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Found 66 results

  1. Since there is a thread for cartoon crushes, I have decided to make a thread for video game crushes. Oh god why the fuck did I think this was a good idea? Anyway, post and vidya game characters you have a crush on.
  2. So I just randomly wanted to start asking stupid questions. What is your favourite emoticon / the one you use the most. Is there a special reason for this particular one? Mine is this little fella: :I I have no idea why......
  3. Well I hope they do ( if not direct me to proof) sorry if it sounded harsh.
  4. I have no life, and was inspired to ponify one of the biggest video editing memes going around now xD
  5. It's simple really, just rate what the user above you ate last, then post what you ate last to be rated. Try to keep it lighthearted please, we don't need to be giving each other dietary advice now. And go! Let's see, last thing I ate was pigs in a blanket and steamed vegetables.
  6. Okai, so I know this isn't exactly a 'topic' but this is just a kinda... THING to introduce myself to you guys :3 I'm just gonna tell you a few things about myself; OC - Harmonic Sketch Instagram - @pegasistersketch Minecraft IGN - ThatKawaiiGeek Fave Pony(ies) - Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, AJ, Doctor Whooves, Vinyl. Fave Episode (s) - May the Best Pet Win. A Slice of Life, Canterlot Wedding (1&2), Crystal Empire (1&2) Fave Colours - Orange, Green, Purple, Pink. So yah .3. Dat was some stuff about meh. Oh BTW my Insta page is my second one, that I've only just started. The other one shows ma booooootiful face; wouldn't want anyone to get jealous xD ???? Also I'm from the UK and I'm a mare .-. Dats so normal... So so normal. Oh my Celestia, this thing has gone on for ages. OH WELL BAI <3
  7. This is a poll on what your favourite game companies are, if you need me to add any, please mention me with @Lag Spike and I'll be sure to add it as soon as I can. Remember that the forum rules still apply here and that it is preferred that there is no in-fighting, if you want to argue about certain companies please take it to PM, thank you. Also something I should mention, this is a poll about the company as of now, not what they may of been in the past, please take this into consideration when answering.
  8. Hello! Thanks for clicking on this blog, whether it was accidental or not, and welcome to the first excerpt of Universal Dimensions! Before anything, I would like to say that this is NOT pony fan fiction. Completely original and started from scratch at Google Documents! If you enjoy the first excerpt, and there is even just a few people requesting another excerpt, then I will gladly post another! Please, leave your opinions! This is all from scratch on Google Documents. If there are any grammar mistakes or any odd wording, remember that it is a rough draft. Not publishing format. It is always heavily debated with whether or not magic is bad. And, even though I always come to like it, and that I approve of it, I usually can’t deny its bad causes, which has come in many ways for everything. I believe magic is absolutely necessary for everything; after all, without it, I never would have completed my “big mission.” Magic is everywhere anyway, at least in my universe. It is used by your enemies, by you, and it flows as a powerful energy through everybody and through nature. It is only a natural force of power. Not only is it natural, but it is the basis and core of power for Angel and Daemon powers… Daemon powers, specifically. Daemons use dark spirited magic for the effect of triumph and strength, but Daemon magic is so “loose” and difficult to control that it instead is used as a much more powerful offense: curses. Curses come in all sorts of forms, but the overall definition for it is just Daemon magic enforced as an illness of cruel transition; in other words, dark spirited magic “approved” by Daemons to bring stress inside one, and duress on one. In fact, curses are one of the most dangerous effects of magic. They have different effects, varying through loss of self-control, head traumas, weaknesses, turncoat, and even Daemon transformations. Those who are infected with certain curses that grant strengths usually turn by to Daemon magic instead of “standard” magic. Standard magic is a privilege granted to regular humans, but it was never written as a rule for we people to take advantage of other powers. Standard, or nature magic, is a very strong force, with the powers of ice, fire, weather and plant life, but it just does not have such the abilities as of Daemon and Angel magic. Sure, there are staffs and weapons that consume magic for dozens of different effects, but the very magic comes from inside of you, so only those who are capable of magic, may use magic. Many people are trained by others to use magic. Very few carry it as an innate ability they are born with, people such as me; except I don’t remember ever being young. I don’t even know my precise age, which could possibly be late thirties, maybe even forties. I just always felt like I was there. Not since the transportation, but I can appreciate and like for what this place is, what my world is! Such a place for limitless discoveries and combat, with creatures of all sorts, almost