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Found 23 results

  1. Hey there everypony! Doing another one, Yup... Already. Now then, This topic's subject is your favorite three foods to eat and why! Don't forget, you have to EXPLAIN Why you like the foods you list! Alright then, lets get this topic on the way. Don't forget to show a bro-hoof if you like this thread, I really hope to see what dishes will pop up in this one! :3 1. Chili dogs: The main reason I love these is because well... Lets be honest. They taste great and it's easy to make fast. I enjoyed Chili dogs a lot when I was a kid. Adding Mexican shredded cheese with some chopped onions onto the chili is just yum. Plus it's really cheap as well and really easy to ration out to others of your household! 2. Grilled Chicken w/ Sauteed mushrooms: I really enjoy this dish. I normally have it when I can afford it. I love to marinate my chicken breasts for almost a whole day, then cook them on the stove top. The smell and the taste is just irresistible! I love to Saute mushrooms with fresh cut bell-peppers, onions, and sometimes a little bit of garlic flavored vegetable oil. I like to eat this combinations just as is most times. If I want a faster meal I go with steamed veggies instead! 3. Pizza: I absolutely love pizza, there's so many different styles and flavors! I even made my own at home and it was amazing! I love cheese and the sauce is always so rich... I try not to eat too much because I don't wanna get fat. ;~; Anyway! I made a special pizza yesterday and it was my first time attempting a stuffed crust recipe. I made a shrimp & fish pizza... It was really great! [if you want my recipe ask for it in a PM ] There's a large world out there with tons of different types of foods! So tell me, what are your three? I can't wait to see your favorites! (\^ 3^/) My stomach is even growling from making this thread! Happy posting everypony!
  2. Well, here it is. I haven't actually played the game since early Season 7 (Can't believe it's been almost 2 years), so my opinions may be a little outdated. Nonetheless, this is also partially based on other tier lists, so there is something to this aside from what I think. Nonetheless, it is mostly what I think from watching a few league games, combined with my opinions and my knowledge of changes since I actually played the game, so it could be a little off. Top Tier: Sion, Darius, Viktor Strong: Irelia, Urgot, Garen, Teemo, Jax, Yasuo, Riven, Akali, Aatrox, Camille, Kled, Fiora, Renekton Decent: Yorick, Pantheon, Illaoi, Cho'Gath, Nasus, Shen, Rumble, Gangplank, Singed, Poppy, Swain, Jayce, Kayle, Wukong, Quinn, Vladimir Usable: Kennen, Jarvan IV, Pyke, Lissandra, Dr. Mundo, Tryndamere, Nautilus, Heimerdinger, Rengar, Maokai, Ekko, Cassiopeia, Karma, Trundle, Vayne Weak: Gnar, Ornn, Talon, Xin Zhao, Graves, Galio, Olaf, Mordekaiser, Ryze, Tahm Kench, Fizz, Lulu, Leona, Vi, Lee Sin Bottom Tier: Zed, Blitzcrank, Thresh, Udyr
  3. (By the way is there a topic I should be posting these in?) I liked how in the precious forum design it showed recent topics I posted in. It's like the one at the top of the page now, except topics I have posted in only. It was easy to check for updates without having to go back to the actual topic itself. Is there a way to put it back?
  4. Ah 2015, a year which a lot of metalheads awaited, mainly to hear future releases that were out in this very year and a year which was actually not bad as for those releases.Some bands released quality material as usual, while others seemed to have failed in front of their own fanbase. But today, I'm here to talk about my favorite albums of the year 2015!: 1.The Book Of Souls by Iron Maiden While some people think that this album is still the same old boring produced same pace Maiden (Modern Iron Maiden for a more concrete definition), I for myself honestly think that it works in this release. I think it's the most old school sounding modern Maiden release! From songs like If Eternity Should Fail to songs like the 13 and 10 respective minutes epics called The Red And The Black and title-track called The Book Of Souls, I think we have all the proof to say that it aims more at their older sound than their other modern releases, even if the production is far from being their best. But I'm not done here! While sounding like that at some points, most of the songs from this one, kicks ass, I mean, it does not lack the Maiden energy, that carries to most of those songs! Also, while I think Bruce Dickinson's vocal aren't the best he did, I think they're alright! And the musical arrangement are not bad, and they manage to get really epic in the album's 18 minutes closer called Empire of the Clouds. In conclusion, I think this album is one of the better modern Iron Maiden release, and it's not a letdown. Favorite songs: If Eternity Should Fail, The Great Unknown, The Red and the Black, When The River Runs Deep, The Book of Souls, Empire of the Clouds. 2.VII : Sturm Und Drang by Lamb Of God I gotta say that for a first full listen of a Lamb Of God, I'd say it is not a deception of any kind. This album does not suck, it's even a good one! With it's variety of riffs and styles, it shows it's potential right away! The clean sections might not be the best thing about this album, but they do not make that one go down instantly! For a full review check out this post in this very blog: Favorite songs: Still Echoes, Erase This, Footprints, Delusion Pandemic, Torches 3.What Should Not Be Unearthed by Nile From the variety to the excelent immersion of it's songs, here next we got this great new release by Nile. I got myself listening to songs in some generous amount of times (such as Evil To Cast Out Evil and the first underestimated Liber Stellae Rubaeae). To list the positives, we got some nice drumming from George Kollias, good vocals and some of the heaviest songs the band has released yet such as Call To Destruction, Rape of The Black Earth, etc... For the negative point it is the drums production which could have been a bit better! For a full review check out this post in this very blog: Favorite songs: Call To Destruction, Liber Stellae Rubeae, In The Name Of Amun, Evil to Cast Out Evil, Rape Of The Black Earth 4.Terms of Surrender by Black Fast This really recent band from St. Louis called Black Fast released a nice piece of modern Thrash Metal music. With this album called terms Of Surrender, they were able to show what they were capable of. In this nearly 45 minutes record, the band were able to play a Thrashy, yet really progressive and interesting style of metal. The entire album is really original full of catchy songs in their own right! Those riffs that are either original or just plain creative. You just have to check out this great album for yourself as it is a really talented one! Favorite songs: The Keep, To Propagate the Void, Tongues of Silver, The Coming Swarm, I Conspire, Vacuous Idol, Until Dust Check out the music video of "I Conspire"!: 5.Plan of The Damned by Acid Reign (Single) About time that this band released new shit! And it's with a "rebooted" line-up that Acid Reign released a... and yes I know it is not an album but who cares! ...single! The song begins with what seems to be a mid-paced start but soon after the 2:30 mark of the song, you know, it's dat part where it THRASH! And bam! The Thrashy parts starts just as H the lead singer says "THIS IS NOT A TEST!". Here, nice and thrashy riffs awaits you for a nice finish! I really hope that they keep heading this away for their future new release! You can check out the song here: Honorable mentions: 1.Redemption From Refaim by A.R.G. A neat album from a band who released the last album prior to that one in 1991! Equilibrium: 2.Ungod by Morgoth A great comeback album in the vein of their first oldschool Death Metal album called Cursed (1991). It sounds oldschool and it deserves attention from the eyes of the Death Metal scene Snakestate: 3.Underworld by Symphony X An album that has it's moment while a some are kind of forgettable, but not a lot of them are actually. A pretty typical album from them. I recommend you to listen to Kiss Of Fire a thousand times, because it's one of their best songs ever, thank you! Kiss Of Fire: 4.Genexus by Fear Factory Not their best album, but a good one at least. Some good Industrial Metal there, really a lot to check there. Djent incorporation also makes this one worth it. The title-track, Genexus: 5.Suicide Society by Annihilator I don't get why people hate this album, all that those people seems to say is that the song My Revenge is a rip-off of Metallica's Damage Inc. just because Jeff Waters "took" a riff from that song, but why would say that a song is bad because of a freakin riff?!? Come on, metal scene I know you're a lot better than that (or is it?). You know what, screw those people, because I like this album and I recommend you that one, and you can ignore Snap, that song is not worth your time. Creepin' Again: 6.My God-Given Right by Helloween Not that bad this album is, check out my full review: Battle's Won: 7.I Worship Chaos by Children Of Bodom A good album from this popular Finnish melo-death band. I Hurt, is one of my favorite songs from the band if not my favorite, because it simply just kills! The rest of the album is alright and you should check it out for yourself! I Hurt: 8.Reveries... by Supuration This one is an album of re-recorded songs from the band's demo's and E.P.s. I got myself listening to some songs a lot of times, including the album's opener Avoid the Contamination, Suffocate Through Asphyxia and others... They even recorded a cover of Anthrax's Among The Living, check it out! Suffocate Through Asphyxia: 9.Dead Man's Path by Malevolent Creation A recent release from those Death Metal veterans. They released a nice album with a couple of great sounding songs like Imperium (Kill Force Rising), Blood Of The Fallen, etc... Blood Of The Fallen: 10.Emanations by Ouroboros I just recently got into these guys, and their first album is really good but their second album evolves their Technical Thrash/Death Metal sound into a whole new level with the additions of symphonic elements, honestly, check that one out! The album in it's entirety: 11.Envers Et Contre Tous by Anonymus Quebec's Anonymus released a neat new album this summer which suceeds to the also neat État Brute (2011). It gots the typical elements of their modern music: Fast, Thrashy and efficient! Décrisse: 12.Repentless by Slayer Ok, you might don't take me seriously, but I think that this album is a half-good, half-meh/bad type of album, it gots some nice songs (Repentless, Take Control, Piano Wire, Atrocity Vendor and You Against You) while the rest of the album is either full of meh or not terrible/bad songs (Vices, Cast The First Stone, When The Stilness Comes (Not bad), Chasing Death, Implode (Not The Worst), Pride In Prejudice (Worst song of the album)). I think it should have been a lot better, but either way that's their music, so yeah... Repentless (Damn already to 6m views): 13.Bad Magic by Motörhead This release, is a sad one, because it's officialy their last ever due to the death of a Legend called Lemmy Kilmister, Rest In Peace! Metal music will highly miss you! Also, I feel sorry that I have not listen to much of this album mainly it's their last, because priorities man! But from what I've been hearing it seemed good, while not being the best I heared from Motörhead. Last music video the band has ever released from a song called When The Sky Comes Looking For You: To conclude, I think that this year was not all that bad concerning those releases, it had defenitely some good ones and some who I can revisit! I highly anticipate 2016! With albums from Vektor, Voivod, Megadeth and other set to be released for next year, I think that this year might deliver us some surprises from the Metal scene! Happy new year 2016! Psss... You can also check out the 2014 edition of this, thanks...:
  5. Your top 5 music producers/bands? Mine are (in order): -Skillet -Linkin Park -3Oh!3 -Eminem -Bright Eyes
  6. While there are many moments in E3 that everyone remembers for the really bad acting, bad demos underwhelming hype, there's just as many moments at E3 that are memorable for hitting the right notes. Unlike the last one, this will mostly focus on moments rather than whole conferences, as it was kind of hard for me to find entire great conferences as opposed to bad ones which was miles easier. So without further ado. 5) Microsoft E3 2008 - Microsoft's Final Fantasy XIII bomb Microsoft unveils Final Fantasy XIII going multiplatform and comes to the Xbox 360, much to the dismay of hardcore Sony fanboys around the world. Regardless of what your opinion on the game itself was, it was worth it for the complete meltdown of the internet for several months. 4) Nintendo E3 2010 - The Nintendo 3DS steals the show No one expected it but holy hell did the 3DS reveal leave a huge impact. The 3DS was officially revealed, with tons of games and surprises to go along with it, such as getting remasters of Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64, as well as surprise announcements of several third party titles no one expected like Metal Gear(MGS3D), Resident Evil Revelations and Mercenaries, Street Fighter, Kingdom Hearts 3D(Dream Drop Distance), Assassin's Creed(which actually never happened), and Saint's Row(never happened either). The 3DS reveal was such a popular moment for Nintendo despite the steep price point of $250. 3) Microsoft E3 2013 - Insomniac goes to Xbox with Sunset Overdrive Much like the Final Fantasy XIII multiplatform announcement, in 2013 Microsoft announced that it would be working with former Sony developer Insomniac to work on the Xbox One's Sunset Overdrive, again much to the dismay of hardcore Sony fanboys everywhere. However this internet meltdown was arguably more notable than FFXIII due to the controversies involving the Xbone. 2) Sony E3 2013 - Sony Owns Microsoft and Xbone DRM Truth be told, Sony's 2013 conference wasn't anything special, it isn't the jizz-worthy conference Neogaf says it is. But at the time everyone was still losing it over the Xbox One DRM, no-used game policies that Sony used to their advantage. Sony would go on to announce that the PS4 would allow used games, easy to share games, would be $100 cheaper, and would not need to be always online. So many people were absolutely ecstatic that they forgot about that the PS4's multiplayer would be stuck behind the PS+ paywall. Also they released that sick burn moments later 1)Nintendo E3 2004 - Zelda makes grown men cry Much like the Sony 2013, Nintendo's 2004 conference wasn't very remarkable either, that was until the final surprise, the first trailer for Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, everyone exploding over the visuals, and Miyamoto coming out with the Master Sword and Shield. What were some of your favorite E3 moments? Because I sure as hell know that there are tons I am missing
