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Found 2 results

  1. This questions has been brought up quite a bit in the world of the internet. Are teenagers and adults too old to be watching cartoons? My response, there should be no age limit to stop watching them. Throughout my exploits on the internet, I have seen cartoon reviewers I follow get attacked by people who call them stuff like, "manchild" or "autstic" just for for the doing the so evil thing of enjoying a good cartoon every now and then. They will constantly keep following them, talking shit about them on other websites, and even making videos straight up mocking them (see Clay Claymore for all of the above). And really, why bother at all? These mentalities seem arrogant and partially elitist too. So, you think you're all high and mighty for bashing people for what they like and calling them all this stuff, when you people aren't any better for bashing them? Also, why should you guys control what these people watch? It's not like they're trying to take over the world or something or overthrow the government. They just want some good ole light hearted comedy during the hardships that is adulthood. There is also the mentality that cartoon enthusiasts have "no life." They claim that these people have no jobs and sit around watching cartoons all day. Just because you watch cartoons doesn't mean you have no jobs. That's practically a logical fallacy. That be like me saying, "All bronies are pedophiles." Oh wait, people say that too. Also, watching cartoons means you have no life yet belittling people for doing it makes you better? That's not how it works. If anything, it makes you worse and look like a jerk who I would not like to see on the streets. Should I bring up the fact that all cartoons are made by adults who also love cartoons and is their JOB to make the cartoons? And the fact that cartoons used to be shown in theaters where adults would visit? Or how about how shows like Rocko's Modern Life, Animaniacs, Dexter's Lab, The Power Puff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, early Spongebob, Avatar, Disney movies, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Friendship is Magic have humor and story telling that can be enjoyed by adults? Oh, and what about shows like The Simpsons, South Park, King of the Hill, Family Guy, and Futurama are more aimed at adults with adult humor. So much that when I was a kid, my mom would not allow me to watch some of these shows? Yeah, I don't think I need to say more. So basically, if you don't like cartoons, that's fine, However, bashing someone who likes them is going way too far with it. For all cartoon lovers, keep watching.
  2. So me and my friend were talking about stuff and eventually he said "You don't watch Tosh.0 but you watch my little pony." He also said that adults shouldn't be watching kids cartoons. What do you make of this, I personally find it stupid since cartoons used to not be stereotyped as just for kids especially since some cartoons have adult humor in them.