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Found 58 results

  1. No idea if this is the right place for it(It's either here or in the other fan works spot), but I might as well post it somewhere. I do a wrestling/MLP round robin league of all the random mares that have a massive fanbase(or at least a fanbase). It's once every 3 months, four times a year, with some random sporadic matches in between. Right now we have 24 characters across a main league and a lower level league. Here is a highlight video of the past Main League's tournament. It's just something for fun, and others like it, so I keep doing it. Next year is a big plan, we'll be going to 48 characters and a new game, as soon as the game leaves EA and my new PC gets built.
  2. Lyra Stuns Dash in Thriller Lyra entered Cloudsdale as the weakest contender in the league and left with an unforgettable 4-vote win. Fans of Rainbow Dash flocked to the sky from all over the forums—tailgating, drinking cider, swapping pictures of their favorite Pegasus and preparing to celebrate an easy victory before the Divisional round. None of them got to celebrate as a 6th-seeded background pony named Lyra Heartstrings pulled off the biggest upset of the competition. After jumping out to a quick lead on opening day, the best young flier in Equestria was poised for victory. But the eccentric mint-green unicorn, who squeaked into the playoffs via tiebreaker, suddenly surged forward and stayed one gallop ahead for most of the game. Rainbow Dash loses the game, but not her looks—or her spirit. Rainbow silenced any doubters who thought she couldn’t play from behind by fighting back and regaining the lead on Wednesday, but Lyra found a way through her defense once again and held on for a stunning win. Her victory sends reverberations across the EFC as she faces Applejack next week in a match nopony was predicting, sending Twilight Sparkle into a duel with Vinyl Scratch. “Oh my gosh,” Lyra gasped while resting on the bench. “I knew humans were out there! I knew it! And they…they voted for me…thank you so much. I’m going to research you even more now!!” Dash appeared shocked and said little in her post-game interview. When asked where she planned to go from here, the Pegasus replied, “I’m Rainbow Dash. All I’m gonna do is get better.” LYRA, 76-72 Trixie Faces the Music An EFC West marefight that raged all through the regular season was finally settled this week. Celebrity DJ Vinyl Scratch and “the Great and Powerful” Trixie fought each other all the way to the playoffs, and in the end, Vinyl was the more appreciated pony. “Trixie has nothing to say to you!” the blue mare said as she stormed off. “Obviously the most beautiful mare in Equestria, whose beauty was matched only by her bravery in vanquishing not one but two Ursa Majors, is not appreciated here!!” A puff of smoke burst around her, but rather than vanishing, she galloped out of Club Pon3 as it was dissipating. Trixie blows town once again, facing an uncertain future. Trixie’s personality, always a small factor in attractiveness, may have lent Vinyl an edge—and if so, that edge grew sharper as the game wore on. After four or five days, a tight contest went in Vinyl’s favor. The attractive DJ slowly but surely built a decisive lead to advance to the Divisional Round. ‘DJPon3’ finally vanquishes her rival—but can she drop a beat hard enough to stop Celestia’s number-one student? “Party at Sugarcube tonight!” Vinyl whooped. “You guys might wanna bring your earplugs.” But Scratch won’t have long to celebrate, as she faces a tough contest with Twilight Sparkle next. VINYL, 82-66 A ‘Fabulous’ Victory Rarity made ‘getting there the hard way’ look easy. It was almost a relief to have one wildcard game that wasn't a hoof-biter. After fighting her way to an unlikely playoff berth, Cloud Chaser found herself hopelessly overmatched against one of the most beautiful ponies in the PFC. The excellent defense that helped Rarity ward off a challenge from Octavia in the regular season was hardly needed here, as she galloped out to a huge lead and never slowed down. In a grinding wildcard week that saw upsets of two other Mane 6, the Element of Generosity never broke a sweat. “I was disappointed that a mare of my fabulosity was relegated to the, *ahem*, ‘wild’ card,” Rarity remarked in her dressing room afterwards, “But a lady does what she must. Photographers? I am ready for my close-up! Now, now. Not that close...” Cloud Chaser’s wobbly 6th-round playoff berth ended with a crash. “It is what it is,” Chaser said while being consoled by her sister Flitter. “I didn’t bring my A-game