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Found 6 results

  1. If you were to pick which Brony Youtuber you like to watch; Which one would it be? Joshscorcher or Vannamelon? As a Non-Brony who occasionally stumbles upon MLP fan content (The Good, The Bad, and *shudders* The Perverted *shudders*?) these two are pretty good despite being MLP Brony Youtubers. I designed this poll intentionally for making it a difficult choice and this is indeed a difficult choice since both of them are really good MLP Youtubers. Vannamelon (Let’s Player MLP Youtuber + Voice Actress) Pros: 1. Likes WaterMelons 2. Aspires to be a Voice Actress (Pretty Good). Can do a good Fluttershy voice + many more e.g. Granny Smith. 3. Cute and Funny Youtuber 4. Consistent when uploading her content and wishes to make them kid/family-friendly Cons: 1. She likes watermelons too much to the point of obsession. 2. While she aspires to make her content kid/family-friendly with her cute/bubbly personality she does have a twisted dark side that is reflected throughout her channel which can deter people off. 3. Possibly a Weeaboo (Filthy Frank Disapproves) since she’s soo into her love for Japan. 4. She became a Brony from the infamous fanwork Cupcakes. Overall: She’s a mixed bag for many, but what I like about her is her motivation to become a great voice actress and the effort shows. Plus she knows how Youtube works so she can consistently upload her videos to be ahead and relevant for her viewers. I just wish she could be herself instead of an MLP Character while occasionally voice acting any other character from other animated shows e.g. a character from an Anime she likes + other, but oh well. If you’re reading this Vannamelon just wanna say this to you, May Vannamelon become the Tara Strong for Future Generations for becoming one of The Best Voice Actresses. Joshscorcher/The Fiery Joker (MLP Fan Critic) Pros: 1. Critiques My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic similar to Nostalgia Critic so his video quality is through the roof. 2. Funny and Charismatic 3. Military Man (No really he is) 4. He’s straight to the point and dissects the good, bad, and ugly aspects out of a show made for 5 year olds + Collaboration with other MLP Youtubers. Cons: 1. Inconsistent Uploads to his MLP Critique Reviews. 2. His vlogs while necessary for updates to his viewers and whatnot are a bit boring to watch. 3. His videos in general are inconsistent since he also does other MLP Fan Projects and Top 10 things about Games since he’s a Gamer as well. 4. He does have a tough guy jerk side to him that sticks out every now and then in his MLP reviews which can potentially deter some people away from his content (he’s a Military Man duh!). Overall: I like The Fiery Joker. He may be inconsistent when making his videos, but man does the quality of his videos is what shines. My vote would be Joshscorcher since he does put more effort into bringing quality content in his channel. Not that Vannamelon doesn’t do the same, but being a fictional character Let’s Player with moderate edits is nowhere as putting more effort in comparison to Highly Edited Videos + Occasionally Collaborating with Multiple Brony/Pegasister Youtubers to critique a show made for 5 year olds in a Nostalgia Critic like fashion. Just my preference. I still like both. However if you wish to point a gun at me and pick who’s better, it would be The Fiery Joker. Your thoughts?
  2. Well my vote goes for PC because that's what I grew up with. Never grew up with consoles for the most part since I can comfortably play most video games on my PC, but I do have to admit, playing games with an actual video game controller that Consoles provide feels immensely satisfying then playing games with a Keyboard and a Mouse. So for controls, Consoles have a definitive edge over the PC's controls which is pretty much suitable for playing Real Time Strategy Games like Age of Empires 2 IMO.
  3. It seems the one video game genre no one really talks about is rhythm or music based video games, and odd, considering the amount of replay-ability those type of games have. It can be something that's mostly about tapping to the rhythm, or about playing controlled instruments to play with the song in mind. My personal favorite for the list is the rhythm heaven series, it's a great game for the Wii and DS where you tap to the rhythm of many mini game style actions in order to win like hitting the golf ball at the right time. Honorable Mentions: Patapon 1/2 Hatsune Miku Project Diva Rock Band Guitar Hero
  4. This is a totally random question, but I asked all my form at school this question, and I got a majority of answers. But what is your favorite topping on Apple crumble, or do you not even like apple crumble? But anyway, please write what is your favorite! I am one of those strange people who want to know things like this! ~ Frozen Mint
  5. What the topic question said. I've personally experienced both. Ignorance, when nobody acknowledges that you're there, pretend you don't even exist. Hatred, when people do see you, and just don't like you, always saying something bad about you. I would rather be ignored, as I can still do what I want to do on my computer, and be all alone wouldn't be too bad as long as I can still read and play video games, lol If, in some sort of situation where you get cursed to be either ignored or hated, which would you choose?
  6. Well, if you remember a while back, I leaked ABC Family's script for their new show "ABC Family's Confessions of a Teenage Brony." Turns out, those were just rough drafts, and now we got the real deal! Episode 1 - Brony Begins Phil: *whistles* *walks down sidewalk* Dweevil: *Walks down sidewalk to Phil* HEY. YOU LIKE PONIES? Phil: No, I don't. Issat a problem? Dweevil: *Brandishes knife* Go home and become a brony, or else. Phil: Fine, fine! Sheesh. *walks home.* *When he got home, he watched the first several episodes* Scene 2, Dinner Autumn (Bigger Sister): Hey Phil, can you pass a roll? Phil: Uh yes, poniesImeansureyesAutumn. Dad: Phil, did you just say ponies? Phil: U..h.. n..o..? Little Brother: That was weak, Phil! Autumn: Yeah, if you really mean it, SCREAM! Little Brother: Yeaaaaaaaaah! Mom: Settle down, Phil dosen't like ponies! Dad: ..I hope. *Later that night* *ring ring* Phil: Huh. *picks up phone.* Who could be calling this late? Dweevil: Heheh, Phil, have you told your parents yet? Phil: Nope, I don't intend to either. Dweevil: Uweheehee! I have cast a spell on you, so when you're talking to your parents or any other family members, you'll always mention ponies at least once! Phil: Why are you doing this exactly? Dweevil: I feed off embarrassment. You haven't seen the last of me, Phil, I swear it! Phil: I've had enough of you for one day, honestly. *turns off phone.* Dragon Ball Z Announcer Guy: TO BE CONTINUED. NEXT TIME ON ABC FAMILY'S CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE BRONY! PHIL HAS FORGOTTEN IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY, AND EVERYONE'S FAVORITE 12 YEAR OLD KNIFE BRANDISHING KID IS INVITED! WILL PHIL MANAGE TO HIDE HIS SECRET? OR WILL DWEEVIL RUIN EVERYTHING?! FINE OUT NEXT TIME, ON ABC FAMILY'S CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE BRONY!