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Found 19 results

  1. After reading a certain post about the latest episode; I decided to try an experiment with everybody (and “every-pony”): First, write the first thing that came to mind when you read the title of this topic “Hot Horse”. You may also post a picture. Second, read everyone else’s first reactions and feel free to reply to them. Some if not many of you might know the equestrian meaning of “Hot Horse” at first glance, while others might not.
  2. How you you react if Twilight Sparkle sent the Student six to your local area on Earth for a day? What would you do together with them? Any places you'd take them to see? Would you buy them anything? I love these kids, so I thought I'd throw this out for good measure.
  3. i'm sorry for my pride i am no victim, i was a criticizing bully, a horrible friend and person. I am disappointed with myself i treated a friend badly for having an open relationship it was not to my norm, i was not accepting this was last year, i feel terrible for it i want to apologise but i doubt it matters my pride ruined it i could't realise how terrible i was until i realised how kind he was he was a good friend, a nice friend i want to change i'm sorry maybe he'd think i'm apologising now because he's a well known brony in the community maybe he'll assume i don't mean it because i did not know him for long at the time maybe he thinks i want to use him for his fame but it's hard to be genuine when someone will think badly of you because of their status and what manipulators can do with it i'm sorry my friend please know i am sorry but you know what, maybe writing this means nothing, maybe i was just another person who wasn't happy with him and he forgot, maybe i'm or actually i'm not important, this is not important maybe it's worthless to try anyways because the world still goes round. I want to make a difference because i care but i doubt it matters here and now...nobody seems to care when you try to make things right, a year later.
  4. I was thinking about the different seasons of MLP and I noticed that each one seems to have a large theme to it related to friendship. Season 1 - Starting friendships and getting to understand each other. Season 2 - Learning from mistakes to form stronger bonds. Season 3 - Dealing with adversaries as friends. Season 4 - Forming smaller friendships and guiding others towards better relationships. Season 5 - Rebuilding old friendships and forgiving adversaries. Season 6 - ??? I'm wondering if anyone else noticed this occurrence. Does anyone have any predictions for what season 6's theme may be.
  5. Just something that I really need to let the world know about but...An Equestria Girls MUSICAL. It's possible! But how would it look like to you guys? Would it be fit for Broadway? A musical to recommend for high schools? How would the concept play out in your mind?
  6. Welp, I told you guys I would dance for you ;3 This may not be my best work, but hey I did it for the entertainment of others, and thats good enough for me ^.^
  7. Resonantly been thinking allot abut my friends and what they think of me, not only friends i have hear but dos i have at other place's asswell. Gauss am just worrying abut it to much, but some time just want try figure out if they all begin honest with me. This thought wouldn't be so much of trouble i gauss if weren't for fact that i get so warn down by thinking abut it all the time, and just worrying. But gauss that the prize have pay if care abut people. You can't help gating involved i suppose. Oh well, is not like will die because of it. But would lighten loud, if just could late it go, and just straighten things out.
  8. Focus, i never felt i head any kind of focus in my life what so ever. And do wonder how have affected me as a person, has it been for better our the worse? To be honest, i have no clue. But wonder what would become of me if head one mine thing i spent all my energy at as young school student. And wonder where would be if i head a one track mind? Some time could probably use bit of focus. But i do believe wouldn't be same person i am now, if weren't for my chaotic past.
