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Found 1 result

  1. I was going to have all rambly and long-winded intro to this topic, but it basically boils down to this - Once upon a time, in the distant mid-nineties, in the internet before Google, there were search engines that pulled up pages people searched, but didn't sort them well. Then, Google arrived on the scene with the novel idea of putting pages that were most linked to by other pages to the top, basically ranking them by popularity, and it was such a massive improvement over the current system that everyone and their mother started using it, once said mothers figured out how to get onto the internet in the first place. And now, it seems like we came full circle, where the system has been thoroughly dissected, analyzed and gamed into oblivion that "search engine optimization" - i.e. gimmicking a site or page so it appears closer or at least near the top of the results - is something routinely done as a matter of designing a website to the point that it's not uncommon to have the search results saturated with pages that don't even contain the terms searched for, as long as they contain specific trigger words or phrases. It doesn't seem to be constrained to Google itself either as most, if not all, major search engines seem to suffer from subversion in sites' mad scramble to the first page of results. Are we back to square one, only this time with chaotic, unsorted searches now replaced with results of an ongoing game for perceived relevance? Is there actually not a problem, and the system works just fine as it is? If there is, and searched-for information actually is being gated by chaff, what would the recourse be?