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Found 39 results

  1. Well the title explains it all! Today I just layed in bed with my computer being bored... fascinating isn't it?
  2. I thought I would pose this topic, what type of things do you use to relax? I enjoy the times when I get to relax, you know, and be all lazy, and such. I love to listen to some good music, sometimes laying in bed when doing so. I also enjoy being alone with my thoughts, as well as the mysterys of the world in which we live. Enough about me, please share what you use, or things you do to just chill, and relax.
  3. Doesn't need to have anything to do with ponies... My largest collection are my baseball cards: Around 10,000 since I stopped counting My Pony Collection: 0, still havn't gotten my hands on a pony item.
  4. So 2016 is around the corner, have you got anything you'd hope to do or even expect to happen on that new year? Let us know ! *waiting foryou guys to post so I can tell what I want to do in that year and can blend in xD*
  5. We all hate Commercials right? So what do you do when they play TV commercials? I mean, I assume you guys don't watch commercials anyway XD. I mean they're really boring So During commercials, I try to exercise... But...I usually just either flip through the other channels, listen to music or just get lazy on the couch How about you guys?
  6. After I get up on a Saturday at about 7 am, 1. I always get on the computer and check my stuff, Facebook, Email, Twitter, Steam, MLP forums...etc. 2. Then I go watch YouTube video til MLP is on 3. I have tennis matches 4. Go shopping 5. Come home and do more stuff online 6. bed at about 12 Yeah my day is sorta boring, How about yours?
  7. Okay, there's apparently a thing where folks put up these 'Ask Blah' threads, and there are occasionally folks who will actually post questions on it, and the people in question answer those inquiries, usually to the best of their abilities. But honestly, what fun is there in making sense? *chuckle* But yes, I have followed suit and put one of these things out there. Honestly, I am uncertain if I'll even get a single question, but hey - be prepared, right? Might as well have and not need, then need and not have. So, this thing is actually happening... That being said, I welcome any and all questions tossed out there at me - and I shall endeavor to answer them as quickly as possible. Of course, I am WELL aware that I might not even get a single response... but, such is life, sometimes. At least the thread is here, right? So, without further ado - fire away! [NOW WAITING FOR QUESTIONS]
  8. I like watching The Simpsons in French. I rode in a helicopter when I was 10. I saved someone's life and had my own life saved in the same year. I don't like bananas. Unless they're fried. I was a short scrawny kid, but I once beat my whole gym class in a basketball contest. Okay, your turn.
  9. I saw these on this Equestria daily post So yeah, if you have a pony waifu, check these memes out. If you have one and your pony waifu is not on here, what would you say to them? Here's the one for my waifu So post away!
  10. well, today while i was searhing around the web, i typed in "Vladicarus" My original character and the name of my youtube and psn, and it turns out is also the name of a fossil,so you know. I clearly named my oc. off a fossil.
  11. So, Who would win: The Psyonic Soviet Psycopath, Yuri... ...Or the the Migthy Mutated Bear, the Yao Guai GO!
  12. Hello all. I am FM Synthy Bassilicious Poniest Ponypony Pony. I am a member of this website. Yay. Let's see how this goes... Ask me all kinds of stuffs! I am online very often.
  13. what are some things you hate? i mean personally hate. i'm not talking about things that you are told to hate i'm talking about things that you personally hate and people might not think of you the same way again. but living in a world that emphasizes on "being yourself" we need some time casual vent. is there anything you fine toxic? pet peeves are allowed too. one thing i despise is what someone tries to start a conversation with you by telling you a trivial fact about something relating to what you are doing at that time. example. I would be talking about sleeping or spiders or any combination of the two and someone would say "did you know that you swallow 8 spiders a year in your sleep?" makes me die a little inside.
  14. Well.. i don´t think i am the most popular member of these forums, or an interesting person, but for those of you who are bored or do want to know something about me, here i go^^ I´d happily answer all questions and i hope you enjoy your stay in this thread^^
  15. So, I have often noticed many dumb things on the internet, and as I probably won't be able to list many myself, I would like people to post what they think is dumb, and why they think so. Here's a few of my own: 1. People thinking that kids around the age of 12 are "as retarded" as 5 year olds. 2. Flame wars. 3. Trolls. 4. Haters. Like I said, please post your dumb experiences on the internet.
  16. If this has already been posted, I apologize. You know when you're just surfing the web, minding your own business, and suddenly you look around and realize... I'm in the weird/scary part of the Internet, aren't I? It's happened to me before, mostly with the scary and disturbing stuff. Sadly. I get easily disturbed. There's always where you scroll too far down in Google. And then there's when you hear about something (Cupcakes? What's that?) and make the mistake of looking it up. For me, it was the said "Cupcakes" and also Luna Game... *shudder* I couldn't sleep for days after that. (That is also why I learned not to look up Five Nights at Freddy's. Once I learned it was a horror game, that was enough.) Share your stories! But no pictures or videos, all forum rules apply, of course.
  17. Right now, I'm kinda curious about whether my sixth form email is still in use since I left a few months ago... maybe I should check now and see if anything's gone on with it =/ How about for you ponies? Have you been curious about anything lately?
  18. As the title says, what is the most scariest things you had ever seen in your life, that cause your nightmares and scares with only hearing its name? In my opinion , it is ----- (warning : Can content no appropriate message for sensitive publics, make sure to have a strong stomach to watch )
  19. If you are feeling small, just remember!
  20. So I'm looking for some fun or silly things to do for my 18th birthday! Anybody have anything to suggest? I'll be able to post results on suggestions around Saturday night or Sunday morning, if I get any. Any place I should go, or do, or something?
  21. So, I just recently got my hands on a game for the xbox 360 called "50 Cent Blood on the Sands". This game isn't the most.. well.. mass produced of games out there and I'm pretty lucky to have found a copy at Best Buy for 10 bucks. Aside from this little "gem" I also own a copy of Star Wars Bounty Hunter for the Gamecube, which is pretty rate. An un-used copy selling for a lot of money. Along with that I also own a copy of the Mortal Combat Trilogy for the N64 UN-OPENED and still in it's plastic wrap stuff. Anyway, I was curious what kind of stuff everyone else has that is rather rare?
  22. This is the thread where you say something you ABSOLUTELY HATE. Simple as that, no strings attached. (Protip: if you also hate something, brohoof it!! ((Hazelestia, thanks for reminding me xD))) I'll start: When you burp and slightly vomit in your mouth.
  23. Simple. What is your best and worst of Cartoon Network Both over the years and now? My least favourite is johnny test because GOD that sucks! the best is Adventure time because GOD that is amazing.
  24. Simple. just post the randomist thing you have seen. I go first,
  25. Mr Dash


    Hi there everyone! I have a new sketch. A quick one I did while I had some time. Solracane (Solrac as the twicane). Hope you all like. (And for some reason I can't link pictures from my deviantart anymore. How annoying.)