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Found 70 results

  1. ALERT! Leaked content ahead! When content was leaked two years ago, one part of it was Tirek and Cozy Glow becoming crystallized into some kind of statue, either crystal or stained glass. Whatever's the case, they'll be in the premiere in some way or another. The question is what roles will they have in the premiere, what impact they'll have in it, and will it lead to anything in the finale. With that, I think it's fun to discuss and speculate what they'll do.
  2. Shanks

    Tirek Fan Club Welcome To The Tirek Fanclub! Tirek is a G1 villain brought back for the season 4 finale. In G1 he conquered a kingdom and turned its prince into a gargoyle named Scorpan who transformed back once he was defeated. His goal was to bring on the "night that never ends" with his rainbow of darkness making him an influence for Nightmare Moon. A few rules -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. (or else someones head will roll) -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Luna forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum unless of course Luna is also in the picture. -Do not hate on another fan club -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. -Fan art is encouraged but all images with the exception of the cover image in this first post must have the proper spoiler tags. Large amounts of unspoilered images on a single page can often cause lag and nobody likes to deal with lag.
  3. SaburoDaimando

    Starlight vs Tirek 2018 Remake

    [. Back in 2016, I did a drawing that was basically a "What If" scenario: Starlight Glimmer vs Tirek. Here, I have done a complete remake of the battle between Twilight's Student and the Evil Centaur. All new poses, darker backgrounds that make the characters stand out more. I actually enjoy this drawing more than the 2016 variation.
  4. I know it's assumed it'll be in March or April just as Season 7 was but as far as I can tell Hasbro has not officially announced anything :/
  5. There's been a lot of talk lately about the rampant villain reformations in this show lately. Although I do love a great, truly evil villain as much as the next fan, I can also see how reformation is just a natural part of Friendship is Magic's progression. That said, we are running out of villains, and fast! We already know Queen Chrysalis and Tirek are returning in season 8. Then, I saw this posted on My Little Pony's Facebook page: The clip they chose to use, along with what Megan McCarthy had to say about how "No one’s bad, they’re just broken”, and reforming all the villains, much to our dismay. The implication is strong... I think she's getting reformed. At first, my knee-jerk reaction was dismay. Chrysalis is an awesome menace, and I'd hate to see that end. However, I did imagine how this reformation could come about in a way that would be believable, and, dare I say, awesome. We know that Chrysalis has vowed revenge on Starlight Glimmer and escaped. While it is possible she has another hive, I don't think that's the case. Instead, I imagine she will need to team up with a more powerful ally to exact her revenge. Who is one of the most powerful villains we've seen thus far? Tirek. Chrysalis, needing an ally, would free Tirek and as a tag team, begin to steal all the magic they can. Let's say that they're pretty successful. Again, the goal here is to get back at Starlight; I don't suppose Chrysalis thought ahead to what happens after that. Tirek betrayed Discord the last time he formed any kind of alliance. Discord, of course, was completely caught off-guard by this, and put up no fight. Chrysalis, however, might be able to put up a fight. That is, if she gets an assist from a certain army. Perhaps being overwhelmed with Tirek's growing powers, Chrysalis would need to work together with her former Changeling hive, Thorax, and perhaps even Starlight and the Mane 6 too. Somehow, in this process, I could totally imagine her seeing the light, and giving up her revenge plot for the greater good. In short, Chrysalis' reformation would have to be preceded by her reluctantly allying with the "good guys". I think this would be pretty sweet, and definitely not a reformation that feels unrealistic or pressed for time. What do you think? How else would you reform her? Or do you still think she's a baddie forever?
  6. Seriously, after fighting villains like Tirek, dragons shouldn't frighten the heroes that much, right. Oh, sure, they breathe fire, but Tirek? He stole all of the magic in Equestria until he had enough power to lay waste to everything in his way. Dragons are pussycats compared to a fully powered Tirek.
  7. SomeCoffee

    Royals (25 Characters) [Pencil]

