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Found 7 results

  1. There's nothing that I enjoy more than being psychoanalyzed by hobbyist psychiatrists. I mean, what's not to like? People that don't know you personally and haven't the slightest idea as to what your life is actually like apparently have a far clearer vision as to what it should be like than you ever will. Their wisdom might indeed be infinite... If only it extended to themselves. Different people need different things. Different people function differently. There's this disturbing trend among the amateur psychoanalytical crowd to think that everyone needs precisely the same thing, and that anything venturing outside the accepted "norm" is apparently doing it wrong. This is generally masquerading as good intentions and an overall concern for these poor, pitiful, differently-acting individuals that doubtless wallow constantly in their own, inescapable sorrow. But I know it as arrogance. If you knew me - and you both do not and never will - you would perhaps realize how tremendously erroneous and blatantly lacking in insight your own assumptions (and they are indeed assumptions) are. My life, emotional state, and overall mental health have improved vastly over just the last approaching-two years; this was following a roughly 16-year, seemingly futile uphill struggle against a once severely life-limiting condition. Once severely life-limiting. So, with the help of a love some would deem fictional or wrong or mentally questionable, I have managed to accomplish something in a relatively short period of time entirely without the assistance of psychiatry (amateur or otherwise), and my quality of life has changed dramatically for the better. But obviously I must be personally deluded. Obviously I exaggerate. Surely I was better off when I was afraid of my own bodily functions. Surely my quality of life was comparatively greater when I was nigh endlessly repeating rituals, washing my hands until they cracked and bled, and unsuccessfully battling invasive thoughts. Surely I've misinterpreted these feelings of love and contentment. My improved functionality - as observed by those closest to me - is almost definitely an elaborate shared-dream we're all having. Perhaps I'm asleep right now. How could I really be happy? I've not done things the way others expected me to, and mental health and happiness are exclusively attainable through the applications of by-the-book psychoanalysis and mind-altering drugs. Or, shit... Idunno... Maybe I fell in love. Maybe I found something that matters to me, personally, and I know the damned thing when I see it. Because I am me. And, believe it or not (which you probably won't), your entirely selfish and oftentimes misguided idea of "help" is what hurts people like me. You're the problem, and - were I the psychoanalyzing type - I'd encourage you to get some help for that. Not because you don't believe me. Not because you disagree with me. Not because you're different than I am. But because you fail to recognize the FACT that I am different than you. And I don't need your uninformed, dime-a-dozen analyses. I already have what I need. And you'll never know me.
  2. I should change the name of this blog to "Afterwards' Questionnaire Blog". It would be much more fitting. Anywhom: Have you ever: 1. Skipped class? - I hate to admit it, but yeah. 2. Done drugs? - HAHAHAno. 3. Self harmed? - Nawww. 4. Drank? - Once, I recall. Tasted awful. 5. Shoplifted? - Who hasn't? 6. Gotten a tattoo? - Noop. 7. Broken up with someone? - Eeyup. What's your favorite: 8. Show? - Gee, I wonder? 9. Movie? - DISNEY 10. Song? - It changes. 11. Subject? - English. Or Art. One of those two. 12. Singer/Band? - Evanescence. 13. Memory? - Hmmm, tough one. I'll have to think on that. 14. Book? - Harry Potter. This or that: 15. Invisibility or Ability to fly? - Ability to access the Internet WITH MY MIND. 16. Cookies or Cake? - Pie. 17. Twitter or Facebook? - Tumblr. 18. Movies or Books? - Video games. 19. Coke or Sprite? - Pepsi. 20. Blind or Deaf? - Mute. 21. Tea or Coffee? - Hot chocolate. What's your: 22. Age? - 16 23. Sign? - Like, astrological? Aries. 24. Height? - idklol 25. Sexual orientation? - 100% homogay. 26. Shoe size? - 12 27. Religion? - none. 28. Longest relationship? - idklol Opinion on: 29. Gay rights? - Gee, I wonder? 30. Second chances? - Second chances are always important. I tend to give them most of the time. 31. Long distance relationships? - My most recent relationship was long-distance... 32. Abortion? - Ehhh, rather iffy on that subject. Let's just say I disapprove of it. 33. The death penalty? - Haven't really thought of that much. 34. Marijuana? - Let's just say I disapprove of it. 35. Love? - What about it? Love is awesome, it's what holds us all together. No? Do you: 36. Believe in ghosts? - HAHAHAno. 37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it? - Both. 38. Sleep with the door opened or closed? - Closed. 39. Love someone? - My family, if that counts. 40. Still watch cartoons? - You do realize what forum this is, right? 41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? - Not at the moment... 42. Like yourself? - What's not to love? And now you know me even more than you probably would've cared to.
  3. I was sitting around wondering who preteen girls could look up to these days. Please help me figure out. Maybe Britanny Spe-oh. Maybe Hannah Mont-Damnit Maybe Amanda Byn-you've got to be kidding me. I give up. Please help me out here.
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE: I AM NOT THE CREATOR OF THE SHEET BELOW, I SIMPLY PUT THAT THERE TO SHOW YOU THE STYLE THE PONIES WILL BE IN. Okay, I'm taking requests for ultra low-res pony sprites. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the whole forum in on this, but meh, whatever. Just post your OC. BTW the sprites are in this style. (I love low-res. 8x8 pixels FTW!)
  5. So this is actually the first blog I've ever created. I'm kinda new to blogging, so don't be too harsh!
  6. I found these two in my closet, and i'm not sure if i wanna have that Nostalgic feeling. Its your guys/girls opinions if i should install these or not.
  7. This is a thread where I will keep all my art. If you have any ideas not related to OC's, I'd be more then happy to draw them ALICORNS: UNICORNS: PEGASI: PONIES: PONYFIED: NON-PONY: Please tell me what you think, and which is your favorite