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Found 18 results

  1. I was intrested to know what others favorite cartoons from their childhood? Here are my top 5 1. DBZ Toonami Ftw 2. Ed, Edd, & Eddy- "Butter Toast.." 3. Animaniacs 4. Courage the Cowardly Dog 5. Beavis & Butthead
  2. So I just watched some guys top 5 Mario games video and I was wondering... what are your guy's top 5? (I know there is a thread for favorite Mario games but this is top 5, completely different ) Mine are as follows 1. Super Mario Sunshine 2. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 3. Super Mario Galaxy 4. Super Mario Bros 3 5. Mario Kart: Double Dash
  3. List your top 10 anime here 1. Neon Genisis Evangelion My favourite anime, i've seen it so many times and i find it so interesting, it's just so cool 2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya So much fun, with a nice quirky look on life i found it halarious and a good fun adventure. 3. Code Geass It was a fun anime, so much fun, and very cool, loved how cynical the characters were. 4. Full Metal Alchemist Another fun adventure, nicely animeated and funny in it's own way. 5. King of Thorn I'm suprised at how many people havn't heard of this anime, It was a great movie, i loved the philosophy behind it. 6. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Similar to NGE, with Kamina, cos Kamina is amazing. 7. Elfen Lied Gory, bloody, gut wrenchign, depressing and all round fun. 8. Durara I don't know, i just couldnt stop watchign it, it was so cool. 9. Sayournara Zetsubou Sensei This si quite possibly one of the most messed up anime i've seen, It's horrible and yet so funny, it's just so dark. 10. FLCL Randomness galaroe. Post your top ten, for those of you wondering, i find death note to be highly overated.
  4. Can we spend a third of this massive video debating ONE gag from one episode? Yes.
  5. Next up, Pinkie Pie, the prancing party pony people particularly find polarizing. Who should we do next? Let us know!
  6. Now that we've done Daylover's favorite character, it's time for Second Opinion's! Who should we cover next? Let us know!
  7. Daylover and The Second Opinion go back and forth on their Top 5 favorite Applejack episodes. What are your favorites? Who would you like to see next? Let us know!
  8. I was wondering what characters everyone dislikes the most. My 5 least favorite are: 5.Twilight Sparkle 4.Spike 3.Discord 2.Fluttershy 1.Luna
  9. Why, hello everyone, and welcome back to a Juggerpony Blog! So, I have a confession to make.... I didnt know what to do for a blog today. I have a few planned, but they are still in the progress stage. It would help me out a lot if you guys could give me something to talk about. So, after you are finished reading, throw a comment my way telling me what to review next. I am becoming desperate, and am running out of ideas. Anyway, guys, this blog will be on my top 5 favorite TV shows of all time. This will include shows that are no longer airing and shows that are still running. In my final 5, I will list one episode from the show that was my favorite. So, yes guys, MLP will be in this list somewhere. Unfortunatley, and spoilers, it isnt my number one. But, without further a do, lets get this list over with. So, grab yourself a can of Moxie and a Dum Dum Lollipop, because we are diving in! 10. NCIS: No, not Los Angelis. The ACTUAL NCIS. I love this show. It was introduced to me by my Grandpa a few years ago, and I absolutley fell in love with the show. From the action, to the mystery solving..... GOSH, I could watch it for hours. 9. Little House On the Prairie: This is an interesting show. Based on the widley popular books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, the show followed a young Laura and her family during the Pioneer days. I became introduced to the show when my Mom had to get an operation on her foot when I was younger. I would spend hours with her watching the show, and I quickly fell in love with it. My Mom owned every single season from the show..... Yeah, I watched a lot. The only reason this isnt higher on my list is because there are others which i have come to love way more. 8. Saturday Night Live: I love this show. Enough said. Really. Saturday Night Live is a show that has been going since the late 1900's, till present day. A lot of popular stars today have been premiered on the show, and I love watching there cameos. I know people are going to be asking what my favorite scetch is , so I will enlighten you. my favorite scetch from the show would be the one that introduced me to SNL: Living in a Van down by the River. Starring the great Chris Farley as a motivational speaker, it is a must see. And I mean, a MUST SEE. IT IS HILARIOUS! If you havnt watched it yet, look it up. You havnt lived until you have watched Chris Falrey in this role. 7. The Simpsons: Ok, pretty obvious. And no, I dont mean season 16 and above. I mean when the show was actually good. It centered around a disfunctional family who would get into different shenanigans. If you ever take a gander at watching it, I recommend the older episodes. Like all shows, The Simpsons went through Seasonal Rot (If you dont know what I am talking about, look at Modern Day Spongebob). Oh, and for the record, I hate Family Guy. With a burning passion. 