  9. In one of my recent postings (, I decided to do an experiment where everybody listed their initial thoughts to the title of the thread (“Hot Horse”). Some of you wondered why I decided to try such an experiment. Before I go on, let me state I have written this response very carefully and have done my best to be considerate of everyone’s feelings as I want to do my best not to upset nor provoke anyone. I will now reveal my intensions. First I would like to point out that “Hot Horse” is an equestrian term that means a horse that is overly excited or energetic, and/or easily spooked or shy at strange objects. If a horse is too “hot”, people will usually want to clam that horse down. Let me also remark that of all the participants who posted in my experiment, only one participant pointed this out. Anyway, what inspired me to try that experiment was this Topic on the Show Discussion ( This topic basically talks about a scene in “Daring Don’t” where Daring Do jokingly stated that she wasn’t giving up the ring easily and Rainbow Dash watching from afar reacts to Daring Do’s joke/comeback by making a unique sort of face, and it sees to ask the participants (at least that’s how I interpret the somewhat “cryptically written” intro of the topic) if they agree that Rainbow Dash’s reaction was meant to signify that she had developed (not necessarily at that moment) a “serious” interest in Daring Do other mares (a “serious” interest like that a mare would normally have in stallions). Now make no mistake; I’m not implying that homosexuality is wrong (and I basically don’t think it’s wrong at all), nor am I implying that it’s wrong to talk about homosexuality or sex in general (as long as the conversation is responsible, intelligent, clam, open and mature about it). I’m also not implying that it’s wrong for people to give their opinion on something (freedom of speech is very important, even though we do need to be responsible and considerate of others as to how we use our freedoms including that of speech). My main concern is what I’ll right now call people’s “initial thoughts” of something (or the first thoughts or feelings of something that come to mind when that something is introduced to one’s stimuli, such as an image or sound). Now go to my experiment and take a brief look at what everybody wrote in response to seeing the phrase “Hot Horse”, and you’ll notice that a significant amount (though not all) of participants interpreted the word “Hot” in the sense meaning arousing, sexy and/or attractive. I find this very much related to how someone could interpret the face Rainbow Dash makes as her having a “serious” interest in Daring Do other mares (like that a mare would normally have in stallions). Do you ever sometimes wonder if some people (particularly those of Gen X and Gen Y, at least as far as I’m concerned) are expressing too many “immature”/”dirty” thoughts and/or feelings about certain things (as opposed to more “clean” thoughts)? Again, I don’t think it’s wrong for people to be homosexual (and I don’t think it’s something that’s “dirty”), and I don’t think it’s wrong to talk about homosexuality or sex in general (as long as the conversation is responsible, intelligent, clam, open and mature about it); however, I’m certain at least some of you would agree that taking an image (such as the face Rainbow Dash makes in “Daring Don’t”) that isn’t supposed to imply something sensitive and connecting it to something suggestive on purpose (as opposed to “intrusively”) is rather “immature”. As per another point regarding this topic about the face Rainbow Dash makes, you could also think about the lesson of the MLP:FiM episode, “Party Of One”. Remember when Pinkie Pie learned you should always expect the best from your friends (after Pinkie Pie expected something bad from her friends)? While it is natural that people will have all sorts of thoughts on something such as the Rainbow Dash makes in “Daring Don’t” (including thoughts that imply something means something suggestive), whenever we see something new or unusual, we should try our best to interpret it as something happy, normal or innocent (instead of something suggestive).
  10. There is that familiar feeling, a feeling of worry, dread, and depression, hovering on the edge of my subconscious, threatening to overflow into the active portions of my consciousness. But I will fight. What reason have I to be sad or worried? Stressful thoughts hover before my tired eyes but I blink them away. I have no reasons to be feeling this way, after all, I am happy and content, with loving family and great friends. So what could it be? Is it the taxation of the world finally taking affect; the wandering eyes and the loose lips that follow me and murmur as I pass them by, finally worming their way into my brain, telling me to want more? To desire to be something else, other than myself? That it is all meaningless? That I should give up? I have been struggling, it is true. Though I maintain a placid demeanour, the thoughts that parade through my mind leave me with a sinking feeling in my heart, a feeling of lacking, of loss, a fear of everything collapsing around me. "It would be easier to just give it up. Take the easy road; kick back and dispel all of these silly little pursuits, they won't help you find purpose. You have no promises of success, so why try?" whispers the throng around me, playing a funeral procession on my ear drums and heartstrings. But no, say I, for I have faith. Faith in my family to keep me straight, faith in my friends to keep me sane, and faith in myself, to continue being who I am. Faith is not just a matter of religious resolve, it is a matter of trusting assurance. I trust my family, trust my friends, trust myself. Never let me slip please, Lord, for I fear that I cannot survive the fall. So many of those surrounding me are giving up, succumbing to this life and it's empty promises of ease and leisure. Did I aim too high? Have I climbed this ladder of life too fast, just to lose my grip on the highest rung? It is THESE thoughts that I must dispel from myself, keep calm, and carry on. This post may not have much true meaning or insight, but you would not believe how good it felt to type it out.