  7. With E3 being about a month away, lets take a trip down memory lane, as E3 has always been a huge even for gamers, as their always prone to both great and just utterly awful moments for gaming industry giants. But for the sake of this blog, lets just get the bad stuff out of the way Honorable mentions: UBISOFT E3 2011 The actual conference wasn't actually that bad in terms of game announcements. But then I remember that Mr Caffeine was there 5) E3 2012 in general For a showing that was set to reveal two new platforms(Wii U and Vita) you'd expect this one to be great, but surprisingly and unfortunately, it was very lacking. On top of Microsoft still being Kinect heavy and EA being EA, it's really sad when freaking Ubisoft had the best E3 showing that year with the reveal of Watch Dogs(which unfortunately didn't turn out the way people hoped) 4) Microsoft E3 2010 Why was this conference so awful? One word: Kinect. Microsoft's E3 2010 conference was the first and most infamous of many Kinect heavy E3 conferences. No one was interested in the Kinect, and none of the games they were showing were doing them any favors. Topped with bad actors, grown men asking the Kinect to put up Justin Beiber, and one of the most embarrassing showcases of Star Wars within recent memory, it'd be a while before Microsoft would be able to have another good conference. 3) Sony E3 2006 Many legendary memes were born from this trainwreck. Giant Enemy Crab, riiiiiidge racer! Five Hundred Ninety Nine US Dollars. The list goes on. Not only a weak showcasing of games, but the PS3's price point revealed is what hurt this conference as well as the PS3's launch, which delivered an awful blow to Sony's finances(who were already selling the PS3 at a loss), It wasn't until a $300 price cut 2 years later that the PS3's sales would finally improve 2) Nintendo E3 2008 Unfortunately Stong shows 2 years prior wasn't able to stop Nintendo from dropping this turd of a conference. 2008 was a dark year for Nintendo fans, which is inexcusable when earlier that year they release Super Smash Bros Brawl. But they couldn't keep that momentum going, as for this conference they went full-on casual, nearly every game spotlighted were mostly minigame collections, tons of peripherals, Cammie Dunaway and boring stuff like sales numbers. And to top it all off, they ended the show with Wii Music...let that sink in. The conference did a huge number to Nintendo's and the Wii's rep among the press, gamers, and fans alike The only announcement worth mentioning was GTA Chinatown Wars and maybe Nintendo cockteasing Skyward Sword It was such a disaster that Nintendo would hold an October conference later that year, formally apologize for the E3 conference, and then announce games that would've definitely been welcome then, such as a new Punch-Out(which is awesome btw), a new Sin and Punishment, Madworld, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and etc. 1) Konami E3 2010 It was a tough call between this one and Nintendo 2008, but in light of recent events, I feel like giving it to Konami out of spite. Then I decided to watch it again and just though " wonder they're in such an awful state". Seriously, just watch, this video speaks for itself
  8. Might as well, here goes: 10. Strangest Videotape / Barbie.avi Let’s start it nice and easy with a tie, these are the first two pastas I ever heard (because as you know from the last entry, I don’t read them, I hear them, the atmosphere is much better that way); so these are the two stories that got me into pastas, may as well place them on the top; if they were good enough to keep me interested, they must be good enough for this entry 9. The Chanting In The Woods Oh yeah, this one; works amazingly well if you happen to be a person who grew up in the rural area, preferably next to some woods (not my case, I was always a big city kid; nevertheless, I really enjoyed this one) 8. Where Bad Kids Go Very short, under 3 minutes, yet it does its job surprisingly well; it really took my by surprise 7. 1999 If I knew this one before, it would have easily made my top 5 list; this was the one that almost got me to think it was real; it’s very well made, structured and thought out and I don’t wanna say anything else about it 6. Psychosis Again, if I knew this one in time, it would have made my top 5 list; the ironic thing is that I did know about it back then, I just forgot…oh well The great thing about this one is that it really shows what it’s like to be psychotic Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5:
  9. The Nintendo Entertainment System or NES was Nintendo's first console outside of Japan and it has a lot of classic games. I actually didn't grow up during the NES I was born in '97 but there are some gems I enjoy playing on it. So I'll give you my top 10 NES games of all time. Here We Go! #10: Kid Icarus At number 10 is the original Kid Icarus. I will put this low on my list because it can be quite frustrating sometimes. But I liked the greek mythological theme to it and the variety in levels and enemies. #9: DuckTales This game is based on the cartoon show DuckTales and I think this game has aged as well as the TV series. DuckTales was one of the few 80's shows I enjoyed and was a great show. And Disney is even going to reboot this series in 2017. The gameplay of DuckTales is solid where you keep bouncing going through levels and collecting treasures along the way. #8: Legend of Zelda Next is the original Legend of Zelda and is actually one of my favorites in the series because of the simplicity. It feels clunky compared to later games but I think it's still fun to play. I find it easy to pick up and play because there is barely any text or tutorials but I would say it has one of the weaker stories in the series. #7: Balloon Fight I liked the concept of Balloon Fight where you fly with balloons and pop the other enemies balloons. I thought that was a neat concept. I found this game to be a simple fun and addicting arcade style game. And it also has an extra mode called Balloon Trip which is fun too. #6: Popeye Here's another game based on a cartoon series, Popeye. This is a port of the Nintendo arcade game and is actually a solid adaptation of the cartoon. You play as Popeye trying to avoid Bluto and you collect hearts, music, or help letters from Olive Oyl and you can even get spinach. Like Balloon Fight this is a simple, fun arcade game. #5: Mr. Gimmick This one is kind of a hidden gem and it was only released in Japan and Europe, and is a rare game these days. Regardless this is a fun yet challenging platformer game where you play as Gimmick, a cute creature who can generate stars. I thought that was a neat concept. It can be challenging because the way the star bounces are based on a physics mechanic that can be frustrating at times. I also like the color and detail in this game. #4: Kirby's Adventure This is one of my favorite Kirby games ever. It's the first Kirby game where you get the copy ability so you can mess with different abilities which is fun to do. It has a wide variety of levels, and enemies. And this game also has some bonus games like a crane game and a gun draw game. A very fun platformer and it was remade for the GBA. #3: Mother/Earthbound Zero Mother is the prequel to Earthbound on the SNES and there's not many differences. The sequel on SNES feels more like a reboot more than a sequel but this is my favorite RPG on the NES. It has a modern setting, has varied worlds, and quirky enemies and dialogue. This game is the weakest in the series mainly because it's harder and more grinding but it's still cool to check out. While the graphics and game mechanics don't hold up well the music is still great. #2: Super Mario Bros. Oh yeah you knew this was coming. The original Super Mario Bros that started it all. A solid platforming game where you play as Mario and try to defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach. It was remade for Super Mario All Stars and Gameboy Color and I would say the Gameboy Color version is the definitive version but the original on the NES started it all. And my #1 favorite NES game is... So that was my Top 10 NES Games of all time. What are yours?