6. Star Trek: Yes, I mean the old show. About a year ago, my Dad gave me the Complete first season of Star Trek for Christmas. Being a (Hardcore) Star Wars fanboy, I was intrigued. So, me and my Dad sat down and watched it. And for the record, it was HILARIOUS. From the humor in the show, to just some of the cheap things they had on set. I have to say, if you are looking for something funny to watch, watch Star Trek Season 1. Oh, and watch closely when there is a fist fight in the show. That is when it gets pretty funny. Besides that, though, it tackled some seriosu things. I have fallen in love with the characters. 5. Everybody Loves Raymond: This is not a very known one. This was a show created during the Age of Sitcoms (The Cosby Show, Happy Days, etc.) This show was centered around Raymond, a sports loving journalist and his dysfuntional family. It is absolutley hilarious. From his over obsessive mother going neck to neck with his outspoken wife, to his Dads constant wise cracks, this is a show to fall in love with. I dont really have a favorite episode for this one, but my favorite season from the show is its last one, Season 9. Robert and Amy are married, and I absolutley LOVE Amy's character. Innocent and funny. Anyways, a great show to check out. 4. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Who didnt see this one coming? I lOVE Star Wars: the Clone Wars. I talked about it a little bit in my Star Wars, Rebels Review, but I dont think that justified my absolute LOVE for the show. It took place between Star Wars episode 2 and 3, and focused on the elusive Clone Wars. It was a great show, with likable characters and a great premise. If you havnt seen this show, and you have Netflix, you absolutley must watch it. A good starting episode would be the Season 1 episode, Rookies. I have always found the episodes that center on the Clone Troopers to be the best. I am conflicted on which my favorite episode is. My SINGLE favorite episode would be the Season 4 episode, Darkness On Umbara. It takes place ont he planet of, you guessed it, Umbara, where the Republic launch an epic seige upon the planet. After Anakin is called back to Coruscant, Jedi Master Krell takes over command of the troops. And, with his reckless tactics, gets hundred of Clones killed. Captain Rex is conflicted: Does he follow the orders given to him, even though he knows they are wrong, or does he disobey orders, and save the lives of his men. The Umbara Trilogy is the best in the series, but I feel this is the best single episode. My next favorite in this arc would be Carnage of Krell. I wont spoil the end, but this is by far the best Arc in the show. If you are new to the show, I still recommend Rookies first. But after Rookies, I say watch these episodes. 3. Star Wars: Rebels: I already did a review on why I love this show here. My favorite episode from the show, like anyone else who watched, would be the Season 1 finale, Fire Across the Galaxy. I cant really say the premise of the episode without revealing the rest of the arc. But I just have to say that it was a very satisfactory ending for a first season. Plus, we got introduced to a character returnign from the Clone Wars. THE HYPE IS HIGH WITH THIS ONE! 2. My Little Pony: Do i really need to explain why I like this show? Good morals, lovable characters (Shippers, Im watching you!), and a great fandom. For the most part. My favorite episode to date would have to be the Season 5 Opener, The Cutie Map. I also did a review of that here. 1. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Didnt see this one coming, did ya? Thats right, the only show I love more than MLP is MST3K. MST3K was a show that aired a long time back, and went for multiple seasons. It centered around a guy (Mike, Joel, the host changed over the seasons), and a few talking robots, as they sort of did a live commentary over these old crappy movies. It was hilarious and had me entertained. Before I go bed each night, I stay up and watch an episode or two. My favorite SHORT they did would have to be whent hey reviewed the first episode of Gumby "Robot Rumpus". The show is now on Youtube, so look it up! You have no excuse not to watch. I recommend the above episode to watch. It's only about 10 minutes long, and is pretty freaking funny. And that, guys, was my top 10 favorite TV shows. Do you disagree with any of my choices? Believe one show should have been above another? Comment! Each comment submitted gives this cat a watermelon. Guys, this cat really wants to buy a Rainbow Dash plushie, but cant! In his