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Found 104 results

  1. Okey, so... These games. Lots of people love them, some people hate them (Because they didn't play them, lol). Anyhow, we all know that both games have huge fan bases. Both games also have comparable gameplay. So, the question is obvious. What side are you on and why? Personally I prefer Majora's Mask. I love the story and the dark setting. The transformation masks are also a great + imho (I can finally play as a zora!). The time travel mechanic is well implemented and this allows you to replay your favourite quests as you please (Or take on bosses with your new equipment). All in all I prefer the Majora's Mask game more because of all of the reasons I named. I do respect and love Ocarina of Time as well, but I just think that Majora's Mask has more to offer.
  2. SkullcandyPegasus

    Advice for Your Future Self

    We so often see "things I'd tell my younger self" type posts ... but what would you tell your older self? What wisdom do you have right here and now that your future self might need?
  3. Basically how much time you spent on forums today. tomorrow. the day after that... :/ Today I spent at least 7 hours on here. I am a forum addict.
  4. Dsanders

    Time Manipulation

    You can only choose one of the following abilities: freezing time, reversing time, or speeding up the passage of time. Which one of these would you choose and why? I'm not talking about time travel. I'm talking about time manipulation. PS: Terminologically, there is a difference between time manipulation and time travel. You don't teleport from one dimension of time to another for example. With time manipulation, you're controlling the flow of time around you―the motion of all the matter in the universe―by either accelerating the rate of motion, reversing it, or halting it completely.
  5. When I was a kid, a year seemed to go by very slow. But as an adult now, a year seems to go by very fast. Why is that?
  6. Luna the Great of all the Russias

    Gaming Games you've spent the most amount of time playing

    How many hours have you invested in your most played games? Here are my numbers. PC Call of Duty Black Ops II: Total 960 hours (Campaign: 33 hours, Multiplayer: 671 hours, Zombies: 256 hours) Call of Duty Black Ops: Total 381 hours (Campaign and Zombies: 254 hours, Multiplayer: 127 hours) Europa Universalis IV: 320 hours Battlefield 4: 283 hours Minecraft: ??? (I expect over 500 hours)
  7. So I just randomly wanted to start asking stupid questions. What is your favourite emoticon / the one you use the most. Is there a special reason for this particular one? Mine is this little fella: :I I have no idea why......
  8. I was just wondering, what's the largest amount of time you've spent on a single video game? Or do you at least have an estimate? The most I know of is a few hours over 100 hours for skyrim and tf2 although I have left each of those games running by themselves to get stuff but you know.What about you?
  9. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Time Travel

    If you could travel through time, when would you go and why? Rules: You can only time travel once (if you go to year 3000, then you are stuck in year 3000) You are still yourself (you won't turn into 5 year old you if you were 5 at that time period, there would just be 2 you's) You still age (if you are 17 in year 3000, then you turn 18 in year 3001) You don't have to use it immediately (you can save it for later in life if you wish to) You are in a parallel timeline, but anything different that happens to younger/ older you will not affect how you are at that moment (you can't get younger you to win the lottery and suddenly be rich)
  10. My computer uses Windows 10. I have always wondered what time a new day starts and what time Daylight Savings Day Starts. I have never watched a clock change before so I'm wondering if anypony could tell me. I've heard that daylight savings time starts at 3:00 am at the lock skips 2 AN. But I have never seen it in person. I have no idea what time. Time Zone: Eastern Time (US and Canada) Location: Johnson City, Tennessee
  11. Meeps

    The Sleep Thread

    How long does it take you to fall asleep? Do you have to have white noise to actually sleep? Do you sleep like a rock, or are you a light sleeper? I usually sleep like a rock. I currently sleep in a bed, but would like to try out sleeping in a hammock in the future I sleep best with my kitty beside me! Also, I dream a lot depending on what's going on in my life. It's usually a complicated story-like plot, and my family and friends get a kick out of hearing them, lol. What about you?
  12. I mean to us it's been 5 years - but how much time has ACTUALLY elapsed in equestria? Also will the ponies actually age? Will the cutie mark crusaders grow up? Or will this be a series where everyone stays the same age forever in the series?
  13. With seeing the new episode, I conclude that the level of technology is at par of the 1950s. They have a hydroelectric dam, which was most famous in the the form of the Hoover Dam, which was constructed in the 30s. They have locomotives but aren't very the 50s.Only thing that defeats this theory are the houses but I'll just attribute that to cultural archictecture.So any other theories on the technology in Equestria?
  14. Is it only possible to do during certain times such as this thread in March, or can applications for moderator be sent inbetween times like that too?
  15. PuddingPonyPal

    General Best time to stream?

