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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, so a lot of people out there have whole collections of music they have made on soundcloud, and, since I did a search and couldn't find a thread specifically for this, I thought I'd make one! So have you got a soundcloud page? Do you make tunes? Got a new tune on said page you'd like to share for everyone to listen to? Maybe a whole playlist? Post it here! I'll get this ball rolling.. Soundcloud page: Soundcloud Playlists: Newest Song: now your turn!
  2. It is now possible to track in a post right here on MLP Forums! This is how it looks: Much like the rest of the site, the embedded player is not in its final design. It will be redesigned along with the rest of the site once the site is a bit closer to beta. But hey, it works! Artists, you're welcome to share your uploads here on MLP Forums in Octavia's Hall or anywhere else using the embedded player. Using it functions exactly like embedding YouTube videos - just paste the URL to your track into the editor... ...and it will automagically become a player. The [media] tag is also supported, should you prefer to use that. If you have your own site you'd like to embed a track on, this is what the HTML code looks like: <iframe src="" width="100%" height="150" allowTransparency="true" frameborder="0" seamless allowfullscreen></iframe> Just replace the "1" in "/t1/embed" with the ID of the track you wish to embed, and its embedded player will come up. Finally, have a teaser: a feature for embedding tracks on sites that don't have built-in support for (like MLP Forums now does), or allow you to use custom HTML, is coming soon!
  3. What it your favorite 8 or 16 bit soundtrack? Well I have played all the classics Mario,Zelda,Mega man, ect. About a year ago... (Nvm 3-4 years xD) I completely 100% Finished the Final Fantasy III DS remake. And the Crystal Tower theme still deemed to be my favorite. At the time I didn't know the game was based off a NES remake. So I played through (the english translated) and I got to the NES crystal tower. For a NES I still think it is the most peaceful and meaningful NES theme to this day. So. What's yours? ^-^ Edit: I guess I should add a reference... xD...
  4. I'm starting to experiment with sound programs to create music, do you like how these sound? Boo's/ Yay's? Should I make more?
  5. This one's for the artists. Please answer the poll question, and reply to this thread to elaborate on your answer, especially if you chose anything other than option #2. If you have not uploaded all of your pony tracks to, and/or don't plan to upload all of your future tracks there, I'd just like to know why.
  6. is more than just a place for artists to dump their music for download hosting. It is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan site, and as such, poni is baked right into the core design of the site's functionality. Today, I'll take you through some of's taxonomies. As pony fan music is the only kind of music allowed on, cataloguing and organizing it all for easy retrieval and discovery is a unique and interesting challenge. In a more generic music site like SoundCloud, an open-ended tagging system is often the sanest way to deal with the crazy explosion of genres, styles, and categorizations the world's musicians have created. But unlike generic music sites, is designed to serve an extremely specific niche of the musical community: brony musicians, and bronies interested in finding pony music to listen to. This opens a unique opportunity to tackle the issue with a curated approach. Let's begin with the one-stop discovery tool available from every page on, located prominently in the nav bar: the Browse button. Hovering over the Browse button opens a large flyout menu that gives you, at a glance, a little bit of everything on In addition to a few meta links, the flyout gives you instant access to many of the taxonomies on With a single click, you can reach listings by genre, type of track (more on this in a bit), publication date, popularity, and even a totally random assortment. While this doesn't encompass the full range of data has on every track, it is pretty nice to have available on every page, at all times. But what if you have something more specific in mind? Or you want to string multiple search criteria together to create your own selection of tunes? That's where the Track Browser comes in... Feld, the buck were you thinking? Did your 31-hour sleeping schedule lead you to the wrong cider barrel? I can get a search box at YouTube/Google/SoundCloud/[insert random website here]! This ain't your daddy's search box. As a matter of fact, you can't type anything into it. Honest question time: how often, when searching for new music, do you know exactly what you're looking for, to the point where you know the exact names and artists to query for? Unless you're some kind of supernatural oracle capable of predicting your own future (in which case, what are you doing here?), probably not very often. So, how does a search box you cannot type into actually work? Clicking it drops down a deluxe-size flyout that contains tags for's taxonomies. They are as follows: Track Types With the choices of "Original Song", "Official Song Remix", "Fan Song Remix", and "Ponified Song", these choices should be fairly