today. Rarity did. I just have to go back to weather patrol and be ready for the next opportunity. And something tells me it’s gonna rain over at Carousel Boutique tomorrow.” RARITY, 109-39 Octavia’s Winning Performance It was a good week to be a unicorn, but an even better week to be a background pony. For much of this game, the party pony and the classy cellist fought the tightest battle of the wildcard. Pinkie Pie and Octavia tied each other and exchanged one or two-vote leads too many times to count. But in the final days, it was Octavia who surged ahead in the 2013 Most Attractive Pony Tournament. The only cello player in Ponyville performs a celebratory solo after her hotly contested win. “I am honored to have come out victorious today,” the musician said graciously. “Pinkie Pie is a vivacious mare and a worthy opponent, who greatly disrupted my performance at the Gala a few years ago. I suppose a small part of me did not forget that.” “Lose? I didn’t really lose, silly,” Pinkie giggled with a smile that was just a little too wide. “I won 62 friends! YAY! Can you imagine if all of them came over for a party? And all of them brought cupcakes? That would be 62 cupcakes! Or if all of them baked a TRAY of cupcakes?!?! That would be like eleven-teen gazillion cupcakes!!! Ohmygosh I can’t wait anymore…PARTYYYY!” Down but never out, Pinkie Pie smiles for the camera. The pink mare promptly grabbed our reporting team and spirited us away to Sugarcube Corner, for what was assuredly one of the biggest parties in Ponyville history. OCTAVIA, 86-62 Look back on Alfonzo's tourney here! And check out the Divisional results here... The Conference Championships here... And the Magic Bowl here!
  3. View the final round, the Magic Bowl, here! And review last week's Divisional results here. Kindness Flutters On “Fillies and gentlecolts,” Mayor Mare announced grandly, “Allow me to introduce the winner of the PFC Championship game and one of two ponies going on to the very first Magic Bowl…the only cellist in Ponyville!” “Um…excuse me…” “Truly this is a most auspicious day for our elegant gray earth pony, one of Equestria’s greatest musicians…” The clueless politician continued. “Um—actually…” “…Whose melodious journey through the Most Attractive Pony Tournament is clearly just beginning. Without further ado, here is—” “EXCUSE ME!” a yellow Pegasus burst out. Mayor Mare jumped in surprise, as did the entire crowd. “Um, oh, I’m very sorry. But…you made a mistake. It’s just that, if you look at the votes, I think, um…actually, I won…if that’s okay.” The mayor took another look at the scoreboard. “…Why, of course you did, dear! As I was saying, here is the conference winner, FLUTTERSHY!” The mayor’s new spectacles will be arriving shortly. Anypony who had voted within the first two days and not checked the poll since would be equally surprised. Coming off convincing upsets over Pinkie Pie in the wildcard and Spitfire in the divisional, Octavia jumped out to a huge double-digit lead early in the game. Fans applauded with delight as her music rose through the arena and into the heavens. As it turned out, the crescendo came too early. Over the next few days, Fluttershy rose to great heights of her own. For a while she was nearly an afterthought in her own game, but “the bunny whisperer” refused to give up. She tied Octavia in the second half, and finally surpassed her to score another win. Fluttershy’s strong playoff standing was clearly no coincidence, as she will meet Lyra Heartstrings this week for the Celestial Trophy. “Oh, um…you don’t have to interview me,” the relentlessly cute Element said bashfully. “Besides, I have to rush home! Angel gets so upset if his tail isn’t fluffed properly.” The elegant cellist went diminuendo, but not al niente. Octavia was disappointed, but graceful in defeat. “Worry not, everypony,” she said after the game. “This was only my first approach at greatness. I have many more performances yet to come before my final symphony.” She left the field with a cadre of other musical ponies, a mint green unicorn among them. FLUTTERSHY, 123-100 Playing With the Angels Background ponies simply don’t make it this far. The kind of shock and excitement that rocked Ponyville this week only comes with a Sonic Rainboom, or a new apple-bucking record—or a thrilling magic duel. This time, it came from the Cinderella story of Lyra Heartstrings. ‘My name is Lyra Heartstrings, and you will remember me...’ An inspiring tale of upset victories in Cloudsdale and Sweet Apple Acres was expected to end at Ponyville Library in the EFC Championship. And it nearly did as Lyra’s dominating division rival took an early lead. For a while it took everything she had just to stay one step behind. As the days wore on, the natural advantage of Twilight Sparkle seemed impossible to overcome. But as ponies and bronies alike can testify, nothing is impossible in this tournament. Twilight swept the anthropologist (and her entire division) in the regular season. But this was a new game and a new Lyra, and she proved it by gaining a 3-vote lead as the second half began. The 'mane' character struck back, and at one point led the match by 6. Knowing better than anypony that the “clock was ticking,” she tried to hold her lead—but the pony no one was betting on made one last charge and held on for another improbable win. Twilight wasn’t the only one unprepared for the outcome. “Oh, well!” the purple prodigy exclaimed, her left eye twitching only slightly. “I sure didn’t plan for this…but I guess that’s just how it goes! I just wasn’t able to stand between Lyra and all her good friends! Spike! Where did I go wrong?! Was it my mark? My eyes? My tail?” She looked at it and gasped in horror. “Oh Celestia, I think a strand was out of place!!” The baby dragon shook his head and sighed. “Come on, Twilight. Let’s go to the spa. It’ll make you feel better! And I can see Rarity…” He led Twilight gently away from the library. Lyra rises above all expectations only to climb the highest mountain—a daunting task, especially without hands. Reporters found her camped out at the edge of Fluttershy’s field the night before the first Magic Bowl, awaiting her final test. “One more game and then I’m off. The humans are calling me—I know they are. Research just isn’t enough anymore. I have to see them! Twilight was really helpful even though she didn’t win. I think she’s found a way for me to visit the human world at last!” Lyra paused. “It’s going to be a tough one, isn’t it? But I’m not afraid. I knew it all along—if I believed in them, one day, they would believe in me.” The EFC Champion took out her lyre, looked up at the stars, and began to play. LYRA, 118-105
  4. Lyra 'Bowls' Over MLP Forums It was just another Saturday in the big city. A river of vehicles crawled and honked their way through the streets. Teenagers with allergies in the dozens and noses in their smart phones shuffled down the sidewalk. A 30-ish man looking down on his luck made a beeline for the nearest bench where he sat every day. To its inhabitants, this tired tableau of human civilization was nothing special. But it was the most amazing thing that Lyra Heartstrings had ever seen. From where Lyra sits, all of us are winners. “Hey,” the man on the bench nodded slowly as a very cute and very strange creature sat down beside him. “You got a light?” “Why sure, Mr. Human!” the unicorn replied. Her horn flared up and glowed incandescently. “Holy ****,” said the man. The rest of Lyra's memorable debut in the human world and how she became an anthropology professor and/or escaped from scientists and/or was elected President is too long to relate here. What matters is that to reach our world, Lyra had to go through Fluttershy in the inaugural Magic Bowl--and that she did. For once, it wasn't close. The mint-colored mare who had galloped furiously from one tough race to the next scored a comfortable victory. Fluttershy's supporters had seen their pony in a tough situation before, as dozens of voters gave her opponent a huge early lead in the PFC Championship. The same thing happened in the Magic Bowl--except here, the deficit was too large for Shy to make up. At one point she had cut Lyra's lead of over 40 votes to just 23, but it was as close as the game would get. At long last, the oft-ignored background pony has her moment of glory. Lyra rode a dizzying wave of fan support through most of the final round, bidding a fond farewell to the appreciative crowd in Ponyville. "I'll be back, everypony, I promise! I just have to see all these awesome creatures who got me here. And now I finally will! Hee hee...I love them!" She stepped into a mysterious machine branded with Twilight's cutie mark, and was gone--but now, never to be forgotten. "Oh, um, it's all right that I didn't win," Fluttershy said bashfully to reporters. "Just being the second most attractive pony in Equestria is very nice. And the animals made me train so hard just to get here, I was kind of exhausted. Angel is such a tough coach. But maybe next time it will be different..." the shy pegasus trailed off slightly. The sun went briefly behind a cloud, and the air grew heavy and oppressive. "Maybe next time...everypony...and every going to love