    So I want to stream about how to make donut cats but, I don't know which time would be best for others to join in. I'm making this poll so people can choose. Can you help and vote?
  16. This question popped up in my head recently, after reading some fanfics and just generally after watching some episodes. How exactly does time work in Equestria? Do they measure it in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years like we do? Or something different? And what does their calender look like? Are the months the same length as ours, with the same names? Or something different? And the years, they can't really follow the gregorian calendar, based on BC/AD, because of course there was no Jesus Christ (that we know of) in Equestria, so what would their years be called, if they weren't just numbers? I've seen some very interesting ways people have used dates in fanfic, usually with the year something to do with an 'Era', like 'Year 85 of the Celestial Era' or something like that. Would that be close to what they would use? It's probably looking too hard into this particular element of the show, but it's got me stumped.
  17. With how much attention is directed towards times when it seems the world is 'going downhill' or towards issues it's experiencing, sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of the many ways the world has improved through time, either through some issues being removed/lessened or new helpful things being created. What I'm curious about is, what kind of changes in your lifetime, or even changes from further back than that, are you very thankful have come about? Me personally, the internet is probably one of the biggest things I'm immensely grateful exists nowadays; not only does it offer so much entertainment (so much so that I question how people got by without it in the past), it's also allowed me to interact with many lovely people, certainly more easily than I would be able to in person. I'm also very thankful we're at a point where we understand diseases and can oppose them so much better than in the past... reading about some of the horrible conditions that people had no answer to back then scares me, and while there are definitely conditions that we have much to learn about even today, I'd feel much safer with them now than if I had any even 100 years ago.
  18. This seems so obvious, I am sure there is already a thread. I did a search, but I have poor Internet skills & was not able to find any duplicates. I apologize for the extra work if this needs to be merged. The Case For 1 Year. Episodes 1 & 2 Nightmare Moon escapes on the "longest day of the year" (June 21, year 1). Season 4, Episode 1. Twilight says it is "2 days to the Summer Sun Festival". Celestia strongly implies (but does NOT specifically state), that this is the 1st SSF since then. This would explain why the SSF is the only duplicated holiday, & why the CMCs don't really grow. The calendar says Summer is June 21-September 21. However, here in the USA, Summer is considered to run from Memorial Day weekend (last weekend in May) to Labor Day weekend (1st weekend in Sept). All of June is considered a Summer month & all of September is considered Autumn. Episode 56 One Bad Apple, the CMCs were building a float for The Summer Harvest Festival. This could be in June even if the calendar says it isn't Summer yet. Episode 60 Apple Family Reunion. Babs mentions her new school. This means it has to take place at least early August & could be as late as start of November (based on when apples are harvested IRL) (In episode 1, AJ was specified as being in charge of the food for the SSF. IMO, the Apples were there to help out, not as a formal family reunion). Twilight is not in this episode. Spike & the other Mane 6 members have cameos, helping to get ready. T does NOT. This means it could take place after Episode 65 Magical Mystery Cure. IMO, it also takes place after S4 E7 Flutterbat because during the reunion the Fruit Bats attack one pony's hat, starting the stampede that wrecked the barn. However, AJ doesn't tell Fluttershy "Them dang bats attacked my kinfolk & wrecked my barn". Which she would have if those events had already happened. It is physically possible for all events to take place over 1 year (VERY tight timing, but IMO it is possible), even though only 2 episodes happen over winter. The Case For Longer Celestia does not specifically say it was 1 year. Apple Family Reunion Based on T's increase in public respect & magic power, a LOT has to happen after Winter Wrap Up including Canterlot Wedding & Crystal Empire, Hearts & Hooves Day, All the Babs episodes, Magic Duel, It's About Time, Magical Mystery Cure, probably Best Night Ever (which means so do Ticket Master & Suited For Success) . How long does Magical Mystery Cure take? If you assume 1 day, then you have to assume the farm being so run down & AJ boarding up the shop were exaggerations for artistic effects. Also, F quit pretty fast, R's weather & the town folks being so grumpy, 1 day seems pretty quick. If you assume, say, a month, timeline gets even tighter. IMO it is physically possible to fit it all into 90 days, but IDK for sure. There is also the question of How long did other episodes take? Return of Harmony, Dragon Quest, Wonderbolts Academy, among others. I'm trying to build an episode timeline & this is obviously the 1st thing to settle.
  19. Yoouyu

