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Found 7 results

  1. Countess Coloratura, nicknamed Rara by Applejack, needs a fan club. Her voice (Lena Hall's voice) was pretty stunning in today's episode, and her multiple designs throughout makes her deserving of one for sure. Rules: -No spamming -No hating on the character -All posts and pics must be related to Coloratura/Rara -No inappropriate content -Be respectful, and don't claim to be her "biggest fan" as that will most likely not draw positive attention -All forum rules apply And here she is
  2. Hello everpony! Sometimes speeding up/down and doing other kinds of science on tracks brings interesting results. This time, I've reversed my cover and I liked what I heard immediately. That's why I've decided to recreate it by flipping the song upside down and remix it a little. It still may sound off and weird, but I tried to not modify it that much. The flipping process itself took maaaany hours, as I had to re-do the whole song after all. So... Basically it's a mess, that sounds like a reversed track, with some editing to make it less messy. With that being said, if you'll reverse this remix, you'll definitely recognize the original song. SCIENCE!
  3. NOTICE This thread contains spoilers from season 5. Hello everybody! I had making an 8-bit cover of "The Magic Inside" from S5E24: "The Mane Attraction" planned for a long time and finally I've decided to put my hoof on that. I'm really proud of it as initially I thought it will be a disaster, but thankfully it turned out to be not that bad. Yeah, I totally believe in myself. I hope it's likeable!
  4. Who is this stunning stallion from Season 5, "The Mane Attraction"? Does anypony know his name? Also I've had a debate with a fellow brony about whether or not that on his face is a mustache or his lips with lipstick?? I'd say mustache, but he won't give in about it being lips... He keeps saying that the color of it is too bright to be a mustache, cause it matches neither his mane or eyebrows. Whaddya all think about it?
  5. Earlier today, the Daytime Emmys released nominees for specific categories. The Magic Inside from The Mane Attraction is nominated for Outstanding Original Song in a non-drama series. The Daytime Emmy website is currently down, but they published a PDF of all the nominees. (Thanks, mrx1983 from EQD for finding it.) The Outstanding Original Song (Non-Drama) category is in page 105. The Magic Inside is extremely inspirational. It crosses the boundaries of pony and emotionally captivates the audience through its lyrics and score. It's not one of FIM's best songs for no reason. Ingram deserves to win an Emmy; hopefully, he gets it this time.
  6. Needless to say, it didn't take me very long to notice similarities between pony pop sensation Countess Coloratura (Rara) and human pop sensation Lady Gaga. If her entrance hadn't sealed the deal, her extravagant outfits and performances would have. The more I thought about it though, the more similarities between the two piled up. It didn't take me long to see connection between Rara's unhappiness and Gaga's recent disenchantment with the music industry. In a recent interview Gaga even said that she hated spending her whole day taking selfies with people because of how fake those interactions felt, and I can't be the only one tempted to compare selfies with "hoovsies". In addition, while Rara already sounds very similar to Gaga "Ra ra" is also the first lyric in Gaga's Bad Romance. Not to mention that Gaga is currently playing a character called "The Countess" on American Horror Story. Knowing this, I can't help but wonder if there are other references that went under the radar for me, nor can I help wondering if Lady Gaga knows she's been ponified. Thoughts?
  7. Amy Keating Rogers' last episode of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. Does she finish with the magic of her heart staying truUUUuuuwooooahooohwoooaaaahoooooohohoh...? To subscribe: