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Found 25 results

  1. Mine would be "Oh noooo, just five more minutes," or "I'm old before my time, I should sleep in," or "Hm, maybe I should've gone to sleep earlier last night, because boy do I feel like I got hit by a truck."
  2. So I'm just curious how long people sleep for around here. I DEFINITELY do not sleep normally, I sleep way less than I should Around, 4-5 hours I'd say. So I guess if you're interested, just how long did you sleep last night? I am aware this will never go anywhere, I was just sooooo bored. xD
  3. You know, it's a fact that when you've been doing an extremely daunting task such as representing each of the Elements of Harmony and using them to save Equestria again and again and again, Eventually the Mane 6 are going to feel some physical and mental fatigue from this and somehow I get the feeling that they MIGHT wish at some point that somepony else could take over the helm as heroes of Equestria and save the day for once. Granted this is perhaps the greatest honor anypony could ever have. But even the status of element representative as well as Princess of Friendship isn't without it's drawbacks. Truth be told, I imagine that Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy in particular would say that they never had desires to be heroes nor did they choose to become ones. That status was bestowed upon them as well as the other 3 to stop Nightmare Moon and save Equestria. Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie were chosen by the Elements of Harmony to represent them and be the heroes for all of Equestria. But even with all it's benefits, don't any of the Mane 6 at times wish that they DIDN'T have the weight of Equestria on their shoulders? Plus, one doesn't necessarily NEED the elements of harmony to be heroes. We saw Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Discord and Thorax become heroes in the season finale, But I'm still not satisfied. I wonder what it would be like if one or more of the Mane 6 can't perform the heroism and somepony else has to step in under the discretion of the Mane 6 member(s) that can't perform the task. -Suppose the Cutie Map summoned side characters and other non-Mane 6 ponies to various parts of Equestria to solve a friendship problem? -Could the Mane 6 become teachers to other ponies on how to be heroes like them, similar to Twilight towards Starlight? I'm not talking about which specific ponies should get it. (I've talked about that quite a bit) I'm talking about whether or not the Mane 6 feel tired of always having to be the heroes. Do you agree with any of this?
  4. I very tired... Psychically...And I don't know why.. I no talk with no one.. I no drawing.. I not do nothing! Ruefully.. I have no power.. *** I have a many ideas.. I want return deviantart account and make popular, I with External Evil want to open comissions in English sites, because in Rissian sites we have fail, I want continue ASK in VKontakte, I want to create cartoon.. I want to finish writting my fan works... I want.. Oh... But I have no power, and I don't know what to do, and with what to begin.. T_T *** All week, or more I feel a strong a psychical tiredness... I want a have a power.. I want to find a job yet... Ooooh... I'm very very diffuse.. And I forgot again, that I make a boiling water from tea.. And forgot, that I talk with people... :awuh: May be it is schizophrenia's symptom? But I not believe, that I ill it. © Middleness Collar
  5. I was watching the trailer to Moana. I wish for the movie's success (because Disney) but I just feel so tired of CGI movies. I mean, are they just doing CGI because it's popular? It's not because it's cost efficient right? I feel like it's the wrong thing to say one things art while the other one isn't. And it is wrong. But what is true is beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I am a beholder of traditional hand drawn animation. The Kickstarter project Hullabaloo was an exciting thing for me to hear. Old Disney animators coming together to bring back what made me want to be an animator when I was a kid. Now looking at Moana makes me just feel like I'm incapable of being hired as a 2d animator for movies. Yeah there is the TV route with Adventure Time and all that, but I wanted to animate for movies. Yeah there is the whole practice makes perfect thing with CGI. But I practiced drawing back when I was a kid, now I am 29 years old (as of this post) and I have little to no practice with CGI. It just sucks feeling old when I'm not.
  6. So, what are your sleeping habits? Do you sleep with the TV on? Do you snore? What do you need to fall asleep? What is your sleep position? Personally, I sleep with a floor fan on and the TV on mute. I also have to have at least 8 blankets. I am a soldier sleeper!
