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Found 16 results

  1. Hello. Recently CKEditor (for those that might be unaware, the editor that IP.Board uses) keeps crashing. It does it both in quick reply, full reply, and when posting topics (in fact it happened when I tried to post this topic). Basically the editor disappears and a bunch of errors are printed out to the Javascript console. I've found I can just refresh the page to fix the bug, but it's really annoying. Here is a screenshot of the Javascript debug window and the editor once it's crashed. When the editor successfully loads, no error messages are displayed in the console. Thanks, mitchfizz05.
  2. Right now I'm following over 500 topics, as I have the feature enabled where you automatically follow topics that you post in. I have notifications disabled for most of the topics though.
  3. This game is quite simple. The first person says a topic, usually an object or genre. Someone else says a message about that, along with another topic. Here's an example: Person 1: Apples Person 2: Aren't there golden apples? Death Person 3: Somebody got killed by a globe. I don't even know how that happened. Laughter I'll start. Maps
  4. when somepony replies to a topic we posted we should get an alert like when somebody quotes us. this would make it easier to keep up to date on topics we started.
  5. Is there a way to remove a topic you started, or hide it so nobody can view it anymore? I can't find an option, button, etc. that'll allow me to do so.
  6. So I'm stuck on what to do transcribe next. So I put a little poll to see what would be the most interesting to be played on piano. I'm trying to do songs that haven't been done so much before. So stuff like "This Day Aria" would not fall into that category. I just put a lot of songs in the poll I'm considering but nothing is set in stone. I prefer to do something more recent but if older songs are in high demand, I'll gladly do them as well. Stuff like difficulty of transcribing will be factor in what I do. But I want to hear your feedback! Most of you reading this have no idea who I am but I'm just curious to what people think would sound interesting on piano. It is very much appreciated! Thank you.
  7. I would appreciate it if there was an option to hide a topic so that you personally don't have to look at it but it's still visible to everyone else. I think it would help people stay out of trouble by allowing them to ignore topics that they might find objectionable.
  8. Is there a way I can hide a topic/thread so that I don't see it?
  9. Hey guys, I have one idea. Just think the following: You are following a lot of threads. Some threads that you are following but don't want to unfollow are covering a special thread that you are dedicated in the window "Topics I've participated in:". So you want to do something that even if your special thread are unanswered or already read don't get covered again, so you don't need to go to the "view more" link to search anymore. So is my idea: The priority topic. It will be marked (or with a different color) and pinned in the window "Topics I've participated in:". How about?
  10. As it stands, I don't know of any way to resize images on-site. In other words, if I want to place images in my post, and they're too big, I need to save them all to my computer and shrink them all there, then re-upload them. This is time-consuming and horribly inconvenient x) One of those annoying little things that keeps me from wanting to make those huge gaphic-detailed Show Discussion topics I use to make. If Feld0 and/or Lavo could possibly look into this, I can't imagine it'd be terribly difficult to find a forum addition that allows you to grab the corners of embedded images and shrink them after you've embedded them into a post you're writing. I've seen it done on other message boards and sites that use forum-like setups. * If there is in fact a way to do this already in place, please point it out to me~
  11. When you edit a post as a Member, it leaves that obnoxious little tag letting people know you edited it. I personally detest this thing, because I am one who often does one of the following, immediately after clicking the Post button: Finds something that could have been worded better Finds a blatant spelling error that he missed Needs to add information he forgot to add when initially drafting the post It's all well and good to tell people to plan their posts better and to not so hastily hit the post button, but even if more people were cautious about it, there would still be an overwhelming amount of people who run into these problems anyway, simply because human nature is to be impatient and miss things when you have an entire forum full of content that you're trying to move on to, after you finish this one particular post. Plus, Subscribers are the minority in the forum population, it's not that big a difference if they can bypass it. As a former staff with intense CDO, I suggest Subscribers have the option to not include that tag when making posts, just like moderators and other staff do. It's a really nice convenience that sucks to not have, after having had it. Like keeping the increased sig, avatar, username, PM storage permissions, etc, this feature should be another little addition that former staff and those who donate/subscribe to the site should have, as it's a simple, minor thing that I know a lot of people would appreciate, and that doesn't really make any difference in the long run. Staff can view post history with or without the glaring public tag, and as a former staff member, I know for a fact that checking post history isn't even something that needs to be done all that often, anyway. If I remember correctly, there's a simple little button that toggles whether or not a particular member group can choose to hide the post edit tag or not, so this should be a simple change to implement, assuming that it's agreed upon. That is all :3 V See, welcome to my nightmare D;
  12. Hey all! My name is Luke, and I've started a new (very mediocre) show on my channel called "2 PonyBros Discuss". You can check it out here. Although I'm currently editing the third installment, I still need more topics and questions to talk about on the show. My buddy and I are having a hard time coming up with these on our own, so I'm reaching out to you guys. What sort of things would you like to see on a show like this? Please leave any and all suggestions down below, and thank you for your help!