    what did i get myself into

    first here and now on DA its the same feeling same system same thing all over again just different sites and different people here it was bit easier since it is relatively small community on this site only about 100-200 messages in a day to respond to plus greeting every new member took me so long i felt more like a machine not human I broke the friends system here too having too many friends and i cant bare to unfriend anyone now on deviantart over 300 messages to reply to and too much other stuff to handle and i check every new pic of rarity daily and post it in my rarity group i watched 5000 people and now my most stressful moments are when i find new person to watch is that i need to unwatch someone because 5000 is the site limit
  20. I build a Pony Timeplaner / Pony Date Overview. It shows all important Pony Dates with Countdowns clearly sorted in the Users Time. No matter where one lives, one always gets the Time that corresponds to his Timezone. The Dates have different categorie icons for a better overview. One can filter by books, media, conventions. Some Dates are linked to additional information pages or sources. It sync with the Server every 30min, and recreate the list if there are new dates, without reloading of the site. It color marks the dates that are reached soon within the next 24h, it keeps expired dates for 24h, and finally removes it. The Site Works on mobile devices and computers, with very little Traffic. Has the Design of the Book Horse. I hope you like it, and it helps you to keep track of the times.
  21. *Thundershock*

    Time & Space in the MLP Universe

    Does anypony have an explanation for the way time works in Equestria? There is the annual ceremony known as the "Summer Sun Celebration", where Celestia raises the sun, so with this in mind, we can conclude that if the have seasons, they must have years as well. In the first Equestria Girls movie, Sunset Shimmer said that the portal opened every 30 "moons". Knowing that they have regular daytime and nighttime cycles, should we assume that one of these "moons" that Sunset was referring to is the equivalent to one year? It seems plausible at first, but that would make Sunset at least 30 years old, or 30 moons, so she wouldn't be in Canterlot High. However, we do see Fleur Dis Lee attending CHS, so maybe her human counterpart is also a lot younger than her pony self, but the Mane 6's counterparts are all respectively the same age. Maybe Fleur Dis Lee is just in an odd relationship with Fancy Pants. Perhaps I am viewing this wrong, and one "moon" just symbolizes one full lunar cycle, but if that was the case, Sunset wouldn't have needed to wait so long to steal Twilight's crown, unless of course, she was just waiting for the right time to strike. Here on Earth, the moon is always the moon, no matter what angle it reflects light from, but maybe in Equestria, only a full moon is considered a moon. There are other examples of moons being mentioned as a unit of time, and maybe a moon is a year, and they just have really short seasons. I'm obviously having trouble putting the pieces of this puzzle together, and any theories and/or suggestions would be dearly appreciated. All thoughts and opinions are welcome and are to be respected, so please don't hold back any thoughts that you feel may be valid. You sharing your ideas is the only way we will figure out this broad question! Thank you everypony for your help!
  22. It's easy to forget to acknowledge the passage of time in a children's cartoon, especially one that airs on a weekly basis. Every week, you come back, there's a new episode, and you assume that you pick up where you left off. However, this has to be far from the truth... or at least it was initially. In the first 2 seasons of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, there was a distinct change of seasons, marked by some rather important episodes, but things were a bit awkward at first. Let's take a look at Season 1. ~Season 1~ For starters, I'd like to put forth the notion that the Summer Sun Celebration isn't actually the first day of Summer, but is in-fact, a mid-season celebration. This allows the events of Episode 4 - “Applebuck Season” to make a little more sense. Given that Applebuck Season is the Equestrian equivalent of Harvest Season, and that there are a wide variety of apples, some of which come into season during late summer and some not until mid or late autumn, we can build on this and say that the episode was most likely the beginning of the harvest season, and not a rush-job placed near the end. However, in Episode 11, it's clear that we've skipped a bit of time. We've worked our way not only through Summer and Autumn, but also through WINTER, as this episode is entitled: Winter Wrap-Up. Now part of me finds it difficult to believe that there's such and abundance of snow on the ground when Fluttershy was picking flowers just an episode earlier, before Celestia's estimated arrival in Swarm of the Century. However, I am willing to accept that Applejack was in the process of storing her cart of Apples for the winter when they got devoured by the Parasprite swarm, and not hauling them off to market as it may have appeared. Many times in Winter Wrap Up it's noted that Winter is now finally ending, and it's everypony's job to usher in Spring. Heck, we even sang a whole song about it! The song specifically mentions that it's been Winter for 3 months, everypony has been keeping their “hoovsies” warm at home, the food stored is running out and Rarity is tired of boots, EVEN THOUGH it's only been a week since Swarm of the Century aired where there were clearly no boots, nopony staying home, and no awesome holidays. Either way, if we take this all into account, We've still got a pretty coherent timeline from the Summer Sun Celebration (Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2) through Winter Wrap Up (Season 1 Episode 11). BUT, things get INCREDIBLY awkward when we approach Episode 13 - Fall Weather Friends, where Rainbow Dash and Applejack race each other during the Running of the Leaves, and AUTUMN tradition! This bizarre timeline implies that shortly after cleaning up Winter, and bringing about the Spring season, Autumn AGAIN reared it's ugly head. It's evident that this isn't just a freak occurrence, since most of the trees in the back drops, as well as during the running, all have leaves that have changed to Fall colors. In fact, the entire town of Ponyville seems to be painted in red, yellow and brown hues. Pinkie even specifically states that without the Run, the Autumn leaves of Equestria would never Fall. This is in stark contrast to a mere two episodes ago, where Twilight mentions that Winter