  7. So I decided to make a blog entry to update all my friends and just everyone in general as to where I've been and what I've been doing. To those interested I've been extremely busy preparing to go to my Aunt's home to take care of here animals for a week while they're gone to Alaska. I have most of my food and other supplies ready (taking my computer as well). I've also been working 30+ hours a week in order to build up the funds necessary to pay off my loans and make my general payments. I've been feeling sick and tired almost every single day for the past few months and I've been taking medication to remedy that somewhat. I need to make a doctors appointment to figure out what exactly this is but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I've also been very busy with the new Terraria 1.3 update (trying to collect everything in the game). I haven't seen my father in almost a year so I'm getting ready to visit him as well. And finally I've been preparing my supplies for my fourth year at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and I also need to contact my roommates to go over the logistics of what we'll all be bringing. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that my driver's test is next week as well. Stress should've been expected I suppose. So yeah. With the combination of work, chores, packing, trying to contact people and never hearing back from them, and playing games that I've wanted to get back into for a very long time I just don't have as much time for the forums right now. Once all of this crap is dealt with and I'm back in my apartment then I'll definitely be more active here. Oh yeah, and I just got a parking ticket by mistake due to the UWGB campus public safety being terrible at their jobs. I haven't been on campus since the middle of May and the ticket is dated for the 20th of THIS month. And...that's it. Sorry for my absence and I hope you all have a fantastic day! I'll see you all later.
  8. Let me just start by saying, this is gonna be BIG! Its gonna take the world by storm! Actually im just saying this might be a long post, and its even longer now that im putting thi... God i need sleep. ONWARD!! I hate it, and i hate myself for it, but i also love it. I am obssesed with progress; i vilify going backwards, its pointless to me. This is a great boon in many ways. One that stands out the most, i loooovvee any progress made in the show, new characters, new locations, etc. I loved when Discord was reformed, I loved when cadence was introduced, I loved the crystal empire/ponies, I loved Somba, I loved when twilight became an alicorn. I could go on. Needless to say, my enjoyment of new content is always high because of this. The ONLY episodes i didnt like were "It aint easy being breezies" and "Pinkie Pride", but thats a topic for another day. But every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This mentality has a bane as well. As i said, I HATE going backwards. I can watch old episodes, but my enjoyment is to the point i may as well not watch them. This carries over to many areas of the fandom, but ill use examples of a profound one: Fanfiction. I CAN NOT read/enjoy fics that: A} Feature Twilight pre-alicorn. I bet you can already see the problem here. Thats like 3 years of quality writing i wont enjoy Or B} EQG fics that take place pre-RR. You can also see the problem there, thats about 50% (citation needed) of EQG fics right there. There is some exceptions when it comes to prequals, as those are meant to shed backstory, and before-the-fact stuff, but it still applys somewhat. So there you have it, my double-edged sword of mlp, so to speak. Do any of you feel similar. Mabye you do, but less radical than me. Or mabye your thinking of offensive words to call me right now! Whatever it is, this a forum, put it below.
  9. How long/often/when/anything about your snoozing style? For weekdays, I sleep late and wake up early. Might explain why my eyes are half-closed nearly all of the time. I try to compensate that with near-constant naps after college, but I just end up being startled awake and wondering what year it is or whether daylight savings have took a major turn. On weekends, however, I gain it all back through 12+ hours of sleep. My laziness always triumphs over any pressing matters that I was supposed to recognise when half the day is gone. As for ways of getting to sleep, many torturous nights have informed me that Saving Private Ryan's method of keeping your eyes open for as long as possible and just passing out does not, in fact, work. So I just spin and turn into a fajita.
  10. Sooooo...who else here is an insomniac? As I'm sure you can tell I am one, my brain just won't stop thinking and it drives me crazy. :okiedokielokie:
  11. An RP announcement?! WHAT?! And it is... PRP Instead, since we recently lost a staffer, Khajiit to like...real life, we've promoted two new people! Now, cats don't usually wear shoes, and if they did they would be quite small; however, kitty has left behind some big (proverbial) shoes, and I have every confidence in our two newest staffers! @@Hypn0ticD will be sitting vigil in the Everfree Empire. @@Eloquence will be covering Equestrian Empire. Due to feedback from past staffers, they will each be trained in one section, and learn the other later on, because good lord, RP world is huge, and can be overwhelming. That said, they'll be joining myself, @@Fhaolan and (sometimes) @. So welcome aboard these two lovely ladies!
  12. I remember back when I was younger, around the ages of 9-18, when my life used to be interesting and I always had something different and fun to do day in and day out. Now, it seems like my life has become one boring repetitive cycle of: go to work, come home, watch some shows or play some video games, and go to bed. I just can't seem to find anything remotely interesting to do anymore. My job(s) are boring and then I also have to deal with people being absolute jerks to me day in and day out. I can't find the ambition to play video games anymore now that most of my friends either no longer play them or they have trouble connecting to me due to my terrible Internet connection. The only shows I watch now are MLP:FiM, Hell's Kitchen, and Game of Thrones; and that's when I actually have the time to watch them. I've lost ambition to go on my afternoon walks since the mosquitoes are terrible here and those walks were my favorite way to relieve the stress built up from work. I also need to pay off the thousands of dollars in loan debt that I've accumulated as well, and that's always weighing on my mind. I don't even know why I'm talking about this tbh...I think I'm just afraid of living a boring and uninteresting life with no friends nearby and being alone. I guess I just, I dunno...want to be somebody. And right now I feel like a nobody :/
  13. I have done a few request of the past couple weeks and thought instead of multiple posts I'll do one with several pics so here we go. Siblings request featuring Lucinda Nights (also her OC's name) on the left and her brother Knight Ballad on the right. An exhausted and tired Wolf requested by Hibiscus Rain (now Rose Petal Rain) featuring her OC Wolf. I ended up doing two picks for Rose Petal Rain I found two positions I wanted to use. One I did a while back I got a request to batifiy an existing OC this one featuring Candy Star (also her OC's name). That is all for now I'll keep posting the requests I get in the future or save pics for another art dump, thanks for taking the time to have a look.
