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Found 10 results

  1. HOWDY Y'ALL Yeahh. I noticed that there's not any popular stars by posts with 10+ brohoofs. I demand an explanation I just wanted to see what's up with that, because I rather liked the idea behind it. It often made people want to read what you had to say, but you had to put some thought into it and make a quality post in most occasions. Also, given how anyone on the site can get a brohoof, it wasn't really encouraging elitism or anything like that; hell, from what I saw, it provided incentive to try and make gnarly posts, brah. So yeahh; just wanting to see what's up with that
  2. So I was just thinking about this in a post I made in another topic just recently, it concerns whether the elements of harmony can actually be destroyed. I think they can't be personally, and I'll explain my reasoning why. So first off, in the first episode of the series, the pilot, Nightmare Moon tries destroying what where apparently the Elements of Harmony, but she while apparently destroying them was told by Twilight soon after that she couldn't destroy the Elements of Harmony, because the spirits of the Elements where present. This makes me think that all it takes is the presence of the bearer's of the Elements in order for them to be basically indestructible. As we see that seems to be the case since in the presence of their bearer's they activate and are repaired and well, you know the rest I think. Another scenario is involving Discord. When Discord first shows up in the S2 premier, he does infact realize the power that the Elements of Harmony posses, and thus in order to ensure his plan works he needs them out of the picture. However.. Despite all the power Discord posses, he does not destroy the Elements, but simply hides them. Now this seems silly for him to do, and maybe its just due to Discord liking to play games, but I think its because he knew they could not be destroyed, maybe he tried to destroy them back when Celestia and Luna overthrew him the first time, and was using his knowledge from his last encounter in hopes to finally succeed. And if that isn't enough, yet again in "Keep Calm and Flutter on" he is freed, yet again even though he knows the power of the elements, and is apparently able to atleast take them from the mane 6, he still doesn't. Of course this instance is less supportive as he doesn't even try to hide them, but that might be due to them being worn, or he simply knows theres no way to destroy them, and hiding them might just waste time. Finally on a less supportive note, the Elements are very very old,(Possibly dating to the creation of Equestria and all of the world the ponies live in) I imagine there have been attempts by Villains to destroy them. Yet they seem to have remained intact throughout the years, from any form of destruction. Doesn't it seem like they would've been destroyed by now? Yet they haven't been. This is why I believe the Elements simply aren't able too be destroyed, or they can't be destroyed forever and are able to be rebuilt simply with the presence of the bearer's that are destine to use them. So, after my long wall of text that you may or may not read all of, what do you think? Do you think the Elements are indestructible? Or do you think they are actually able to be destroyed? Or do you have some totally different theory? I wanna know your thoughts! Looking forward to hearing what y'all have to say! And have a wonderful day! Later!
  3. Are "They" just the general populace, or are "They" some sort of secret organization... What do you think? (Going to say, although I shouldn't have to. With any of my threads, I want no swearing or inappropriate humour. Or I will get "They" to find you. ;3)
  4. Important note: Please read the general rules below before submitting your banner. Otherwise, it may not be accepted! Submit your banner to Child of Hiigara (and nobody else) by Wednesday, March 25 at 11:59 PM (PDT). Voting begins immediately! Banner contests are back! Sorry for the delay, folks. Hopefully, we'll be able to get banner contests up regularly from now on. For those who don't know, we used to have banner contests every month. Each time, we had a different theme, usually based around a pony. The winning submission, chosen by our wonderful members, would be used as the site's banner. We'll do contests a bit differently this time. Four weeks, four banners In the past, the winning banner was used for a month. Now, we'll have a new banner each week. For three of those weeks, we'll be using the top three banners in the contest. For the fourth week (not necessarily the last), we'll spice things up a bit. Three things can happen at this point: 1) the staff pick a fourth banner from the existing contest submissions, 2) we ask members to make a banner under a special theme (e.g., an international holiday or other special event), or 3) you send us a submission of your choosing (bonus points if it's episode related!). This also means... You can use any pony (or ponies) you want In the past, we allowed only certain ponies to be used in each contest. For example, one month was all about Applejack. Another was about the CMC. The rationale behind this was simple: to give less popular ponies a shot at success. But that was when we had one winner. Now that we have four (three for the contest, and one for the bonus), that's much less of a problem. Finally... Don't hesitate to send us banners outside of contests! Seriously, we love it when you send us banners! If you want to show off your creative talent, that fourth slot could very well be yours. Go nuts! General rules and submission instructions - Banners should be approximately 1000x255 pixels and saved as a .png file. More info here - Send contest submissions to Child of Hiigara (and nobody else) via PM - Send bonus (fourth week) submissions to all the admins in one PM. This can be done at any time during the month - One entry per member - All entries must adhere to the current theme, but creative liberties may be taken (to fit an airing FiM episode, for example) - Anyone who wishes to edit an entry that has already been sent may do so, as long as the revised version is submitted by the deadline - All entries must have the name of the forums, MLP Forums, as well as being pony-centric and related to the show in some way. That being said, feel free to be creative! - All forum rules still apply. Any entries that do not adhere to these rules will not be accepted - Please do not post your entries anywhere else on the forums until after the winners have been announced. Although we can understand your excitement to show others your hard work, please keep them under wraps This month's theme: Springtime! - Must showcase an aspect of the season spring - Must highlight at least one pony of your choice If you have any other questions or comments, let us know down below. And so, without further ado, let's begin. Good luck and have fun!
  5. I am looking for a series of... 18, maybe 15 people to help me out on this. My friend and I are doing a massive project in which we cover songs that he finds inspirational, and "Do They Know it's Christmas" is one of them. I will require a sample of your singing, so please record something and send me a link to where I can listen to it. Thank you. -Arcticfrost933
  6. Mermaids So I found this: In that video it seems like there is a mermaid there or that's what they're calling it. It's something alright, I'm pretty sure it's fake but whether it's fake or not. Do you believe this could be mermaids or aliens? Or is it just fake, it's probably fake. Whether this is real or not.. I'm just going to say this.. Aliens. I'm pretty sure it's fake, but it's still an interesting video.
  7. Cats and why they are so awesome, to begin with they're cats. Secondly, they're cute and cuddly. Then finally they are so awesomely great. I have cat allergies, yet that doesn't stop me from seeing their awesomeness. This blog entry might be useless but that doesn't stop me from making it. *Curls mustache* So yes, cats are awesome.
  8. Don't know if this has been made already. I searched and didn't find any. Anyway, I love me teh cheesy jokes. I can't help but smile and laugh at them because they are SO TERRIBLE. So help me out. Post teh cheesy jokes! No limits. Here's the first: What do you call a cow missing two legs? Lean beef. NOW GO!
  9. Aww here goes! Well guys, pretty much all of us are 90's kids right? So, do you remember that old show, Kenan and Kel? Hint, one of the main characters was crazy about Orange Soda. Anyone else used to watch them back in the days Cartoon Network and Nick did not produce a load of horse apples? Here's the intro:
  10. So I made some Pixel Art of 3 of the Mane 6. They came out OK considering I did them without a template, and I decided to upload le pictures Without further ado: Pinkie on her own Filly Dash on her own Fluttershy on her own Applejack on her own Twilight on her own Rarity on her own Rarity <3s Spike Derpy Hooves (My best so far) Luna- Happy Birthday, Ben All 6 together :3 Tell me what you think, if you have any criticisms I would love to hear them These are by no means finished and I made mistakes on all of them, so tell me what I've screwed up :L I'll continue them on page 2, I've hit the picture limit for this post :/ Entish