everywhere you go… Such creatures also means such Daemons, and there seems to be more Daemon energy pulsing through life than Angel magic. Magic isn’t even performed by humans very much anymore; we Mages aren’t very easy to come across, and there used to be such a countless army of Mages, from what I know. But that was meant to be before I came here, and I feel like I am the only one of magic abilities. Axial and I, at least, but he is a Daemon anyway. I probably shouldn’t even think about that, him being a Daemon, for even he is attempting to redeem himself and become an Angel again, but, with honesty, he is a long way from such an event, considering his actions and attitude since the first day we met. I still wonder to this present day if it was the best of my destiny to meet Axial. I do respect him, but, hell, he has a nerve for everything; but, like I said, he is a Daemon, but I do not know if that personality is natural for dark spirits. I still remember everything that happened the first day I met him… It was as soon as I stumbled into this universe, after I had successfully finished my “big mission,” which I am not going to mention for a possibly long period of time, where I just found myself rummaged into the dirt ground. My body was aching from the universal warp explosion that sent me here, and even I refused to let myself. I rested there, with my face carelessly buried in the dirt, and just kept debating with myself what to do. It was only a few minutes when I felt some strong kicking against my back and a man’s voice. “Hey, kid, come on. You okay?” I lifted my head up and looked to my left to see a tall, armored man with bloody cloth strapped over his shoulders on each side. His chestplate was engraved with some sort of chain of symbols, leading down in what I supposed would be some sort of message. He wore a mage’s hat, and finally, he had wings. Huge wings, for a magic-enhanced human to have at least. His appearance made me look weak, comparing him to me in my robes, but these were the robes I have begun my life in, and what I shall end it in. Even though he saw I have noticed him, he kept kicking me anyway. “That blast better have been an accident. I don’t want any people screwing around with nature or coming to this place.” He helped me up from the ground, and when I finally stood on my weak, tired, sandaled feet, he studied me back and front. I didn’t move, mostly because I was extremely tired, but because of the glimpse I had of his sword and long assault rifle. After about a few minutes, he finally approached me and asked me, “What’s your name?” I ignored the pain and answered, “Crossten.” He looked at me with a disgusted face. “You are named Crossten? There was only one, noble Crossten, and he isn’t to be named after!” He came closer to me, too close for comfort. “What is your real name?” I don’t understood why I never rebelled against what he said there at that moment. He did seem intimidating, but I knew it myself that I had the strength and stance to “tell him off” about that. But instead I just stood there, with a blank face. He looked at my robes again. “You look like a Crossten fanatic, that’s for sure. Look at your clothing, trying to make a fake hero of yourself.” He felt the blood stains, my blood stains of the robes. My final battle had left many marks of blood and bruises across my body, and even one, long, fatal scar across my right eye, directly from the one sword that I dodged for my life. “Even hurt yourself to get the same look,” the man continued to criticize. Irritance was growing upon me. “I say who I am, and I am Crossten.” He prepared to backhand me, and I easily put my arm up to defend it. Instead, he lowered his arm and sighed. “Come on, obviously you are hurt.” He begun to walk back from where I supposed he came, and he waved at me to follow him. At the time, I didn’t know where the hell I was, but, just considering what previously occurred before the “teleportation blast,” I just figured this was all another universe. So I followed him, despite that our first encounter wasn’t so friendly. I walked about a few yards behind him, and he looked back at me continuously. Somewhere halfway during the walk, he asked me out loud, “What are you?” I could only guess he was asking whether I was an Angel, Daemon, or just a human, so I answered human. He stayed quiet for a minute, and I decided to ask him, “What about you, then?” He stopped walking immediately, and he slowly turned to me with a depressed face. “Uh, Daemon.” He gave me an unintentional cold stare, and I just strangely nodded. In the universe I came from, Daemons are hated as a major enemy; I mean, there isn’t too much to explain why. In reality, they are just Daemons that are hated. So if he is a Daemon, and he is this comfortable around me, then it must be normal for such beings to walk “up here.” I asked him anyway. “What are you doing here, then?” I could hear him grinding his teeth together, and he stopped and turned to me again. He sighed. “Look, I don’t know who you are, but I am just gonna tell you this now, just so you don’t wet yourself about it later. I am a Daemon from, of course, Hell, but, as you should know, we are ‘fallen angels.’ I didn’t like or believe my fate. So I escaped, oddly as it may sound.” He continued walking, and I followed.