world, Watermelons are currency. So, each comment given will get this cat one step closer to his plushie. HIS PLUSHIE, DARN IT! THINK OF THE KITTENS. And that is all for today. Oh, and before I forget! I am starting up a Brony Skype Group! People should join! We will talk about the show, do collabs, and everything else fun in the world! PM me or post in the comments if you are interested. Ok, bye guys, and see you next time. Juggerpony, out! Check Out my Youtube channel: Juggerhawk B Fanfiction: Juggerpony Fimfiction: Working on it Previous Blogs: Tanks for the Memories Review Star Wars Rebels Star Wars Battlefront 3 Bloom and Gloom Review Castle Sweet Castle Review Defending King Sombra Part 2 Starlight Glimmer thoughts Season 5 Opener Review! Does the Shipping Community Destroy Lives? Controversy Talks: Bridle Gossip Defending King Sombra
  10. The 5 best and 5 worst moments of The Cutie Map (My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.) To subscribe:
  11. Scaredy cats, look away now X3 Hi people! I'm sure you know about creepypastas, those little horror stories surfing around the internet. Some of them get the job done even better than Hollywood movies when it comes to scares or all around creepiness. One thing about me, though, I prefer listening to them rather than reading them, don't ask me why; anyways, since I'm one of those die hard fans who's always on a pasta diet, I've decided to make a top 5 of my fave stories for anyone who's interested. You like scares? you came to the right place. But how to make this top? Which stories can be considered better than all others? Well, in my opinion, the best creepypastas should seem the most believable, should make you feel uneasy, and should definitely have an all around creep value to it. Having established that, here are my fave creepypastas, with links to the audio versions of them, performed by MrCreepypasta, my fave creepypasta reading youtuber (oh, you don't like him? well I do and this is my top X3) Spoiler: no, Cupcakes is not on this list; in my opinion, that's just goreporn, definitely not a good creepypasta. #5 - Anasi’s Goatman Story To tell the truth, it's difficult to figure out why I like this one so much, though I find myself coming back to it numerous times. Maybe it's the fact that it takes place in the middle of nowhere, maybe that it's the way it is written, making it extremely believable, I'm not sure; it's definitely chilling and makes you wonder just how safe you are when you're going camping with friends. #4 - Abandoned By Disney This came out of nowhere and completely blew my mind, was not expecting it to be so damn good; up to a certain point, it definitely sounds like something the Disney corporation would do; however, it then slowly descends into an absolute horrific secret that I'll let you read (or hear X3) for yourselves, should you wanna check it out. #3 - Candle Cove The ending absolutely made this one for me. It has everything that makes creepypastas good and leaves you (well, left me, at least) completely creeped out. It's nice and short, and a wonderful example of what you can do even if you don't plan on writing a novel-long story in order to draw your audience in slowly. #2 - Ben (Majora's Mask) Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Footage 1: Footage 2: Footage 3: Footage 4: This one is nothing short of a masterpiece, and the fact that it actually has filmed footage makes it all the more believable / terrifying / nightmare inducing / whatever you wanna call it >w< It's no surprise that this appears on everyone's list of best pastas, it is deserving of every praise it gets, since a lot of work was clearly placed in its making; a word of warning though, the ending absolutely blows your mind in how scary it is, but the reality is that it kinda loses it's effect when you hear the audio, it works best when it is read; I kinda figured this out when hearing it and noticed what the author was trying to do. #1 - The Showers Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: This shall forever be my fave scary story, unless someone can produce something absolutely heart-stopping. I haven't been in a long time as scared as I was when this one finished. There is a possibility that you won't like it as much or you'll be expecting something even more horrific and then be let down, but this is my opinion, that The Showers is the ultimate creepypasta. You're probably now saying "Del, you piece of poop, what the hell were you thinking not including Slendy or Jeff in your list?" To tell you the truth though, I really didn't find them scary, I see them as just stories about serial killers, one of them faceless and incredibly tall; thing is that a story needs to have an element of the unexplained in order for me to be scared or at least creeped out; if everything is neatly explained and I am not left pondering, then chances are I won't be scared either. That being said, thanks for reading.