  10. Scaredy cats, look away now X3 Hi people! I'm sure you know about creepypastas, those little horror stories surfing around the internet. Some of them get the job done even better than Hollywood movies when it comes to scares or all around creepiness. One thing about me, though, I prefer listening to them rather than reading them, don't ask me why; anyways, since I'm one of those die hard fans who's always on a pasta diet, I've decided to make a top 5 of my fave stories for anyone who's interested. You like scares? you came to the right place. But how to make this top? Which stories can be considered better than all others? Well, in my opinion, the best creepypastas should seem the most believable, should make you feel uneasy, and should definitely have an all around creep value to it. Having established that, here are my fave creepypastas, with links to the audio versions of them, performed by MrCreepypasta, my fave creepypasta reading youtuber (oh, you don't like him? well I do and this is my top X3) Spoiler: no, Cupcakes is not on this list; in my opinion, that's just goreporn, definitely not a good creepypasta. #5 - Anasi’s Goatman Story To tell the truth, it's difficult to figure out why I like this one so much, though I find myself coming back to it numerous times. Maybe it's the fact that it takes place in the middle of nowhere, maybe that it's the way it is written, making it extremely believable, I'm not sure; it's definitely chilling and makes you wonder just how safe you are when you're going camping with friends. #4 - Abandoned By Disney This came out of nowhere and completely blew my mind, was not expecting it to be so damn good; up to a certain point, it definitely sounds like something the Disney corporation would do; however, it then slowly descends into an absolute horrific secret that I'll let you read (or hear X3) for yourselves, should you wanna check it out. #3 - Candle Cove The ending absolutely made this one for me. It has everything that makes creepypastas good and leaves you (well, left me, at least) completely creeped out. It's nice and short, and a wonderful example of what you can do even if you don't plan on writing a novel-long story in order to draw your audience in slowly. #2 - Ben (Majora's Mask) Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Footage 1: Footage 2: Footage 3: Footage 4: This one is nothing short of a masterpiece, and the fact that it actually has filmed footage makes it all the more believable / terrifying / nightmare inducing / whatever you wanna call it >w< It's no surprise that this appears on everyone's list of best pastas, it is deserving of every praise it gets, since a lot of work was clearly placed in its making; a word of warning though, the ending absolutely blows your mind in how scary it is, but the reality is that it kinda loses it's effect when you hear the audio, it works best when it is read; I kinda figured this out when hearing it and noticed what the author was trying to do. #1 - The Showers Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: This shall forever be my fave scary story, unless someone can produce something absolutely heart-stopping. I haven't been in a long time as scared as I was when this one finished. There is a possibility that you won't like it as much or you'll be expecting something even more horrific and then be let down, but this is my opinion, that The Showers is the ultimate creepypasta. You're probably now saying "Del, you piece of poop, what the hell were you thinking not including Slendy or Jeff in your list?" To tell you the truth though, I really didn't find them scary, I see them as just stories about serial killers, one of them faceless and incredibly tall; thing is that a story needs to have an element of the unexplained in order for me to be scared or at least creeped out; if everything is neatly explained and I am not left pondering, then chances are I won't be scared either. That being said, thanks for reading.
