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Found 21 results

  1. UPDATE: Unfortunately, I am no longer a fan of MLP and will not be completing this project. TL;DR version: When I have the time, I like to rewatch the whole series before the new season premieres, which is what I did during the hiatus leading up to season seven. I've been wanting to try arranging the episodes in chronological order for a while now, since I often find myself enjoying a series more if I feel like I’m watching it in the same order as the characters experience it, as it adds more context to the episodes. So during my latest rewatch, I made notes whenever I encountered tidbits that could have an effect on the episode's chronological placement, and arranged the episodes according to these notes as season seven was being released. I figured the end of season seven would be as good a time as any to release my timeline. It would be much appreciated if you could give me feedback on my order and point out details I might have missed. It’s probably impossible to create a definitive timeline but I believe we might be able to at least get close. Now, I am of the belief that the first three seasons take place over the course of a single year. It’s never outright stated that exactly one year has passed, but Celestia’s words at the end of Princess Twilight Sparkle make it sound like it’s the first Summer Sun Celebration since Luna’s return. ”Citizens of Equestria, it is no longer with a heavy heart but with great joy that I raise the summer sun. For this celebration now represents not the defeat of Nightmare Moon, but the return of my sister, Princess Luna.” – Princess Celestia, S4E2 So, the first course of action was to fit the first three seasons’ episodes into a one-year timespan. Although there is no evidence that would suggest an Equestrian year is the same length as an Earth year I’m going to be using real-life dates for the sake of simplicity. My interpretation is as follows: Equestria Girls is followed by Princess Twilight Sparkle, which marks the one-year anniversary of Twilight moving to Ponyville. I don’t believe there is any season-mixing necessary for season four, so I am going to rearrange the episodes within the boundary of their own season. My timeline is as follows: And that concludes season four. I’m not getting any other seasons mixed up in season five either, I’m just rearranging the episodes as follows: For seasons six and seven and the Equestria Girls specials, there will be some mixing, so I’m going to list them together: Season 8 doesn't require any mixing as of yet, so I'm just rearranging the episodes as follows: ...And here's the super short WIP of season 9, why not: Kudos to you if you read all that! Feel free to ask if you want me to clarify things further. Feedback would be much appreciated!
  2. I mean to us it's been 5 years - but how much time has ACTUALLY elapsed in equestria? Also will the ponies actually age? Will the cutie mark crusaders grow up? Or will this be a series where everyone stays the same age forever in the series?
  3. What I mean is - assuming each episode occurs after the events of the previous one - how much time is between Friendship Is Magic Part 1 and The Perfect Pear? In a fanfiction I'm writing at the moment (my first one!), it's been seven years since Celestia dispatched Twilight to Ponyville and four years since the events of "Magical Mystery Cure" (how much time has passed in the real world), but thinking about it this can't be the case, as the ages of the CMC haven't visibly changed at all and for various other reasons...
  4. This seems so obvious, I am sure there is already a thread. I did a search, but I have poor Internet skills & was not able to find any duplicates. I apologize for the extra work if this needs to be merged. The Case For 1 Year. Episodes 1 & 2 Nightmare Moon escapes on the "longest day of the year" (June 21, year 1). Season 4, Episode 1. Twilight says it is "2 days to the Summer Sun Festival". Celestia strongly implies (but does NOT specifically state), that this is the 1st SSF since then. This would explain why the SSF is the only duplicated holiday, & why the CMCs don't really grow. The calendar says Summer is June 21-September 21. However, here in the USA, Summer is considered to run from Memorial Day weekend (last weekend in May) to Labor Day weekend (1st weekend in Sept). All of June is considered a Summer month & all of September is considered Autumn. Episode 56 One Bad Apple, the CMCs were building a float for The Summer Harvest Festival. This could be in June even if the calendar says it isn't Summer yet. Episode 60 Apple Family Reunion. Babs mentions her new school. This means it has to take place at least early August & could be as late as start of November (based on when apples are harvested IRL) (In episode 1, AJ was specified as being in charge of the food for the SSF. IMO, the Apples were there to help out, not as a formal family reunion). Twilight is not in this episode. Spike & the other Mane 6 members have cameos, helping to get ready. T does NOT. This means it could take place after Episode 65 Magical Mystery Cure. IMO, it also takes place after S4 E7 Flutterbat because during the reunion the Fruit Bats attack one pony's hat, starting the stampede that wrecked the barn. However, AJ doesn't tell Fluttershy "Them dang bats attacked my kinfolk & wrecked my barn". Which she would have if those events had already happened. It is physically possible for all events to take place over 1 year (VERY tight timing, but IMO it is possible), even though only 2 episodes happen over winter. The Case For Longer Celestia does not specifically say it was 1 year. Apple Family Reunion Based on T's increase in public respect & magic power, a LOT has to happen after Winter Wrap Up including Canterlot Wedding & Crystal Empire, Hearts & Hooves Day, All the Babs episodes, Magic Duel, It's About Time, Magical Mystery Cure, probably Best Night Ever (which means so do Ticket Master & Suited For Success) . How long does Magical Mystery Cure take? If you assume 1 day, then you have to assume the farm being so run down & AJ boarding up the shop were exaggerations for artistic effects. Also, F quit pretty fast, R's weather & the town folks being so grumpy, 1 day seems pretty quick. If you assume, say, a month, timeline gets even tighter. IMO it is physically possible to fit it all into 90 days, but IDK for sure. There is also the question of How long did other episodes take? Return of Harmony, Dragon Quest, Wonderbolts Academy, among others. I'm trying to build an episode timeline & this is obviously the 1st thing to settle.