  14. Today has been a very unusual day. I guess I have no one to blame but myself but I came home from a long day of work and the first thing I did was search for literary agents and research The Matrix film series. Those two are not a good combination. Destiny has always been important to me, because believing my life has an ultimate goal keeps me going. But, there has been very little in my life that suggests I have a destiny I was meant to fulfill. I want to make it as a fiction writer, but the business does not seem to agree with my train of thought. But more to the point, breaking into the business itself is a very difficult process and I've been thinking for a while that all my works are trash. I'm not just saying that either. My books sometimes feel disjointed because I'm good at making stuff up as I go, but that doesn't mean I always get it right. Other people giving me feedback and don't seem to realize these mistakes like I do. I feel right now like life has lost its meaning and I shouldn't care what's right for me or not; but maybe I'm just tired. Somewhere down the road I hope somebody can teach me what I need to do more of or what I need to do less of. I don't know why I perceiver, but maybe I was visited once by my future self who convinced me I would make it and then disappeared. Writing is very rewarding, but trying to impress someone when there is nobody to impress makes no sense. This has been an existential-moment-of-the-day-moment. I guess it's not exciting to read about, but that is what this blog is all about.
  15. This started out with an idea to draw Pinkie crossed with an orange...but turned into this. I just can't. I'm so exhausted from school and everything else Dx I really hope to god I can recharge soon. Although I find it rather cute in some creepy pacman/Kirby/jiggly puff way. excuse the crappy coloring job, I was too lazy to get colored pencils from my bag and settled for crayons that were right near me. .-.
  16. Gotta draw Rainbow exactly as I did Applejack. Why? Because I'm tired and might as well get the heads out of the way before I work on body, wings, and horn designs. Jeez though, maybe I shouldn't keep myself up so late drawing. -_- Feel free to love it...or hate it. Whatever works best. Catch ya'll tomorrow after my mural painting thing.
  17. I'm getting real tired of your sh*t, Hasbro.
  18. We all know that. A (monday) morning and school, the job, college, university or whatever calls us is potentially ruining our day just because we have to get up early. Tierdness and that feeling you just won't totally wake up at all... Well, something tells me he knows this, too... Criticism is welcome!
  19. I'm getting real tired of your sh*t, Hasbro.
  20. Just got back from work, my everything hurts, and it turns out the surprise happened while I was off site :c So, I'm not WoTing too terribly tonight. Long story short, as you can clearly see, the main forum icons have been customized to something other than the bland pointy arrow signs. This project has been in idea form for several months, but due to not being able to find an appropriate artist and a clear idea for what to do, it consistently got sidetracked onto the back-burner. Silver Marcato and I have finally gotten it done, however. Are they perfect? No. However, here's the thing: BronyCon is in one month, and in my opinion, having a line of the same exact image for every forum would not only look incredibly lazy, but would also be a one-up on us that many other sites would have, as they may have individualized icons. Will the icons change in the future? Probably. After BronyCon, I imagine our intake of new attention will garnish more artists to join our member force, and thus, our ability to throw artist power around freely towards problems and dream advancements will be far more likely. Right now however, 21 individualized, thought out, drafted and polished forum icons was not going to happen. So, right now we've got the next best thing of what we can do :3 I don't like some of these. Too freaking bad. It took Silver three days to do these things, including a loss of quite a few of them that he then had to redo. You'll look at them and you'll like them." Opinions make the world go round :3 It's more than obvious some people won't care for them, but keep in mind that, this is what we're now using, for the time being. Now that the bulk work is done, I'm sure Silver won't mind any individualized suggestions for some of the icons and improvements on border color or general image usage that you may have, but please keep in mind that we're not really looking to do another overhaul. What you see is, at a basic level, what we're using. No matter how you slice it this is an improvement to the bland sign posts in my opinion (which, was also a show vector, may I add :3). I hope folks enjoy them. And for those that don't, please feel free to give feedback on what you think can be improved. -- Moving on, Neikos has retired from his Developer position for his own reasons, and more or less there to help fill the void in EQTV's Development team is Discordian. Witness, young ponies, the second staff member to be a full worshiper of Discord. Soon that number will increase, and then you're all doomed... EQTV, as we know from our last Canterlot announcement, has been shut down for some beefing up. However, that can't very well happen without a Develepor. Thus, Discordian shall put on his mechanic hat and do his best to solve the one or two things we need finished with the site, which basically comes down to a few bug fixes and and some more concrete moderation controls.
