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Found 18 results

  1. Hey there everypony! Doing another one, Yup... Already. Now then, This topic's subject is your favorite three foods to eat and why! Don't forget, you have to EXPLAIN Why you like the foods you list! Alright then, lets get this topic on the way. Don't forget to show a bro-hoof if you like this thread, I really hope to see what dishes will pop up in this one! :3 1. Chili dogs: The main reason I love these is because well... Lets be honest. They taste great and it's easy to make fast. I enjoyed Chili dogs a lot when I was a kid. Adding Mexican shredded cheese with some chopped onions onto the chili is just yum. Plus it's really cheap as well and really easy to ration out to others of your household! 2. Grilled Chicken w/ Sauteed mushrooms: I really enjoy this dish. I normally have it when I can afford it. I love to marinate my chicken breasts for almost a whole day, then cook them on the stove top. The smell and the taste is just irresistible! I love to Saute mushrooms with fresh cut bell-peppers, onions, and sometimes a little bit of garlic flavored vegetable oil. I like to eat this combinations just as is most times. If I want a faster meal I go with steamed veggies instead! 3. Pizza: I absolutely love pizza, there's so many different styles and flavors! I even made my own at home and it was amazing! I love cheese and the sauce is always so rich... I try not to eat too much because I don't wanna get fat. ;~; Anyway! I made a special pizza yesterday and it was my first time attempting a stuffed crust recipe. I made a shrimp & fish pizza... It was really great! [if you want my recipe ask for it in a PM ] There's a large world out there with tons of different types of foods! So tell me, what are your three? I can't wait to see your favorites! (\^ 3^/) My stomach is even growling from making this thread! Happy posting everypony!
  2. Well? Personally, I'm going with intelligent and emotionally stable. Being good lucking is great and all, but I would rather be smart and stable enough to do certain tasks. What do you all pick?
  3. I finished this commission for JonasDarkmane. It took forever, but it came out really well I think.
  4. I heard that three more Equestria Girls movies are coming out in 2017. I was wondering if anypony knew if this was true. I would love to hear anything that anypony else knows. Thanks! Regal Shadow
  5. Reviews aren't really my thing, and I think my feelings towards the film "Inside Out" can be succinctly condensed into three sentences:
  6. Post something here. Say anything you want. Then, look at the user above you. Describe that person's avatar in ONLY THREE WORDS.
  7. Apparently Valve just pushed an update to DOTA 2, with a file named... guess what is? HL3.TXT If you wanna look, here: Now this appears to CERTAINLY be Half-Life 3 evidence. I haven't browsed through all of it but this is certainly Half-Life 3 material: Will HL3 have VR? Probably! Some more interesting things This is really exciting and just gave me the some motivation to finish Half-Life 2 (I was playing it but suddenly stopped for some reason at one point near the end). What do you think of this? (Note: All the Spoilers have nothing at spoiling the story, we don't even know what the story is yet. They're just code files hinting at enemies, VR and so on)
  8. Alright, I haven't seen this before, so here goes. One poster types three random letters, and the next poster makes up an acronym using those letters , then chooses three more letters, and so on. For example Poster 1: BRF Poster 2: Big Red Fridge. GTR Poster 3: Grand Theft Robot Simple, I'll start. TYK
  9. Now I know there is already a thread for the my little pony world cup tournament but since it is based on football(soccer) and soccer is a team sport why not put the ponies on teams of 3 for a tournament any suggestions on what teams they would form no more than 1 of the main 6 on a team
  10. I'm sure you've heard of, or at least seen three monkeys in a similar position: I'm not very sure about the meaning behind each (besides the fact that they are missing a physical ability), but which would you rather be if you had to pick? I'd probably go with being mute; maybe I don't have good things to say out loud. I could write out my thoughts anyways or by some other means (although lets try to assume there are no ways around losing a trait).