  5. I've been trying to put the 1st 3 season's episodes into chronological order. At 1st, I went with Winter Wrap Up is March 21 (the Spring Equinox). However, it occurs to me that it may have been MUCH earlier. Say, mid January to early February. 1) A shorter winter helps explain why there are so few winter episodes. Perhaps it only lasts long enough to lay down enough snowpack to ensure the year's ground water supply. 2) Hearts & Hooves Day. If Wrap Up is March 21, February is still winter. Hearts & Hooves day would have to be 6 weeks+ later in the year (about now, in fact). A shorter winter allows it to take place on Valentine's Day (as most folks seem to assume) 3) IMO, if the 1st 3 seasons cover just 1 year, there is a LOT that probably happens in the spring. A longer spring allows more time for these things to happen. 4) + a shorter winter = a longer growing season, of course. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?
  6. Anyways, as the topic says, I'd kind of like it if in either a comic or an other episode (Most probably a comic since I know the show hates to get into depth on stuff like this) they tried to revisit the bad timelines of the cutie remark. While the plot between Twilight and Starlight was good, it kind of threw out the real payoff of an alternate timeline plot, letting you see and talk to alternate reality versions of the characters, like interacting with alternate Pinkie, fluttershy, rainbow dash, ect. I honestly don't care about seeing them revisit the concept of a villain altering time, but it'd be cool if they established those timelines existing as a "many worlds" type deal and had the mane six in some way end up back in the alternate timeline and having to help their alternate selves. (Hell, according to what Discord says in the comics about Time travel altering the past being utterly impossible, it kind of makes it seem like it should almost be canon that they were being just shifted into alternate timelines instead of altering a single time flow) There's a rich bit of plot potential in having the mane six meet their alternate selves (like Rainbow dash meeting her soldier self from the crystal timeline) and talking to them to have them kind of discuss the differences in their lives. Plus, the mane six helping their alternate selves succeed in saving their timeline seems like it would be a more epic plot than just talking someone out of childhood trauma XD I just think closing the book on the timelines we saw without exploring them seems like it was throwing out a vast amount of potential.
  7. i just watched eq friendship games last night and loved it, but ive been thinking about somethinghat doesn't quite make sense. how are there alternate reality versions of the ponies at canterlot high, especially luna and celestia? it doesn't make sense considering luna and celestia are thousands of years old and twilights age is debatable. my first thought was that maybe it was like Narnia, that a day hear is like a few hundred years there, but that couldn't work either seeing as twilight would be a adult when she appered in the second eq movie, and even older in the third! its driving me INSANE!!! PLZ POST THOUGHTS!
  8. So I have been searching around the internet, and I found something called a 'Nemeton'. Nemeton; A nemeton was a sacred space of ancient Celtic religion. Nemeta appear to have been primarily situated in natural areas, and, as they often utilized trees, they are often interpreted as sacred groves. However, other evidence suggests that the word implied a wider variety of ritual spaces, such as shrines and temples. So is the 'Tree of Harmony' loosely based upon the nemeton? Also, what is the tree 'sentient' because it negatively to Discord's tree poisoning in the episode "Princess Twilight Sparkle". So, what do you think?
  9. If anypony's interested, I have created an Equestrian calendar. My reasoning is also all in the document. It may be confusing, as I put down thoughts as they came (even wrong ones), and edited nothing. Also, any comments that seem out of place are those of my friend, I made this on our shared fanfiction account.
