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Found 8 results

  1. It is done! I bring you my Ramblings on the genetics of Ponies with speculation on the origins of Alicorns. This was inspired by the “Is it possible to have alicorn offspring for non-alicorns?” thread. As seen in Baby Cakes (S2, EP13), it is possible for a pony couple to give birth to ponies of a different tribe. However, as seen is various episodes, whether or not this happens is not completely random, as Pinkie’s Family are all earth ponies and Rarity’s are all unicorns fr example. However, as it has been shown that the tribes can interbreed, they are not separate species as such, more along the lines of breeds, but as you do not see a half unicorn/pegasus for example, that does not quite work, (hence my use of tribes). My theory is that within the genetic code of each pony is a gene, or set of genes, that reconfigures other parts of the genetic code for each tribe, which would usually be the same as the parents. Having ancestors of a different tribe must also be carried down in the genetic code, or be a rare random mutation, not enough data to go on here. I suspect there could be a mixture of both. However, we must also include magic in any theory. It is evident that magic is built into each pony, for example, just having wings would in no way allow a pegasus to walk on clouds. This built in magic is also shown in Cutie Marks. This magic could allow any pony who reaches a certain, rare, mental state of enlightenment to undergo a transformation into an Alicorn. On the Origin of Alicorns. Did anyone else notice the flag at the end of Hearth’s Warming Eve (S2 EP11) had what appeared to be Celestia and Luna on it? And yet the pair are not mentioned at all, seeing as if they were there they would have helped against the Windigos. Thus, I do not think they were around before the Fire of Friendship was created, but they must have been around afterwards. I think either they were created by the Fire of Friendship, or transformed by it (Elements of Harmony created at same time??). Either way, they did not start their rule straight away, as Discord was around first (Possibility of Windigos caused by Discord??) Thank you for reading this. Thoughts? (and yes I know I haven't followed up all topics fully. These are just ramblings)
  2. This post is only to show that anti-bronies make no sense and should be ignored. I'm not worked up or anything, I just want to send a message. Anti-Brony Logic I had this thought in my head before getting to sleep, and I felt the need to let it out. Personally I don't call them anti-bronies, but just haters. Anyway, I have a problem with two of the most popular things the haters say. 1. "Bronies are gay and are attracted to ponies." I'm sure we've all seen this before, and it's probably a lot more vulgar but since children are on here too I don't want to go too far. This statement contradicts (I hope that's the right word) itself. It's implying we are attracted to the mane 6, which is also why they call us pedophiles because they think the mane 6 are underage girls. Because of this, we must be attracted to girls, too. Gay guys wouldn't get excited over a cartoon girl. Therefore, we can't be gay. Also, as Shire Pony Malinter said, the gay bronies were gay before they knew what My Little Pony was. This makes the haters homophobes. 2. "Bronies are cancer and need to go die." This one is ironic. Cancer tries to kill people and sometimes succeeds. As far as I know, bronies have never tried to commit murder. This sentence is basically trying to kill us by sending us death threats. This makes the hater closer to cancer than bronies. Yes, there are haters of every fandom, but the bronies are probably the ones who get these two "insults" (doesn't offend me, really) the most out of any fandom.
  3. tl;dr warning Tribes Ascend http-~~-// Is an online first person shooter that breaks the cookie-cutter mold of your standard every day Call of Duty style first person shooter. Movement is fast as hell thanks to the game's jetpacks and unique skiing mechanic, and combat requires a bit of extra skill due to the fact that your bread-n-butter weapons are a far cry from the hitscan spray-and-pray common to so many modern shooters; instead, weapons fire projectiles that have travel time, and velocity inheritance. http-~~-// Gameplay is team-based, with three modes currently available: Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and Rabbit; wherein there is one flag on the map, and the goal is to kill whoever has it, take it, and stay alive for as long as possible while holding it. Taking a hint from Team Fortress 2, Tribes Ascend is free to play; while payment options do exist, the only purpose they serve is to allow you to unlock additional classes and such with greater speed than what would otherwise be possible... and to be completely honest, my favorite class is one of the two that comes unlocked from the start. But... yeah, I've been a Tribes fan for close to ten years now, and while I didn't care much for Ascend when I played it earlier this year at PAX, it has since more than won me over, and has become the first new PC game in a while to keep my interest for any appreciable amount of time. Highly recommended to any shooter fans that want a change of pace! As of a few days ago, the game is now out of beta and officially launched! MLP Forums players/usernames: (in hindsight, this list is a little bit silly due to the fact that nearly everyone is using the same name they use on the forum) Zoop: Zoop Flare: Flare03 Jonke: Jonke Klopp: Klopp Lady Rarity Pony: LadyRarityPony NewCalamity: NewCalamity Nico: NicolaiB92 RariShy Sparkle: Roompa The Broken Toast: TheBrokenToast Vex3D: Vex3D LowfatEnvelope: LowfatEnvelope Kaborer: Kaborer WiponCat: WiponCat Lobstaarr: Lobstaarr AceCord: MrL0LZGamer Lumen: Nakkila Lord Sprixx: Sprixx Sealion: Sealion ArcanePony: ArcaneCarrot