Wrap Up is the first day of Spring! But what if Fall Weather Friends was meant to be aired before Winter Wrap Up? This is actually the best explanation as to why the Equestrian seasons are such a clusterbuck, and the best way to explain this is to look at the air dates. When Friendship is Magic premiered in October, Summer in North America had already came and went and we were clearly in the middle of our Autumn season. However, a cartoon is not bound to our Earthly seasons and had no reason to reflect our weather here. Unless there was a clever marketing reason. Like say, a holiday season that compels friends and family to purchase an absurd amount of gifts for each other? As we proceed on a week by week basis after the season went into full swing, there's something to be said for the sudden change of Ponyville's weather. Winter Wrap Up originally aired the day CHRISTMAS EVE, and may have been an attempt by the studio or the broadcast company to give viewers somewhat of a holiday or seasonal special. It wasn't until Season 2 that the writers delivered actual pony holidays like Hearth's Warming Eve and Hearts and Hooves day, which aired as close as possible to their respective holidays. Since entire seasons are usually written, filmed and shipped together, instead of being sent off episode by episode, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that Winter Wrap Up wasn't intended to air for another couple of weeks. Though, unfortunately I can't offer a logical explanation for why the ground wouldn't be covered in snow during the events of Episode 12 – Call of the Cutie, or in literally any other Episode in Season 1. The only thing that seems to conflict this theory is that in Winter Wrap Up, most of the trees in the background seem to still have all of their leaves, even when covered in snow. However, I'm going to chalk this up to laziness in animation, and a desire to merely recolor the background, instead of redraw the whole thing for seasonal accuracy. Now, if we swap Fall Weather Friends and Winter Wrap Up on the timeline, we have possibly one of the best representations of a year on the Equestrian timeline, assuming that our years correspond to their years, and their seasons mark the passage of roughly a quarter of the year. Though I have to say that I do find it intriguing that Celestia sends out invitations to The Grand Galloping Gala shortly after the Summer Sun Celebration, but that we've effectively worn through at least 3 seasons before the Mane 6 actually attend! Even if we leave the airing order alone, and assume that Equestrian seasons occur in the order of Summer, Winter and then Autumn, this means that it's probably roughly Spring by the time Twilight and her friends actually get to go to the ball. I think it's fair to assume that even though only 8 months passed in our world, the ponies completed the rough equivalent of a year. Some minor stumbling blocks were encountered, but lets take a look at how those were fixed. ~Season 2~ I feel that it's worth noting that the writers and broadcast company actually did a significantly better job at lining up episodes with North American holidays in Season 2. Luna Eclipsed aired roughly a week before Halloween, Hearth's Warming Eve was aired the week before Christmas Eve, and while we wouldn't receive a new episode MLP after that until the New Year, and Hearts and Hooves Day landed right on the weekend right before Valentine's Day. Season 2 performed much more admirably in it's display of the passage of time. However it's also the LAST time this mirror of seasons and holidays was attempted. Moving forward through Seasons 3, 4 and 5, no further holidays were added, and none were revisited. Instead, we're treated to major events like The Equestria Games, and to a lesser extent, the Apple Family Reunion, and a second Grand Galloping Gala. Wait... a second Grand Galloping Gala? When Twilight first receives the tickets in The Ticket Master, Rainbow Dash is quick to mention that the Wonderbolts perform at the Gala “every year”. For someone who's as big a fan of the Wonderbolts as Rainbow Dash, it's hard to believe she'd miss a Gala. In fact, with the Mane 6 being Celestia's right hand, it's hard to believe the girls wouldn't all be receiving invitations on the regular. Now, it's quite possible that the Grand Galloping Gala had been stalled by a number of other events. There was that whole business about Discord, Shining Armor almost married a bug, but then didn't and married an Alicorn, who then became the Princess of the Crystal Empire that had vanished a thousand years ago that they had to go and save. Oh, and don't forget that part where Twilight became an Alicorn, and then later had to save all of Equestria from Tirek the evil Centaur-Demon. However, I'd like to point out that during Make New Friends but Keep Discord, Fluttershy mentions that she met her new friend, Tree Hugger, on a trip to see the Breezies. You remember, the hideous butterfly creatures that serve absolutely no purpose what-so-ever in that obnoxious episode from Season 4? This feels like a subtle nod to the fact that there are plenty of events occurring with the Mane 6 outside of what gets aired on the show. MLP isn't a reality series where cameras follow everypony through their every day lives. It's only natural that there are events that happen off camera. With this in mind, I think it's safe to assume that the girls have been to more than one Gala, and that the rest weren't televised. This idea that not every little bit of daily life shows up on the TV show is a great way to promote side-stories and character development through other media such as books and comics. All in all, I think that the story-telling in Friendship is Magic has come a long way from it's humble beginnings, where seasons where sort of tossed wherever and whenever the writers felt like they could use it to make a point, to mimicking North American holidays, to just sort of being outright abandoned. New Idea: Throw away everything I JUST said. On October 24th, 2015 we're getting a return to Hearth's Warming Eve. The following week, the morning of Halloween, we're getting another Nightmare Night episode. This basically means one of two things: 1) I'm correct, and the season is being broadcast out of order AGAIN, for the sake of coinciding with a holiday, -OR- 2) Equestrian seasons really do occur in the order of Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring. Except this too isn't possible because Spring comes after Winter in Winter Wrap-Up and UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH... Who's right? YOU decide. Let me know how you feel about seasons and holidays in MLP and what your take on the airing order is.
  23. SkullcandyPegasus

