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Found 6 results

  1. Okay, so is anyone else watching this? I've always liked the Total Drama series, albeit some seasons a lot more than others (the first and the fourth are really the only two that hold up particularly well on re-watch, IMO.) However, this spin off series is much better/fresher than most of the later seasons. Quite separate from the whole "bunch-of-teens-on-an-island" Survivoresque storyline that has been done to death, the Ridonculous Race plays out like The Amazing Race and features contestants of varying ages competing in pairs. Mostly, the cast is all new characters, but with a few returning favorites from earlier seasons of Total Drama. The interactions between said teammates are great fun, especially a father-son and mother-daughter team. Some of the humor is a bit over-the-top, but there are also subtler LOL moments, such as every time the Ice Dancers pose like they are in a skating competition. So far, my favorite teams are the Surfer Dudes (just nice, positive guys!) and the Goths (they don't say much, but every time they do, it's hilarious!)
  2. Hey everypony I have a new idea and I think you'll all enjoy it ! When the ratings for the total drama series start coming down Chris Mclain is running out of options . The sadistic show host makes a deal with Discord and they decide to bring contestants from all around the multiverse to the shiity summer camp. Some of the old contestants will also be returning . Unlike Chris who is a dick to everyone he meets Discord actually favors some campers particularly the ones that are crazy or the assholes . Here are the contestants . Returning players : Duncan , Lindsey , Cody , Scott , Jo , Beth , Courtney, Heather , Harold , Leshawna , Trent , Geoff , Blainley and Gwen . Pony contestants : Twilight , Spike , RD , Trixie , Applejack , Pinkie , Lightening Dust , Rarity , Applebloom , Applejack , Scootaloo , Diamond Tiara . Non pony contestants : Spongebob , Finn , Modacai and rigby , Dexter , Gumball , Bloo , Cartman , Kenny , Eddy , Stewie , Dipper , Bender , CatDog , Rocko , Ren , Timmy Turner That's all the contestants I've got right now . Tell me if you'd like to add any more abd who should be who's team .and most importantly do you look forward to this challenge
  3. All right, haven't done a cartoon review in a while. What's on the to do list of cartoons to talk about. Gravity Falls? Eh, too in depth. Plus there's YouTube videos that go way more in depth than I ever could. Over The Garden Wall? Same issue as Gravity Falls. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil? Not enough material to really judge it yet. Oh, boy. I'm gonna have fun here, since I spent practically a few years on you. Plus I don't see many videos talking about this show (Other then your typical CN rant which feel like less proper critique and more, "WHAAA, I MISS THE 90S!!!" So here we go. Total Drama Whatever. Before we start, let me talk about my history with this show. It was 2008, I was 10 years old in a weird fanfic/shipping phase (OK that phase never ended).The difference was I was really only doing it with Pokemon at the time, until this show came around. At first it didn't seem interesting to me but then I watched an episode and got addicted to it. I recorded all the episodes, I fanfic'd and shipped in it, and I would go online and look at fan stuff about it. Kind of like what I do with MLP today. This was practically the only show I was watching on Cartoon Network seeing as at the time, Cartoon Network was going downhill fast since they only had 2 original cartoons, and the rest were either imported like this show or even crappier live action. I watched through the first 3 seasons of this show, and then kind of fell out of it. There was like a 2 year hiatus with this show and in the process, I lost interest. By the time the 4th season did air, I was already addicted to a particular cartoon about candy colored horses. I checked back much later, just to see what they've been up to, and they were only whatever to me. Not good, but not bad. Now on to the show itself. The show comes straight from the nation where you can ride a moose with a hockey stick, Canada. The show is basically an animated spoof of reality shows like Survivor. Now it's not the most original concept seeing as Drawn Together came out 2 years before this show. Basically, the host, Chris and the Chef named well, Chef, make these teens compete in realty show esc. challenges all for a huge sum of money that most of the time, the winner doesn't even end up keeping for a while. And that's basically the show, lets move over to the humor. The humor can be a mixed bag. This show has quite a bit of edgy humor, seeing as it's from Canda, and they are slightly more lenient on the censors as we are. Some of the adult jokes can either be subtle or kind of blatant. And yeah, they can get the reality show spoof right at some points. Though, there is one thing I don't like about the humor. This show seems to have some strange obsession with fart jokes, puke jokes, and being hit in the balls jokes. And they overuse these jokes so much, thinking they're funny but they're not. I sometimes feel like a group of 12 year olds are writing the scripts with stuff like this. So yeah, humor well funny, can get into the juvenile territory. Now the animation. Animation is typical for cartoon standards, not much to say there. The character designs are the Butch Hartman style of having them drawn with geometric shapes, so if you don't like that style, you'll probably be turned off. Time to talk about the characters. This show as a lot of characters. The contestants are all teenagers with varying personalities that can range from, decently done, to gag character, to terribly handled. And yeah they can be kind of stereotypical at points, and do stereotypical things like have drama over relationships. But lets talk about the host and chef since they're in every season by default. Chris is the host. Now, sometimes, I wonder why he's not filed for so many criminal laws seeing as he's gotten away with nearly killing teens on TV (Yes, this is a show within a show). Like he has to have at least ten charges of child abuse. One minor nitpick I just want to say here. They will sometimes get new contestants after the writers worn out the old ones. If the ones who compete claim to watch it, and see them nearly getting killed, then why would they sign up? Eh, who knows? Maybe they thought it was fake. Chef is basically like Samuel L. Jackson. He cooks the characters gross food and has an epic accent. That's about it. This show will sometimes have contestants that are stereotypes of fandoms. One season had a fangirl of their show named Sierra. Who clearly represented the fandom side of Tumblr, and was really obsessive. Another season had a gamer, who always played his video games and kept getting them confiscated. And Another season had a character who thought he was a wizard and kept trying to perform spells. What's next? Are they gonna have a character who represents bronies? This show seems to air on CN in some odd limbo with each season being under different names. And that's kind of how I'm like with this show. I either am addicted to it or I don't give a crap about it. Like last week I practically forgot about this show, and then suddenly I'm marathoning the most recent season of it, and that kind of inspired me to make this review. I think my limbo with it comes from the lack of rewatchability this show has. Remember, it's a cartoon that plays out like a reality show, where characters get voted off almost every episode. So it kind of takes the suspense of it if you already know the outcome of it. So due to this I'm gonna play it safe and give this show a 7/10. Not sure if that's too generous or too hard. I'm just rambling here. So, that's my review.
