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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 9 results

  1. TheSupremeLeaderOfChaos

    Movies/TV BBC Sherlock

    This is the topic for posting anything and everything related to the TV show Sherlock. I just finished watching it last week and am now, like every other fan, dying from the 2 year hiatus. BUT ANYWAY. Images yay! And for some reason I can't yet identify, Mycroft is becoming my favorite character. Something about that freaking umbrella he carries everywhere...
  2. Kel_Grym

    Reading Deeply

    You shouldn't read into things too much, it's bad for you. One time I thought there was a code hidden in the lyrics of a song that told me to kill Celestia. Ubiquitous, mysterious, and purely imaginary hidden messages surround us everywhere. Jumbled about, here and there. Utterly immersed in it, we don't always notice. Sages that see it chant incantations to it. Too many take it seriously...or maybe not seriously enough. Lost in a sea of chaos, it's nothing but a jumble of nonsense. Out of that chaos came order, though Some think that order is only perceived. There are those who think all is order, but chaos is a failure of perception. Though...that's getting a bit silly. Here's a thought. Endlessly through the eons, the universe has been in a flux of irony. Glorious puns, and coincidences abound. Abstract arrangements come into peculiar alignments. Meaning is derived from it. Everybody plays the game yet the outcome is the same. You'll shit bricks when you see it.
  3. You Will Need: An Empty Perfume Bottle 6 Bottles of Small Hand Sanitizers of Any Kind This Size from Bath & Body Works Step 1: Screw off Lid of perfume bottle, then put a good amout of water in. Empty HAndsanitizers into bottle. Shake then screw lid on. Spray.
  4. Blue Lightning

    Pony Posters

    Hello peeps of sheeps. I mean ponies. I've just gotten me some kick ass posters from staples and various otro places. check 'em out!
  5. Finesthour

    The Rescue Hero Forum Staff!

    Whenever you are in danger, whenever you need help, you can count on the MlpForum rescue heroes to save you no matter what!
  6. Shardikku

    Seriously needed Fic help.

    Hi! As said I seriously need some help with this fic o' mine. It's my first proper fic that I've written for the sake of writing as opposed to my earlier (Terrible) H/w piece that 80% converted a 50 year old Kid-Hater to a Near-Pegasista...Yeah...I do that to people. ANYWAY, as said, I'm in trouble with my current fic, I'm out of ideas, I'm wondering if I should add in humor or not, whether anyone would get my humor, serious problems with names and character desc.'s The usual stuff really... This is a semi-dark adventure-esque fic about the 3 spirits of....something currently undetermined (Name?) That don't know each other, in fact one of them is trying to kill one of the others and the third doesn't even know that anything is wrong. Set in a semi-apocalyptic Equestria (Not that Apoc. though!) All done in third person. Past. Would really appreciate some ideas. I've linked to the first two chapters on FF as that's where I host. The odd layout is because I wrote them both on Notepad - That's sorted now, next chapter will be more normally set out. Fic name is 'Fall of the Kingdom of Equestria' Any help is welcome. LINK: -Joe- P.s. Ideas for cover art would be nice! P.s.s. It's not THAT crappy, seriously!
  7. Ask me anything! Anything as long as it keep within the forum rules off course. I'm not roleplaying or anything this is me, my legit full name. I declare this thread now open! I used to be cool.
  8. I noticed a thread talking about the introduction of a new element to the show. So, being the literary genius I am, I s#@* out what will occur if that happens. Here it is: Celestia could have some weird relative and send her over to Twilight saying, "Bla bla bla, accept dis bitch, she's the element of alcohol." Then Twilight would be all like, "Oh okay, I guess being open to growth is important. Something's off about dis ho, though." Then [new pony] would be all messing with mane 6's mojo! And as we all know, the mane 6's mojo is not to be messed with. AH SHI- PART TWO MOTHER FLUTTER! [New pony] starts trying to do mane 6's job for em, but they ain't gon' have none of that! Mmmnmm! So, after Ponyville gets mad at the mane 6 an' shit (because [new pony] was being a great citizen and whatnot), they go to Canterlot and find out that [new pony] is actually [bad pony]! OH SHI-! So then, they haul ass back to Ponyville and everypony's... I dunno, something bad. Then [bad pony] uses magical powers or turns into some mythical creature an' some shit. Mane 6 find out new element isn't alcohol, it's actually *gasp* DRUGS DECEPTION! So, they take the bitch out, but [bad pony] was prepared. She'd flee over the mountain where she would live in some decrepit hut like a hermit. Maybe be roommates with Trixie, I dunno -- that's up to the writers. So yeah, [bad pony] will become another badass villain and appear in the final episode of Season 3 where all the villains and bad characters try to conquer Equestria. (C'mon guys, we all know that's what the final episode of the final season will be.) Then Celestia will be all like, "Trololo, thanks Power Puffs." and mane 6 will be all like, "We goin' to Vegas, bitch!" And then terrorists will take over the casino they're at an' kidnap everypony except for Rainbow Dash. Then Tom Clancy will make an adaptation to the franchise and call it "Rainbow Six". The End. P.S. This isn't a Fan Fiction. This is my boredom. John, I swear to God I'll punch you if you point out the irony of this.