  10. After my last post, the thread vanished into hyperspace so I'm reposting. I supposes it's a Blessing In Disguise, it gets rid of all the old posts. What I need is a blessing that isn't so damn well disguised! ASSUMPTIONS The EQ year is the same as the Earth year. So are the phases of the moon & the length of the seasons. The 1st 3 seasons take place over just 1 year. Someone named Corpulent Brony compiled a list of "how many days in each episode?". I've lost the html address, but luckily still have a copy. According to him, all the episodes are about 220 days out of about 270 days (Hearth's Warm Eve is the only Winter episode, so Winter days are unavailable) IRL, the seasons change gradually. In EQ, it is like changing a TV channel. One day you are out picnicking & the next you've got 3 ft. of snow & can ice skate. In Spring, it is the other way around. The Apple Family gathering in episode 1 is NOT an official gathering. In Apple Family Reunion, Granny Smith says they happen every 100 moons. I'm going with "Granny was right & Wikipedia was misinformed" Except in Fall Weather Friends, the artists do not show the leaves as having changed colors. This either means "no Autumn episodes" (not physically possible) or "the artists just didn't show the leaves having changed" (my choice) According to "Ask Princess Twilight", Twilight mas born "Mid Spring" IMO, this probably means "mid to late April" Surprisingly, this is important in placing some episodes FOR NON AMERICANS The calendar says otherwise, but here in the USA we consider Summer to run from Memorial Day (last Monday in May) to Labor Day (1st Monday in September). All of June is considered Summer, all of September is considered Autumn. Thus, you can have Summer events before the Summer Sun Festival & Autumn events before the Running of the Leaves School is 180 days, Monday to Friday. About 9 months, with several breaks & holidays & a 3 month Summer Vacation (least of any industrial nation). Depending on the state, it runs August to May or September to June I'm going to have to leave gaps & go back later. THE TIME LINE *15-25 years before the pilot The Mane 6 are born. I went into this in "How Old Are The Mane 6?" Briefly, in Apple Family Reunion, they show AJ's baby pictures. That would be 3 reunions (25 years ago). That makes her 26 at that time & 25 during the pilot. Dash probably turned 18 shortly before Wonderbolt's Academy. This makes her 17 during the pilot. Twilight was applying for school during Cutie Mark Chronicles. This makes her 5 (Magic Kindergarten) or 6 (1st grade) at that time & 15 or 16 during the pilot. The others are in between these ages. *10 years before pilot. Events of Cutie Mark Chronicles. 1st Rainboom, Spike hatched, Mane 6 get Cutie Marks This is just my best guess. This makes AJ 15 when she hitch hiked to Manehatten, the same age Twilight was when she went to Ponyville. (Yes, Twilight has to be the pony equivalent of Einstein or Newton to do all she did in 1 year. IMO, she is.) You make it longer than that, Twilight is older on her trip but AJ younger on hers. This is my best compromise. Last Round Up, Apple Bloom says AJ has been local rodeo champ for 10 years. This means she started shortly after returning & was 15 or 16 at the start of her championship run. *8-12 years before pilot. Cutie Mark Crusaders born. *several years before pilot. Pinkie and Fluttershy come to Ponyville. IMO, they become friends with Rarity. *2 (or more) years before pilot. Putting Your Hoof Down. Fluttershy writes it after Lesson Zero, but IMO this was a flashback episode. Mostly for time considerations but also because Pinkie seems to know Fluttershy better than Dash does in Griffon the Brush Off. *several months before the pilot. Dash moves to Ponyville (possibly because she was put in charge of Ponyville weather team). In Pinkie's Pride, Dash tells Pinkie she moved to Ponyville on her birthday. 21 candles on the cake. 19 for age, 2 for anniversary (Artistic license -there are no unseen candles) *Summer of year 1. After school lets out Scootaloo or Sweetie Belle (travelling w parents?) or both move to Ponyville (they meet in Call of the Cutie) YEAR 1 *June 20-22 Friendship is Magic S1 E1 & E2 3 days (counting clean up) *June 23-24 Bridle Gossip S1 E9 2 days Twilight has never heard of Zecora, it must be within 30 days. I'm putting it 1st because no one has said "We're being terrorized by an Evil Enchantress! Help us, Obi Wan Twilight, you're our only hope!" *June 25-26 Boast Busters S1 E6 2 days Nobody pushes Twilight to challenge Trixie, showing she doesn't have much street cred yet. +Magic Duel implies a fairly long time from BB *June 27-28 Griffon the Brush Off. 2 days Start of friendship between Dash & Pinkie, it must be pretty early. However, Pinkie asks Twilight for help. It can't be the 1st Twilight must have done something to inspire trust. *June 29-30 Look Before You Sleep. 2 days Start of friendship between Rarity & AJ it must be an early episode. The cancelled rain last week was because of events in the pilot. IMO, Swarm of the Century was scheduled so Princess Celestia could meet the Element Holders, Bird in the Hoof was the do over for the cancelled visit & there were 1 or 2 adventures in between. *July 1-2 Swarm Of The Century E1 S10 2 days *July 3-4 Feeling Pinkie Keen E1 S15 1 or 2 days Near the start of their relationship because Twilight hasn't yet learned to just accept Pinkie GAP? Possibly Mysterious Mare Do Well or MMMystery on the Friendship Express. Have to rewatch them & check *July Bird In The Hoof S1 E22 1 day GAP Events fit better if you assume school in EQ lasts from August to May, so I'm going with that. *1st week in August Call of the Cutie S1 E12. 