  11. Hey everypony, Yet another "Top three" I'm doing today. This time the topic will be about. What are three things that anger you the most? Don't forget to EXPLAIN why these things anger you! Anger can be a problem for most ponies. A discussion everypony can join in on, and hopefully help you vent your frustrations and other pessimistic problems! I guess I'll go ahead and list mine off. Give it a hoof-bump if you guys enjoy the topic! ^ w^/) Anyway! Here we go! 1. Squeakers: Don't know what a "Squeaker" is? It is a term often used in gaming to describe someone as with a very high pitched voice. [Around the ages of children of 5-10] Who SCREAM in the mic about non-game related content. Even if you have your volume turned down way low, they still put a spear into your ear drum. On side note of this, The reason I find it annoying is because it's not a child's fault. More so the moronic parent who buys their child a rated M game. Sure, it hurts my ears. What also hurts to know is that parents don't care about what their children are exposed to in an online community. Such as trolls and haters, which can be very... Influential. 2. "Repeaters": Through my youth I've found it highly nerve racking when I'd be concentrating on a task. For example... Dad: Move the pole down the hole slowly. Me: Alright. Dad: WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA, STOP STOP STOP STOP!!!!! Beyond anything, This highly irritates me. I know exactly what I'm doing 80% of the time, and he screams, panics, and otherwise makes anypony in this situation. VERY uncomfortable. Especially when I'm driving too... I guess you could say this has been somewhat traumatized into my brain. Since this is in the same subject, I also hate "Repeating" Myself. I tend to raise my voice in frustration if I constantly have to repeat something over and over. Mainly this concept only happens when dealing with other people say like... My Managers... =_= Manager: Claudia! Me? Yes sir? Manager: Claudia! Me: Yes...? Manager: Claudia! Me: WHAT DO YOU WANT?! Manager: That's very rude. Me: ... True story too. He was a jerk. Anyways... moving on! 3. Morons: Before we get into this subject, I want to make it perfectly clear that I'm not talking about anypony with mental/physical disabilities. A lot of people get touchy on a subject like this when it's not stated correctly. Main reason I say I dislike "Morons" Is because people with a brain don't bother to use their common sense. Most times when I have to walk places in my town, I'm constantly almost getting hit by idiots driving. NO one uses their turn signals, They constantly speed, They even roll down windows to yell rude phrases at me. I dislike them because people in the world have more sense and more capability to be what they are. Not only anger, but it also saddens me that most of the population of where I live is full of jerks. Just walking up here today! I was almost hit by an idiot who was turning from an intersection with a "No left turn" sign. He did it anyway! =.= I Digress... Anyway, I hope to read all of your interesting replies soon to come. Claudia~ <3
  12. For those who don't know, The Sims 3 is a life simulation video game where you can create your own characters called "sims", and control them and their life in a town. When you create your sim in the Sims 3, you pick five traits to define their personality. For this thread, we will be using all of those traits to define our personalities. Since you pick five in the game, you will pick five out of all the traits to best define your personality. Once you finish picking your traits out, post them below. I will leave a list of all the traits below. They will only be the PC ones, and the expansion pack ones will be included. Now, most of the traits are pretty self-explanatory, but if you don't know what one means; just go to the below link for a list of all the descriptions for the traits. Here is the list of all the traits: Mine: Shy: I've always been pretty shy in public, but I've gotten better at not being shy. I'm still a bit shy though. Bookworm: I love books, and always have since I could read. Computer Whiz: Since I use a computer a lot, I've gotten quite good at using them. Night Owl: I love being awake at night, and I have the most fun at night. Family-Oriented: I don't know; I've just always had a liking towards family.
  13. Yep, it's time for number 3, guys. Remember: These are free, no gimmicks. Don't allow anyone to charge you for a reading unless you're stupid enough to pay for one.
