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Found 9 results

  1. In your opinion what are some of the best, or at least your favorite, VG Music Soundtracks? I'll always have to give props to Sonic for both stage and boss themes (Yeah, I love Crush 40) But other than that I love Wild Guns, Wild Arms 2 and Castlevania. And I haven't played these series' but from the music I've heard of them they could possibly end up my faves. The series' are: Persona and Ys.
  2. Free track to ring in the new year! (Under my main alias) Enjoy!
  3. Please comment and tell me how it is !
  4. First off, I just looked at my Pony Hypnosis blaug entry. Over 1,000 views. Well then. And, per usual, I am so exhausted that this will hopefully be brief. So today was the first track & field meet of the season. It was against two other schools, so nothing terribly intense. I was slated to run the 1,500m and the 4x400m. Ran exactly my personal record (PR) for the 1,500m (4:38), so hopefully I can drop down into the 4:20's by May. I was the first leg of our 4x400m team because I'm great on the starting gun. I felt like I was running insanely slow, but as I lay on the side of the track and slowly lost consciousness, my coach told me I ran a 54.7. That's a 2+ second PR off of my BEST time ever. And it is only the first meet of the season. Oh, and this 400-split was the fastest of all of the 4x400-splits for my school at this meet - including the four guys on the Varsity team. Yeah. Good day. Now I'm going to pass out on my keyboard. - Kolth
  5. Hello everypony! Welcome to another entry in my blog! Been a fun first week at school. Track was nice today also. Before I get to that, I'm going to announce my new editor. If there are any comments this time, please give a warm welcome to PinkieDaShy! I trust her the most, and she is free to edit anything if she pleases. Anyway, back onto the entry. For the past couple days, I've been feeling very sore thanks to track. I was happy to know that today we just did ultimate football. Didn't really have to do that much. School has overall been pretty good to me. Also, tomorrow is my birthday! So excited! I'm willing to bet though that Finest/Crona is going to overshadow me though. He is the more popular than me after all while I'm still not, even if I been here since day one of this forum. But let's not make this entry any sadder. Going to my dad's for my birthday, going to get a bunch of games-I'll tell you guys how my birthday went. This has been another entry. Remember, I love comments and ratings.
  6. Hello everypony, Raccoon here with another entry. I didn't get comments last time. Like I said, I love comments. The rating not as much, but is appreciated. Anyways, I got back from school at 4:00 PM. I took a shower, got on the computer, look at whats new. It is now 4:40 PM at the time of this written sentence I am still tired. So why is that? The answer? Track. Track and the heat, that is. I wanted to do track as a sport, had a feeling they were going push me over the limit, but didn't expect this. I just wanted to die there. I wanted mercy. I applaud my heroes: Scout, Rainbow Dash, and Sonic. They are even better than I thought. Scout: For being able to run and double jump while not even being winded. Rainbow Dash: Going that fast in the air has to be difficult, and she doesn't even look tired. Sonic: The fastest thing alive. My god, being able to run at the speed of sound and not being tired at all… Wow...just wow. The sad thing is, this is only the first day. Of course, I have 4 years to train. I'm only a freshman, and I think I did pretty well today. I need to get my stamina up though. I think tomorrow I'm going to be doing weights though. My strength is horrible though. If I got in a fight I would lose. In fact, I probably be dead. The reason is I don't care about muscles, I care about speed. Now, being one of only three freshman, I'm probably not going to win any awards or whatever it is for track. Plus, the other freshman seem faster than me. But I have to train hard. I do get a walk from school every day so that should help. I also can't wait for fall. Fall is my favorite season. It’s so beautiful. I love the brown and orange colors everywhere. So pretty. It’s also the just right temperature. Though, one advantage I guess is all the cute guys with their shirt off. Hehehe. (Yes I'm a guy, and I like girls too). By the way, I'm thinking about getting into reviewing stuff. What do you guys think? Please leave a comment.
  7. Hello once again everypony/everybody! Today I would like to share with you my recently uploaded track from BangHammer, 'Faith In The Princess'. I hope you all enjoy and if you would like to criticize it, go right ahead! I enjoy all critique big, small, negative, positive! Enjoy!
  8. What is your opinion on Disney Channel? How much better was it a few years ago, and why hasn't Disney Channel stopped making It's A Laugh Track® Sitcoms?
  9. A while back, I had created this song as my 7th track from my alias, "Otarine~", I forgot to release it xD, I was messing around with new ideas on FL and didn't bother to notice it. So anyways, I hope that I get feedback from others so that I can try to improve and have higher quality music. Enjoy! Love you all! ^^ - Otarine~