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Found 84 results

  1. Just sain. Go to youtube. In the search bar, type in "Manliest Song Ever". Look what comes up first. Hell. Yes.
  2. If you honestly have no responsibilities at the moment and are just surfing the forums for your pleasure... then I envy you. Enjoy it! Me, I'm supposed to be doing school. It's 5:24 p.m. and I have hardly got anything done. Maybe I should get on that... What about you? What are you supposed to be doing now?
  3. On a scale from 1 to 10..... Rules: You must Judge something about the pony above you. No mean things. Low rating is allowed, but don't make fun of them in anyway possible. You must put 4 things about you for them to judge you with. Have sprinkles fun!! Also, the judgement can be about anything. Like if they are a 10 because they love Derpy, or 1 because they hate muffins! I can't judge the forums, but I can put 4 things about me! I love chocolate cake I hate insects I love fantasy and sci-fi novels I have no girlfriend at the moment GO!!
  4. I just want to say that I'm a very sensitive individual and I don't like movies with a lot of shock factor. I just felt like posting a thread on this. Anyone with me?
  5. Basically, the user posts a question either in the form of text or an image, and the user underneath you has to give an answer. In 3 seconds. I'll start.
  6. Name two things, the below user will decide if one thing is better than the other (1>2 or 1<2) or if they are equally good or bad (1=2). Spaghetti and fettuccine.
  7. If you could press a button right now that would send you to equestria and turn you into a pony would you? You can't bring anyone with you, you can't delay otherwise you can't go, do you go? And no you can't come back
  8. I am preparing for a journey of epic proportions! I am going to walk from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean starting in the winter of 2016! I would greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to accompany me; the more, the merrier!
  9. Hi guys. First off, it's great to be back. Secondly, how do I start a blog? It's actually a question I was going to ask, but things happened and it had to be put on hold. Anyway, how do I open a blog?
  10. Are you sick of snow? I always hated snow, it makes me depressed.
  11. Hello MLP Forum. Let's play a game where whoever posted before you, you describe them with an emoticon. Example: User 1: :3 Describe me User 2: :S Describe me User 3: <( ' . ' )> Describe me! User 4: ._. And so on and so forth. ==--==--==--==--==--==--==--== ~~~~~~~~~~
  12. Anyways,here it comes a random (aka Sir Cracklefruit) and Lyra Heartstrings shipfic. Why? Because they're bound to each other... It was a nice morning on Sir Cracklefruit's moonhouse.It was a bit ordered,and with a lot of Pringles,with a sign who said "NOT SHARE >:C".Anyways,Sir Cacklefruit was waking up,and opening the door,when,suddenly,a smiling green pony appeared in front of him. The pony simply stared at Sir Cracklefruit.Then,he poked the pony with her hands,and that caused a response from the pony's part.... H...h...h...aaands!!!! The pony then jumped over Sir Cracklefruit's body,and hugged his hands.Sir Cracklefruit didn't knew how to respond,and just laughed awkardly,and proceeded to ask to that pony what was she doing there. Hello,mynameisLyraHeartstrings,andIdefinetlyloveyourhands!!! She hugged again the hands,and Sir Cracklefruit stared at the mad pony.He didn't knew why,but felt the urge of rubbing her head,and he...liked it,he liked that feeling,and it seemed that Lyra liked it too,as she purred at the mere touch of his hands. The next thing that he made was to try to give Lyra a single pringle,and to see how she would react. OMG,THAT'S A PRINGLE!!! Lyra ate the pringle instantly,and he tried to give her some more,and she ended full of pringles.Then,she started to walk on circles and rested her head over Sir Cracklefruit's belly.He,of course,smiled,and rubbed her head before sleeping too... Of course,they started to meet each other,fell in loved,and,guess what? They made sofas <3 THE END
  13. my friends and i were debating on if you had to be an adult or not to be a brony so can anypony clear that up for me? please.
  14. This is the thread for musicians to converse about music/post any stuff you've been working on.
  15. Based off the popular BBC gameshow Would I Lie to You, and the rules are somewhat similar. Basically, You state either a fact or a falsehood about yourself, and the next player along has to guess if it's a truth or a lie, then give their own fact or falsehood. The original poster may or may not elaborate as to whether or not it was true or not later. Example: Poster 1: I used to eat crayons. Poster 2: Lie. I have never eaten baked beans. Poster 1: (quotes his last post, plus poster 2's answer) Actually, that was true. Poster 3: (quoting Poster 2's fact) True. I like to dress tarantulas in suits. Poster 2: Yep, that one was true. (quotes Poster 3's fact) I'm gonna guess a lie. ...and so on. I'll start: When I was a child, I used to eat such things as pencil graphite, pencils, tar and gravel.