me." Mommy... But this dark moment was over as soon as it began. "So, anypony want to help me feed the animals?" Fluttershy chirped. Four weeks ago, you couldn’t have found one brony willing to bet that the first-ever Most Attractive Pony tournament would end with the announcement “Lyra Heartstrings, Magic Bowl Champion.” A mediocre contender stuck in the same division with the main character of the show, Lyra’s playoff prospects were doubtful, and her chances of beating a Mane 6 head-to-head improbable. But the love of bronies can accomplish just about anything, and thanks to them the unicorn blazed a trail through the most hostile territory, overcoming four Mane 6 ponies to reach the championship. The feat is unprecedented and unlikely to be repeated by any background pony in the future. Lyra's journey has culminated in her greatest moment on MLP Forums, and proven that beauty is not in popularity, but the eye of the beholder. LYRA, 108-83 Other stories this week: The Lyra Phenomenon: An Exclusive Interview With TailsIsNotAlone--Sunday Feb. 10, 8pm Eastern at (No, seriously) ~Chaotic Discord~ Out With Concussion: Excessive Facepalming the Culprit Hasbro Shuts Down Most Attractive Pony Tournament for 2014: CEO: "You've had your fun kids, now get lost..." Want to know how the rest of the tournament went? Recaps of all the matches are here: Conference Championships, 1/30: Divisional Round, Wild Card Round, And check out the massive 53-page MAPT thread here:
  5. Do you guys like voting? Well, I sure do, so I've decided to host a double-elimination tournament in order to decide who the best characters are! Only characters from the main series are included, and only if they have a speaking role. I've run a similar tournament before, with 64 characters, between Season 2 and Season 3. This taught me a few things that I'll use to hopefully make this contest even better. I'm also using parts of the previous results to create some seeding (that one was with random seeding, which wasn't ideal). There is one notable change to the traditional double-elimination format: The winner of the winners finals will be #1, and the winner of the losers bracket will be #2 (no grand finals, since chances are we'd just end up with the same two characters facing each other again). Oh, and I've decided to skip the mane 6 this time, partly because there have already been so many polls with them, and partly because they tend to steamroll most matchups. You're only allowed to vote once per round, even if you have multiple accounts. In order to reduce the risk of cheating, I will only accept votes from users with a minimum of 5 posts.
  6. I hope I'll be motivated enough to make this a weekly rather than just a random tourney. Please chat in the Discord: CHANGE YOUR NICKNAME TO MATCH YOUR CHALLONGE USERNAME OR VICE VERSA. IF YOUR CHALLONGE USERNAME AND DISCORD USERNAME DO NOT MATCH, YOUR OPPONENT HAS THE RIGHT TO DQ YOU. 2 stocks 6 minutes No items No customs Miis can only be 1111 with no equipment Sets are best of 3 until semifinals, then the rest is best of 5. If your opponent does not respond to you in 10 minutes, that's a DQ. Dave's stupid rule is in effect, so you can't go to a stage if you already won on it unless your opponent agrees. Gentleman's clause is in effect, so you can go to any stage as long as both players agree. This means you can go to stages as dumb as 75m or PAC-LAND. If you're switching characters, tell your opponent or else they can DQ you. Starters: Battlefield Final Destination/Omega Palutena's Temple Lylat Cruise Town and City Smashville Counterpicks: Duck Hunt Dreamland 64
  7. I have now officially entered in the Get On My Level 2016 tournament...I meant the Wii U Singles at the Get On My Level 2016! Go ahead and congratulate me then. Will you cheer on me on that day when I begin the Wii U Singles in May? Link:
  8. Really happy to see a new Pokémon game with different gameplay. I always wanted to see a 3D manual fighting style game. What do you think about it? Do you want to see this kind of battle system back in the official games?
  9. I recently started a set of Daily tournaments on Mario Kart 8 They are as follows: Bronies' Gem Cup:6046-9961-4338 - 50cc Bronies' Apple Cup:4962-0290-0496 - 100cc Bronies' Rainbow Cup:1059-0220-7871 - 150cc Bronies' Cupcake Cup:2922-3886-1145 - Mirror
  10. How exactly would you feel if there was a tournament based episode in Season 5. I know the show isn't going to do too much fighting, so this doesn't have to be a combat tournament. Also, I don't think Equestria games counts as that's based more around olympics rather than a tournament.