  9. Didn't expect that, did you?
  10. So... my sister ParaPerception started a thing for her Youtube/Instagram. Some of you may have contributed to it, and some of you probably haven't. Let's cut to the chase. If you want to draw fanart of my ponysona, whether it be with a potato or a spaceship, I will gladly put it on my Instagram, Tumblr, or Youtube as long as you give me the name of the account you want me to credit you with. You can also specify which social media you would like it to be shown on: My Youtube, Instagram, or Tumblr. :3 I'll put up links to all 3 of these if one of each is requested. Remember: There is no deadline for this, so take as much time as you need to make improvements. My ponysona: I look forward to your contributions. Draw whatever you like (as long as it isn't inappropriate) (THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION: Grimdark fan art will be put on a Nightmare Night themed video/post , so it's OK as long as you keep it safe for the social media listed above) Up close look at my cutie mark:
  11. Finally, after putting this one on hiatus, I finished it! Here it latest remix. Critique is wanted.
  12. we must group together against the ever going pony profile picture threat to arms!
  13. This is were I am going to post my art for now so I dont have to keep making new topics . This is Discord Whooves. Took me around 20 minutes to draw. I have not improved on computer at all. But, this is a new program I am trying, and it, is, AWSOME! More art soon to come!
  14. 21 subs= this preview. Ok, I noticed some flaws, and the animating was bad. Of course I will remake it, when I get my laptop, and a fancy program, like Gimp, or Paint tool SAI Question time and answer time! 1.Q:Who are they? A:Discord Whooves, Doctor Whooves, and Derpy 2.Q: Aren't Discord Whooves and Doctor Whooves the same? A:Yes, but not in this future animation. 3.Q:WHY U MAKE DERPY DIE?! A:If I made her die, I would jump off a cliff 4.Q:Why doesn't Discord Whooves has his cutie mark? A:In my fandom he doesn't Well, enjoy the crappy ness!
  15. I can't wait to see all the comments saying that this is unnecessary. Oh well, I found another thing that will make you cringe you pants off. IMO, this is worse than before. So many technical errors, it's like the people there had no idea what the fuck they were doing. And the kids, WHY WERE THERE KIDS? This is not something kids should be attending. Oh, but the music. The music was the best part! All there singing sounded like total shit, especially the blond guy that just went "OOOOoooOOO" for most of the song.
  16. Seriously guys, I hope you aren't like this.
  17. Happy late birthday, @. Yes, I realize Collat is a blank flank. I couldn't figure out what his cutie mark was because all of the reference pictures I used didn't show it. :V Feel free to leave some constructive criticism.
  18. Look away from your computer screen. The first thing that you see is your new cutie mark! Post what you got, and a short story to explain it. For Example: An eraser, my pony must be an eraser salesman! or A roll of duct tape, my pony must hate hearing others talk! etc. Go!
