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Found 10 results

  1. #TaylorvilleStrong One year ago today, a massive EF-3 tornado swept through my hometown of Taylorville, IL damaging 700 buildings and destroying 30. The outpouring of support that we’ve gotten from not only each other, but from the surrounding cities and counties means a lot to not only me but to the entire populous of the city. I will never ever forget that day. I was watching supercell storms transverse the Illinois River valley in the few hours before the Taylorville tornado. I wasn’t really paying attention to the small storm that started to form just east of St. Louis at around 3 pm. None of us could possibly know what was going to come. The following morning, my dad and I did a quick survey of damage. I was extremely shocked at what I saw. The devastation was shocking but the fact that this happened in Taylorville was even more shocking. The damage I saw will be ingrained in my memory forever. It’s hard to believe it’s been 1 year, and it’s great to see just how far we’ve come. But Taylorville is still coming back. So, here’s to Taylorville continuing to come back as well as it can.
  2. I know I am! They scare me...because they are like, ground clouds that can tear stuff up. And big. What about you?
  3. I was watching some storm-chasing vids on YouTube when this question popped into my head, have any of you guys been through, or at least seen a tornado? I haven't but there was one time a tornado passed within a few miles of my grandparents house, it was dark though so we never actually were able to see it, only the damage done by it in the morning when we went driving around the country side.
  4. I'm thinking this is a kinda strange post to make but anyway. I have this fascination with tornado's. They look amazing but to tell the truth... they also scare the hell out of me. How big they can be, what they can do and just simply the noise that they make. Though i've never seen a tornado since I'm in the UK even though the UK gets the most tornado's per square mile. So my question is have anyone seen a tornado in real life. Not on video or anything but like gone outside and seen one and if you have... were you scared?
  5. This is Patrick S. speaking here. Please pray for my hometown of Taylorville, IL. We were hit head on by a large, damaging tornado earlier this evening, and much of the west side of town has been damaged and even destroyed. Thank you in advance -Patrick
  6. so I was wondering... who all heard of this SyFy movie? If you haven't, here it is... yep, SyFy has made one movie so bad it's good and there it is apparently, the movie is about a tornado full of man-eating sharks that ravage Los Angeles I myself, have not seen it yet however, I am rather curious to see it now seeing all the commotion about it what are your thoughts?
  7. So, there have been lots of tornadoes since winter finally subsided, what do you think? Yesterday, we had a big severe thunderstorm come from due west, and made me stay up late. Now today, we just had a thunderstorm hit, and watched a funnel cloud almost from a tornado nearby. It was very cool to look at, until it deformed and all that... But I do have a cell three times bigger coming directly at us that has active tornado warnings. It is coming from the south-west... so, wish me luck! *Put's on helmet and prepares utility flashlight.*
  8. I promised my buddy ponyEcho aka -Elusive- that I would draw his OC Whirlwind for him, but I wanted to try something new. My "experiment" didn't work as I expected but I like the final product regardless, what it's important to me is that he likes it
  9. So, from this thread: I have seen that in fact, no it is unlikely it can rain in cloudsdale (but they can make tornadoes ). I guess this is kind of a shame for them, and probably why you don't see many plants in clouds dale either It must be great to be in the sun all the time I guess they have to be as it must be cold in the sky if it's anything like the world we live in. Otherwise they would all freeze to death, in fact I wonder if they have season's in clouds dale? I'm guessing they must have as the weather they experience on the ground must have some sort of an effect on cloudsdale! (this is my first real blog post please let me know how im doing/how to improve ) Happy Plant
  10. I'm creating an instrumental cover of Tornado by Jónsi, and I decided that I'd want some vocals in the cover. But my brother, father and I are mostly in the same room the entire day, and I live with some of my relatives. If I sang, my brother and father would ask and be annoyed at my singing, and they would ask me to stop. There is no quiet place anywhere near my house, and it's too noisy for me to record clearly. So I'm looking for somepony who has a falsetto voice, or who can at least imitate that, who lives in a sort of quiet environment, and can record something clearly, him singing the lyrics of Tornado. http-~~-// You grow, you roar Although disguised I know you You'll learn to know You grow, you grow like tornado You grow from the inside Destroy everything through Destroy from the inside Erupt like volcano You flow through the inside You kill everything through You kill from the inside You'll... You'll learn to know I wonder if I'm allowed ever to see I wonder if I'm allowed to ever be free You sound so blue You now are gloom You sound so blue You now are gloom I wonder if I'm allowed just ever to be Also, if that pony can make those sounds that play at certain points in the song(sounds made by pony vocals, of course), then that's better. EDIT: I already finished most of the cover. The uploader seems to fail when I upload the song. And it's only 40MB. Whoever volunteers to sing, just give me your Skype name and I'll send you the song from there.