  11. Welcome to the 2015 March Madness thread! Here, you can discuss all things about the annual ritual that is the single elimination college basketball tournament! To celebrate the occasion, us peeps are going to predict who will win this year's March Madness Tournament. Make your pics by clicking on the ink below. If there is a password, it's "ponies" or something like that. Anyway, good luck to you all, and have fun making predictions!
  12. As the title suggests, this is an anime/manga character tournament! I will list 12 anime/manga characters, and it will be up to you, the viewers, to decide who is the best! However, to avoid simple bias, there will be 3 challange catagories to vote for who's the best. The first will be a debate of who has a better personality or character style. The second will be who has the better character design, based on creativity and uniqueness. And third will be a simple question; who would win in a fight? For that catagory, however, there will be 2 rounds. Round one, will be the two characters in their base forms, so no transformations or powerups are allowed. Round two, will be the 2 characters in their strongest form. Rule 1: no being biased. Give the other character a chance, be they your favorite or not. If another character is proven to be more powerful than another, then you cannot simply justify the losing sides victory with a simple "because". Rule 2: give proof. If, during the battle round, you have an opinion of one character's power over another, but no one believes you, don't argue, just give proof. Show scans, post videos, give character quotes; anything but pointless arguing. Rule 3: no arguing. You may debate, and you may defend a character, but please, do NOT start a pissing contest. Debate civilly, or this thread will get locked quite fast. Rule 4: if you must post scans of a manga, and that scan contains spoilers, then please try to put in a spoiler box. Simple as that. Rule 5: have fun debating! I'm making this thread for just that reason; fun! Debate, deny, and act like Pheonix Wright all you want, but remember; its just a thread. Contestants bracket: 1: Naruto Uzumaki vs Yusuke Urameshi 2: Monkey D. Luffy vs Natsu Dragneel 3: Ichigo Kurosaki vs Meliodas (Nanatsu no Taizai) 4: Allen Walker vs Gon Freecs 5: Saitama (One Punch-Man) vs Jin Mo-Ri (God of Highschool) 6: Toriko vs Akira Kongou (Kongou Banchou) 7: Sawada Tsunayoshi vs Haru Glory (RAVE master) 8: Kazuki Muto (Busou Renkin) vs Negi Springfield (Negima!) 9: Maaka Alburn/Soul Evans vs Edward Elric 10: Jio Freed (O-Parts Hunter) vs Alucard Hellsing 11: Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star) vs Guts (Berserk) 12: Ash Ketchum/Pikachu vs Tai/Agumon (Digimon) Battle Conditions: speed equalized if needed, no CIS or PIS (character/plot induced stupidity) and no BFR (battle field removal). I'll add a pole later. Go nuts. :3
  13. Congratulations to Rarity for being the second champion in the history of the MAP tournament! She takes the crown 151-143. Princess Luna was our lovely runner-up. FINAL REGULAR SEASON STANDINGS (as of January 4th, 2015): (Legend: w = clinched top seed and first round bye; z = clinched first round bye; y = division winner; x = wild card) EFC: 1. Princess Luna (88) - w 2. Rainbow Dash (81) - z 3. Trixie (80) - y 4. Twilight Sparkle (72) - y 5. Lyra Heartstrings (63) - x 6. Cadance (51) - x PFC: 1. Rarity (121) - w 2. Fluttershy (109) - z 3. Octavia (91) - y 4. Sunset Shimmer (76) - y 5. Princess Celestia (54) - x 6. Pinkie Pie (46) - x Welcome to the 2014-15 most attractive pony tournament! After a year-long hiatus, I've finally decided to bring this sucker back from the grave and give all you hopefuls a chance to root for the pony which you think is the prettiest. We had a contest just like this in 2013! As one poster pointed out, it was the thread of all threads during its tenure, so I hope this year's event can at least match the success that one attained. We had all sorts of posters flocking in and out as the event grew in popularity so please do your best to cheer on for your candidates. I will continue by saying that I'm no longer a brony, but this type of forum game is fun and should be enjoyed regardless of where you stand as a fan. Does your candidate have shiny hair? A great personality? Nice, big eyes? Whatever it may be, it's all the more reason to cast in your vote and let your voice be known. Debates like these will rage on until the end of time itself, so why not take a crack at it. Now, we can start off by introducing the rules. As per usual, 32 contestants are split into two separate conferences which are divided by four divisions per conference. The pony with the most votes in their division wins their division. A division winner will be granted a top-four seed, with a possible of total six playoff spots per conference. The remaining two playoff spots (the wild cards) will be judged by the pony who has the highest remaining amount of votes in their respective conference. In the event of a tie, we will go into overtime sessions that will each last for roughly one day. This will ensure that this tournament does not reach a premature pause. This rule will also apply for playoff matchups. Note that this is a tournament based on votes alone, so no points will be given out if the results for heavy support is not realized; i.e, you can post about your favourite as much as you want, but if she only has a meager five votes for example, she probably will not advance. This means that mathematically clinching a playoff spot will be impossible, so these matches will go down to the very wire. Gather your fanbase and spread the word. Remember, you are effectively doing battle against other fanbase! Without further ado, let's introduce our contestants. Standings will be updated every three days at 3:30 PM EST, effective starting from the beginning date of this post. EQUESTRIAN FRIENDSHIP CONFERENCE PONY FRIENDSHIP CONFERENCE And those are your contestants. Pick who you think is the prettiest/cutest/sexiest/whatever using the polls above! One vote per person. Have fun and enjoy! Please post as much as you can on this thread so the tournament can garner the much-needed attention it should receive.