  12. Hey y'all! It would be an honor if you could check out my analysis. I have been doing drawn analysis for a couple months and just stepped into the realm of video analysis! It's all hand-drawn. For the first one, I decided to take advantage of the audio aspect and do a top 5 songs. But I couldn't resist singing along XD I hope you enjoy the thoughts, the drawings, and the singing!
  13. Yeah I am just going to put it short and sweet what are your top 5 favorite forums?
  14. This is where I get most of the anime from so check it out if interested: So I basically wanted to do this every month, due to my love for anime. So for this month I will do my top 5 to give you a general idea of what's going on and not waiting for June to end. Now I need to set up some rules for me and you to understand RULES 1. I can only rate an anime once, if I have rated that anime once I can't do it again 2. I will allow you to say what anime you want me to watch, ONCE! If you spam the anime you want me to watch over-and-over again then I will get a moderator to block you. 3. I will review an anime if it is rather short, something like One Piece or Dragonball won't make it to the list due to length. 4. Please try to keep swearing to a minimum, I won't block you for it, but just try to hide your anger if your anime doesn't make it. Now that that is settled with I will make my top 5 list for June 2014 5: Sword art online: Don't get me wrong, this anime is epic, good characters, ok story. The main reason it is so low on the list is because it's kindof, jumpy. One time our main character is a wimp that gets cut by paper, then he is the baddass of the guild he is in, then he joins a new cult, his friend is in one of the most baddass cults. It's just jumpy. 4: Attack on Titan: Yes this anime is baddass, I will admit that, but it seems to suffer a endless cliffhanger syndrome. The whole anime is essentially a cliffhanger, that is why it is so far down the list 3: MLP: YES IT'S AN ANIME! As you all probably know mlp there is not much to talk about, it has a good story and good animation. that's why it is at #3 it is decent enough to make it to a top 5, but not to over the top to be #1 2: Air: I had alot of debate whether this or #1 should be #1. This anime was probably the first one to make me cry for a good week, seriously I had left the last episode for a month because of the last episode that I had watched. If you haven't seen it, go watch it 1: Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan: Yes, this title sounds ridiculous. And sure, call me a hypocrite for the other animes that I accused for being just baddass, but this anime is much more memorable and has a wide range of characters, just look at this!: So I hoped you liked this list, tell me what animes you want me to watched next! Have a good one!
