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Found 15 results

  1. Well I must say since I started the "what made you mad today" thread, I thought I would start a happiness thread as well. Today I must say just waking up, and living in this strange reality has made me happy. So what made you happy today?
  2. On this day in 2010, the first ever PMV was posted to YouTube. The video used clips from the tv promos for the series before the first two episodes of the show premiered a few days later. Incredible how time flies.
  3. Make sure to not reveal any addresses or any other related information.
  4. I came across a thread about what made you smile today, and here's my twist. Lets share what turned our day upside down. For me it was when somepony insulted me and called my art really ugly. It made me sad and totally pissed off. It also made me jealous of artists who don't seem to get any negative feedback.
  5. Today, I was sitting in a waiting room and one of the photos on the wall showed an old castle on a mountainside above the clouds. It instantly reminded me of Canterlot sitting on the mountainside and overlooking the land of Equestria. I wish I knew where the photo was taken; the scene was gorgeous! Anyways, this thread is a place for you all to post the random moments of your day that made you silently chuckle because they reminded you of MLP. So what reminded you of MLP today?
  6. What do you wish was still made that they don't make anymore. All I can think of at the moment was those Oreo cakesters they used to make almost 10 years ago. I will post more things I remember if I can remember them.
  7. Write a letter to Princess Celetia about what you learned today, this week, or whenever. It can be about friendship, life, love, being a brony or pegisister, or anything else. Don't just keep it to your self, you gotta share. (You gotta caaare.) Clock. Is. Ticking! =========================================================================== Dear 'Not-so-faithful students', You don't necessarily have to write to Tia. Luna and Cadance and lots of other ponies accept mail. Don't be mean to Tia.
  8. Right now, I'm kinda curious about whether my sixth form email is still in use since I left a few months ago... maybe I should check now and see if anything's gone on with it =/ How about for you ponies? Have you been curious about anything lately?
  9. As some of you may have been aware of, I was in a relationship with a girl from the Forums. I had met this girl some days ago, after Ashley introduced me to her. Given I had just suffered from a rejection, the girl Ashley introduced me to made me really happy. So happy actually, that I slowly fell in love with her. We talked and talked like we had known each other for years, responding almost immediatly after each other. I decided to tell her about my feelings towards her some days ago, to which she responded she loved me back. And we started 'dating', if you really can call it like that. But Ashley warned me of something: Infatuation. Infatuation is defined as a foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction toward something or someone. However, love had blinded me to the point that I decided to ignore her. A day or two passed, and I was extremely happy with how things had been going with her. But something happened. She told me that she wasn't ready to be in a relationship so soon, and she wanted me to leave her alone for a while. I cried maybe a little, and I got really upset. Maybe Ashley was right after all. But I couldn't bring myself to believe her, after all this girl told me she loved me a lot of times. I thought maybe I could wait a month or so and then try again. Infatuation. Ashley was right after all, and I felt destroyed. I cried like never before, I felt awful and why? Because love blinded me. You see, love is something really complex, that many of us still can't understand. Me included. But I decided to move on, since I may eventually find another girl that will make me as happy as I was. Maybe even more. Infatuation is a real thing, and it can really affect you. Please don't make the same mistake that I did, and don't fall for someone as rapidly as I did. This is what I learned today.
  10. Hi people from this beautiful forum I want to ask you this very simple question. Why people hate classical music? It's been strange why people hate to listen these kind of music, I tried to plug my iPod once to a big speaker and people curse saying, "You are listening to this Sh!t? You're a jerk" or "This sounds terrible, dub step please!" Or ETC . Why? I was very disappointed to the people we have to today. I am saying many but not all. So please answer this. I wanna know why
  11. The official-because-I-said-so club for those who say "Good day today :­D :­D :­D". Members: Scootacool ИÁßÇÅЯƒ∀ŃCLX / NASCARFAN160 Chigens and Kay ApocalyptiCchaos GoneAirbourne Blue Senn555 Fizzydog False Perception Sugar Plum HylianMadness Doctor xFizzle FL_ Dusk Eninama Ace Attorney Living Djenstrosity Dusty Soul Jack Skellinghoof Street Comedy Auriety If you say "Good day today :­D :­D :­D" and wish to join the club, post in the thread asking to join, or simply say "Good day today :­D :­D :­D" or any variation thereof.
  12. I often hear from my parents that the 1980's were full of nostalgia. I mean, there was the NES, there were great movies, etc. I often hear from people in their 20s that the 1990's were nostalgic as well. Yet I hear nothing about how the 2000's were any good. Do you think they just happened too recently to be nostalgic, or do you seriously think that nothing creative happened then? I'm seriously interested in hearing your thoughts.
  13. Renowned film critic, Roger Ebert had been battling cancer for the past decade, and only yesterday announced his "leave of presence," saying that he would be reducing his workload due to his health. He passed away today, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, his home since 1966. The closing sentence on his final blog post, two days before his death, said, "So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I'll see you at the movies." Good show, Mr. Ebert. 3.5 out of 5 stars
  14. Well... today I probably laughed more then I've ever laughed before. A few of my friends and I were fooling around in Algebra 2 today. I don't think I learned anything in that class today... (I know pitiful) Anyways the iPod ban on the bus is getting harder and harder to tolerate. I'm the last one off and when you have a solid hour and a half with nothing to do, it really gets on your nerves. I tried reading, but I'm one of those people who needs music to pay attention to anything really. Talking is out of the question, because my friends are some of the first stops. So I am lost with what I should do with that. I got an 83% on my math quiz pretty darn happy about that. Then I got a 89% on my Spanish quiz. So yeah school is going pretty good.
  15. So next year I'm off to high school Just wanted to share that with everyone!♥