  11. You will never see the world through my eyes. Or I through yours. What right is there to call anyone strange, stupid, or misguided? Every action and decision is individually justified, but you would never know that by looking at everyone as though looking at a mirror. I have somewhat of a motto, which I have posted and shared around frequently; some of you may have seen it before: “With patience comes understanding, with understanding comes peace.” I would now like to alter and add to it to be a bit more specific “With comprehensive patience in observation and learning comes comprehensive understanding, and with understanding comes peaceful relations.” Sometimes it takes more than the submissive “Let’s agree to disagree” approach to be truly at peace with the world. Why not agree to seek understanding, and agree not only to be of a differing opinion but to take the opposing completely into account, allowing it to influence and move your own approach, therefore settling upon a harmonious medium with our fellow people? “With understanding comes peace,” I have found this to be true time and time again. If peace can ever truly be realised, it cannot be through closing doors.
  12. In my last entry, I received a few thought-provoking comments, which was good; that's what I was going for. I also received a comment asking me to format my blog posts. After reading up on the best way to do so, that's what I'll be doing with this post today. Humans are Oxymoronic. One of the definitions I thought of was that we, Humans, are simply oxymoronic. To understand this, we must first define: What is an Oxymoron? An oxymoron, at its simplest definition, is an object or figure of speech that combines two contradictory terms. For example, Jumbo Shrimp, Deafening Silence, etc. After we have defined Oxymoron, we can begin to describe how Humans are Oxymoronic. Now, we all know that Humans are natural beings, like Rabbits or Bears, Sharks or Scallops. What is a natural being? Allow me to give you the true definition, from dictionaries and the internet alike: "existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind." Let's take a look at the first part of that definition: "Existing in or caused by nature" To me, Humans do not exist in nature. We exist in man-made buildings; eating man-made, genetically altered foods; drinking clean, unnatural water/processed, carbonated soft drinks; learning human knowledge that in no way will help us to survive; etc. We don't exist in Nature. But are we caused by it? To me, being caused by nature means one has had a natural birth. In my own personal interpretation of the term, a Natural Birth has three main components: 1) The birth occurs because of an inherent need to continue a species. 2) The birth occurs in a natural setting, free from unnatural obstructions/noises. 3) The birth occurs without unnatural assistance. Now lets compare these three components with how Humans reproduce: 1) Humans tend to have sex for pleasure, not for need. When humans decide they want a baby, it's for exactly that reason: They WANT a baby. They are pleasuring their desires, not helping the human race survive. 2) Most Humans birth their children in man-made buildings, surrounded by man-made objects. 3) Most Humans birth their children with the assistance of a man-made, unnatural painkiller, as well as several doctors/nurses in the room. Therefore, to me, humans do not exist in nature, nor are they caused by it. "But if Humans aren't caused by Nature, what are they caused by?" In order to answer that, let us look at the second half of the definition of Natural: "not made or caused by humankind." Not being made or caused by humankind. This means the object in question must not be man-made. Man-made objects, objects that are made by humans rather than occurring in nature, are generally seen as inanimate things created by Humans in order to provide extra convenience. As such, most man-made objects are easy to spot and define. However, as I said above, Humans are not caused naturally. Since something cannot just poof into existence, Humans must have been caused by something. What were they caused by? The answer is actually quite simple. Humans are their own creators. Humans create other humans. Now think back to the definition of man-made: "objects that are made by Humans". Humans are made by Humans, therefore Humans are man-made objects themselves. Yet we are still classified as "Natural Beings". In conclusion, Humans are man-made natural beings, and that is what makes us Oxymoronic.
  13. Today while listening to music I did some wandering of my own mind and found that what most people like about me is what I hate about myself. Most people like that I don't care about anything and its true I don't, I say what I want when I want and do as I please without thought about what others think. A lot of people envy me for that quality but in all actuality it is hard for me. It is hard because I can't care when I need to, It has gotten to such a point that at times feel like I can't feel love. I honestly can't either. I could give everything up for in second and when someone tries to get close to me I push them away, even though I want someone to be close to me more than anything. So I just find it kind of funny that people wouldn't like it if they couldn't care like me because at times its not as great as it looks.