  16. Hi guys! Soooooo...I am EXTREMELY new to the Ponyverse, but I have a SERIOUS passion for music. Does anyone have any advice on how to get more involved in any musical projects? How to get involved more in my area (Orlando, FL)? Since I am new, I just thought there may be a forum, website, experienced Brony musician, etc. that may explain all of this somewhere. I am a singer/voice actor. Here is a snippet of my work...please listen all the way to the end as I do Applejack, Granny Smith, Apple Bloom, AND Pinkie Pie's voices in this video. It's a cover of "Apples to the Core." Would appreciate any help/advice anyone out there can give...good or bad! Thanks in advance for the help! Tenacity
  17. So... my sister ParaPerception started a thing for her Youtube/Instagram. Some of you may have contributed to it, and some of you probably haven't. Let's cut to the chase. If you want to draw fanart of my ponysona, whether it be with a potato or a spaceship, I will gladly put it on my Instagram, Tumblr, or Youtube as long as you give me the name of the account you want me to credit you with. You can also specify which social media you would like it to be shown on: My Youtube, Instagram, or Tumblr. :3 I'll put up links to all 3 of these if one of each is requested. Remember: There is no deadline for this, so take as much time as you need to make improvements. My ponysona: I look forward to your contributions. Draw whatever you like (as long as it isn't inappropriate) (THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION: Grimdark fan art will be put on a Nightmare Night themed video/post , so it's OK as long as you keep it safe for the social media listed above) Up close look at my cutie mark:
  18. There is this indie game that is currently free to play and features the ability to create your own vehicles and fight each other, the game fea- ahh, fuck it, i can't make any thing seem goo- in fact, just look at your game yourself People these days...Geez
  19. So hover boards. Still would be awesome.
  20. There will be a countdown from ten (though it can be changed), and after someone posts 1, the next person posts something cool (image, link, fact, I don't care). The countdown will then restart. I will begin. 10...
  21. If anyone has heard of the radio station, 100.3 The Buzz, you might know that they've changed to playing mainstream music (Kill me!). This is ridiculous in my opinion, as they had a lot of listeners. Now the only radio station I have that plays rock n' roll is Rock 92, and they don't even play the good stuff! Now I'm relying on the internet for Staind, Seether, Three Days Grace, RATM, and other awesome bands like The Smashing Pumpkins! I know that a minority of beings listen to rock these days, but is it really that bad to where they shut down a really popular radio station for the idiots who are against rock? In my opinion, 100.3 The "Kiss" is dead music and the internet will be the new home of my kind so... Yeah. Any thoughts on the fact that mainstream society is ABSOLUTELY TAKING OVER? Tell me, please.
  22. Pick your Artist: Beyonce Gender: Grown Woman Describe yourself: Flawless How do you feel: Jealous Describe where you currently live: Best Thing I Never Had If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Heaven What is your occupation: Schoolin' Life Your favorite form of transportation: Ring The Alarm Your best friend is: Ave Maria You and your best friends are: Grown woman What's the weather like: Standing on the Sun Favorite time of day: Sweet Dreams If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Me, Myself and I What is life to you: Deja Vu Your fear: End of Time How I would like to die: Disappear My motto: God Made You Beautiful
  23. Because of the catchy tune, I just had to take this song and do what I do best: remix it. Sheets are also included! Critique is always wanted!
  24. Hey there everypony! This is just a little something I did concerning my Role-Play thread that includes these fantastic people's OC's that are participating. Though this is just a small taste of the role-players we have now, I'm willing to expand it and make it look even better, it's still a work in progress but this is what I got done so far. Any Criticism is indeed welcome! Also if you're interested, why not check out the Role-Play for yourself? [Here] It's a pretty casual Role-Play since there's no ulterior plot or dedication to it, just role-play and live out a day as a pony! Enough selling myself out, here's the Banner/Picture I did: Now here are some sketches I did during said roleplay: Here's another Recent set of sketches I did, expect more soon!
  25. On A Link to The Past, I had 3 save files. 1: Link- The one I was playing on 2: Link- An older one that I never finished 3: Someone else's So, when I tried to play it one day, all the files were deleted, except for Link (the second one). The differences between the Links are as follows- 1: Has Ether, last dungeon completed- Swamp Palace 2: Has Quake, bottle, and bug-catching net, last dungeon completed- Palace of Darkness (1 behind Swamp Palace) So, should I try to fix it? If so, anyone have tips? If not, I can still play on 2, but honestly, the extra items bother me a bit more than the incomplete dungeon, though I still wish #1 worked.