    Most royals presented in the show, if I'm missing anyone please let me know(I explain the lack of Shining Armor below). What I now look back on and find interesting is that this whole idea started due to a 2016 show adapted from a 1992 work, who's music (the 2016 one's) sparked the inspiration. This was done on...basically an A4 fax paper with HB pencils. Yeah.... List of characters and their parallel poser [1-2] Poisoned Lovers (Prince Blue Dream & Princess Golden Dream according to the wiki) [3-4] Celestia & Luna [5-6] Cadence & Flurry [7-8] The Saddle Arabia delegates (Haakim & Amira, or "Ruler and Princess" when translated) [9-10] Sombra & Chrysalis [11-12] Rutherford & Tirek [13-14] Duke & Duchess of Maretonia [15-16] Torch & Scorpan [17-19] 3 Founders of Equestria (Princess Platinum, Chancellor Puddinghead, Commander Hurricane) [20-21] King Grover and King Groto [22-24] Ember, Twilight, & Thorax In hindsight, I don't know why I didn't just take one picture of all three of them. [25] Blueblood At first I was going to do EVERY royal from EVERY media from the current gen because I really wanted Princess Amore and Princess Parabola to pose together. But then I found out there's a King Leo (so somehow I'd have to fit a massive pool of water in there), Princess Platinum's dad (King Bullion), I didn't know whether to include (the fictional) Queen Trottingham, I wondered if that one time Trixie was a queen in the comics would that count, apparently they designed Tirek's mom and dad who were royals too, and I'd still need to find space for the Storm wasn't happening. I had no clue Shining Armor was a prince until recently. When I made a list of royalties I was thinking of those who acted in government. Rule makers, citizen commanders, foreign relation stuff. Shining Armor....commands the royal guard...which is below top level royalties, which is why I didn't think he was a prince. I mean even now he mostly just raises Flurry, I don't see him in big politcal matters (appearances don't count.) And I'm not sure of Pinkie's "official" title was serious in the Yak episode, it was way to late to put her in anyhow. Ugh man originally I had like 11 paragraphs & pictures of thought process/work because these characters were set up from scratch, so planning their positions and pose took 10 fold the time to actually draw them. Like these characters used pose refrences, but this whole set up didn't essentially pardoy something else. I didn't finish it but I did want to include the pics though: This took way too much time, and I overthought this to a useless extent. Definitely NOT going to do numerous character drawings for a while, I've been craving one-two character close drawings again, ones where I can actually add detail and style.
  8. This was just something random I did out of pure boredom: A reason to why Tirek is the worst of the worst. [video]
  9. SaburoDaimando

    Twilight Sparkle's Worse Nightmare

    Imagine a worse case scenario for Twilight Sparkle: She's beaten by Lord Tirek and had her magic drained. But the Evil Centaur decided to go even further by tormenting Twilight with a Quesadilla.
  10. EifieFikoru

    Art evolution.