  14. As the title states, has anyone ever even thought about commiting a crime before. If so, and your comfortable with sharing, please do! Can be anything from stealing something as a kid, to a more serious thing, such as shoplifting. When I was around four or five, I tried to steal a candy bar from the store. I was a terrible liar, as most children are, so I was like, "Hey mom, don't check under my shirt, cause I don't have anything there," Quite funny to me. Then recently I have thought of hurting someone, not sure where that falls in on the scale.
  15. So... Took a small break from things to collect myself. Recent events on another pony forums has still been plaguing me but now I can at least say that I'm STARTING to put it behind me despite the emotional investment I had made there. To summarize what I'm going to be talking about, I'll say that I really locked myself and my thoughts in this bubble that had been shrinking more and more. While I won't go into detail as to what kind of "threat" I was getting so worked up about, I will say what some time of reflection has done to help me move on. Alright then, the community has its problems and people are taking it very seriously. It's clear that there is a surplus of people wanting to make the site better for themselves, however that might look like but it's only been adding fuel to the fire, especially when personal vendettas come into the picture. Even when I was fully submerged into this troubled community, I would think about what could help or even fix things; something I've even lost some sleep over. Well, it didn't take long before I realized the absurdity of it all. What the eff am I doing with my life?! It's clear that my emotional investments were WAY out of line with my priorities. One of the things I did was go to a different forums about something completely unrelated and PM'ed someone showing him the mess I've made of myself so that the reality could be hammered into my head. Heck, the PM was titles "In SERIOUS need of a reality check". He was kind enough to have took the time to replied and made certain things clearer to me. For one that I've been spending way too much time online. Well, I tried to cut myself off for a week as recommended but that didn't quite work. In the time that I was trying, at least, I did manage to clear my mind a little bit. As I've come to learn, clearing your mind takes a bit of time and patience. Trying to rush the clearing of your mind is like trying to rush yourself into falling asleep. Just like with falling asleep, you find a nice, quiet place, you just let your thoughts run as they please and eventually, your mind will just relax and try to make sense of things. Now do not picture this as your mind having been rejuvenated and ready to process more information. Instead it's more like your mind being less burdened by thinking and working and more focused on rewiring itself. Growth happens in a place of rest. I'm sure many of us would think that we have to work our way out of all of our problems but under certain circumstances, working is the very thing you shouldn't do because that's not the state your body and mind can grow out of anything. Oh and it's technically work if your physiology is acting like it's doing work; which is what happens when you really are performing work or when you stress yourself over something. As my mind was in more of a state of rest and free to wander wherever it pleased, some interesting ideas came into my head. One of which is the other thing I want to talk about; context. Context affects how we consider, interpret or act on ideas, facts and events. For example if you're a farmer and your crops are getting a little dry, a good downpour's going to make you happy while it's a completely different story if you happen to be enjoying a parade. What this has to do with me getting flustered over something happening with people I don't really know over an essentially unremarkable website is that under the context of calling the website "my home" and seeing its people as my neighbors essentially, the whole game of politics happening there seemed very threatening to me. A few days later I think about it again while exposed to heat and UV radiation in the afternoon while surrounded by this sea of thorns made up of dried thorny trees where I nearly got an eye poked out getting to that clearing and I thought about the "threat" again. Well, seeing as I was alone in an environment I could not possibly survive in for a week, the whole thing on that other forums really doesn't seem like a big deal anymore. It became clear to me that I have much bigger problems to be focusing my resources and energy on. In conclusion to all this, it's clear that people can get stressed or lose sleep over the silliest of things and perhaps, something as small as thinking about the issue under a completely different context could really make it clear what is important and what isn't.
