botiques in Equestria, Fluttershy is not afraid anymore, Twilight Sparkle came into her own, as a Princess and the CMC have their Cutie Mark. What else can you do, when the main goal of this series has been accomplished? Also, some people will probably say "well, what about Scoots disabled wings for example?" They will never tackle this, because they always have played it safe with serious topics. Scoots wings, the question if Twilight is immortal, AJs supposedly dead parents and also if the Mane 6 will have a love interest. These are all stories that are not for this show to tell. What i hope for, is that they bring Season 7 to a close, as good as they may can, bring out the Movie, which i hope is a good ending for the show and then a few years down the line create a whole new show, with new main characters that can grow and that we can fall in love again. If you don't agree, that's fine by me. But i think it's time to close the book, that opened 6 years ago.
  6. With todays episode pretty much wrapping up the CMCs story arc, having a destiny of helping others to achieve their Cutie Marks, it brought me back to one of my favorite subjects. The end of the series. With this season seeing Rarity getting her own botique and Rainbow Dash only just a few episodes away from becoming a full time wonderbolt and with Twilight probably soon becoming a full fledged ruler of Equestria, the series seems to draw itself to an end, with all of the main characters fulfilling their destinies. Season 6 was announced and with the movie following after it, i think it's safe to say that the writers might think that this is the perfect opportunity to end it. Amy Keating Rogers is soon at Disney, M. A. Larson is also looking at other Projects for the future and Megan Mccarthy is getting into a higher position at Hasbro soon. It all looks very suspicious. What do you guys think?
  7. From natural disasters possibly wiping out the human race to fiscal cliffs desegregating and causing an upscale anarchic war... and forces outside of our control (meteors, solar flares), I've always wondered how exactly we're going to go down as a whole. Being a huge video game geek, I always try to contemplate on the possibility of video game realistic situations that could occur in our reality. For example, one of my favorite games of all time being The Last of Us. That reality is not as unrealistic as people think... Could this truly happen in our future?
  8. Before you read the following fan fiction, please note that 90% of the people I have read this to! or who have read this, have either cried, wept, sobbed, or got a case of the feels. Read with caution. For the full experience, read this while listening to either "The Tenth Doctor's Theme", or "Vale Decem". You've been warned. Comments are appreciated. Dreams Live On The 13th Doctor stumbled in the darkness that surrounded him. He groaned as he clutched his head. He still walked, in agony and pain. In all of time and space, he had never experienced so much pain before. It hurt. Bad. Walking still, he saw his destination. He knew that this was his last life. The new man he shall become will not be a Doctor. He would be something else, if there was one at all. He approached the TARDIS and slowly stepped inside, before slamming the door behind him, closing the door to the cold night that lay outside the blue doors. He threw off his sweatshirt that he had held dear for almost 400 years. He now only was wearing his polo shirt and jeans. He stumbled to the dash of the TARDIS. He set the course for a lost planet that he had finally found over the span of the last 820 years. Gallifrey was his destination. He set the course for the planet, and let the TARDIS begin taking off. He stumbled around until he at last stood still, with one hand on the TARDIS' console. He whispered, ever so softly, "I'm sorry..." To the TARDIS as it landed on Gallifrey. He looked at his hands with tears in his eyes as he saw regeneration dust begin to fly from his hands. Only this time, the dust was red. The Doctor's story was ending. Fitting, that he would end on Gallifrey, where it all began. It was true that he had saved the universe, and stopped the Daleks, but it was all over now, and so was he. The Doctor moved to the middle of the TARDIS, where he whispered "Good bye..." With that said, the dust grew thicker and thicker around the Doctor. Until at last, there was a loud boom, and the Doctor was consumed by the red flame. The sound of fire and fury echoed throughout the red plains of Gallifrey, as the Doctor began to disappear. The TARDIS began to disappear, as well. The TARDIS had seen good use throughout time and space, and it was time for it to end, as well. The Doctor was slowly disappearing, with his limbs first, then his torso, until the flame reached his head, where one tear escaped his eye before it, too, disappeared. The Universe seemed to echo in despair as the Doctor ended his story, because, as it was once said, all songs must end. But the story never does. Keep the dream alive. ~super2379 Comments?
  9. Things bring you down, are things in your life not so cheerful, our is your life just down toilet? Well fear not come here and we will try look on bright side of life, on what you should be happy abut and not whats make sad and timbrel in despair. Now everpony sing with me!
  10. Well, everyone remembers the Apocalypse that happened a few weeks ago, right? y'know, the one with all the fire, and flames, etc. What? You mean it didn't happen? Damn...I knew Britain missed out most things, but the end of the world? That's a new one. Anyway, we survived 'Y2K' (Also known as 'Oh dear sweet 'Tia, the clocks might display the wrong date! Nooooooooooooo......) We also apparently survived any other pre-certain-doom apocalypses... So, uh, the big question now is: When's the next one scheduled? I mean, we've run out of Maiyan calendar time, and we're still around, so what's next? So, opinions, ideas, etc. People. We need to be prepared for zombies..Or whatever, whenever it happens. [......To anyone who is taking this seriously, I have some advice Get out more Don't....Unless you really want to.]
  11. So a few days ago I got an idea for a fanfic. I wanted to know if you guys would like it should I continue expanding it. Setting: The setting is in and just outside of equestria. The story has events that occur all over equestria and about half of the events happen in the next door neighbor kingdom of Kiparia(placeholder). It is 18 months after the fall of celestia, Discord and Nightmare rule together. Ponies live in a dictatorship and life is horrible. They at forced to build monuments, factories and other things. The mane6 have been captured and seprerated into 3 groups in 3 separate prisons. Everthing seems lost but only because their only hope isn't here yet. Just before celestia fell she told her son; The young alicorn prince Lightning Flicker, to leave equestria and never to come back. As he rushed to flee canter lot, he encounters the CMC. They ask the Prince where he's going in such a hurry, he knowing full well what's approaching, convinces them to follow him out the city. They flee equestria, and just as his mother told him, never looking back. They come to the nearby kingdom of Kiparis, and Prince appeals to the Princess to let him & The CMC take refuge there. After 18 months in hiding and after muitiple reports of what's happening in his homeland, Prince and the Princess hatch a plan to free them. Prince goes on a series of adventures to gather the mane6 and the elements. But The next time Prince sees Pinkie, he'll be different. He is no longer that young playful prince she used to like. Prince, thinks that equestria and his mother fell because of his mistakes. He feels everything is his fault alone and he acts as such. He barely talks in a friend manner to anypony besides the CMC for whom he refers to as Lil'sis. Can Prince Defeat Discord? Will he atone? Does he derseves his title? You tell me, what do you think?