    It's been a month since I've started doing a daily drawing. And Oh Boy, it's been a blast. I didn't liked it at first, but little by little I think I became better... Maybe. It all started with this "thing" which I didn't take too seriously, but it was my first pony in a while. Close to 5 years without even touching a pen to draw. It hurted. Then I did this. I like this style better. It reminds me about those old joke magazines like MAD. I tried to replicate the last drawing's style, but didn't work. Her face is derpy without the cute. I actually like this Octavia, but i have to admit, the lightning doesn't make sense. It's a problem I'm struggle with even today, but sooner or later I'll overcome such flaws. Aaand, here I began to make those horrible intrusive text highlights. They take a lot of space and later when it's not 22 days anymore, it became useless. With this one I took a little risk. I like the colors, but they're oversaturated. Here's when I tried to do a background that wasn't just clouds or two colors. I didn't detailed that much, but I liked it when I did it. Today, not so much, but I kinda have respect to it.Was the first time that I tried to do a good shading... "good" xD well, it's not that bad. With this one, I tried an old, OLD comic book style which I didn't know how to do. It turned out decent, but it's nothing compared with other styles. I kinda like it even today though. This Luna brings me issues. I liked the concept, but the final results are... Special. The perspective is so messy, oh goodness. This I don't like. Not at all. Moving on! This was the first one that I really liked how it turned out. I like the highlights, the background is okay, and the lineart is charming. It was the best I did since the beginning imo. Besides, Dashie with Tank is an idea that I'd love to do more often. This was the time that I've started to do certain things, like the mane style, the shadows and highlights, and more "dynamic" poses. They're still stiffy, but here I noticed that I was improving after a long time. ... And I watch this one, and I laugh. Oh god, look at the expression, the proportions, the background! I thought it was ok, but now I realize that it wasn't that good as I expected xD It's not terrible, and it's better than the others, but still, it's not as good as the next ones, thankfully. That's a good sign. I like to mess with the ways of doing the magic effect. This one is... weird. The style is weird, the expressions are weird, and even the shading is. I kinda, sorta, maybe like it, but I feel ashamed every time I look at it well, it was more than 2 weeks ago. I think I've improved. Maybe. Now, this is one of my personal favourites. This is when I really liked how it was turning out, and I can't find any major flaws besides Luna's face. But even still, I think it's funny and doesn't ruin the whole image. Here's when my shading started to look good. I mess up sometimes, but I've learned my lesson since the Crusaders one. Oh geez... Welp, this was the image when all my mane styles started to be like silk... Not really, but I love Celestia's. And this one... I messed up with the shading in a couple of ponys, specially in Rarity, but I LOVE the feeling I receive from it. It reminds me about those promotional posters from movie theaters. And I love how Sunset, Pinkie, Starlight and Twilight look. With this one I tried to do a "good" background, but... Well, it's not that bad, but the pony proportions are messy, and the color is oversaturated again. I try to improve that even today. Keep it light and smooth, Eifie. Don't over do it. This one was simple. Notice the sense of movement and the way the ponys point to the next part of the text like they're dancing. They point to each other in a way, and I think it's fun. I really like to do Pinkie's mane, it's so messy and weird Even when I like the Fluttercord idea, I don't really like this one that much. The background is weird, and I could do the characters better. even though, I like the feeling it emanates. what I enjoy the most are Discord's wings. This one was fun to do. I love the Crusaders, and I enjoy doing them whenever I can. Even if the "18 days" image was just... Ugh. It's my least favourite. But this one redeemes that, right? (Redeemes? That's how you spell it? English is not my mother language, so don't mind me D: ). Oh my. The Apple-Pie family is tricky, but certainly fun. My thing is doing portrait drawings, and the style is weird but charming to me, haha! (Marble's mane is my favourite. Maud's expression is priceless.). And this one right there is special. Why? It was the first one that I send to Equestria Daily. And it was published. I won't lie to you, I was happy the rest of the day after I noticed that. Then Sethisto started to notice my drawings, and ever since many more of them were published on the page. I'm truly glad of that. I'm willing to do so much more because I have a little more feedback. The brony community is the best. Oh, and another one following the trend of the "13 days" one. Notice how now they're more balanced. Now is Twilight who has her eyes open, and the rest has them closed. She really is the princess of friendship, and I'd love to do more tributes about this fact. Kinda reminds me about the PPG. I think this one is my favourite. The shading is the best 've done in my opinion, and the message is fun. Celestia is used to be captured, so we don't have to worry. Some magical thing will save the day at the end of the afternoon. Should i say i really like the manes? This has a special place in my heart. Ember looks good, and the lightning is divine. (Sounds bad when it's my own drawing. I'm sorry! ) This one is a close second because the colors. This one is charming, and it's okay, but not of my favourites. I think I messed un a bit with the background, and the proportions are a little bit off. And Oh MY, what happenned to Sunburst's beard? That's not right! Besides Starlight's magic is light blue. Whoops. (Oh, you noticed the tea cup? Trixie approves. And the prediction came true, Spike and her shared a moment in the season premiere!). This was fun to do, but MY GOODNESS it take a lot of time, and it isn't even that great. The shading could be better, but that happens when you're on a schedule and try to do so many characters. Don't do that, people! Outside that, it's fun to watch and the illustration looks okay. This was the last one. Was the day before the season premiere, and I couldn't be happier. Notice how I get rid of the intrusive text since the "7 days left" one. I'm so glad about it. The countdown remains in the title, not in the image. And here's some others before and after the episode. The "meme" ones are too fun. I'll do some more this week. The title of this one is "Hiatus was just a nightmare, everypony!". It was published before the episodes aired. Those ones, you know. I hope you like watching them as I love doing them! Twitter! Follow me on dA for more!
  11. EifieFikoru