  11. With the recent announcement of Wii games being available for purchase at the Wii U eShop at yesterday's Nintendo Direct, fans have been feverishly thinking about what games they'd want to see get another release(and/or your like me wondering why they still can't get GC and N64 games on there, as well as DS games like they announced earlier). And while there's plenty of games on the system that should get another shot, seeing the Metroid Prime Trilogy coming soon made me think that it'd be the perfect opportunity for them to release games that either never got a chance here or are ridiculously expensive to get 10) Xenoblade Chronicles One of the 3 games that was part of Operation Rainfall, a movement meant to convince NoA to localize 3 certain JRPGs, and often considered one of the best RPGs of last gen(or at least best JRPG), Xenoblade Chronicles was only released in North America at Gamestops and is often hard to get without having to pay an organ for it. It'd be understandable if they didn't release it now since the New 3DS port of it is on it's way, but it'd be great to see it appear down the line for those who want to experience it on the console once Xenoblade Chronicles X rolls along 9) Last Story The second game of the Operation Rainfall trilogy and the latest console game created by the father of Final Fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi. While it's not as ridiculously expensive a few other games on this list(about $30 for a used copy at Gamestop), it's still a relatively hard to find game, but it's a fun one 8) Pandora's Tower The 3rd game of the Operation Rainfall trio, and the least successful of the 3. I never got a chance to play it, and I'm still having trouble finding a copy, so all the more reason to put it here 7) Madworld This game's actually pretty cheap($10 new, $3 used at Gamestop), but good luck finding it. Madworld is a gloriously violent and incredibly fun game by Platinum Studios, but is unfortunately one of the Wii's many overlooked gems. With Nintendo's recent works with Platinum like Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, seeing this on the eShop is only fitting 6) Captain Rainbow This is where the rereleases can really shine, releasing titles that never left Japan's shores Captain Rainbow has a small cult following on the internet and is one of many Japanese Wii titles that many people want to see. Judging from some of the videos and screenshots I've seen, I have no fucking clue what it's supposed to be about, which is probably what I want to see it more 5) Fatal Frame IV/Fatal Frame 2 Remake For some reason, after Nintendo received the rights to the Fatal Frame franchise, they've been held hostage in Japan. If they want to see if a market exists in the west(it probably does), it would be a good time to give the game a western release in time for Fatal Frame V(which I hope also releases in the US) 4) Disaster Day of Crisis An action-adventure game by Monolith Soft, the creators of Xenoblade, was released in just about everywhere but the US for some unknown reason. I remember being very excited for this game when I first heard about it and saw, so hearing that it wasn't going to be localized in the US was pretty soulcrushing 3) Zack&Wiki's Island Adventure Much like Madworld, it's pretty cheap, but much like that, it's also hard to find 2) Klonoa Klonoa is awesome. This game and this series deserves more love 1) Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn The sequel to the beloved Gamecube title, Path of Radiance. From what I've heard, it's the least successful titles in the series commercially. This along with the demand so high(especially after the surge of popularity the series recently got from Awakening) makes it one of the most difficult to get game in the series and on the system its on. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would prefer to get the game for $10-20 at the eShop as opposed to some of the ridiculous prices I've seen it go for I'm aware that there are tons of games I probably missed that people would undoubtedly like to see(like DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3, which I've seen go up for $160 for some unholy). If you want, share your opinions on what you'd like to see come back on the eShop
  12. So as we head into the much anticipated 2015 year, this has been a great year for Metal in general with great releases from great bands. So here are my favorite Metal albums, in no particular order, for the year of 2014. (Note that there are others but in those I haven't really listen to all of the songs in them Blood In Blood Out by Exodus This album was a bit attacked by the fans, mainly because of the vocals of Steve Souza, I think that he has done an excellent job at the vocals and with the great riffs of Gary Holt, this was an excellent combo that made this a must buy for thrash fans from all around the world. Favorite tracks: Black 13, Blood In Blood Out, Salt The Wound, Honor Killings and Food For The Worms Rating: 92% Black 13: Esoteric Warfare by Mayhem This album was a pure audio massacre from the start until the end. Attila's vocals were fitting with most of the songs in the album, the blast beats were perfectly done, in harmony with the devastating melody played by the rest of the band. Even if some parts were a bit too experimental, Mayhem did put a great display of what today's Black Metal music is all about. I also love the lyrical themes in the songs, the theme that is mostly use here are psychological warfares, a strange concept yet interesting. Favorite Tracks: Watchers, Trinity and Throne Of Time Rating: 84% Earthborn Evolution by Beyond Creation Those guys from Montreal in the province of Quebec (Pure laine tabarnak (get it? lol)) knows how to play tech. death metal and they proved it once again in this new release. My favorite thing from this album is the bass player (BTW called Dominic "Forest" Lapointe), because of the way he plays the instrument, it adds a charm to the melody already played by the rest of the band. This album is way more experimental than it's predecessor (The Aura) and it lacks a little bit of the brutality that The Aura had but it is still solid Death Metal from beginning to end. Favorite Tracks: Elusive Reverence, Sous La Lueur De L'empereur, Earthborn Revolution and Theatrical Delirium Rating: 90% Tibi et Igni by Vader What an impressive effort with this release by this band which will never stop to amaze me. This album is just really agressive yet so advanced and doesn't lack originality at all. All of the songs from this album are a must listen and the tempo from a song to another is really great. I also love the immersion of classical music in some tracks which brings an ambiance of some sort and helped me go along with some songs on the album. Favorite Tracks: Go To Hell, Where Angels Weep, Hexenkessel, Abandon All Hope, The Eye Of The Abyss, The End Rating: 97% Hexenkessel: Other notable releases White Devil Armory by Overkill Armorist: R.I.B. by Tankard Rest In Beer: Redeemer Of Souls by Judas Priest Ravenous Plague by Legion Of The Damned Doom Priest: (I know the video is from 2013 but the album came out in 2014) The 7 Deadly Sins by Necrodeath Wrath: So, I hope you have a great new year, metalheads and non-metalheads bronies, and that this year brings you good health and prosperity (and hopefully great new metal releases hahaha) Thanks!
