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Found 1 result

  1. I walked outside this morining noticing that the pegasus....pegasi oh you get it, anyway I noticed that they had already cleared all of the clouds away. Well except for the one that this mare is always bouncing on...what was her name..oh well. I pulled up my hood and walked cautiously because well lets face it I'm incredibly shy and I suck in public settings, and the fact that I'm a young zebra with blue stripes doesn't help at all. I'm always getting stared at by the other ponies so I just keep from making eye contact and as soon as a can I run. That was just what I was about to do until this mysterious mare in ridiculous clothing stepped in front of me. My heart stopped, I was frozen in a strange trance. For some reason i started to feel great hate towards her, like she was someone I needed to hate. Her hat was covering her eyes but I could tell they were going to be fixed on me and my weird stripes any second. When she finally looked up I saw a devilish smirk on her face, and those eyes, don't even mention her eyes. They gave me that feeling I get everytime I see something I strongly dislike. Her eye color was going to make me go insane (what i was named for) but before I could pull out my marker to color on her eyeballs she said one thing. " I know how it feels to be an outsider". Then she galloped away.