2 days The CMCs have not yet met despite being in the same class, has to be the start of the school year. There is a brief cameo of them being together during the pilot, I've heard Hasbro says that is a mistake. *2nd week in August Ponyville Confidential S2 E23. The school paper is getting started, has to be no later than this. Corpulent Brony lists this as 9-11 days based on stories in paper. However, this is a small town school paper. IMO, it is probably a weekly & lasts until sometime in October, with other adventures occurring during this time. *August Staremaster S1 E 17 Fluttershy hasn't met the CMCs yet, so this is an early episode. Possibly, it occurs during Apple Buck Season If not, probably 2nd weekend in August (1st being Call of the Cutie) According to Wikipedia, apple harvest is mid August to late October. The best time to transplant Apple trees is Autumn (if there is no winter freeze) or Spring (if there is). Apple Trees should NOT be transplanted if they are bearing fruit, so the apples on the tree must be artistic license -to show it is an apple tree. Looked up the times for several Cider Festivals. Early October is by far the most common time. Lesson Zero has to be after Call of the Cutie (CMCs are playing together) but before Super ....6000 (AJ wrote the report). If it is after Apple Buck Season, the problem is that there has to be 2 or 3 adventures during that time. The problem with that is that Apple Jack is in more episodes than any other character. During the 1st 3 seasons she is in all but 4. It makes sense that Hurricane Fluttershy is in Spring (reservoir would be fullest), so that leaves Dragon Quest. *mid to late August. Apple Buck Season S1 E4 14+ days Start of apple harvest . *mid August Stare Master S1 E17 2 days During Apple Buck Season *late August Dragon Quest S2 E21 5 or 6 days during Apple Buck Season *September 8 Lesson Zero S2 E3 1 day but a week after last post Gap *September Ticket Master S1 E3 1 day Fluttershy is trying to suck up by Spring Cleaning. Twilight says "It's Autumn" This puts the Gala at either Oct 21 or (IMO) Nov 21. Obviously, this episode must be before that so it is at least September. *Sept 20-21 Fall Weather Friends S1 E13 2 days *Sept 22-26 Over A Barrel S1 E21 4 or 5 days Autumn is the best time to transplant apple trees Gap *Oct 1-3 Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 S2 E15 3 days Cider Festivals are usually early October In Dog & Pony Show, Saphire knows who Rarity is but Rarity is surprised by this. Green Isn't Your Color would explain this. The extra business led to Sister Hooves Social *Oct 4-13 Green Isn't Your Color S1 E20 8-9 days *Oct 14-15 Dog and Pony Show S1 E19 1 or 2 days depending if you think the trip was the same day as the order. *Oct 16-17 Sister Hooves Social S2 E5 2 days Gap *Oct 31 Luna Eclipsed S2 E4 1 day
  11. I'm a bit of a fussbudget & it upsets me not to be able to watch the episodes in order In episode 2, Nightmare Moon escapes on "The longest day of the year" (June 21st). Season 4, episode 1 clearly takes place very shortly after episode 65 Magical Mystery Cure. Probably the next day. Twilight says it is 2 days to the Summer Sun Festival & Princess C implies (but does not specifically state) that this is the 1st one since then. If so, everything in the 1st 3 seasons takes place in 1 year. GREAT GOOGLEY MOOGLEY!! Even allowing for a few 2 part episodes & assuming the CMC adventures take place while the Mane 6 are doing other things, this means a new adventure every 6 or 7 days. Worse, there are few adventures with snow on the ground. In Winter Wrap Up, they say 3 months of winter. The ponies can control the weather & the seasons. But, even assuming they cheat by having good weather continue on into what the calendar says should be winter, this cuts the available time for non winter adventures. My sequence Episode 45 Putting Your Hoof Down Fluttershy writes this to Princess C & that must have happened after episode 29 Lesson Zero. But it could have been a flashback, prequel episode. If so, this would mean F, P, & R were in Ponyville long enough to be very good friends before episode 1. In Suited For Success, R says she is from Ponyville, but doesn't say how long she lived there. If you assume F & P both moved to Ponyville after getting their cutie marks, this could be. In Griffon The Brush Off, Pinkie & Dash were out pranking & P stopped D from pranking F. This implies she was either F's good friend or thought F couldn't handle it. It is also possible it happened while Dash was off doing something else, say Read It & Weep, or at the Thunderbolt Accadamy Episode 1&2 Anyone really have to be told why this comes next? At the least, it has to come before any episode with Twilight in Ponyville. Except for Pinkie, the others are all given important jobs preparing for Princess C's visit. This implies they've been in Ponyville for a while. Of course, AJ was born and raised in Ponyville. Episode 9 Bridle Gossip Zecora's visits to Ponyville kick up more Hoo Haw than any visit since Sherman went to Atlanta. Z says she comes to town once a month. Twilight has never heard of her. Thus, this must be her 1st visit since episode 1. The other ponies have all heard of her, and must have been around for a while. AJ is absolutely terrified of her. (Very unusual for AJ) This implies either 1) Z has been around long enough that AJ has been hearing stories since she was very young (This raises the question why Apple Bloom isn't scared of her ) 2) A previous encounter with Z & it must have been pretty rough (But AJ says she has never heard of zebras & all the ponies are surprised to see her stripes) 3)AJ is unusually scared of magic (This raises the question why wasn't she scared of Nightmare Moon in episode 2? But she isn't the only one to behave oddly in Episode 2) Episode 6 Boast Busters Nobody except Spike pushes T to challenge Trixie. This shows she does not, as yet, have much of a rep as a wizard. Of course, they've HEARD that she defeated Nightmare Moon, but what they've SEEN is a young, quiet nerd who stays in the library with her muzzle in a book all day. THAT'S a great & powerful wizard!? Yeah, right. (Of course, I'd bet Dash has been bragging all over town, but I'd also bet D's account was very heavy on What Dash Did & very light on What Other Ponies Did While Dash Was Saving Everyone's Butt. There were other ponies present while D was defeating Nightmare Moon? I didn't know that!) This must have taken place after Bridle Gossip because, by the end, her rep was great enough that surely someone would have said "We are being terrorized by an evil enchantress who lives in the woods. Help us, Obi Wan Twilight, you're our only hope!" As to "Why didn't they ask Princess C for help?" I think some of them must have & got told something like "Let me know if she ever actually does anything worse than act scary. That's as far as I've gotten. He tackled the job that couldn't be done He cheerfully set out to do it He tackled the job that couldn't be done And, by God, he couldn't do it.