  13. 5. The White Stripes - Little Cream Soda 4. Pixies - Dig For Fire 3. Scorpions - Polar Nights 2. Nirvana - Lounge Act 1. Loverboy- Working For The Weekend please note there is no order, these are 5 songs that came to my mind in this order
  14. Hello! Haven't been here in awhile so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I made a list of the top 50 most subbed bronies on YouTube. This list is to help people who aren't familiar with some of the best producers. I might have missed a few important ones, so if you could help me out that would be great. On this list, I only included people who are distinctly dedicating their channels to the fandom, or at least a good part of it (that is why I did not include hotdiggedydemon). Also, if the person started a new channel, I just picked whichever one had more subscribers for this list. Without further ado, the list (as of June 24, 2014) 1. FluffyMixer - 357,558 2. The Living Tombstone - 261,054 3. BronyDanceParty - 184,864 4. WoodenToaster - 173,297 5. JanAnimations - 164,198 6. AnimatedJames - 131,282 7. 2Snacks - 130,909 8. JHaller - 129,174 9. Silly Filly Studios - 121,255 10. FiMFlamFilosophy - 119,063 11. Alex S. - 92,403 12. Alligator Tub Productions - 90,283 13. SimGretina - 82,483 14. MisterDavie - 81,293 15. MrPoniator - 79,739 16. tiarawhy - 79,289 17. MicTheMicrophone - 73,879 18. Digibro - 72,465 19. Black Gryph0n - 72,440 20. VinylScratchDjPony - 72,289 21. MandoPony - 71,631 22. LittleshyFM - 71,211 23. Saberspark - 71,030 24. Ratchetness - 70,669 25. Yudhaikeledai - 66,898 26. Viva IMMATOONLINK Reverie - 60,901 27. ACRacebest - 60,519 28. StormXF3 - 58,354 29. alfa995 - 58,310 30. Tommy Oliver - 51,011 31. Skill:Draw - 49,574 32. Requestria - 49,342 33. Sherclop Pones - 49,069 34. EDplus777 - 48,404 35. Ferexes - 47,595 36. Yaplap - 47,063 37. EileMontyVa - 46,969 38. ToucanLDM - 46,303 39. JackTHerbert - 45,673 40. Christian Cerda - 43,645 41. PWaaMLPfim - 40,592 42. Acoustic Brony - 40,161 43. EuroBeat Brony - 39,423 44. Ocarinaplaya - 39,405 45. MysteryBen27 - 38,964 46. KanashiiPanda - 36,634 47. GalaxyArt - 36,005 48. Argodaemon - 28,485 49. BVids - 27,022 50. JakeWhyman - 23,443
  15. Yay, 2014 peoples! Top Posters Overall: @Scootalove - 8,993 posts @~Chaotic Discord~ - 8,533 posts @Finesthour - 8,355 posts @Mailmare - 7,917 posts @Jokuc - 7,771 posts @Zygen - 6,950 posts - 6,510 posts @Lady Rarity Pony - 6,282 posts - 5,789 posts @Champion RD92 - 5,365 posts Top Posters Who Joined in 2011: @Finesthour - 8,355 posts @Mailmare - 7,917 posts @Lady Rarity Pony - 6,282 posts @Champion RD92 - 5,365 posts @Radiance64 - 4,780 posts @Shankveld - 4,460 posts @Doctor XFizzle - 4,122 posts @Crispy - 3,918 posts @Discordian - 3,770 posts @Skullbuster - 3,688 posts Top Posters Who Joined in 2012: @Scootalove - 8,993 posts @~Chaotic Discord~ - 8,533 posts @Jokuc - 7,771 posts @Zygen - 6,950 posts - 6,510 posts - 5,789 posts - 4,824 posts @Dusty Soul - 4,126 posts @Nightfall - 3,751 posts - 3,730 posts Top Posters Who Joined in 2013: @Geek0zoid - 3,043 posts - 2,604 posts @FNGRpony - 2,570 posts - 2,366 posts @Blue Moon - 2,307 posts @Grand_Finale - 2,182 posts - 2,162 posts @dashian500 - 2,153 posts @Charcoal Embers - 1,973 posts @repsol rave - 1,925 posts Top Posters Who Joined in 2014: @Delernil - 675 posts - 433 posts @WhiteGuardian - 427 posts @Deesinn - 409 posts - 406 posts - 322 posts - 320 posts @Judgement - 314 posts @ninjamon102938 - 222 posts @RoguesWolfe - 209 posts Top Posters Who Are Staff Members: @~Chaotic Discord~ - 8,533 posts @Mailmare - 7,917 posts @Jokuc - 7,771 posts @Radiance64 - 4,780 posts @Evilshy - 3,428 posts @Harmonic Revelations - 3,326 posts @Chigens and Kay - 3,157 posts - 3,039 posts @Aureity - 2,648 posts - 2,284 posts
  16. Fluttershy, arguably the top Waifu amongst male MLP Fans, with Blake Belladonna, the undisputed top Waifu amongst RWBY fans. A few bits you may have missed when viewing the picture *because of my crappy style* •Blake and Flutters are wearing rings on their left hand/hoof that represent the other •Blake's flower symbol on the bottom has Flutter's cutie mark butterfly on it •The top section is an image of water with images of Blake and Flutter's sillouhuettes looking into the sunset, Blake's bow is seen on the ground next to the water (ill let you figure out what the beautiful symbolism behind that is)
  17. Hey everypony, Yet another "Top three" I'm doing today. This time the topic will be about. What are three things that anger you the most? Don't forget to EXPLAIN why these things anger you! Anger can be a problem for most ponies. A discussion everypony can join in on, and hopefully help you vent your frustrations and other pessimistic problems! I guess I'll go ahead and list mine off. Give it a hoof-bump if you guys enjoy the topic! ^ w^/) Anyway! Here we go! 1. Squeakers: Don't know what a "Squeaker" is? It is a term often used in gaming to describe someone as with a very high pitched voice. [Around the ages of children of 5-10] Who SCREAM in the mic about non-game related content. Even if you have your volume turned down way low, they still put a spear into your ear drum. On side note of this, The reason I find it annoying is because it's not a child's fault. More so the moronic parent who buys their child a rated M game. Sure, it hurts my ears. What also hurts to know is that parents don't care about what their children are exposed to in an online community. Such as trolls and haters, which can be very... Influential. 2. "Repeaters": Through my youth I've found it highly nerve racking when I'd be concentrating on a task. For example... Dad: Move the pole down the hole slowly. Me: Alright. Dad: WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA, STOP STOP STOP STOP!!!!! Beyond anything, This highly irritates me. I know exactly what I'm doing 80% of the time, and he screams, panics, and otherwise makes anypony in this situation. VERY uncomfortable. Especially when I'm driving too... I guess you could say this has been somewhat traumatized into my brain. Since this is in the same subject, I also hate "Repeating" Myself. I tend to raise my voice in frustration if I constantly have to repeat something over and over. Mainly this concept only happens when dealing with other people say like... My Managers... =_= Manager: Claudia! Me? Yes sir? Manager: Claudia! Me: Yes...? Manager: Claudia! Me: WHAT DO YOU WANT?! Manager: That's very rude. Me: ... True story too. He was a jerk. Anyways... moving on! 3. Morons: Before we get into this subject, I want to make it perfectly clear that I'm not talking about anypony with mental/physical disabilities. A lot of people get touchy on a subject like this when it's not stated correctly. Main reason I say I dislike "Morons" Is because people with a brain don't bother to use their common sense. Most times when I have to walk places in my town, I'm constantly almost getting hit by idiots driving. NO one uses their turn signals, They constantly speed, They even roll down windows to yell rude phrases at me. I dislike them because people in the world have more sense and more capability to be what they are. Not only anger, but it also saddens me that most of the population of where I live is full of jerks. Just walking up here today! I was almost hit by an idiot who was turning from an intersection with a "No left turn" sign. He did it anyway! =.= I Digress... Anyway, I hope to read all of your interesting replies soon to come. Claudia~ <3
