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Found 3 results

  1. Below is linked to a poltical spectrum quiz. Take it and post your results. I'd like to see where everyone else here leans. Also the image below are my results to the same quiz. I would also say I do have sveral anarchist tendencies. And I lean somewhat towards Individualist Anarchism.
  2. So a about a month ago I finnally got around too watching both RWBY volume 3 and 4. And I have too say that I mostly enjoyed volume 4. So I won't be talking about why RWBY is shit now or why volume 4 sucked, instead these are more justbminor annoyances. So I guess the first thing would be is that Ruby/JNPR were the only ones too progress the plot. Everyone else sat on their ass the whole time. I suppose Yang, Blake, and Weiss all recieved some character development. But they didn't do anything too progress the story. Which brings me too the next point. Sometimes we went three or four episodes before we saw a character again. Near the end of the season Weiss begin practicing her semblance too summon fallen foes. Then it was like three episodes before we saw her again! And she was doing the same dam thing! (And cough this doesn't bother me just because Weiss is my favorite character.) That was actually a problem with both Yang and Blake. I remember when Yang got her robot arm, then it was like three or four episodes before we saw her again. Also what the hell was with Yang's sudden PTSD? When she dropped a glass she had a flash back too her arm being cut off. And she even had nightmares about the incident. Why was her PTSD suddenley gone when she got her arm? I don't know, the show couldn't be bothered too explore something interesting about a character. Hell even Yang's motivation for wanting too find Ruby at the end is kind of weird too me. She potentially has an oppurtunity too find her mother and she says:"f**k that I'm gonna go help lil sis" What? Umm hey Yang Ruby's a f**king badass. You've seen her kick grim ass left and right. She's f**king fine. And uh Yang Ruby has no motivation too help you find you're mother. She never knew, she doesn't even have a biological connection too her. So before I get too my final point I want too talk about Weiss and Blake a little bit. The only thing that annoys me about Weiss's story is her f**king dad and brother. And more specifically that one scene where Weiss's dad slapped her and essentially said "f**k you, Weasel is the company heir now" . And yes I know the brother's name isn't Weasel. But that's what he f**king is. One thing I have too say about Weiss's family is that it isn't unique. The controlling dissaproving father, and a rebllious son/daughter. In that regard her father doesn't annoy me that much. He's a d*ck but nothing special. And I really only hate Weasel because of how f**king grating his voice is. So anyways back too that one scene. I remember thinking "RoosterTeeth if Weiss doesn't decapitate this motherf**ker, you have no f**king balls." Then she took it like a bitch. F**k me. One thing I have too say about Weiss is that she isn't f**king stupid. Yes she can kick ass, she judgemental, etc, but she's also smart. You'd think the duaghter of a powerfull bussinusman would know a thing or two about the ins and outs of the company. And by that I mean Weiss should have balckmailed her dad's bitch ass. Find some dirt on her dad then have him still keep her as the heir. I mean Weiss can summon a f**king giantnmonster. What's dear old dad gonna do against that? I mean Weasel and daddy both seem like massive p***y's considering their oppisition too grim fighting. Weiss could tottaly kick their f**king ass. Also it's not exactly like she has anything too worry about. I have feeling Winter would actually commend her little sister for taking such intiative. The only complaint I have about Blake is we didn't see enough of her. It was nice too see her family, but she didn't do much besides that. So my last complaint would be that volume 4 was an intermediary season. And by that I mean it introduced a lot of new plot points, but didn't adress any of them. Because they will probaly be adressed in volume 5. Or volume 5 will be another intermediary season. The last thing I have too say is about Ren and Nora. It was nice too finnaly get some back story on them. Nothing special of course, but it does provide more context.
  3. Okay so episode 27 of Hanazuki is the season finale. And it was f**king amazing. Let's talk. So in the last episode the Big Bad makes red hemka sick. So Hanazuki is freakin out. But Doughy fixes it almost immediatley. Then Kiazuki and the others drive off the big bad. Kiazuki is pumped as mother f**ker. Being an egotistical bitch she wants all the credit. But she's upset when Little Dreamer gives a treasure too Hanazuki. And the resulting boss fight was epic. Really felt like a boss fight straight out of a video game. I'm also glad Kiazuki didn't go back too being evil. She already redeemed herself, and besides she was never really evil too begin with. I actually liked how Hanazuki got too Kiazuki by getting her too be honest with her emotions. It's actually very sweet and refreshing for me. Also in the end where Hanazuki's like"What emotion do you feel now?" And it was love, and then she hugged Hanazuki. Priceless. Realoy happy about that. I ship the hell out of Hanazuki x Kiazuki. I also now ship Moroshi x Kyoshi. Their f**king fantastic together. This was a very exciting and too be honest heart felt season finale. I mean even if the mlp season seven finale is shit I'll stil be happy. This was amazing. Also tommrow I will upload some screenshots of the episodes and maybe make more memes. I hope you enjoyed reading. EDIT: Added a bunch of images.