  12. I'm trying to put the episodes in chronological order. The Secret of My Excess takes place on Spike's birthday. The Cutie Mark Chronicles makes it clear that Spike hatched the day Twilight took her entrance exam for Princess Celestia's school. Any idea when that would be? Most of the other Mane 6 characters were in school at the time. Would it have been Fall or Spring? & some idea how long before attending school would she have been tested?
  13. I have been thinking and I did some digging. I looked everywhere for an answer but could not find one. So, I decided to make my own. I think I might have a theory of how all the generations of MLP are ACTUALLY a timeline. Yeah, that's right, a timeline. I'm pretty sure many of you are giving this thread a weird and doubtful look, but hear me out. Generation one has a fantasy feel to it and features humans. Yes, humans were once apart of the same world as the ponies, but something must have happened to them. You might all think that this is impossible and that humans were never in their world, but it actually isn't. Think about it. The humans could have been apart of the pony world for as long as they have been there, but many of the creatures their need food to survive. Seeing as this is a fantasy world with mythological creatures, the humans could have been killed off. Or some incurable disease wiped them out. The humans disappearing is a huge mystery. Maybe they are still around. Maybe they are not. Generation two has a more modern feel to it. The ponies in this act and behave much like humans do in our world. Complete with houses that look like ours, cars, and electricity. Their cities and towns are built much like our own. It is possible for the humans to have been around to help urbanize the ponies and themselves. Then after that, they might have died out, or just simply moved on to a different location. Generation three picks up right after generation two. The layout is much the same as the previous generation, with a few add-on's here and there. And some stuff taken away. So this one doesn't need much explanation. The only thing I have for this one is the lack of pegisi and unicorns. Yes, they are in this one, but not as much as the previous and the next. What happened between generation three and four takes a turn for the worse. Seeing as how the unicorn and pegisi population was on a decline, the earth ponies rose in influence and power. The latter two could not handle being under the rule of earth ponies and left. Leaving the once proud and beautiful cities and towns to crumble. Without the magic of the unicorns, the earth ponies were unable to repair the building or manufacture other materials. This caused the ponies to revert back to much simpler times. One where there was no electricity, no cars or big buildings. This is where generation four comes into play. The next and final generation (so far), Generation four. This one takes time between the two before it takes place. We already know that the three tribes on ponies came together after much hate and founded Equestria. Its the time before all this. The time where all pony population was declining. Coming to the verge of extinction. With only a few hundred from each tribe remained. After centuries of not contacting each other, the world shifts off balance. Harmony is at a loss and the pony tribes come together for an agreement. This is where the Hearths Warming Story picks up and is spoken from generation to generation. But hey! Its just a theory! Thanks for taking your time to read this post. Let me know if you agree or disagree with this and tell me why. Post them in the comments below!! By the way, Merry Christmas!
  14. Twilight makes a lot of references to pony history in the show, and since G1 is now canonically linked to G4 thanks to Tirek, I figured it would make drawing up a timeline of Equestrian and pre-Equestrian history a lot easier. This post is subject to change as new information is added, although some parts of it are based on my own theories and may not necessarily be canon (though hopefully it can still serve as a handy aide de memoire for fanfic writers). I'm also using Elder Scrolls chronology as a guide to keeping everything sorted, because it works so well. And so, without further ado, I present to you... The History Of Ponykind Mythic Age Celestia and Luna are born. How they get their cutie marks is not known. This is basically equine prehistory. Ponies evolve, learn to use tools and get civilization up and running. Tribal Age (0 TA - 3400 TA) Palaeopony Period (0 TA - 1050 TA) 1: Dream Valley is colonized by a mix of pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies. 57: The events of Rescue At Midnight Castle occur. This is the first contact between humans and ponies that is often pointed to by modern ponies arguing for the existence of humans. 83: The Smooze incident occurs. 371: The first documented case of the Cutie Pox is observed on an earth pony agricultural estate. 650: The Unicorn Empire is founded under the Allotropic Dynasty. Imperial mages are tasked with regulating the day-night cycle in the absence of alicorns. 801: Earth pony farming and manufacturing communities across Dream Valley are united into the Dirt Pact, which ensures collective civil defence and trade regulation. 811: Pegasus city-states are united into the Stratospheric Republic. Mesopony Period (1051 TA - 2100 TA) 1260: Starswirl the Bearded is born. 1348: Clover the Clever is born. 1367: Clover the Clever begins magical tutelage under Starswirl the Bearded. 