  18. Previous Countdown List: So this time, I'm mixing it up, and we'll be doing something about a lighter topic than usual, we'll be talking about video games. Today we'll be talking about what are (In my opinion, of course) the most intimidating enemies and enemy factions in modern video games (Because if I included classic video games this would quickly turn into a list that just feels repetitive, there are many articles about classic video game enemies out there, and I may do a list like that some time). Be it for gameplay reasons, story reasons, or otherwise, I will talk about the different enemies I find most intimidating. ⚠Spoilers Beyond this point!⚠ _______________________________________ 5: HECU (Half-Life) Okay, where do I start? A thing that comes up immediately is the fact that they have the upper hand on you when first encountered, especially since you originally think they are in the facility to help you and the other members of the Black Mesa Staff escape from the facility. Not to mention, at the time of Half-Life's release, the HECU marines had some of (if not THE) most advanced AI that had been seen in the video game industry. They use group tactics, take cover, and even use grenades. This is brought up to eleven in Black Mesa wherein it only takes them a fraction of a second to target you and start firing due to their coding. Plus they have vehicle support, which is very bad news for you if you don't have a good strategy to deal Apache Helicopter that comes out of absolutely no where and starts handing out bullets like candy, and by handing out I mean pumping them directly into your face. Let's just say that the damn dam was damn hard. 4: Infected (Left 4 Dead) The infected are a simple variation of the common zombie often seen in folk lore. What makes the infected from Left 4 Dead special? It has quite a bit to do with the fact that they retain human motor functions, and thus can run. They can run so well, in fact, that they run faster than the survivors. Another thing about the infected is just how many of them there are. They are literally everywhere. The special infected are extremely powerful and it's quite easy to die by their hands (or whatever else they mutated to have). Jockeys, smokers, and chargers are by far the worst. Mostly since the first two are more annoying than harmful and the second way is way too common for an enemy that tough. Of course It's all okay in Left 4 Dead 2, because we have Coach, the one man cheeseburger apocalypse to accompany us through the apocalypse. 3: Deadites (Evil Dead) You may only remember Evil Dead for the movies, which is understandable, since in my opinion, Army of Darkness is the best movie ever. However, it wasn't so long ago that two Evil Dead video games were released (A fistful of Boomstick, and my personal favorite, Regeneration), which is why it's included on this list. Anyways, if you think there is any reason you should not be afraid of Demons that require the almighty one liners from Bruce Campbell to defeat, then you are very insane brave. The deadites are vicious and every time you see one they try to roll out the red carpet, except instead of carpet it's your blood. Combined with the varieties on this ancient evil, there is really no shortage of reasons that these bastards are terrifying. However, if you've ever played the Evil Dead games, you are probably chemically addicted to Bruce Campbell (As I am). It gets easier though, especially once you end up getting the rocket boomstick at the Junkyard. 2: The Covenant (Halo series) The Covenant are pretty much the definition of intimidating. They have far superior technology to humans, and just generally annihilate everything in their path. At the beginning of the Human-Covenant war, humans have several hundred colonies, by the end of it, they only have Earth left. The Covenant is comprised of intimidating creatures (Minus the grunts) led by completely insane indivisuals (The Prophets/San Shy'uum, depending on how you wish to spell or say it). If it was not for the Great Schism, then the humans probably would have lost the war. By the end of the war, they have wiped out billions of people and almost pushed humanity to extinction. Plus their religious beliefs give a very clear view of just how insane the Covenant art (Except Jackals, who are just mercenaries). 1: The Combine (Half-Life 2) And here we are, back at the Half-Life series. I somehow anticipated I'd end up back here. The Combine (Or Universal Union) as they refer to themselves, are just plain evil, yet ominious. Their true intentions are never fully revealed, except that they have enslaved humanity and are stealing resources away from Earth. The worst part is that there is absolutely nothing the humans can do about it. The Combine take humans into various chambers and bioengineer them into merciless killing machines, and since they're engineered from humans they are perfect for warefare on Earth, it's ingenius. Not to mention the Synths they have, which are devastating combinations of biological life and mechanical parts. Even if their strategy fails, they STILL have the upper hand, because according to all accounts, the Combine are INTERDIMENSIONAL. That is an absolutely huge deal and if anyone reading this would not be freaked out by being attacked by an army that can travel through dimensions, you are insane, and probably the same reader who said that demons would not intimidate them. One of the scariest things is that you never fully understand why they don't just destroy Earth, what with the rebellion and all that, and yet nothing is stopping them from doing just that.