  4. Alternate title: Leave Diamond Tiara Alone Foreword Diamond Tiara, the undisputed most hated character of the show for many. It’s a pretty safe assumption that you absolutely loathe her or at least dislike her heavily. I was lurking through some of the dormant threads in the dark depths of the forum and I was a bit surprised at the amount of hatred the members had (and probably still have) for Diamond Tiara. Well, not so much surprised as disheartened I guess. As crazy as it may seem, I've come to like her recently and though I doubt it will change any of your minds, I will go ahead and explain why I like Diamond Tiara. This is pretty much the largest reason why everyone dislikes Diamond Tiara so let’s get this out of the way – she’s a bully, mean and obnoxious. And it’s true; she is and I’m sure you don’t need me to list any examples to show that. Apple Bloom is the focus of her aggression. At first it seems like she bullies Apple Bloom for having a blank flank but I think there is more to it than that, she did team up with Babs against Apple Bloom after all. She’s obviously got something personal against Apple Bloom which is why she focuses her aggression on Apple Bloom and those that associate themselves with Apple Bloom. Diamond Tiara is probably just jealous of Apple Bloom and her strong bond with her family. I don’t know if you noticed but it doesn't seem like Filthy Rich, Diamond Tiara’s dad, is around very often. The guy looks tired and overworked; he probably just buy his daughter gifts to sort of make up for not being around as often as he would like do to being busy with work. For this reason, Diamond Tiara finds satisfaction in bringing Apple Bloom down and acts out to get attention. I realize you may be thinking, “That’s all just speculation. Diamond Tiara is rotten to the core” and I say that simply isn’t true. I seriously doubt that she has no redeeming qualities in fact some have already been shown. If you look back at “Family Appreciation Day”, you’ll notice that Diamond Tiara has plenty of love for her father. She stays attentive for his presentation and is the only one to applaud at the end. She obviously takes pride in her father’s accomplishments; it’s no wonder she’s quick to defend him when Apple Bloom uses Granny Smith’s story to undermine Filthy Rich’s accomplishments. There is no such thing as pure evil or pure good; even if we don’t get to see the good qualities of Diamond Tiara all that often, I’m sure they’re there. So smug Now that the appeals to pathos have been observed, let’s get to the real reason I like Diamond Tiara – she’s mean and obnoxious . I’m half-joking when I say that. The above paragraphs are truly my thoughts but I actually enjoy the mean and obnoxious side of her because she plays her role well, maybe even too well considering how many in the fandom absolutely despise her. She’s extremely manipulative as evidenced by her ability to get Apple Bloom to feel embarrassed by Granny Smith in a matter of seconds and how she gets Babs to turn on her own cousin and how she forces the CMC to continue writing gossip columns against their will (or at least they would have if the town didn’t shun them). I love how standard this evil is; no enslaving civilizations, no eternal night shenanigans, no invasions using emotion sucking parasites, just good old fashioned psychological beat downs on a particular pony. It’s the normalcy of Diamond Tiara’s evil ways that has led to her downfall in the fandom opinion. Her actions are nothing compared to the dark deeds of the more prolific villains Nightmare Moon, Sombra and Chrysalis. Since she’s not in the group of major villains, her evil ways aren’t appreciated the same way. Chrysalis turns all of Twilights friends against her and at the moment when Twilight is weakest and most remorseful, Chrysalis banishes her. It was wicked; it was ruthless; it was one of my favorite scenes in that episode since it really showed how bad Chrysalis is. Diamond Tiara has never done something on that level but she has her ruthless moments like blackmailing Apple Bloom & co. Yet at the same time she’s different from the other antagonists Flim, Flam and Iron Will, because of her malicious intent. Her actions are too petty for her to be looked at the same way as the “big bads” but too spiteful to be excused like those of Iron Will. All these characters are antagonists. Some are loved for how evil they are, others for how normal they are and somehow Diamond Tiara has fallen into the gap for most people it seems but not for me. tl;dr : *Whine* I want more DT fanart and fanfics. Diamond Tiara is best filly. I’m gonna start a DT fan club and none of you are invited! *whine*. And thanks Wingnut, for making me love the worst character of the series . So, how many of you have been converted? When should the fan club go up? Oh, and if you have thoughts to share, comment.