1986: Starswirl the Bearded disappears. Neopony Period (2101 TA - 3400 TA) 3321: The events depicted in the Hearth's Warming Eve pageant begin. Windigo activity causes a dramatic climate shift in Dream Valley. 3325: Dirt Pact farming communities attempt to pool their resources as crops begin to fail. 3332: Earth pony manufacturing grinds to a halt right across Dirt Pact territories due to lack of materiel. Ponies everywhere face mass starvation. Commander Hurricane stages a military coup, seizing control of the Stratospheric Republic and instituting martial law. 3335: The Tribal Summit between Commander Hurricane, Princess Platinum and Chancellor Puddinghead ends in failure. 3336: The Pegasus capital of Cumulus Colossae is forcibly evacuated as temperatures plummet to lethal levels. Earth pony factory cities are abandoned as freezing, starving earth ponies begin the exodus from Dream Valley. Clover the Clever draws up a plan for Unicorn resettlement. 3340: The last group of ponies leaves for greener pastures. Dream Valley and its environs are now completely uninhabitable. 3341: New land is discovered, but tribal warfare causes the windigoes to follow from Dream Valley. Clover the Clever, Private Pansy and Smart Cookie unite the tribes and drive the windigoes back. 3342: Equestria is founded. 3350: Discord arrives from another plane of existence. 3355: Equestrian leadership collapses under the strain of fighting Discord's chaotic powers. Offers of surrender are ignored as the draconequus turns the world upside down. Countless ponies are enslaved and tortured under his dark reign. 3380: Celestia and Luna return to the world and plans to defeat Discord are put in motion. 3390: All attempts to defeat, destroy or even contain Discord end in failure. An expedition to the wild Everfree Forest is chartered in the hopes of finding a natural power source. 3398: After years of chasing legends, rumours and theories, Celestia and Luna discover the Tree of Harmony and extract the Elements of Harmony. 3399: After much preparation and an epic battle, the Elements of Harmony are used to seal Discord away in stone. 3400: Celestia and Luna accept the invitation of the former unicorn-earth pony-pegasus government leaders to rule as an absolute dual monarchy. The Everfree Forest is partly cleared and construction begins on both Everfree City and the Castle of The Pony Sisters. The beginning of the First Celestial Era is declared. Alicorn Age First Era, aka Pre-Classical Era 1E 36: First contact with The Crystal Empire. 1E 123: First contact with the Griffon Kingdoms. 1E 521: First contact with the United Zebrican Tribes. 1E 632: Starswirl the Bearded reappears from the mysterious rift that swallowed him in 1986 TA, applies himself rigorously to magical research and becomes one of the greatest sorcerers of the Pre-Classical Era. 1E 700: The Sea Ponies mysteriously disappear. 1E 1300: Explorers making a return pilgrimage to Dream Valley report dragon settlements and the transformation of the region into a wasteland. 1E 1316: Starswirl the Bearded dies. Second Era, aka Classical Era 2E 2250: King Sombra seizes control of the Crystal Empire. 2E 2298: King Sombra is defeated. A fail-deadly system activates, causing the Empire and its inhabitants to vanish without a trace. 2E 2300: Princess Luna transforms into Nightmare Moon and triggers The Longest Night. Princess Celestia commandeers the Elements of Harmony and banishes her sister to the moon for 1000 years. Third Era, aka Post-Classical Era 3E 1: The Wonderbolts are founded. The ruined Everfree City is abandoned, which slowly reverts to the Everfree Forest. The newly-founded city of Canterlot becomes the new capital of Equestria. 3E 2: The first Summer Sun Celebration is held in Canterlot. 3E 723: Hoofington is founded. 3E 806: Manehattan is founded. 3E 899: Granny Smith is born in Hoofington. 3E 909: Ponyville is founded by the Apple family. 3E 911: Zap Apples are first discovered and the harvest ritual is mapped out. 3E 972: Fluttershy is born in Cloudsdale. Rarity is born in Ponyville. Rainbow Dash is born in Cloudsdale. Applejack is born in Ponyville. 3E 973: Pinkie Pie is born in Ponyville. Derpy Hooves is born in Cloudsdale. Twilight Sparkle is born in Canterlot. 3E 979: Rainbow Dash performs her first Sonic Rainboom. The Mane Six all get their cutie marks simultaneously. 3E 1001: Twilight Sparkle is sent to Ponyville, setting in motion the events that lead to the reactivation of the Elements of Harmony, the assignment of the Bearers and the defeat of Nightmare Moon. 3E 1007: The Crystal Empire reappears. Spike the Dragon recovers the Crystal Heart. 3E 1011: Twilight Sparkle becomes an alicorn. Fourth Era (Modern Era) 4E 1: The Elements of Harmony are sacrificed to revive the Tree Of Harmony. The Harmonic Lockbox is discovered. 4E 2: Tirek escapes from Tartarus and is defeated by Princess Twilight.
  15. Hello everypony! I made a video that attempts to estimate the number of days we've seen elapse in the first season My Little Pony. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  16. Starting from the moment Twily stumbles into the half-human world at first up to now, how would you like the events of the two spin-off movies to go, if you were given a chance to alter any number of events within?