  16. Hi everypony! Honestly I haven't been in this fandom for a long time, not even a year, maybe half a year, but in this half a year I have seen so many great things here. Most of the Bronies I've met are friendly, caring... well, you say it. Maybe it represents the spirit of the show itself. These spirits have been expressed in many events, like the Christmas Merrier you guys did last year. You gathered money and gave it to children who had to spent their holiday in a hospital. That was beautiful. I had no money and I was new to the forum that time, so sorry I didn't join. It doesn't stop there right? This fandom has so many talented ponies in their subjects. We make drawings, musics, fan fictions, even that Snowdrop. I'm still waiting for that MLD the movie though. This is the only community I know which is able to make so many fan made contents. For an unknown reason I started to believe that we can do everything with such great community, or maybe I'm wrong. You tell me. We can make a fan made episode, we can make this freaking forum, etc. So I'm wondering... people here like role playing right? We also love chatting with our friends, and playing games. We have numbers of programmers, and artists. Call me crazy, mad, insane, dreamer, or whatever. Do you think this fandom can have an MMORPG? I mean, if there's someone who knows how an MMORPG works, can code a little, and shows up out of nowhere, wanting to gather a team to make a pony MMORPG, what will you think of him? Do you think he's crazy? Personally I think that man is indeed insane. I mean, if it's possible to be done, why we don't see any pony MMORPG now? At least, why there's not many MMORPG these days? We're talking about an MMORPG here. It needs servers to run, and therefore money. Normally, an MMORPG is made by a group of professionals who work intensely, full-time, and getting paid. I think making the game is possible for this fandom. We can make a project for a hobby, but running it? Actually sailing it in the internet? In the Ponyverse? What about Hasbro? So what do you think? Do you believe we can have a pony MMORPG? Is it an insane idea? Uhm... just saying. Tell me what's in your mind. P.S. At second thought, yes. Making an MMORPG is indeed insane. I just realized how insane it really is.
  17. Currently working on a project that I'm sure all you ponies would absolutely love! So there for, I need the following answer to: Which line of lyrics do you prefer? So pony. Tonight! The pony god is falling in love again! or So baby, tonight! DJ PON-3 is falling in love again! So, thoughts?
  18. Hello every one, so in this guide i will tell you: how to avoid forum drama how to fix the problem and how to state your opinion respectfully so first things first, how to avoid forum drama all together, well the biggest thing to do is not be a jerk, if your nice and respectful, you should have no problem. but say you do do all of this, and some one tries to start something with you. the first thing you should do is not pay any attention to them, if they cant express them selves in a respectful manor, then they are not worth your time, if they continue to bother you, use the forums nifty ignore tool so you'll never have to see them again, and if some how they still bother you, tell a mod or feld0, the mods around here are awesome people and some of the best mods I've ever seen! now in the unlikely event that you do see a mod acting like a jerk, tell fedl0, you can always trust on him to do the right thing. The important thing is is to keep a cool head and not let anything get to you, remember, this is the internet, don't take anything too seriously, especially jokes, remember on the internet, apathy is your friend!and by any chance you do get made, stand up from your computer and walk away, return when you have calmed down. another tip you can use is, if you see a topic or status update that you know will rustle your jimmies, walk away and don't even bother with it, don't even click on the thread! now lets say your part of a debate, or argument, and you want to state your opinion, be respectful of the other persons opinion, they are entitled to their opinion just as you are, and be polite, don't lower your self to petty insults, if you cant make a point with out being rude, then don't bother, just leave the argument, and keep in mind, in those kind of arguments, nobody wins, and if you find your self in a discussion, don't be afraid to admit defeat, don't lower your self to insulting the other person, its ok to lose an argument on the internet, no one will think less of you, however if the winner starts boasting and calling you out for admitting defeat, either ignore him or report him, well i hope this helps you have a better experience on the forums, and if you ever have any problem with forum drama, please contact me
  19. Since today is my 1 month anniversary of being a brony ( nov 17- dec 17) I think this is a good to say this Before I became a brony, I was a dark cynicle person, and I had come to expect failure from every thing I did, it got worse when my grandmother died a year ago(some time in October or November) after that, it became very hard to care about other people, when people talked about how bad there life was, I told them to suck it up and deal with it, and I was very insensitive and intolerent of other people, that was probably due to the fact that I was bullied from 1rst to 9th grade, But ever since I started watching ponies, Ive felt much happier, the taste of successes I've had with how well my abridged series is going so far has far excededed my expectations(I thought it was going to fall flat) I've found my self laughing more, and I think I'm rediscovering how to care about others again, and joining this forum has probably been the best that's happened to me since I discovered the internet Thank you all Maybe one day I'll tell you how I became a brony, thats an interesting story