    Less than 2 days; welcome home

    It's a shame they killed king Sombra. This dream is impossible now, but i kinda like the idea of all the season's villains united. Well, it's more a tribute for the season 7 villain. I wonder what or who will it be. I hope the new characters are interesting as well. Twitter! deviantArt!
  12. Since Tirek can drain strength from Earth ponies, which wouldn't normally be considered "magical", could he could drain something from a human? What would it be? I'm thinking intelligence or creativity.
  13. This was something I did in Adobe After Effects out of pure boredom: An animation using scenes from Twilight's Kingdom and One Bad Apple of Lord Tirek eating Sweetie Belle's Lollipop, all while she's crying over it Your thoughts on this? Also, am I going to hell for this?
  14. SaburoDaimando

    Tirek pouring out chocolate milk.

    There's a running gag on Derpibooru where any character tips over, spills, or pours out chocolate milk will earn the comical ire of the fan base. Well, I just got Tirek involve. P.S. I'm going to hell, am I?
  15. NomadSpellbrush

    My First Digital Painting After two weeks and around 60 hours, I present my first digital painting all done in Adobe Photoshop. Also I based this off of a certain video game cover.
  16. SaburoDaimando

    Starlight Glimmer vs Lord Tirek

    This is something I came up with: Starlight Glimmer clashing against Tirek in an epic battle of some sorts. The whole background is a cross between the battle between Twilight and Tirek from Twilight's Kingdom, along with the Ashen Wasteland of the Cutie Remark
  17. ideaguy1998

    Was G1 really that dark?

    Some people label MLP G1 as darker and scarier than MLP:FIM because of things like Grogar and the Smooze and that FIM's villains are less well-written and cruel and more incompetent. That makes me feel uncomfortable because I think the more well-developed and written series should be allowed to be darker than its 80's counterpart. But was G1 even really that scary? Did everypony really cling on to the feelings they first had when they saw MLP:G1? Would anyone like to offer proof against that? And plus, would you be more sacred by the Cutie Map than anything from MLP: G1?
  18. I'm making this topic out of response to Lilly Peet (aka Jerry Peet)'s recent "Down With Celestia" video where he rips the character a new one over apparent incompetence and stupidity over certain decisions, particularly in relation to her actions in the Season 4 finale. For those of you who wish to view the vid, I've posted it below: Honestly, I think Lilly's talking out her ass here. In relation to the Discord and Sombra events, Celestia clearly tasked Twilight and her friends in taking care of those matters as she felt they could handle it. The Tirek incident, however, is something far different: I think Celestia prepared for that FAR more in advance than most people give her credit for. Let me ask a question: if you were over 1,000 years old and have seen attacks and betrayals like this happen many times, wouldn't you plan ahead to counter them? Also, Celestia clearly knew Discord, while reformed, was still very fickle and would definitely fall prey to the machinations of someone like Tirek if such an opportunity happened. That, and Twilight's constant verbal abuse towards Discord during most of that season, deserved or not, certainly furthered this being inevitable. So why would Celestia send HIM of all beings out to find Tirek? Simple: SHE KNEW MOST OF THE EVENTS IN "TWILIGHT'S KINGDOM" WOULD HAPPEN! Now, I don't mean this in a "she can see into the future" sort of way. I mean more as in an "intuition from past experiences" sort of way (i.e. a gut feeling). As mentioned earlier, Celestia clearly knew Discord would side with Tirek if the opportunity arose and needed to act. She probably knew about the Rainbow Powers in the chest from many years back and counted on them being used as a last resort. The only thing Celestia probably wasn't counting on happening was Twilght's tree getting destroyed, as that was merely collateral damage. However, then there comes the controversial (to Lilly Peet, anyway) of Celestia and Luna giving Twilight the rest of the Alicorn magic so that Tirek couldn't take it from them. Many people accuse Celestia of incompetence for this act simply because they think she was acting out of fear and could clearly take Tirek on in a fight if she wanted to. After all, Tirek was nothing more than a jacked-up bully; he wouldn't been able to steal magic that easily if his targets ended up putting up a huge fight like Twilight did, which is why he resorted to blackmail Twilight to forfeit the Alicorn magic when their fight later began to put him on the losing side. But honestly? Celestia had no choice than to do so. Even IF she and Luna fought Tirek instead, he'd eventually find a way to beat them and take their magic anyway. And even if they hid it somewhere else, like say in a certain object or container, he'd still find it and get it far easier. Simply put, it was a no-win situation, and I don't like how certain Bronies, ESPECIALLY Lilly Peet, hold Celestia over the fires for stuff that she couldn't do much about and call her incompetent. I find it very unfair, and considering we barely saw her AT ALL in Season 5, I don't think the writers haven't been given any time at all recently to give Celestia her own episode to counteract any of these accusations. Here's hoping Season 6 addresses these claims! Thoughts?
  19. Since the Season Finale, I always wonder what it would be like if Nightmare Moon(Or Princess Luna), Discord, and Starlight Glimmer wound up helping defend Ponyville from an alliance of Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek and King Sombra? Perhaps as a means of helping repay their debt to Equestria, these three reformed villains decides to aid the Mane 6 against three previously defeated villains. Nightmare Moon vs Queen Chrysalis(Finally seeing Luna take on Cheeselegs) Discord vs Tirek(Payback for his betrayal during Twilight's Kingdom) Starlight Glimmer vs King Sombra(Battle of magics, anyone?) What do you guys think? Should the reformed villains take on the previously defeated villains as an act of heroism?
  20. PathfinderCS