  17. Work in progress This thread has been made for working on the Timeline for My little pony: Equestria Divided By: Times S. Hay, Airbornepony There will be 9 parts Gold: Completed Red: WIP Black: Coming soon Before the War Early Battles of the Equestrian Civil War Military Advancements The Battle of Manehattan The Ponyville Massacre War takes to the Seas the Siege of Fillydelphia Fort Nightmare the War today
  18. For those that haven't noticed I have made a roleplay called, well "My little Pony: Equestria Divided, and this is just me telling the story in a clearer fashion. Also just so you know this takes place in a different timeline as the show. So lets get started shall we. Part 1: Before the war In the year 999 A.B (After banishment) Equestria was in a state of peace. Ponies from all over Equestria would come to see the Sun Celebration in Ponyville. Celestia had sent her student, Twilight Sparkle, to look of the preparations for the celebration. Everything was going perfectly, but on the day of the celebration, Celestia had went missing. Nightmare Moon had returned and planned to bring ever lasting night. She retreated to the Everfree forest. A small group of 6 mares followed her. Nightmare moon did all she could to slow them down but they made it to the castle of the two sisters. After the small group found the elements of harmony, Nightmare moon struck. She defeated the mares before they could try and use the elements of harmony against her. Celestia escaped from where Nightmare moon had imprisoned her. She had a army of 250 Equestrian soldiers go into the Everfree forest and capture Nightmare Moon. She saw this coming and had already recruited over 400 ponies to her cause. The Equestrian forces were easily defeated by the Lunar forces. Nightmare Moon used the small group of soldiers to capture all the towns around the Everfree forest. Soon she had a army 2000 strong. She seceded from Equestria, she called the new nation The New Lunar Republic (NLR). Nightmare moon returned to being Luna but she was not reformed. Luna's army was ever growing and her forces soon grew to 3000 strong. Princess Celestia noticed this growth in her army and signed a deceleration of war. The great nation of Equestria broke into two, the NLR and the Celestial Empire. Part 2: Early battles in the Equestrian Civil War, coming soon
  19. Hello fellow bronies, pegasisters, Zeldians (As I call them), and gamers. I am starting this topic to discuss the huge cluster**** in gaming that first started circa 1991. During that time, A Link to the Past was pretty much brand new and alot of gamers attacked the stores in a desperate attempt to buy it. Many of these people were new fans who hadn't even played the first two games. Up until that point, Zelda (NES) was the first game in the series and Zelda II was the second. That all changed with A Link to the Past. It turns out this was a prequel to the previous two games. So, it's a prequel no biggie. Oh, but no... It got worse. Following the release of A Link to the Past, it achieved mainstream success and was considered as probably the best SNES game at the time. The guys at Nintendo decided to make a 4th installment, this time on a portable gaming device, the Gameboy. The end product was a game called Link's Awakening that didn't seem to fit in anywhere in the series. At that point, we were all pretty much clueless as to what the **** was going on. Even Nintendo themselves said that Link's Awakening didn't really have a place in Zelda history at the time (It seems that Nintendo released an official timeline recently... but, you never know if it really is official until they say it in your face.) Anyway, whatever... It'll all make sense in the end... WRONG! What the hell!? This isn't even Hyrule! Holy god... After that incident, Nintendo made a 5th installment in the franchise... This, as it turns out, was probably the biggest ****ing paradox in gaming. The game was called Ocarina of Time and was another prequel... Ok, so wait a second... I thought Link to the Past was the prequel... So... we have a prequel to the prequel... Uh... What the balls?! Well, it was an epic game and all, but it still doesn't hide the fact that it completely messed up the timeline for good. I mean, in Ocarina of Time you start of as Kid Link and later on you go into the future 7 years and turn into Adult Link... Well, if you can manipulate time then where the hell does A Link to the Past fit into all this?! This marks out my previous statement of OoT being a prequel to the prequel. So, at this point, out brains just kind of stopped working. The soundtrack album pretty much says it all... Well, ok then... It is now the year 2000 and a 6th Zelda game is finally released with the title Majora's Mask. MM turned out to be a sequel to OoT. ANOTHER ****ING PARADOX. I mean seriously, this is what we have so far: We have Zelda (NES) and it is preceded by Zelda II. Then we have A Link to the Past and it turns out to be a prequel the those two up there. Now, Link's Awakening seems to fit nowhere on this timeline, so we just kind of let it sit there. Then, OoT kicks in and is another prequel, and this is later followed by MM which is a sequel to that prequel. So, we have a sequel to the prequel of prequel of the of the original two, plus that other 4th game. HOLY ****! I can't say that it really bothers me. But, Nintendo added a hell lot more to the series that didn't make sense. For example, when Zelda made it's debut on the Gamecube with the Wind Waker, the entire land of Hyrule is flooded. Well, if everything's flooded then I guess that means it's the end right? WRONG. Apparently, they found a new land and named it Hyrule... So, technically, we have various reincarnations of Link and Zelda all across the timeline. After they kept adding more and more games, the whole got more and more confusing. Then, Twilight Princess came out. But it kicked so much ass that nobody really cared where it went on the timeline. But, then... Skyward Sword came out............ ANOTHER PREQUEL. **** life as we know it. We got like nearly 4 prequels here and various sequels to these prequels. So what the hell is Nintendo going at this? I don't know. Maybe you can figure it out. Nintendo claims that this is the first game in the entire franchise. So... OoT is pretty much a lie???? Well, that's the short version of what I'm trying to get at. But, yeah. Leave your comments below and tell me what you think on the matter.
