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Found 1 result

  1. In a magical place known as Ponyville, where only ponies lived, there was a certain city up in the sky, known as Cloudsdale. In this place dwelt the species of pony known as Pegasus. These were the winged ponies who had the ability to fly. Princess Celesta, the guardian of Ponyville, and the only Pegasus Unicorn also dwelt there. A day came when two new ponies were born, a boy and a girl. The boy was yellow and the girl, blue. The girl grew a beautiful rainbow mane and so did the boy. The parents struggled with naming their two kids. Soon, they grew old enough to go to flight school. Young Pegasus in Cloudsdale learn to fly early. Both quickly learned how to fly. However, during a race, the girl performed something that had never been done before, a sonic boom, in which she flew beyond the speed of sound, only this time, it was rainbow. This is how she got her name and what was known as, a cutie mark. The cutie mark was what separated every pony apart. It represented something extraordinary. Rainbow-Dash, as she was called, would be found flying about doing various things around Ponyville, or clearing up the sky of clouds, which would only take 10 seconds. Meanwhile the boy just flew around doing nothing, or trying out his skills, which would soon be put to the test. One cloudy day, Rainbow-Dash was flying high in the sky. She was enjoying herself, until it started to rain and eventually storm. Rainbow Dash tried her best to escape the storm, but became trapped in the middle of the storm. Fifteen minutes went by and there was still no sign of Rainbow-Dash. It was still pouring rain. Everyone became worried, because without Rainbow Dash, the newspaper wouldn’t be able to spread fast. After the Wonder-bolts couldn’t find her, the boy decided to look for her himself. His parents strongly doubted he should do it, but he ignored them, because Rainbow Dash was his sister, and he was not gonna let anything happen to her. He flew into the stormy clouds. As he rounded a turn, a lightning bolt struck him, but it did not do anything. Surrounded by a veil of electricity, he continued the search. Suddenly, he heard a voice call out “Help! Somebody!” He knew it was Rainbow Dash. So he flew to where the voice was coming from. Meanwhile down on Ponyville, the parents of Rainbow Dash and the boy were worrying to no end. Back up in the storm, the boy finally arrived to the helpless Rainbow Dash. She was scared. But when she saw her brother surrounded in a veil of electricity. “WAH!! Who are you? Get away from me!!” She screamed in fright. “Nothing to be afraid of, it’s me, your brother.” Her brother said. “But, wha, h-h-how’d you get that electricity around your body?” Rainbow Dash asked in shock. “I guess…I’m immune to electricity, now, let’s get you down from here before you get hurt.” He said. So Rainbow-Dash got on her brother’s back and they both flew back down to safety. Back on the ground, Rainbow-Dash’s mother was sobbing, for she certainly knew then both were lost. Suddenly, she saw a speck in the sky. The speck came closer and closer. Two ponies were now visible. It was Rainbow-Dash and her brother. Rainbow-Dash and her brother’s mother smiled with joy, for her two children were safe. As Rainbow-Dash’s brother was recovering, he saw a gleam coming from somewhere. It was he! He had just earned his cutie mark. It was a four-way branched lighting bolt. The parents came up with a name right then: Thunder-Dash. This was because of his bravery, his speed and most of all, his electric powers. And that is the origin of Thunder-Dash.