  14. Yes. We're already preparing for it. 160 characters. 1 winner. Qualifying begins Fall 2016.
  15. Rarity Outshines the Sunset Everypony's favorite fashionista patiently awaits her next challenge. Prior to the playoffs, Sunset Shimmer promised her growing fan base that she would win the Celestial Trophy and return to the human realm. She would keep only one of those promises. Supremely confident after a convincing win over Princess Celestia in the wild card, the mysterious antagonist ran straight into a wall of "fabulosity" as Rarity reminded everypony why she was the #1 seed in the league. Shimmer's appealing design and eye-catching colors could only do so much against the quintessential attractive pony. Rarity was all business in her postgame remarks. "I had an adequate performance. There are still some wrinkles to smooth out, but I promise that my next game plan shall be a flawless design! Sunset Shimmer was quite the interesting opponent and I'm sure we're going to see more of her." Sunset Shimmer reevaluates her future plans. "It's not fair!" Shimmer fumed in her locker room. "This thing was mine! I was supposed to show up Twilight Sparkle on her own turf. This isn't over yet, Princess." When asked if she was worried about facing her nemesis Fluttershy, who defeated her in the 2013 M.A.P. Tournament as well as the 2014 World Cup, Rarity replied, "Au contraire, darlings! I am simply thrilled every time I have the chance to meet a wonderful pony like her in friendly competition. It's no surprise that so many spectators like Fluttershy as much as I do. I go into this game as I do every other: with an expectation to win." RARITY, 117-73 When the Music Stops Rarity was not the only one who left the divisional round with a monkey on her back. Just as Pinkie Pie was unable to defeat Octavia in two tries, Octavia herself was unable to surpass Fluttershy in their 2015 rematch. Even the details of the game evoked some deja vu: Octavia started out strong in the first half, then was slowly but surely overcome by a rising tide of Fluttershy votes. The elegant musician's failure to finish off a strong Mane 6 leaves her right back where she started, but just as before, a loss to the timid pegasus is nothing to be ashamed of. "They're all going to love me..." "Oh my goodness. I'm so happy that I was able to win!" Fluttershy exclaimed to the Ponyville press. "I think Octavia is such a beautiful pony, and I'm grateful to have an opponent that inspires me to be the very best I can be." Despite Fluttershy's unfailing kindness, her ability to overcome almost any odds makes her a most dangerous opponent. Undefeated but for a loss to Lyra Heartstrings in the first Magic Bowl, she flutters on to face Rarity--the only pony standing between her and a return trip. Octavia must compose a new strategy for the future. Octavia did not answer questions after the game, but the sad solo she played on her cello said it all. Always gracious in victory, Fluttershy was among those who stayed behind and listened as each note spread throughout the Everfree Forest. FLUTTERSHY, 107-83 Twilight Steals Dash's Thunder Dash remains winless in the M.A.P. playoffs. Thinking of what to ask a pony whose season has just ended is never easy. But with Rainbow Dash, it was unnecessary. Before any reporter in the locker room could get a word out, she was already talking. "I don't get it!! Since when is being awesome, extreme, and amazing not attractive?! I mean, Twilight's my friend and I guess she's pretty good-looking--but I wore a parasprite bikini, people! Do you have any idea how those things itch?!" Her distress is understandable. The Element of Loyalty had an even better season than she did in 2013, winning a first-round bye while forcing such heavy hitters as Trixie, Lyra, and Twilight Sparkle herself into the wild card round. But ultimately, the result for Rainbow was the same: one and done. Though she fought hard through the entire game, the mane character maintained control and never relinquished her lead. Twilight shows that awesomeness is relative. "I don't have time to celebrate! There's still so much to do," Princess