  21. What has this world come to...? To where we are not free to express what we love because of what others think? Do they really believe that calling us faggots, pedophiles, and autistic just because we love something they don't means we will stop liking it? I mean I don't know who the hell they think they are, but it's about ticking me off. I don't CARE if it's a kids show, and I most definately don't CARE what your opinion on the show is...but i'm going to watch the show and I will continue to love it, and when you insult the fandom, MY FAMILY, i'm pissed. I know i'm not supposed to care about what others feel about us watching the show, but I just can't take it anymore and I might as well just come out and say it. Insulting the fandom because they like something you don't is like hating somebody because they don't like the same brand of cereal. To me it's childish, and irrational to dislike somebody and call them a "FAG" over the internet. Really? Calling a somebody a "fag". Grow up, shit for brains, it's 2013! Calling us pedophiles? You know what, I won't back this up, but yes, some of us kinda take a liking to R34, but it's way less digrating than jerking off to the shit you watch. It's better than watching a bunch of sluts with fake breasts fuck their lives away for disgusting people like you to fap too. So I really don't see the fucking difference! I think most of you anti-bronies need to get your shit together and realize the definition of a pedophile. A pedophile is somebody who is attracted to minors,and these are ponies. There is nothing in the definition of a pedophile that states you can't be attracted to horses. Autistic? Don't get me fucking started. You think you are being funny calling bronies autistic for liking a show? News flash, you heartless bastards, some men and women who do watch this show probably are autistic, and autism has nothing to do with liking MLP. So all I got to say is that you make me sick for even daring to compare any of us to the autistic, and I hope you burn in hell. If hating on somebody because they like something helps you feel better about yourself, whatever helps you sleep at night. But just know whatever you say to us won't make us go away anytime soon. I apologize for this, and I apologize if any of this goes against "Love and Tolerate". I'm just tired of all these anti-bronies thinking it's so cool to gang up on us and I know all fandoms have haters, but it's getting out of hand. I am aware this won't make a difference, but this is MY blog and i'll post my opinions and thoughts however I like. If you don't like what you read, I apologize, but that's your problem. Not mine.
  22. Butter Bean is bored at the moment...she has been having a busy day meeting new ponies, but never made the time to play with them. Will you play with her?
  23. ... Are you fecking serious?! Gah! GAAH! I had JUST finished typing up a 1,700+ character blog entry, and take a guess at what happened! I got a pretty little webpage that said "The site is currently unavailable, retry for a live version of the site"! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU---- ANYWAY, what I'll do is briefly summarize what I explained in my attempt at a bucking entry... • I drew a picture and colored it. Yay, first colorful picture! • It's nearing 4:30 AM for me. I'm tired as a mofo • I'm going to start drawing Mr. Historically Accurate's OC soon. I know. Took long enough. LazyUnicorn. • Should I calm my "profanity"? I know I tend to use some vulgar language (ie. feckin, arse, shite, etc.), but it's not as bad as actually typing out the words straight up, right? I dunno. Maybe I'm worrying about nothing. BTW I don't usually swear IRL, it's just a typing habit to amuse myself. • [insert random shite about being tired and having ADD or whatever I don't really remember] • I recently became an Operator on a Minecraft server that I've been faithful to for over a year now! Yay! It's a classic server, but we're working on an SMP for paid Minecraft. If you're interested, the server is called Qube Foundry. Quite a lovely server • I mentioned I noticed that I make quite the blog entries, amounting up to 1,000 characters each. I don't know if that's a lot or if you readers, or possibly followers, like that or not. Can't tell. That, my fellow bronies and friends, was a short recap of my attempted entry that FAILED to even save as a draft. Dat luck. I'ma copy this entry so I don't have to waste any more of my time re-typing an entry. I love ya guys. Stay classy
  24. This was my first freehand of a pony... and first coloring.... It isn't the best, but what do you guys think? (and YES she did get her hair cut )
  25. Well this is my OC shooting star sleeping in her cozy bed, hope you like it As usual I don't think it's that great but again, I hope you all like it fellow bronies As for what I used A mouse only And paint tool sai And please tell me what to improve or what you think about it EDIT: made it bigger Remember Enlarge is WIN!