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Found 32 results

  1. What would you say is one most important thing in life? Is it Love? Is it Family? Is it Wealth? Is it Friendship? Tale me what you think it is.
  2. Okay, some people find certain things adorable. Pretty normal. But some of the those certain things are kind of unusual to be cute, and in this thread; you need to post some of those things. So, post things that you find to be cute that are unusual. A picture would be nice as well, but is not required. Here are mine: 1. Watermelon I don't know exactly why, but watermelons have always been cute to me for some reason. 2. Eggplant What's not to find adorable about this little purple food? 3. Sea Pigs I probably wouldn't have found this cute unless I first encountered a video game version of them, but since I did; I think they are adorable.
  3. Made a 2014 version of this topic almost exactly a year ago, so felt like trying it again for this year, even if 2015 has a few days left before we really move on :3 So, what was your best moment of this year? I find it kinda hard to pick since this was an uneventful year for me- though, in a sense, a lot of good things have happened and I have very fond memories- but... 8D But... ... okay, I can't actually pick x3 How about you guys? I hope it's been a good year for you all, and may the rest of it be kind to you too!
  4. Hello and welcome to the "Your Favorite..." game!.. It's not really a game, but still, it's quite a fun method to get to know each other and maybe even discuss about our interests!.. Yay, so exciting!.. Anyhow, you basically have to fill the gaps (not necessarily all of them) with your favorite things (check the example below). Also, you can rate the above poster's (or anyone's) chart while you are at it! NOTE: it is advised to pick your second favorite cartoon if MLP:FiM is your favorite (that means that you should not add MLP:FiM into the "cartoon" field... unless you REALLY want to). Here is the template you have to use: Here is an example (my favorites (yes, I edited it... the first one was "meh")): Alright, let's get this party started! (I can see this easily dying out in a day, or being deleted/moved by a mod) EDIT: If you are lazy you can always do a text version of this, like Red Diamond (of course, I'd be nice if you posted an image.)
  5. I have both Krita and Inkscape.. as well as GIMP (though gimp is a little limited in drawing compared to the other 2..) But i was wondering if there was a good drawing program out there (preferably free) with the ability to bind Hue/Saturation or Value of the selected color to certain keys on my keyboard.. I ask this because i wanna make some cool backgrounds or art in general, but constantly going over to the color wheel and changing values is annoying when trying to make art efficiently.. I'd like to be able to press NUMPAD 1 twice to reduce the Value of my selected color by 2, so i can continue drawing/painting with darker shades of the color I'm using immediately.. without going to the color wheel.. same with hue and saturation.. Does anypony here know of one that allows this? I'd greatly appreciate it ⁿ-ⁿ Thanks in advance.. ~AURAequine
  6. Made this really quickly as a test but it failed, so i decided to speed through it, making it look funnier and ended up with this xD (Took like.. 10 minutes at the most ) As it is rushed I didn't focus much on making it look good, so no need for criticism and sterf.. But yeah, hope yous like ⁿ-ⁿ
  7. I don't remember what those bead things are called, but I made a pony with them.
  8. For me, it was being able to leave college a few months ago and finally have the freedom to learn what I want, when I want. Plus, I was kinda stressed before that because I didn't feel like I fitted in at my college and everything going on just felt so insignificant to me... it was a great relief to finally get away from it all. What was your best moment of this year?
  9. It's a Christian Bronies Small Group PM Thingy! If you want to join, post saying that you want to join (duhhh) I wanted to create a nice, open environment for us all.
  10. Post one cool thing you discovered/did this day/week/month, be it pony or not. I just tried out the Lone Wolf book series. IT. IS. SO. GOOD. And the combat is the most edge-of-your-seat thing I have ever experienced. Seriously. Try these out. They're really good. (And it's super long so it will last you a while)
  11. As in the title. In your opinion and for you, what's the best thing in the world? What do you enjoy the most. Without what your life would lose meaning? I was inspired to make thit thread after reading one of Clarity's posts. So you may list up to 3 things! Mine are: WoW MLP Music
  12. I just received a most thoughtful birthday card from a distant friend. Oddly enough it had a Pinkie Pie on it! Maybe she's a brony / pegasister? But if she isn't - how did she know i am? I didn't exactly made it known (My close friends know, and some of my family, that's about it). Anyway, did YOU get something special lately from someone?
  13. Can YOU guess where Perry is? I'm bored, so think of some place that Perry might be, and if you are will happen........
  14. Ummm... I really don't know what to say about this drawing. It's kind of trippy though...
  15. This is a small animation I made in Synfig. It's my first real animation, so it's not really good. I like how fast it was to find how to use Synfig. xD
  16. I guess I'll post this here, it's a thing. I don't know what it is. xD It's a slime cat with this face.
  17. Okay, so I was thinking about this the other day. What's your biggest flaw about yourself, and what's the best thing about yourself? Feel free to make yourself sound as bad or good as you want! I'll start with bad, as what I'm about to say will make me sound really mean. At times, I can be sort of manipulative and stubborn. I'm pretty good at lying, and I'm very proud. My brother said I could be a supervillain if I wanted to. I just summarized the absolute worst things about me, but I promise I'm not that bad! Now for the good, which sounds completely opposite to the bad, but hey, I have mood swings! When I'm in a good, or even normal mood, I'm really bubbly. And hyper. And loud. In a good way of course, haha! I think I have a lot of energy, because I bounce a lot when I talk. And I talk a lot So there you have me Manipulative and stubborn at the worst times, and bright and energetic at the best! What's your main flaw, and your main good trait (What's the opposite of flaw, I can't think of anything!)? (By the way, I'm not as mean and cruel as I probably made myself sound! I'm happy 75% of the time, so my evil side hardly ever comes out )
  18. My friends at school (brought into the herd by me,I'm so proud ) have long since asked this question. These are their exact words: "What type of brony are you? Are you only just a fan of the show, or are you the kind that'll stick with it until your grave is dug, or maybe even something in between?" In other words, the way I see it, they ask how loyal you are to the show and the fandom. I know I'll never give this up, even when I'm a century old. Curious to know what you all think??
  19. Well, that's a long title, basically you have to think of something ridiculous to say to post above that is related with what the persons saying. I'll start. Pickles are a tasty treat with peanut butter.
  20. I just saw something that shocked me. Ok, so me and my dad were driving home, but we saw something running almost in front of us, but it dropped something, and ran back off. Me and my dad drove back, and guess what we saw? Half of a dead bunny. Litterly, a clean cut of a bottom half of a bunny. What was carrying it? I do not know, either a fox or cyote. What was the craziest thing you saw recently?
  21. Just like the title says, soory if it already exists. Right now it feels like nothing bad can happen at all here, and I am bored. Think about what is going on in the house, what is the really worst thing that can happen right now? How would you react to that and what is the best that can happen right now? the probably worst thing possible here is me falling asleep again.... -_- (soory if i placed this a bit wrong and had bad grammar)
  22. I do not have a pic or video to show you. But the most awesome scene was, well, for me, was, when you look behind the CMCs dancing, you see.... GangnamStyle Not really a scene, but it shows a guy doing Gangnam Style! Hasbro, you made my day.
  23. Elli