straightforward, but they are nonetheless a powerful taxonomy you simply won't find anywhere outside of a fan site. Genres Music comes in all sorts of genres, but brony music can be narrowed down to a few key ones. To make searching as easy as possible for listeners, I've compiled a curated list of brony music genres with the help of my alpha testers (special thanks in particular to Freewave, who has done extensive research on the brony music scene for his site, Brony Musician Directory - go check it out ). Artists can choose one, and only one, genre to represent their song when publishing it. While this was a controversial design choice with a few artists, the consensus was that avoiding... ...would ultimately be for the better in the long term. Show Songs At this time, this one's only relevant to remixes of official show songs. However, if you're looking for show remixes, this taxonomy will probably be one of the best things to ever happen to you. With a complete record of the official show's songs in its database, is able to organize tracks by the songs they are a remix of. This is but a simple taxonomy right now, but I have future plans for a much larger community feature revolving around the show songs. By combining these taxonomies, and any future ones I add, my hope is that will become the home of the most powerful pony music search engine on the 'net. Feel like listening to metal, rock, and house remixes of Winter Wrap Up, Babs Seed, and Becoming Popular? Done.
  7. Hey all, another small idea that popped into my head here. I couldn't help but notice that currently each page of tracks contains 20 songs on it. Something i thought may be a handy little feature (and something also seen around many popular websites) would be the ability to change how many tracks are displayed per page, like with a dropdown menu like so; What do you think?
  8. Being able to upload tracks and share them all over the ponynet with features like an embedded player and fun stat tracking is pretty sweet. But you know what's sweeter? Being able to organize all these tracks into albums. By popular demand from the alpha testing team, I've enabled the album code on and have gotten to work polishing the feature to be as useful as possible. Let me give you a short tour! Here's an example album, compiled by . Each track in the album gets its own player on the page. The layout was inspired partly by a mockup included in a feature request and partly by SoundCloud. The cool trick here is that once you start playing a track, the next track will play automatically, and so on until the end of the album. Moreover, attempting to start playing another track before the current one has finished will automatically pause the current one before beginning playback of the new track. Album downloads are beautiful, too. Designed to make keeping your music library as organized as possible, they come in a zip file with the following directory structure: <Artist Name> <Album Name> Inside the album's folder, all of the album's tracks await in your selected format, joined by a text file containing a tracklist and the artist's notes on each track in the album (in a later revision, I plan to make this a fully-formatted Markdown file ). Have a screenshot: Pay close attention to the directory path in this one: makes maintaining an organized music folder as simple as: Download the zip file in your favourite audio format. Extract the contents of the zip file into the base of your music folder. There is no step 3. You're done! You can delete the zip file if you want, though; it isn't needed anymore. That's it! No need to fuss with creating directories, dealing with mismatched tags, renaming files, or even choosing a folder in your library to put an album in. It doesn't get much simpler than dumping the contents of a zip file into your music folder and letting the directories merge themselves. Back to the web app, using albums is also a great way to increase listener engagement. In addition to providing a no-nonsense way to group related tracks together, any track within an album gets a bold link on its track page directing viewers to go check out the rest of the stuff in that album: Albums also get a special visual layout on user profiles: (ignore the lame-o tracks list on that page; that's still being worked on) The cover art of the first track in an album, if present, is displayed as the album's cover in all relevant places around the site. If an album lacks cover art, its track players simply expand to fill the space, as seen here: That about does it for the basic tour of albums. I'll be rounding them out with a few additional features to make them easier to work with and share, but their core programming is in place and fully functional (getting track numbers to sync up correctly when reordering the album or removing tracks from an album was real fun).
  9. Hey all, yet another suggestion about the tracks page! So I imagine Pony.FM becoming a massive website pretty fast considering it's already decent state in Alpha, and with that eventually there will be a lot of tracks, resulting in a lot of pages. For this reason, I suggest adding a "Goto page" option so you can jump to specific pages quickly. (Usually with a text input asking for a page number.) Sure it may not be used a lot, but it could come in a lot of handy in the future when the site grows.