  14. The Duel of three powers By: LeBrokenSpoon It was all over. She felt it. The Aches in her head were twating away all of her thoughts, clouding her mind in a misty haze. Bouncer got ahold of herself. Why was she this off balance? She was the quickest bladesman in all of her small city in the clouds, LeahBrow. She forgot to knock back the next blow. "Shit!" She yelled as she got her wing clipped by her adversary's warhammer. "Ah!" She yelped as she gritted her teeth. She moved too fast for the Earth-pony, using her good wing to propell herself onto him, her blade plunging into his lower gut. He retched in pain, screaming. She silenced him with ease, her hoof sending three jabs to his neck. All he could do was gargle as his life passed away. She felt his body go limp, she withdrawing the blade, once a shining silver, a crimson. "Pitiful thief..." She muttered to the now lifeless body. She walked to to the nearest town, it now controlled by her new general, Golden-Wings. Still sore from her blunder with the thief, she walked into the General's cabin, then taking a wine glass from the nearby table, pouring herself some red wine. His eyes were upon her body, now gleaming up to her eye level. "We're going to end the war today." He said in his formal, cold hard voice. She was astonished, completely suprised! A ten year war, now over, the Pegasi would rule in peace again, without the two other powers! (Earth-pony & Unicorn) "We're sending you to duel their best swordsmen, whoever wins takes the lowlands and wins the war." She had to smile at that. No one could beat her, she was sure of it. "Then let's go." She said, nodding. Hours later, she was in her royal family colors, Green and silver, her armor sharp and ready as if to take one into a deadly embrace. She was listening to the crowds as she entered the stadium. The other two, the Earth-Pony named Laben, his armor shining in all gold, like the wheat of his people. The Unicorn, clad in a purple tinted steel plate, not known by anyone else. His face was hidden, his horn....was cut off. The crowd gasped as they looked upon him. A horn sounded, she didn't see anything, only the unicorn run right through the Earth-Pony. He fell into a crumbled form, his armor broken and useless on the ground. How did he do that? Bouncer thought as she drew her blade. They ran at eachother, blocking and shoving blows. She did not notice the extra blade. She felt it run down her thigh. She just grunted, throwing into a fury of blows in a storm of steel. Small cuts kept somehow appearing on her body, he somehow getting his edges past her best defenses. "Just die!" She screamed at the unicorn's blank helmet. He responded with a sword thrust into her lower leg. She howled in pain, losing balance and tumbling in the arena's sand. She began to scramble for her sword, he kicking it away from her reach. She looked up at him, his eyes only showing through his helm. He raised his double edged blade, looking down on her. "Goodbye." He mutters to her quietly in a broad voice. She feels it pierce her neck, then everything goes black. Rainbow Dash finished the reading, now looking up in her armor. "We lost that day." Luna Says from behind her, her lunar guards watching over the crowd with the Pegasi guards. "But today we will NOT lose!" Rainbow yells into the mixed Pegasi and Lunar guard army. She smiles up as the moon rises, looking to Luna. "We will fight with the night's army, to take back the lands we rightfully own!" Rainbow yells as the legions chant below her, she grinning ear to ear as her family colors were draped over her: Green and Silver.
  15. Not sure if this was posted yet. Nothing came up in searches. Three Word Story! Pretty simple forum game. We each take a turn to write down a part of a story RULES 1. You can only post 3 words. No more, No less. 2. Don't double post! 3. Follow normal forum rules, as always. 4. Have fun! You can type out anything you want. Ex 1: Once upon A... 2: ninja turtles from 3: mango bucket cheese. I'll start. Once upon A...
