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Found 65 results

  1. Well the title explains it all! Today I just layed in bed with my computer being bored... fascinating isn't it?
  2. So, i have seen this strange term being used many, many times, but there's something i have found curious. Some bronies complain about this term sounding awkward, useless and therefore it should not be used in any case, while others like to use it, some times abuse it to the point it can be annoying at times. What's your point of view about this?
  3. I've started a YouTube channel a few months ago on game and pony reviews, and I've been growing and promoting my channel slowly, but surely. I wanted to ask you if I could set up a forum thread where I can post my YouTube content. I understand that doing that might be considered spam, but I wanted to ask you before I did it. Just to be safe
  4. I didn't see a question regarding this, but its just a quick question. Is it possible to change a thread title? Asking cuz although i was only worried about the Body, but wanted to rename the thread title. If we do, or if you guys do, can you rename my: Looking for a Crew *List on Thread* to MLP: Fan Film - Volunteers Wanted Thanks,
  5. Blame Crispy and Viscra; their threads drove me to do this, because It's not all about guns, bitches, and bling. Have some POS to start out with. And yes, I fully expect this to be an unpopular thread.
  6. Because every other thread has been taken, lets talk about posters. Discuss what posters you have and what you think of them in general. I have an Adventure Time and Simpsons poster followed by 2 miscellaneous cars.
  7. How would you describe yourself? Just use adjectives or other descriptor type words and/or phrases to describe yourself, your situation, anything you. I'll start. Young, on my own...kinda messy...trying to save enough to go to college but broke...looking for yeah. Bachelor. How would you describe yourself?
  8. Rick and Morty is an adult animated television show that currently airs on Adult Swim. I really wanted to start a fan thread of this show, simply because of how awesome it is. With the season finale airing tonight, I was hoping we could have a discussion about it (if this thread even takes off) and maybe just post random Rick and Morty related nonsense in here, maybe get some thoughts and opinions on the show as a whole...anything related to Rick and Morty. "It's just Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty and their adventures, Morty.. RICK AND MORTY FOREVER AND FOREVER A HUNDRED YEARS Rick and Morty.. some...things.. Me and Rick and Morty runnin' around and... Rick and Morty time... a- all day long forever.. all a - a hundred days Rick and Morty! forever a hundred times.... OVER and over Rick and Morty... adventures dot com.. W W W dot at Rick and Morty dot com w..w..w... Rick and Morty adventures.. ah- hundred years..... every minute Rick and Morty dot com.... w w w a hundred times... Rick and Morty dot com......."
  9. I thought since I do do some pony art, I'd thought I share the artwork I've made. Most of the art is linked from my deviantart page. But some art there isn't pony material. I do traditional and digital art enjoy! Whirlwind is feeling Pretty Ripe here
  10. If somepony subscribes to a thread that you post in, does s/he get a new notification every time you edit your post? Or does s/he only get notified if you make a new post? Thanks. Edited for testing.
  11. when somepony replies to a topic we posted we should get an alert like when somebody quotes us. this would make it easier to keep up to date on topics we started.
  12. Now that we have a long break now, I think it's time to speculate on what might happen next season. My guesses: Starlight will reunite with Sunburst Another "Slice of Life" style episode A Spike episode that's actually good A CELESTIA EPISODE PLZ!!!!!! A new foe will appear Marble Pie and Limestone Pie visit Pinkie Pie The CMC helping a pony out with their cutie mark More Diamond Tiara development Seeing what kind of baby Cadence and Shining Armor will have Wind Rider and Lightning Dust's revenge and finally, some more episodes involving the map. I hope season 6 will come out soon.