  19. You guys should tell me any opinions/ modifications you think might be needed in my list. Also, enjoy. I hope none of you ever make a list like many bad films....(these are all films from 2011 BTW) Also. what would you put as your top ten worst films? (of 2011 or overall...) 10. Breaking Dawn Okay, this was surprisingly watchable compared to other films on this list. Which is saying a lot because this was still horrible, but nowhere on the plane of the other films. 9. The Smurfs The Smurfs has one redeeming quality to it, and that is the actor Neil Patrick Harris. His humor is the only thing I really understood about this film. The Smurfs as a cartoon, were not that fantastic to start out with. Then they made this film a solid 20-odd years after that cartoon finished airing. If they didn't say smurf or smurfin, or smurf something every two seconds this might have actually been bearable. 8. Red Riding Hood This wasn't bad as much as it was absurdly dull. Every scene felt like a new, dull, dead end adventure. Its a dull film, featuring dull characters, and an incredibly dumb plot. It was fairly hard to sit through this, but I did it, so trust me when I say don't make the same mistake I did. 7. New Years Eve This is it, its amazing, they've pulled this off. This is, hands down, the worst rom-com I've seen to this day. The plot tries to intertwine as couples find each other on New Years Eve, but the film just becomes a convoluted mess of nothingness. The comedy is bland, and hard to find. The romance seems soulless and dead, and the entirety of the film feels like someone just sloppily put it together for profit. 6. Season Of the Witch This film has an absurdly silly plot, silly characters, and incredibly stupid special effects. I love most Cage films, as his acting is...uumm.....usually "outstanding" and makes me laugh. In this film though Cage seems to not care, and he attempts to act serious throughout the entirety of the film. Despite what most would think, serious Cage is bland and tasteless, as opposed to hilarious. The end of the film rewards a few laughs, but other than that I do not recommend viewing this one, Cage fan or not. 5. Chipwrecked Oh yeah, if you know me you know whats coming here. After about an hour of the high pitched what I can only describe as raping of songs, I was good and ready to leave. The story is stupid, the voices are annoying, the actors seem confused at why they are there. I endured the entirety of this garbage, and to this day find it amazing that I am FORCED to put it on my list as #5. 4. Transformers 3 Okay, I can understand if some of you are angry about this one being here. However, I believe this film was completely intolerable. Michael Bay has this habit of scrapping a good plot for more action. In some cases, this might actually pass as a good film. However, when you run 2 hours and 30 minutes in a film it NEEDS a good plot. This film jacks around for the first hour and a half, and then for the last hour its just pure explosions and battles. Not recommended for anyone, unless you enjoy a lot of pointless action. 3. Atlas Shrugged This adaptation of the novel by Ayn Rand should have never existed. The politics and ideals behind Ayn Rand's views, I don't mean to be blunt, but they don't work, and they never will. This film is one boring, stupid mess, even if I did agree with Ayn Rand's views I would still feel that way about this film. It poorly interprets the book, it is slow and clunky, and I fell asleep ten minutes into it the first time I attempted to watch it. This was by far the most boring film of 2011. 2. Jack and Jill Ooooohhhhhh man, this film. Adam Sandler was once a hilarious guy, making films many enjoyed, and having humorous skits on SNL. This movie is the clear and utter disappointment that proves those days are long gone. Al Pacino had some funny scenes, but since this movie was bent on showing Jack and Jill we don't get to see him much. The film is fully blown with fart jokes, childish jokes, and jokes that Adam Sandler thought people would find funny, but apparently duded out for everyone else. Horrible and clunky Jack and Jill easily won the Razzies this year (The Razzies are awards for the worst film of the year). My highest recommendation to those who want to see this film is simply this: do not. 1. Bucky Larson This film has one running gag, and the problem lies in that that gag is not funny. To make a good comedy film typically it is required to have more than one running joke in general. There is honestly not a whole lot I can say about this film. I've blocked most of it from my memory out of pure spite. The film achieved a 0% on rotten tomatoes, an impressive feat by any means. When this film ended i felt happy, happy that I would never have to witness something like this again. I recommend this film if you hate yourself, and feel the need to attempt to endure something worthless and bad.
  20. Thank you for your color suggestion Apocalyptic Chaos and Dragonshy! Name: Spin Top Race: Unicorn Personality: Spin Top is very playful, sometimes borderline reckless, but nonetheless, lighthearted. She's a happy go lucky Unicorn with little to no interest with the reality that surrounds her. She is easy to persuade to accomplish ones own deeds, regardless how good or bad other ponies intentions are. Abducted after Duel Spin and brainwashed, Spin top chases after Violet relentlessly in hope of capturing her and relieving Violet of all her artifacts to bring back to the twins leader. Other: Armed with plentiful confetti filled toy tops, her signature one is often used as her key weapon of choice and form of transportation. Upon her giant spin top, Spin commands dominance on the trails with her multiple destructive and in most cases, self destructive attacks. In every technique, Spin often utilizes herself as a flying projectile, therefore causing unchecked harm onto herself as well as others. Her prominent self destructive maneuver is her Spin Missile. Despite her over whelming influences in combat, many of these techniques heavily rely on her giant spin top and herself as a kamikaze hit and run weapon of choice. Even then, her level of precision requires many factors in order to successfully hit a target of her choosing. She cannot operate effectively in water like terrains or mid air except in free fall. She has little to no aerial attacks aside from her Spin Missile. Her giant spin top is her only means of defense as well, wide and vast, she can protect herself from numerous attacks with relative ease. Accidently swapped color palettes for his satchel and mane/tail colors... Name: Duel Spin Race: Earth Pony Personality: While fond of his yo yos, there isn't much known about Duel spin as he resides by himself in the urban outskirts of Mareville. He's calm, collected and methodical, often posing several plans, theories and concepts about preventing unwanted creatures from entering the domain of Mareville. He's quick to enrage especially when he realizes his plans backfire on him. He's rather unresponsive when determined and often gets frustrated with other ponies that don't understand him. Backstory: He was abducted, brainwashed and bends to their unknown ring leaders will, an enthusiast of ancient artifacts. With his knowledge and usage of his dueling Yo yo's to entrap unsuspecting foes, he's yet to prove himself worthy of their leaders ambitions. Other: While not as influential as Spin Top in means of combat, Duel Spin has proven himself to being very maneuverable in the terrains, laying out a multitude of trap emplacements to ensnare his foes. When it comes to two on one scenarios, he lends a supportive role to try and slow down Violet and prevent her from utilizing her airborne techniques against Spin Top, allowing his partner Spin to possibly land a knock out blow with her Spin Missile. As a pair, Spin Top is the more lethal of the pair as Duel Spin is the genius behind the team plans. Now please, I am looking for color ideas, so any critique revolving color suggestions would be very helpful! I have no real good paint program or access to photoshop on this computer either, I tried looking for one called Paint SA but can't find an accurate site for it. If there is another program, any suggestions would be hot. Thanks again
  21. Hi Everypony! I'm TBOE and I'm trying to construct a legit MLP:FiM Tabletop RPG. I started working on this a short while ago, but I still am missing a lot of elements (no, not the elements of harmony xD). There I have the basics of the RPG. I have no idea what else to add to feats. Hopefully it all doesn't seem confusing... Please reply and help what else I could add!
  22. We are truly taking over the world, look at number 1 and 6