  15. I plan on doing a top 11 list for the best stories later, but we might as well get the bad ones out of the way first. Save the great stuff for last, as it were. No point sugarcoating this intro: these episodes are pretty freaking bad/not good, and demonstrate the worst that Matt Smith's era had to offer. Probably not definitive, though some of these picks are pretty hard to argue with. So, let's get this over with. 5. The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe Any scene where the Doctor is trying to impress the children is hilarious and the final scene where he returns to the Ponds after two years is sweet, but everything else is a bit of a slog. It's immensely cheesy, even for a Doctor Who Christmas special, not enough happens to warrant a 60 minute runtime, and I feel sorry for any little boy who had to sit through that "anyone who is not female is automatically weaker" section with their sisters. Unlike the much better special from the previous year, this one doesn't do anything interesting with the work it's paying homage to. 4. The Angels Take Manhattan Sure, the Ponds' departure is heartfelt and allows Smith another chance to showoff how good an actor he really is. Unfortunately, it doesn't make up for how much of a mess the rest of the episode is. The arbitrary rules involving time travel are flimsy at best and frustratingly arbitrary at worst, it's overblown like the worst of Russell T. Davies's run, and the Angels are no longer effective, with the major visual gag behind the episode only serving to make everything more illogical and questionable. 3. The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon Sorry, but this episode really, really rubs me the wrong way. It starts off intriguingly enough and it sets up themes that would be handled by better episodes later, but it's disappointment from there. It's a very unsatisfying and confusing tale that can't stand on its own and features a large amount of style and made-to-be-iconic images over being able to understand what the hell is going on. The Silence are cool and everything, but the way they are dealt with is a little too bloodthirsty for the Doctor. Why use cunning, wit, and diplomacy to defeat an enemy when you can just order their execution and shoot your way out of their base? Truly the work of a writer known for the cleverness of his scripts. 2. Journey to the Center of the TARDIS Should have been a fun, in depth tour that would please longtime viewers, but instead became a boring and surprisingly grim tale that only showed-off the TARDIS's hallways. The Doctor acts like a total asshole for no reason, the development of his and Clara's relationship and understanding of each other is erased for no reason (which begs the question as to why it was brought up at all), and it ends with possibly the most egregious example of "time reset button" we've seen in Moffat's run. For no reason. Poo to this one, folks. 1. Victory of the Daleks One of the all time worst Daleks stories ever (and that's saying a lot) and one that fails to live up to the awesomeness of its title and concept. Winston Churchill is cool and everything, but he isn't saving this one. It's silly in the worst possible way, it's tedious, it asks you to suspend your disbelief way too many times, the characterization of the Daleks is off, it's themes are empty and serve only as window-dressing, and it all builds up to an embarrassingly-awful Dalek redesign that nobody liked. Except for the people selling the new action figures, that is. "YOU WILL COH-LLECT US ALL OR YOU WILL BE THE OUT-CAST ON THE PLAYGROUND!!!" Never before or since has an episode of the show been so blatant in its intention of selling merchandise, and three years later it's still a low point for Moffat's run. Glad that's done. On to the good stuff later. Sound off in the comments if you agree/disagree, have another episode you think is worst.
  16. hello guys ive posted this thread cos i really need some help and if you could give me a hand it would be much appreciated when i got battlefield there was one game type that i could never get any good at no matter how hard i tried and that game type is GUN MASTER ive been trying so hard to finish in the top 5 and i get so close some times but get stuck on a weapon and finish in 8th place to wrap this up could any of you fine ladies and gentlemen assist me in achieving this it would be much appreciated oh and by the way my gamer tag on PSN is Hunster_Scars