  5. MLP Forums has grown at a tremendous rate these last several months, to the point that our total post count for last month hit 98,639. While it's always nice to see such a ridiculous number appear in our statistics, we've noticed a concerning side effect that has cropped up as a result of our increasing popularity. I'll let these two charts do the talking for me. As you can see, we've had a gradual - but steady - increase in posts that have lacked any appreciable amount of content. Given that the entire purpose of a discussion forum is to facilitate discussion, and the fact that the goal for MLP Forums has always been to provide the best possible venue for pony related discussion, we have decided that the time has come to take steps to mitigate the effects of this growing nuisance. All posts in the Life Advice and Roleplay boards from here on out must be at least two hundred characters in length. Meanwhile, all posts elsewhere (except Cloudsdale, which remains without a limit) will carry with them a one hundred character minimum. Not sure how long those are? Don't worry - I've got some handy-dandy examples! Nothing too terrible, right? Are you a bad enough pony to rise to the occasion and meet the challenge posed by the character limitations? Wooo-wheee. All silliness aside, I fully expect there to be some grumpiness regarding this decision, but to be perfectly honest... we've had a number of people lament that the quality of the average post on the forum has gone downhill in recent months - something that is supported by the charts provided up top. Not only that, but we're getting a bit tired of constantly removing posts that are off-topic, contribute nothing to the topic at hand, or are otherwise pointless. It is our belief that a reasonable character limit encourages people to actually put some thought into their posts: Instead of saying "I agree!" in response to another post, you must now provide a bit of extra content; such as why you agree with something. Instead of saying "I like this!", you must now provide a bit of extra content, such as what you like. Posts consisting solely of image macros, Youtube embeds, emoticons, or single words will no longer exist. For those wondering why Life Advice features a two hundred character minimum rather than the comparatively standard minimum of one hundred... it is quite simply difficult to provide meaningful or otherwise thoughtful advice to someone with a microscopic post. It is our hope that the new minimum will encourage people to put more thought into their posts, and to hopefully prevent people from making quick and 'snappy' comebacks to things that they personally dislike, resulting in fewer Life Advice threads turning into oceans of angry red hidden posts. The same goes for Roleplay, really - we've actually received a number of complaints regarding the quality and length of the posts contained within it. It is our hope that this change will result in an improved forum experience for all users.
  6. I frequent many forums across the internet, only this one and another being pony-related. This is probably my favourite forum out of all of them, because the people are lovely, the site is aesthetically pleasing, and there's always something to do. There is, one thing, that I kind of feel is lacking, and that is the amount of emotes available to the users. The other pony forum that I (hardly) go on has a very long list of emotes for use. There's about 8 for each mane 6 character, 3 for all the popular background ponies, and tons of randoms. I'm not asking for another hundred emotes that won't go to use at all, because that would be a waste; I am asking only for, say, 10 more or so, that are all unique in their own way. I would be happy to draw them, myself. Now that I have Adobe Illustrator CS6, I could easily draw the emotes that I think would be a nice addition to the list that's available now. I would stick with the circular shape for the most part, because the ones we have now are already very cute. Here are some examples of some images I would personally change into suitable, circle-shaped emotes for this site. Also, it could be useful for an "official emote suggestion" or something of the sort (I could make it!), if this would go through, though I don't really know if that would be all that necessary. So yes, I am pretty much asking to have some of the responsibility of adding more emotes to the site. I don't really see anyone doing anything on this topic (though, maybe I'm wrong?), so I would be happy to step up to the plate (I mean, I totally have enough free time). With that said, I would greatly appreciate any kind of response, whether being horribly turned down or given an a-okay, and would be more than happy to answer any questions needed or send any demo/examples of my work!
  7. I actually got around to having another go at a drawing. This idea came to me and went through a few prototypes and sketches, when I came to realization that this would bea suitable image. My subject would be Rarity again, of course! I could try and make a legitimate excuse as to why I drew her again but I'll have to admit I'm just a complete sucker for her. xD I decided that this drawing would be to test my application of shading on a character. Originally I was going to incorporate her into a scene of a cave in Terraria for Gizmo and Zoop's pleasure, but then after attempting a proper background for almost a day I ultimately decided to practice backgrounds for later. Right now, for this picture my focus would be shading and proper proportions. The yellow smudge would be the rough area where the light is coming from, to give me a reference as to how to shade her body. Mainly an experiment and practice, I felt that the drawing came out rather nicely. Went through quite a few little changes here and there, overall, happy with the final product! All in all, as I am constantly striving to improve, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly!
  8. Can she solve the question? Hmm... Nah. I guess she can't.