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Found 3 results

  1. Take a look at the end of S1 E3, "The Ticket Master". Apple Jack appears to somehow grab the ticket with magic and carry it along with her in an orange aura. I think the ticket is able to be controlled by its owner, which also explains Tank's aerial transportation device. Thoughts?
  2. After the most successful fundraising campaign in MLP Forums history, and exceeding our goal, it's time to start turning our attention to the rest of the promised events and festivities, starting with giving away some electron swag. This Friday December 19th at 6:00 PM EST we will begin showing a movie (TDB on During the intermission between the 1st and 2nd movie the winners of the steam games will be announced! Also we will select four of the 'Staff Name Change' winners at that time. For every $5 donated (or mailed request) you will be entered into the three separate giveaways that we are holding, with the winners announced LIVE on Movie Night. The steam game giveaway is the first event. If you attend the stream, we will draw the winner and you will have the opportunity to select a game from the available options. You will need to send me a friend request on Steam so I can send the game over as a 'gift'. See my profile. If you do not attend you will still win a game and you will be contacted in the order you were drawn to pick from the available pool. Steam Games Bastion Terraria South Park FTL Witcher 2 Castle Crashers Fallout New Vegas Battleblock Theater Psychonauts Hotline Miami Farcry 2 Serious Sam 3 Little Racers Street Super Sanctum TD Dungeon Hearts Goat Simulator Don't Starve I hope to see as many of you there as possible. :twilight:
  3. Hey there everypony, I just want to say something and have a backup plan if this thing goes wrong when I get to BronyCAN. It seems as though that i have missed my chance to get a ticket online. However I know that I may be able to still get a ticket at the door. but the only problem is that they may be sold out before I get one, because i won't be able to go there until Sunday. So as a precautonary, Id'e just like to know that if I am late to buying any tickets if anypony will sell me theirs so I can get in. Hopefully I'll be able to get a ticket before they sell out, but you know, just in case right?