  17. Welcome back to the Gabeatorial. Asides the recurring nightmares about Spiders, Stephen Moffat and certain images people link me to break my sanity, I could not be feeling better...except maybe for the lack of sleep. That being said...let's do something cynical, yet fun this week. Games Workshop. Boy are you guys a real love/hate relationship of mine (mostly hate, but hey - I still support My Little Pony post Season 2, so what am I talking about?). With expensive, over designed models that they have the audacity to overcharge how much it actually costs, sending out cease and desists at the drop of a hat and one of the most vitriolic fanbases I can conceive, these guys can't possibly be doing well, right? ...What do you mean they still have a Monopoly? And that they're making Profits yearly?! I suppose much of this boils down to the rule of Games Workshop and how they profiteer. They like to feast upon fanboyism and victimisation - you could be playing something else, but all your mates are probably into Warhammer 40,000, so naturally you have to own an army too if you don't want to be left out. Pray you don't live in the Nottingham area - if you don't have a GW product army, good luck finding a gaming club that supports what you want to play! With that in mind, here are five Tabletop Wargames that are superior in one respect or another to one of Games Workshop's products. We will be looking at Fluff and Mechanics (aka Crunch) - after all, a game can have the ugliest looking Models in the world, but if the game is halfway decent in either area it can very much save it. With that said... #5) Secrets of the Third Reich Dat hat. Secrets of the Third Reich is an amazing, four star quality game from West Wind - a very tiny Tabletop Wargaming company from the United Kingdom. At first glance I can see what your thinking - "pfft, haven't we had enough World War 2?". And in a sense, your right - most Tabletop Companies manufacture World War 2 miniatures, and then of course there's Flames of War. However, if Flames of War is the Tiberium Saga, then Secrets of the Third Reich is the Red Alert trilogy - the first and maybe the second games from that at any rate. Set in a World War 2 that has yet to end, Secrets of the Third Reich is a platoon scale game that gives you command over a platoon of Germans, Russians, Brits or Yanks. The twist however is that all of the factions have a wide variety of weirder troops and vehicles they can call upon, from Nazi (or Soviet!) Zombies to Powered Exoskeletons to Vampires to King Arthur. And if that isn't enough, an easy to use Vehicle Designer allows you to create and deploy your own deranged war machines upon the enemy. While the game does have it's flaws (my one and only gaming session of Third Reich ended up in a scenario where my opponent and I had to house rule a solution for a drawn close combat because the book did not present a solution), it's imagination, use anything you have mentality and general fun factor make it superior to just about anything in the Games Workshop catalogue, and it's a game that like AT-43 I'll be waiting to play again until the end of time. It's also probably the lease expensive game here. #4) Dropzone Commander Note: Not an accurate representation of the game itself. Hawk Wargames are an upstart company based in the United Kingdom who have blown apart expectations with their debut game, Dropzone Commander - and it's not hard to see why. Dropzone Commander is set in the 27th Century, and the ongoing fluff chronicles the story of mankind's campaign to retake Earth from an invading race of Parasites called the Scourge. Thrown into the mix are the mysterious Post-Human Republic (humans who fled with the aid of a mysterious White Sphere before the Scourge arrived, and now exist as badass cyborgs) and the enigmatic Shaltari (a race of warrior-mystics with very John Carter inspired machines). There are rumors now of a fifth faction circulating, but no confirmation yet as to what it is. Regardless, Dropzone Commander plays out like a tabletop version of Ground Control (before Ground Control 2 happened and derped everything up anyway) - many of the games strategies focus upon strategic deployment and rapid response. The fighting is fast and brutal, and many tears will be shed before the game ends. Where it loses marks however is in it's price point. Dropzone Commander is a very expensive game to get into. However, the models themselves are of high (or even higher) quality than Games Workshop's products - the faction design is remotely alien to anything out there on the market at the minute (the Shaltari being the biggest example, with their war machines being very heavily John Carter inspired), and the models are downright indestructable. . There's also some missing rules as well (exactly what Active Countermeasures do to protect a Unit is never explained, so the "Ranged Full" and a "Ranged Countered" statistic on weapons is redundancy for the most part). #3) Infinity For the Greater Weeaboo! NOW we're playing with power. Infinity is a Skirmish level tabletop wargame - meaning that rather than commanding an army like the above two, Infinity is centred around a small team of soldiers (often written off from what I understand of the fluff as adventurer parties or ad-hoc special forces units). Infinity is one of the big heavyweights that resurrected a dying genre within the Tabletop Wargaming community (though it wasn't alone on that front as Maulifaux can attest). Not bad for a small company from Spain. I cannot comment a lot on Infinity's fluff, as I do not possess much at hand. However, what I can tell you is that Infinity is hilariously (and tragically) brutal. Your men will die, often in