  19. Alright, here it goes. The leaked images of the upcoming EqG movie. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK
  20. Wut now? We've so many of them aboard. x) (The eeveelution force is strong... the transformation won't last long.) Members: (Jonke) ~ Vivian @Champion RD92 ~ Bowser (Cota) ~ Bombette (Twiliscael) ~ Koops @Kenny ~ Goombella ~ Hooktail @PoisonClaw ~ Sir Grodus @Mario(Pilot) ~ Mario (Flipturn ?) ~ Admiral Bobbery (Zoop) ~ Lady Bow (Feld0) ~ Yoshi kid (Blue) ~ Count Bleck
  21. Here is a another sketch I've been working on. I think I'm a little obsessed o_O NOTE: Sorry about the quality, again taken with my iPad. Please leave a reply, critique always helps ^^
  22. "Now little butterfly girl," called the big butterfly lady. "Don't go so near the edge." The little butterfly girl was peering over the edge of the most peculiar hole she had ever seen. "You don't want to fall in now do you?" "No big butterfly lady," the little butterfly girl called back. "It's just this hole is the most peculiar hole I have ever seen." "What have I told you about calling me that," scoffed the big butterfly lady. "I am not the the big butterfly lady; I am indeed to be addressed as Madame in your case. Besides, that isn't a hole little butterfly girl, it's a sinkhole, there is a world of difference." "A shrink-hole?" she questioned. "Does it get smaller near the bottom? Oh! Perhaps if you go into it you become smaller! Wouldn't that be something big butterfl- Madame?" "No you silly child," sighed an exasperated big butterfly lady. "A sinkhole, not a shrink-hole. A sinkhole is a hole that just opens whenever it so pleases, eating anything in its way. But do not trifle with those things, no little butterfly girl should be pressed for such matters; instead, busy yourself with your little butterfly girl chores little butterfly girl." The little butterfly girl looked at the sinkhole still however, her little butterfly girl eyes wide with wonder. Eventually though, she deiced to do as the the big butterfly girl had instructed, and busied herself with her little butterfly girl chores. As she worked on and on, the little butterfly girl's little butterfly girl mind continually crept back to the sinkhole. "How cliche," she murmured to herself. "It would be for me to fall down that and end up on some nonsensical adventure!" The little butterfly girl giggled at her own silliness, she knew that most of the readers would either be done reading at this point, driven to boredom by the repetition or by the incredibly dull happenstance her little butterfly girl story was taking place under. As such, the little butterfly girl felt that it would be incredibly appropriate to immediately exit her little butterfly girl house and set said little butterfly girl house alight with flames as she left. As the fire glistened in the randomly apparent night, the little butterfly girl decided to fill the sink hole as to prevent any cliches from bringing any interesting point into her little butterfly girl story. As she approached the hole, she was not in the slightest surprised to see it already partially filled with the deceased form of the big butterfly lady. In fact, had the body not been there the little butterfly girl would have felt the greatest of surprise, after all the little butterfly girl had been the one to place the big butterfly lady's dead bod into the sinkhole during the interlude that was her seemingly innocent little butterfly girl monologue and subsequent burning of her little butterfly girl house. As the little butterfly girl filled the remainder of the sinkhole, an interesting and new character approached from the distance. Unfortunately, as the little butterfly girl would soon learn, this was not actually a new character nor truly an interesting character, but in fact, it was just an old moth traveler. The old moth traveler introduced himself to the little butterfly girl, but she paid this no heed, because little butterfly girls have greater things to fret over. The little butterfly girl then proceeded to hug the old moth traveler, creating a slightly awkward scene, however, as said scene progressed, the old moth traveler found himself serving only the purpose of informing the little butterfly girl of some little butterfly girl moral lesson that she, or perhaps the readers were supposed to take to heart. The little butterfly girl quickly buried his body as well.
  23. Yeah, excuse me for the amazingly creativity-lacking title. I thought I should make a new entry for my blog because I feel like I've been neglecting it recently for no reason whatsoever. I have no school this week so my reason is... LAZINESS! Well, my sister came up from college for the first time since I became a brony. With my room decked out with pony, 90% of my iPod music pony, and obvious references to the show that slipped out she failed to see that I've been pony-ized. She even walked into my room while I was drawing a pony while listening to Party with Pinkie with my Fluttershy plushie just feet away from me. Part of me wonders if she actually DID notice and she's just not saying anything... Hmmm.... In other news: I finally bought a scanner! Yaaaay ^-^. It took a while, but I finally decided it's time for me to get one. I went over to the nearest Good Will, and bought a scanner for 15 dollars. It's a nice scanner. One problem: the scanner apparently lacks the USB cable that it needs to plug into my computer. Well, crap. I kinda need that in order for me to actually use what I bought, don't I? Ehh, I don't really have anything else to add. This was really a spur of the moment blog entry lol. Well, I guess I could say that I've begun to post videos on my YouTube channel again. I had a shortage of videos for the passed month because my computer decided to hate my capture card. Now it won't record. But I got a nice friend to record some of my videos for me and send them to me... Actually, it's only one video she could record :/. Either way, I'm happy to have the footage, and I'll hopefully be getting another friend to help me out as well XD Now that's it. I'm officially out of things to add! Stay classy
  24. It was 3 am, Pinkazoid had recently eaten 3 bags of candy, and a pint of ice cream, Urdnot was being Urdnot, and Twiliscael was no where to be seen. In order to join our cult of ours, you must change your avvie to Cloudia's Glorious image, along with a name change to match ours. JOIN NOW BOW DOWN TO YOUR CLOUD OVERLORD