    How Long Will You Be A Brony?

    Everything has it's end at some point, no matter how meaningful it might be to a person. How much longer do you think you'll be a brony? and something further, why do you think your answer is a solid guess? I suspect I'll remain in this fandom for maybe a year or so more because I feel like I've already experienced most of what the fandom has to offer. However, another option is I finally begin making irl friends and they're bronies; from these friendships, I'd derive new pony-centric motivations and could possibly be here for several more years. So what about you then?
  24. SolyWack

    What are BC and AD?

    Oh boy this is super diffucult to ask because im pretty sure no matter how i ask, it will be confusing. So I know BC means "Before Christ" and AD means "Anno domino", which means "year of our lord", or something similar. So thats not what im asking. Im asking what are these terms actually called. Like what is the putting 2 letters after a date in time called?
  25. SolyWack

    Time to create FIM movie

    So it has been announced that a Friendship is Magic Movie is in the works. To my knowledge it is to be released some time in 2017. Now i'm not the chief expert on making movies and TV shows but... Why will it take 2 years to make the movie? I assume its going to be about 1 hour and 20 minutes long, like the EG movies, not a 3 and a half hour long movie like lord of the rings. Each episode of the show is about 22 minutes long, so the movie would be like (80/22=3.6) 4 episodes. It usually takes a month to air that many episodes. I know a little more thought has to be put into a movie, and its probably gonna be a theatrical release, and is gonna need more advertising than an episode. But I still think 2 years is a pretty long time. What do you guys think?