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Found 4 results

  1. Well, can you ? I realize it's supposed to be genetic; you got it or you don't, although I suppose you can possibly learn to do it somehow...
  2. So, I wanted to know what your first languages were, guys. I know a lot of you are native English speakers, but a lot of people here aren't. I just wanted to know the proportions. I added pretty much every language I could think of to give proper results, but I'm sure I forgot some here and there. Anyway, give us your first language and see how many there are in the forum with the same as you. Note: I know there are several chinese languages, but for the sake of them not taking half the poll, I just regrouped them together Oh, and my first language is French, by the way.
  3. So yeah. Again, suggestive, but not explicit. No nudity at all, just a tongue. And licking. Mods, I apoligize if this break the rules (which I doubt it does, seeing as it's been said before that this site is PG-13). Regardless, I'm spoilering it, just to be safe.
  4. Didn't post this yesterday decided to post it now This drawing is of my OC Luriel (sitting pony on the right) and my gf's OC Sweet Pen (on the left) I tried to draw grass, field, goal and a house just to practice it all. This drawing was pretty difficult, I barely got space left. Trying to draw 2 ponies on 1 page is hard, but I am happy with my work =P