  4. A PMV of the intro song to my newest obsession, Total Drama Island. This one was a fun opportunity to come up with creative transitions and use constant movement. It's a very "busy" PMV.
  5. Part 2 (LAWYER APOCALYPSE) Some on this site may have noticed that DashForever has become a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender this summer. Well, what happened was that I basically strongarmed him into watching it with me, it was fun, and I figured we could do the same sort of thing with a different show later. That show... is called Total Drama. I found it this summer, watched it, and then strongarmed DF into watching it too, commentating via private messages. And as of last count, the chat log compromised 102 pages of private messaging. Amongst these messages were many nuggets of comedic gold alongside boring scheduling and stuff. I have begun the task of extracting the best bits out of this mass, and even helpfully (Stella) marking (DashForever) who is talking by color. Each episode is in a separate folder, so you can read as you watch the series. It gets better further on, really. Enjoy Season 1... Total Drama Island, Episode 1-2 (Not So Happy Campers) Total Drama Island, Episode 3 (The Big Sleep) Total Drama Island, Episode 4 (Dodgebrawl) Total Drama Island, Episode 5 (Not Quite Famous) Total Drama Island, Episode 6 (The Sucky Outdoors) Total Drama Island, Episode 7 (Phobia Factor) Total Drama Island, Episode 8 (Up The Creek) Total Drama Island, Episode 9 (Paintball Deer Hunter) Total Drama Island, Episode 10 (If You Can't Take the Heat...) Total Drama Island, Episode 11 (Who Can You Trust?) Total Drama Island Episode 12 (Basic Straining) Total Drama Island Episode 13 (X-Treme Torture) Total Drama Island, Episode 14 (Brunch of Disgustingness) Total Drama Island, Episode 15 (No Pain, No Game) Total Drama Island, Episode 16 (Search and Do Not Destroy) Total Drama Island, Episode 17 (Hide and Be Sneaky) Total Drama Island, Episode 18 (That's Off The Chain!) Total Drama Island Episode 19 (Hook, Line, and Screamer) Total Drama Island, Episode 20 (Wawanakwa Gone Wild!) Total Drama Island, Episode 21 (Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon) Total Drama Island, Episode 22 (Haute Camp-ture) Total Drama Island, Episode 23 (Camp Castaways) Total Drama Island, Episode 24 (Are We There Yeti?) Total Drama Island, Episode 25 (I Triple Dog Dare You!) Total Drama Island, Episode 26 (The Very Last Episode, Really!) Total Drama Island, Episode 27 (Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island)
  6. So I started a new fanfic starring Noah. Here's the intro I have: "Is this thing on?" Noah knocks his camera a bit before giving up and placing it on a nearby table. "Hello fellow Youtubers, or otherwise known as people with even less of a life than I have. I'm Noah Ishtar, as you can guess. Yes, that guy who was used for comic relief on his last season. Well, now that that horrifying experience is over, I'm now at Wawanakwa University, the most prestigious college in all of Canada. My roommate's off somewhere, and I just finished my homework, all my books, and the last level of Dwarf Fortress, my last game. "Then Owen gave me an idea! Why don't I create an account for my nonexistent fans and people who want to know what a book is like without doing anything so hard and time-consuming as actually looking it up on the Internet. So, I'm proud to announce my new show: Noah's Reading Rainbow!" He creates an imaginary rainbow with his palms, much like Spongebob does in one of episodes. Not that he actually watches the show or anything. "So, leave what you want me to read in the comments below and I might consider reviewing it for you. If I'm feeling nice and staring at the wall doesn't seem like a better idea. Who knows, I might actually like it? Though I doubt it. "Now, I'm off to find my roommate. It's his turn to do the dishes and I'm getting hungry. So, goodbye Youtube." He reaches over to turn off the camera, then appears to remember something. "One thing: I am NOT going to read any books that might cause a drop in my I.Q. So that means none of those god-awful Twilight or Fifty Shades novels! I mean it!" Sooo...tell me what you think, please.