  13. MLP Forums has had a history of issues with the tagging feature, both technical and in simple lack of practice. First and foremost, the search tags' implementation into the search feature is almost non-existent, due to an ongoing forum error that Scoots and Feld0 are not unfamiliar with. Any of you can see what I mean if you click on any tag, in any topic. It will show up with a page saying 'No results'. This is being looked into, and it shall be fixed, hopefully at some point soon. This topic, however, is going to talk about the other side of our problem; the lasting, layered problem. The issue of tags not being nearly as utilized by members, or staff alike. Let's take a random screenshot from Show Discussion's current front page; Show Discussion being one of our primary discussion hubs of the board, and thus a place where consistently tagged threads are vital. 6 tagged topics, 6 with none. 50% of topics have absolutely no tags whatsoever, and this is a reoccurring theme throughout the forum. This is a combination of three things: 1: Newbies either have no concept of using tags or don't bother. 2: Semi-regulars or regulars don't for whatever reason. 3: Staff don't edit topics to place tags when there aren't any, even though it's technically something our job description describes. Truth be told, the tagging feature hasn't been vital to our existence and growth thus far. This is obvious considering it's still broken and not utilized much, and here we are thriving. That said, we have had growing pains. With the tagging search feature not working and having so many topics without tags that, even if it was working we wouldn't have considerable gain out of it, the search feature suffers. And we've had our fair share of complaints about the search feature, as the OP has given a very small taste to. In order to fix the tagging feature, I have the following scheme in mind: A: Scoots is going to add the tagging feature to his gargantuan To-Do List, and, hopefully, we can finally reach a breakthrough with the system at some point. If all goes well, the tagging search feature will no longer be broken, and clicking on a tag should yield results instead of saying 'No results'. B: I plan on making a large FAQ entry that not only talks about the importance of tagging just as this topic has shown, but of which also lists a bunch of generic tag patterns, examples and types (names of characters, places, etc.) that both members and moderators can use off-hand for quick additions of tags to topics that lack any. C: After A and B have been implemented, moderators can regularly add tags when they're able, and hopefully members in general will be more libel to add tags to their new topics as it becomes norm. The FAQ entry regarding all this might be linked to in the Resource Map. This will be an ongoing project for the foreseeable future, following those three steps, of which I'll be doing my best to keep track of, with Scoots helping me with step A. Thanks for reading~ -- EDIT: The FAQ entry regarding tags has been created.
  14. When I first ventured into this vast land of pony and message boarding, I was a rampant post whorse who never really stopped for several months. Whilst throwing topics to the wind willy nilly, I developed a system that differentiated my topics that were casual, versus my more intense (and usually lengthy) discussion topics. The latter of the two received a 'C.Discord's' before their title, and usually consisted of wordy title choices, as well. In addition, most of these topics lay dormant in Show Discussion and Sugarcube, my personal bread and butter of the forum. Eventually, putting 'C.Discord' in my topic titles became a personal brand, of sorts. Looking back over all of my topics I've ever made, I'm reminded just how many topics I've created of this type. I decided I might as well create a list of them, for my own convenience, and others' as well. Some of these are doomed to be, or already are out of date, and that's fine. They were made for the time they were made in, and are apart of the forums' rich history :3 But, all the same, anyone's free to reply and give their thoughts and opinions, even in those such topics. Enjoy, and thanks in advance for taking an interest in my rantings~ Key: * = Discussion Topic > = Subsection topic based off another topic ! = Non-Discussion Topic * C.Discord's 'History of Equestria' Head Canon > C.Discord's 'History of Equestria' Scroll A thorough history of Equestria's entire history as I saw it. Pre-season three. * C.Discord's Pony Body Language Topic An analyzation of ponies and the types of body language they have. * C.Discord's 'Creatures of the Everfree' Analysis Beastiary A self-created guide to all the experienced creatures encountered in the Everfree Forest. * C.Discord's Crazy Theory Time: King Sombra, Dark Magic & Luna's Corruption A theory regarding Luna's corruption into Nightmare Moon, and how it may have had something to do with Sombra and dark magic. * C.Discord's MLP:FiM Primary Villain Anti-thesis Analyzation Comparing each of the main antagonists so far with one of the Mane Six, and how they mirror the opposites of those Mane Six. * C.Discord's Scootalove History & Discussion *May Contain Diabeetus* A history recap of Scootalove, and how it evolved from hints in-show, to a massive fan concept, to full-on canon in Sleepless in Ponyville. * C.Discord's 'The Fabulosity vs Tomboy Conundrum' Discussion Discussing Rarity, and some curious differences in how her fans, as well as the show, react to her and Dash, vs her and Applejack. * C.Discord's Primary Villain Power Comparison Discussion Listing and comparing the four primary antagonists and how powerful they are. * C.Discord's Mane Six Cuteness Appeal Traits Discussion Discussing the primary cuteness attraction that each of the Mane Six possess, and how it's unique to each of them. * C.Discord's Spirits & Primordial Beings of the MLP:FiM World Ideas for spirits and other powerful beings in the MLP: FiM world other than Discord. * C.Discord's Rule 63 Mane Six Appeal Discussion Discussing the appeal of Rule 63 (genderswap) in this fandom, especially when it concerns the Mane Six. ! C.Discord's Avatar & Signature Request Lair My avatar and signature request thread. (Closed :c) ! C.Discord's Intricate Detailing of Work Order & Structure Draconequui are busy folks. ! C.Discord's Crapload of Avatars All my avatars up to a certain date, and a poll of which ones members preferred. -- I'll probably update this and keep it up to date as more topics are made and added to the legacy. Ya know. If I remember to.
  15. Nah

    What is this?

    Earlier today, this thing appeared under the banner, it listed info, topic posts, and recent topic updates, before disappearing. Now it came back, is this going to be a permanent edition or not? It is pretty helpful actually and it should stay. Here is what it looks like: *Edit* this has happened to only a few people here so far.