Twilight fretted, sounding very much like her old self. "First I have to smooth things over with Rainbow, then I have to wish Princess Luna good luck in our game, and I have to report to Princess Celestia about my progress, and then I have to write a letter to Cadence, and..." The to-do list continued long after every reporter had left the library. But one thing stood out: Luna. Twilight moves on to a dynamite EFC Championship game against one of the strongest opponents she has ever faced, and the first match ever to pit her against a fellow princess. TWILIGHT, 113-77 Dark Side of the Moon There are decisive victories, there are blowouts, and then there are games that make fans wonder what one of the contenders was even doing there. Unfortunately for Princess Cadence, her divisional match against Princess Luna was that kind of game--and she was that contender. After pulling off a squeaker over Trixie in the wild card that raised a few question marks around her playoff run, Cadence did little to reassure the brony audience in her next matchup. Night fell so swiftly over Canterlot Castle that the game itself was almost obscured, but the results were crystal clear. For a first-time competitor in the M.A.P. Tournament, Luna looked unstoppable--and sounded like it, too. This princess knows how to make an entrance. "LOYAL SUBJECTS!" she bellowed, forcing many a seasoned sportswriter to drop their cameras and clamp their hooves over their ears. "IT WAS WITH GREAT PRIDE THAT WE MET A FELLOW PONY OF ROYALTY IN HONORABLE BATTLE. WE GRATEFULLY, pardon me. I gratefully accept your support. I must now retreat to prepare for the next challenge." Luna's dominating performance sets a new record for most lopsided win in M.A.P. Tournament history, surpassing Rarity's 109-39 defeat of Cloud Chaser in 2013. Love hurts. "Oh, well..." Cadence trailed off glumly in her post-game interview. "It may be a difficult loss, but it's still better than being imprisoned underground by those vile Changelings. And nearly losing the Crystal Empire to King Sombra. And having my name constantly misspelled. And..." LUNA, 134-56 See a recap of the Conference Championships and Magic Bowl II here: ...And review the Wild Card results here!
  16. I thought it would be fun to have a casual Dota 2 tournament, which will be recorded/streamed. I'd like at the bare minimum 3 teams (15 players), though, if I get lucky, I'll cap out at 5 teams (25 players). This is for hardcore players or newbies! The game is free on Steam, if you'd like to participate. To sign up, just say so and post your skill level, and I'll divide up the teams accordingly. This will be scheduled once we get 3 teams, but people can join before the tournament starts. I'll form brackets after each team joins up. I hope you guys decide to join this!
  17. this is it the championship finals deadline is December 1 9 am
  18. we are down to the semi finals voting deadline is November 29 9 am
  19. we are down to the final 4 the winner of the first match will advance to the final and the loser of the first match will advance to the semi final and the winner of the second match advance to the semi final deadline for these matches is November 27 9 am
  20. We are now down to the last 6 episodes the voting for this round ends on November 25 9 am
  21. deadline for these matches is November 23 9 am we are done to the last 8 episodes 2 season 1 episodes 3 season 2 episodes 1 season 3 episode 2 season 4 episode
  22. there are 24 episodes remaining in this tournament 8 on the winners bracket and 16 on the losers bracket the deadline for these matches is November 17 9 am m.s.t. season breakdown season 1 2 winners side and 5 losers side season 2 2 winners side and 5 losers side season 3 1 winners side and 1 losers side season 4 3 winners side and 5 losers side
  23. the first match is the last match from round 6 of the losers bracket the rest are from round of 16 in the winners bracket the deadline is November 15 9 am
  24. the first 2 matches are from round 5 and the rest are round 6 matches the deadline for these matches is November 13 9 am this time there are only 9 matches