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Found 4 results

  1. With some sources stating that our fandom can include as many as a million members, I am confounded by the fact that there are only around 15,000 registered users on MLP Forums. What are the reasons for such a low forum population on a topic that spans such a great length across the internet ? Are there multiple forums that split us up? Do only the most serious bronies decide to join? Are a higher percentage of bronies "closet bronies" than we think? Do most bronies not even consider joining forums? It seems like everywhere I go on the internet, I am always able to find someone with a pony avatar or someone making MLP references, so it surprises me to see that there are only 15,000 users ever to be registered on the forums. I would like to know what you all think of this. Should we be concerned? Is this normal? Are forums dying as a method of communication? Let me know what you all think.
  2. I find that I really, REALLY like pickled eggs, but it appears most people have a, erm, differing, opinion. So, what do you think of the vinegar filled chicken reproductions?
  3. Okay so I was watching Luna Eclipsed right after watching the the first two episodes of season one(I'm on a bit of a Luna kick right now.), and I noticed that there are two completely different Lunas in My Little Pony: Freindship is Magic. Why? O.o I kindof have a basic idea of the reasoning, but I am still utterly lost and confused after we see cute little pastel blue Luna and then all of a sudden shes almost black agaun and has the NightMare Moon mane and tail again. What the hay is going on here?
  4. Guest

    Anypony a Singer?

    A while back Hinochi (火の皇帝の血), Vex3d, and I wrote this song ponyfication: I also wrote this ponyfication of a song: If you're going to Equestria Be sure to show love and tolerance there If you're going to Equestria You're gonna meet some gentle ponies there For those who come to Equestria All the time will be kindness to share In the land of Equestria Gentle ponies who all love and care All across the nation A new pony sensation Bronies in motion There's a whole Brony nation With a new explanation Bronies in motion Bronies in motion For those who come to Equestria Be sure to show love and tolerance there If you come to Equestria All the time will be kindness there If you come to Equestria All the time will be kindness there Song: http-~~-// Lyrics: http://www.songmeani...22107858539777/ I think there were plans to get people to sing Mrs. Pinkie Pie, but nothing came out of it. I was just wondering if anypony out there would be interested in singing either of the songs? As long as we are given credit for the lyrics you could even try your hand at uploading a youtube video if you want! If anypony wanted to do some of the instrumentals that would be awesome too!