  13. Hey, everyone; I have seen these kinds of threads (for other genres, of course), but I have yet to see one for the lovely genre: ambient. To fix this, I have decided to create one. So yeah, if anyone out there is a fan of ambient music (anyone is welcome though); here is a place to share songs you enjoy in the genre, and discover more. Also, downtempo and post-rock will be accepted genres here as well. And don't worry about whether or not the song you want to post counts as ambient. As long as you think it belongs, it's good. Please don't tell other members that their posted song isn't one of the accepted genres either. I'll start with one of my favorites from Stellardrone, and a very relaxing song from Aphex Twin:
  14. For some reason, some of the most recent threads I've made are not appearing in "My Content" when I narrow the search down to only topics I've made. Is there any way to fix this
  15. Hello guys, this is Teacup here. Over the last going on two years I have been very fond of quotes. Quotes are more than just a sappy pile of words someone just put together; they are words of wisdom meant to enlighten the soul and motivate the reader the precede living in the present. The majority of them teach you that it's okay to have those days, and that you'll eventually pull through it. So to enlighten your spirits, especially since it's the upcoming holidays, I decided to make a quote thread. In this thread, you can post your favorite quotes that can hopefully make other people feel better, and perhaps you may find one that makes you feel likewise. Please, I welcome you guys to post here if you'd like!
  16. The old version doesn't necessarily have to be better than the modern version. Personally, I find CRT screens and muskets are cooler than flat-screens and modern rifles Oh and also old computer games, it wasn't just a bunch of good-graphics shooters that were on the shelves of the local store. What about you?
  17. Hi Everypony, Welcome to the Quantum Leap fan thread, the place to talk about the incredible show! (I guess since pony fans are Bronies or Pegasisters, we can be called Leapers!) Feel free to talk about favorite episodes, moments or what ever you want! Example: What kind of ponies do you think Sam and Al would be? Have fun and be nice to everyone!
  18. Welcome to the Internet Weirdness Appreciation Thread! The Internet is weird. Really weird. And occasionally pretty disgusting. But it's usually weird, but a good kind of weird. Not a " " weird, but a " " weird, kno what I'm sayin'? So let this thread to be celebrate, research, and spread knowledge of this wondrously weird realm we live in.
  19. So I finally decided to make a thread for my favorite sub-genre of Heavy Metal: THRASH BUCKIN' METAL! In this thread you can post everything related to this genre, whether a tune, news or others, as long as it's related to Thrash Metal or music really really similar to this (A great example would be early Celtic Frost) And also remember that Forums rule also applies in here! So post wisely everypony! And Thrash on! To start this with a good note here's some Destruction with Thrash 'till Death!
  20. Hello there, everypony After watching all 50+ episodes of the anime 'Soul Eater', I can now call myself a HUGE fan of it! I loved the show and I adored the characters. So, I figured that I would create a thread dedicated to the show because I couldn't find one that existed already. Favorite characters: Soul , Death The Kid, Stein, Spirit, Crona, and Excalibur. Favorite episode(s): All of them! They were all awesome. Favorite Introductions: Resonance: Black Paper Moon: Favorite Ending:
  21. Holy s***! It was insanely awesome to watch! I never experienced such intense action, suspense and British humour in a clever way before. For those who have seen it (including myself), what were your thoughts of the movie? Did you think it was awesome, funny, bada**, etc.? Or do you think otherwise? Those who have not seen it before, do you plan to watch it? If not, then say why. Go ahead, post away! Attention: You may only post Spoilers when typed within the Spoilers box of your post. Any post with spoilers that are not typed in a Spoilers box will be reported and removed.
  22. If this has already been made, I am sorry. I didn't see it when I looked. Feel free to take this down if it's happened. Anyway, this is just what the title says it is. Any Harry Potter fans out there? Just a few rules; not many: Be respectful of all opinions. Put spoiler tags where necessary. Have fun! I just read all the books in under two weeks, and saw the movies at the same time (kind of confusing trying to read Prisoner of Azkaban and watch Half-Blood Prince simultaneously!). Here are my personal opinions. Yes, it contains spoilers. Anyway, go forth and share the Potter love!
  23. I've noticed other forums having a "Random Topic" button attached on the main page where it links to a random thread. Could this be possible? I believe it would be great to use for whomever uses it, as it could revive old, long-forgotten threads (necro-bumping) that would otherwise be too difficult to locate in the midst of other topics. This could serve as something fun to do while taking good use to old threads that have valuable information in them. Here is the forum I found it on, located at the top right section close to "View New Content" (which we seem to have that button already!)
  24. Complain about anything here, if you feel like it.
  25. This is the thread for musicians to converse about music/post any stuff you've been working on.