repeatedly brutal and humiliating manners, but that's not why it's better than anything GW makes nowadays. It's better because of the rules. Infinity innovates - it was the first to use the Alternating Activation System used in the likes of Dropzone Commander, which allows both players to be making moves simultaneously without slowing the game down to a crawl or becoming convoluted. The Orders system as well adds an element of strategy to the game, especially when it comes to the Squad's Lieutenant and keeping him safe. Combined with it's low price point and ease of access for new players, Infinity sits in at the Number 3 point. #2) The Iron Kingdoms (Warmachine/Hordes) KHADOR SMASH! Named for the combination of Warmachine and Hordes (which are designed to work together anyway), this want to know what it does better than Games Workshop? Everything. And I wish I was making it up, or beating around the bush. The brainchild of Matt Wilson, both Warmachine and Hordes have the same premise and operate on the same system (and can even fight each other!). The player controls a crazy awesome Mage (either a Warcaster or a Warlock, depending if your a Warmachine faction or a Hordes faction), who in turn commands either badass Steampunk Robots or badass monsters to kill each other. Oh, and there are some little guys running around getting squished by them - they're kinda inconsequential. Oh, and then there are the even bigger Robots and Monsters that are so fun to use Games Workshop had to create things like the Riptide and Wraithknight to compete with them. Way to go PP! On a fluff level, the Iron Kingdoms has hands down the best written and most well developed fluff of anything out there on the market. While Warhammer 40,000 suffers from an overflow of Mary Sues, Misogony and weapons a ten year old would make up (especially in more recent years), the fact that the Iron Kingdoms was a Dungeons & Dragons setting originally can be seen on display in every inch of the fluff. Rather than focusing on fifteen billion and one factions who are rapidly blurring into a grey mess, Warmachine has six solidly defined, well characterised factions and Hordes has four equally solidly defined, well characterised factions (plus an additional "Mercenary" faction for both systems). For anyone wanting to write fiction for a Tabletop Wargame, I point to this game as the Ur Example of how it should be done. And the crunch? Like everything else on this list, it's fast paced, super brutal and extremely scalable - you need only a single Warcaster/Warlock and a couple of Warjacks/Beasts to start playing. And these guys don't just stand there hitting each other - depending on how you use your Focus, or how you manage your Fury, your Robots and Beasts will be headbutting, slinging each other around the map and ripping off the opponent's limbs and beating him with the soggy/sparky end. I'm running out of space, so I'll finish off that while it does have a high price point, you need significantly fewer models (and thus less Dosh) to play than what GW would charge you. Also, they're having a Kickstarter right now for an upcoming slice of awesome, so either pledge now, or at the very least give fun a Greenlight? And now, at number one... #1) Monsterpocalypse Living here in Jersey, fighting villains from afar... And seriously, would it really be anything else? Monsterpocalypse is the most amount of fun I had with a Tabletop Wargame since my youth where I played sessions of Necromunda and Inquisitor with my "College Buddies". What's it about? Giant monsters beating the ever loving bejeezus out of each other! It's essentially Pacific Rim: The Tabletop Wargame. Monsterpocalypse takes a ball of crazy awesome, infuses it with 50's B-Movie radiation and makes it snort cocaine for the resulting concoction. This is a game where you can have Mazinger Z beat up Cthulu. I'll say it again - This is a Tabletop Wargame where Mazinger Z beats up Cthulu. Only a person devoid of any sense of fun could not see how that's not appealing in the slightest. It's also surprisingly easy to learn to play. And I mean rocks-over-brains levels of easy. It's pretty damn hard not to recommend this game - especially if you just got back from seeing Pacific Rim. Which brings me to some bad news. Due to a movie deal with Paramount going south, Monsterpocalypse has gone into suspended animation at Privateer Press. Not because the game wasn't printing money for them, but because of Hollywood movie deals and stuff (not that the movie would have been great anyway - Tim Burton as the Director anyone?). You can find the pieces around eBay for cheap, but outside of that this makes the game slightly inaccessible. And there we are. Five games that do things better than anything Games Workshop can do. And of course there are dozens of others I've missed off - Dystopian Wars, Malifaux, Dust Tactics and even up and coming games like All Quiet on the Martian Front and Wild West Exodus. I'm sure I will get around to them soon enough. Until then, I have been your GABEN...and I think my PHR army just arrived. Excuse me...