    Spoiler FIENDship is Magic #2 - Tirek

    Well, it is the second Wednesday of April, and as such a new issue of the FIENDship is Magic comic line is out, and this time we have Lord Tirek as the star. I have yet to read this myself, but considering how well the Sombra issue was received, anyone have any thoughts on this one?
  21. I recently watched Rescue at Midnight Castle from G1, in my personal opinion G1 Tirek is far more evil than G4 Tirek. Simply by the fact he has some magical bag that turns thing like butterflies and even ponies into horrible monsters which obey his every command seemingly without question. He even threatened to have G1 Spike's head cut off if he didn't get another pony for his chariot. And also he wanted to cover the entire world in darkness. He kinda reminds me of Sauron. He even has an Artifact Of Doom called the Rainbow of Darkness which he uses to turn once beautiful creatures into terrible monsters. Do you have anything to counter? Just check out this video:

    art pile!

    this is what came out of the stream! thanks for watching ^^
  23. OK, so I was watching Pony Thread Simulator, I know it's supposed to be tongue in cheek humour but there was one theory in it that really blew my mind, Discord winked at the end of Twilight's Kingdom part 2, to Celestia. Implying that he deliberately betrayed Equestria simply for the sake of gaining the medallion that Tirek had. Which is exactly what happened in Metal Gear Solid 3, the boss betrays the US to get the philosopher's legacy back from Volgin. And Snake had to kill her. So Discord deliberately joined Tirek as part of a ruse, Shining, Celestia, his ''Back Off Traitor!!!'' quote? It was all an elaborate ruse. So Twilight could understand. They deliberately allowed Tirek to destroy everything as they wanted Twilight to learn. Endangering Equestria in the progress. Now that would be a scandal to talk about. Even if it's not official. It could make a great fan-fic story.
  24. Any big or small changes in MLP villains strategies that would've resulted in the villain getting what they wanted. Just two off the top of my head: For Sunset Shimmer, she should have just broken into/ joined a dog kennel, then released all of them through the mirror at once. The Crystal Empire becomes flooded with hundreds of dragons overnight, and, one moon cycle later, she strolls in to take over the now presumably charred and burning Equestria. For Nightmare Moon, she should've just refused to bring up the moon when it was time for the sun to come down. Everypony, including her sister, would've much more likely to sympathize with her (since it points more towards depression than aggression), and it would have also made them realize how destructive Celestia's Sun can be, since eternal day is just as bad as eternal night. Any more retoolings or significant errors you guys can think of? (If talking about Starlight Glimmer's plan, be sure to wrap it in spoilers!)