    MLP Forums Day 2!

    Okiiiiii! This is my first blog entry, but my second day on this forum! So far I've had such a great time! Everyone here is quite nice! c: Umm, idk what I should really say. XD First things are always a bit drab, no? I plan to have a blog wntry posted every day if I can! x3 Just talking about my day and things! Well, today my day has been good! Just finished my only class of the day and now I'm going to do some filming with classmates for a project. Other than that, my day is moving slowly~ I'll probably edit this every time something..."interesting" goes on in the day XD Maybe.. Welp, off to explore! ADVENTUUUUURE! >:DDD
  24. Note: This is not a discussion thread and is quite random, therefore it belongs in the Forum Lounge Recently, I found out about the greatest thing ever made by a human being: Ninja Baseball Batman. What is Ninja Baseball Batman? A beat em up game from the 80's. This is something I wanted to share with you guys! The point of the game is pretty straightforward: You are a ninja with a baseball bat, beating the crap out of everything you see. That includes Volcanos, Lightning worms that comes out from the ground, Lightning Jack-o-Lantern Scarecrow Grim Reapers, Machines with a tortoise back with spikes and the head of a bull, airplanes, Spikewheels pushed by Cats on skateboards and flying baseball fields. Here is AVGN talking about it:
  25. a bad thing. You've heard the expression before, and if it's been directed at you, it can seem wise at first, annoying later. Here's how this works: The user above you says something they like at the end of their post. You then tell in your post how too much of that thing they like ends up affecting them negatively or ruins their life (e.g. makes them fat, depressed, kills them, someone or something attacks them because of it, etc.) The more creative you are in making too much of the good thing bad for that person, the funnier! Example: I really like Krispy Kreme donuts. You become addicted, eating them every day. As a result, you grow obese. You are all alone with your donuts. Make sure you mention something you like at the end of your post! I'll start off: I really like listening to rock music.