  16. I swore to myself that if one more topic about Twilight's speculated Alicorn Transformation appears, I will make my own topic. A topic which is not a rant about my opinion on the matter, and a topic which it's purpose is not to discuss the matter. A new topic has appeared. One which I will not reveal the name of to keep the original poster's identity sacred, but an unnecessary topic nonetheless. The point of my topic, is an announcement to everyone with an interest in keeping a bit of their sanity (if you dislike insanity, don't worry, this topic can also help you keep from becoming to sane). First of all, if you're like me, we know that there's almost to much evidence surrounding the fact that Twilight's Alicorn transformation will not happen. So you don't need to worry about a thing. But if you're not like me, this thread is for you. So sit back, relax, and read this topic. And hopefully you'll have a much better outlook on the dilemma at hand. And as I said, I promise that there will be no explanation of the absurd dilemma. So by now you're probably thinking, "Mod, why are you talking in such weird language? Why are you making your paragraphs so small? Why are you talking in italics? AND WHY AREN'T YOU TAKING SIDES ON THE ALICORN TWILIGHT HOAX!? The answer? Because I don't worry about it. I do care about the show, I truly do, but I don't worry about it. And you shouldn't either. Why? I'll tell you why. Because there's nothing we can do about it. We, as fans, can't mold the episodes how we want them to come out. We can try, but it would be futile. If I've learned anything from my fourteen years of being alive, one simple lesson stand out. You can't change other people, you can only change yourself. You can try to change others, but not only will it bring about immense stress and anxiety, it's an uphill battle, and by uphill, I really mean a ninety-degree slope. It's not impossible, but it's pretty close, and is it really worth it for a show, which frankly, has brought us pleasant surprises in the past? I admit, that last part was a bit unnecessary, as I believe no one here in their right mind would even think of doing that, but it just goes to show you how much it's out of our control. And for me, I find I have a much more happier life not stressing about things which are out of my control. My own well-being, and my decisions are in my control, so I occasionally stress about that, but things such as the well-being of others, I don't stress about, because they're ultimately not in my control. "But Mod, you talk so much about how many things you can con't control, but I want to control some things that have to do with the dilemma at hand!" As I said, you can't change others, but you can change yourself. Change your outlook on Twilight's speculated Alicorn transformation. Now, I'm not saying that for those of you who think that it's a bad idea, should change your opinion, I'm saying to act calmer about the whole thought. What I've seen is outbursts of new topics spontaneously started by people who take this on a a whole new level of seriousness, and who are so affected by it. That doesn't seem like a very calm reaction to change. In a nutshell, change your outlook to a less stressful one. We can't force the hub to do what we want them, and even if we did, it's not going to work. It's out of our control. So whatever happens to the show, don't worry, and be happy. You can be angry, melancholy, happy, or even leave the fandom, but that's good, because you're accepting change for what it is, instead of starting pointless discussions about it. The first discussion was good, but the rest weren't, only because they were rants about people taking this to a more personal level. And keep this in mind, whatever happens, we're stayin' alive. Thank you for those of you who soldiered on and read this entire thread. I know how tiring it can be to read these long threads, but I sincerely hope that this will prevent more pointless and repeat speculations about the show. And one last thing. I foresee many saying that I'm a hypocrite for saying I can't change others, and this topics point is just that, but at an individual level, I can teach some lessons to others, which have no guarantee will work. Sure, I hope some people will have a better outlook after reading this thread, but I can't make them, it's out of my control.
  17. So it's almost Christmas now and I decided to draw Christmas related pictures of member's OCs. So open the spoilers and enjoy the gifts and magic of the holidays @@Motion Spark's Beat Spark @@ParsoOfEquestria's Parso Incendiare @'s Audio Flash @[member='Feld0's Overlord']'s Vinyl Blade @@PonyEcho's Whirlwind @@Crispy's Pabst Pony @@letterone's Aero @@Chigens and Kay's Kaynan @'s Splinter @'s Pheonix pony @@Ezynell's Ezynell @@Vicke's Vicke @'s Tich pony @'s Sugar Rush @@Jokuc's Cheese @@Motion Spark's Motion Spark @'s Aurora @'s Viscra Maelstrom @@Feather Spiral's Feather Spiral @'s Clarity @'s Dimitri Hammer @@Doctor XFizzle's Wingnut Merry Christmas Folks ~
  18. Holy shit... Vega... I'VE RUINED YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I was trying to use a Street Fighter alpha 3 vega as reference, and this is how it ends up. *sigh* I feel bad for this art now.