  20. We live for many years before we die (or at least most of us do.) I recently noticed that Im leading a dead-end life and I wondered how I got there. I made this timeline of my life in years to try to make sense of how I got into this desperate existence. Maybe this could help you, too. If not, it’s cool to see how your life may be similar to others. I’m just trying to sum up my main feelings and important stuff that happened each year of my life. 1995: Born. Pretty Confused. 1996: Brother is born. We didn’t get along much. 1997: start destroying my dads CD collection. A lot. Don’t really know good from evil. 1998: begin attending preschool. Didn’t really like it. Had trouble focusing 1999: Begin to get scared of a lot of things around me. I didn’t get most of the world that was opening up before me. 2000: Start to realize happiness. I took life in small chunks instead of worrying about the future or what could happen. 2001: Actually start to meet some friends. Although I am nervous most of the time, and I don’t know how to accept things, I try to maintain inner security. 2002: Get bullied more and more. Pressure comes from all sides of me: My parents, my teachers, and my peers. Normal stuff, though. Normal for my life, anyway. 2003: pressure raises and I think it may start to take over my life. I might spend all my time in a high-strung state because of everyone around me! People pressure me into things I’m not comfortable with, but it’s mostly okay. life is mediocre, but noting TOO bad. 2004: Get more friends, and start to understand life more. This could possibly come from just growing up and realizing things about the world that I never knew before! 2005: Friends start to stray from me. Start to get the feeling that the world is working against me. Like I was a mistake and humanity is trying to get rid of me. My new understanding about the world isn’t really helping me. 2006: I learn what sex is. Still a lot of pressure from all ends, and i start to become very confused about sex and social structure and stuff. so much that I cant communicate properly with anyone. Terribly uneventful year. 2007: Starting to figure out how life works. Still cant put my finger on it. I often stay up late just wondering; 'what is life?' still very unhappy. 2008: everyone starts to become resentful of me. I can’t realize why some people do the things they do? Is it because someone told them o? Is it because they think it is right? I start to lose interest in everything, and nothing makes me joyful anymore. I’m too wrapped up. 2009: Not any bullies in high school. Start to take out the pressure by becoming a spazzy class clown. Like a human Pinkie Pie, except with less sense making and coherent thought. I realize that thought has driven me into a state of depression because of thinking about life, so I almost give up all coherent thought altogether. 2010: Become crazier, and my parents start to become annoyed with me. I make more 'friends' at high school, but still waning for a place to fit. My social craziness doesn’t make me happy, however. 2011: I give up on being a spastic pinkie pie and become mellower. I realize that I’ve been kind of a loser all my life and I don’t think things are going to get any better. I think of what I have in my head, and I have food and shelter, but not much else. not any friends. not anything that makes me happy. I realize that my life has been a comedy of errors and I might as well just die. I start cutting. 2012: Discovered MLP. Didn’t change much. I start to figure out about life more and I live more simply. I used to be a sad pessimist who thought life was pointless. Now I’m a sad mislead misfit who doesn’t know what to do with him. I didn’t mean for this to be bitching, I just thought that If I wrote it down, I could make sense of how this happened. Maybe I’m dealing with things that everyone deals with, but I don’t know that because I don’t delve into other peoples lives too often. I’m fine with my own, thank you. I don’t want to share to many imitate details. This is merely how I’ve felt throughout my life. Maybe if I summarize how i felt throughout most of my life, and what happened to me, I can find how I got into this dead end life. If I know how i got here, maybe I can get out? History repeats itself, as they say. Maybe you can share yours, too?
  21. Within two seasons of the show, we've seen all four weather seasons of the ponies' world go by at least once. So, based off of these observations, episodes centering around seasons, and any slight sense of continuity in the show, can we make an estimate as to how long Twilight's been a resident of Ponyville? Twilight moved in on the second day she had been in Ponyville, to stay with her new-found friends and study the magic of friendship (but you knew that, right?). She's experienced most, if not all, of the celebrations Ponyville holds throughout one typical year. However, I don't think the storyline follows a strict chronological order. "Winter Wrap Up", which was episode 11, was just two episodes before "Fall Weather Friends", episode 13, and of course fall comes before winter (this is going off of the assumption that Equestria has the same seasonal and climatal patterns as Earth). There are some examples of continuity in the show that align with broadcast order: - Preparing for the Grand Galloping Gala - Pinkie Pie's "Pinkie Sense", since Twilight's (and consequently our) discovery of it in the episode "Feeling Pinkie Keen", has been referenced in several episodes beyond - The battle with and defeat of Nightmare Moon And maybe some more examples, if you can find them. This makes me think that, while different episodes contain separate events that most likely happened at different times, these events were not spread out very far from one another. That being said, my guess is that Twilight has been a resident of Ponyville for... A year? Probably. 18 months? Perhaps. Two years? Possibly. The show is no longer a young one, as we prepare to enter the third season of Friendship is Magic. Matters like this will hardly seem important later on, because time stops for nopony, nor any brony, and all things must progress. This is no reason we can't be sure of where we stand now, though. So as it stands, to rephrase my question, how long has Twilight Sparkle, our adorable, dedicated, studious little protagonist, been living in Ponyville?