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Found 31 results

  1. I'm really psyched to make some of these bottled pony cutouts for people! I love adding all sorts of decorative elements and backgrounds to my cutouts. I decided that I would like to trade some customs for art of Iris in return. I can make it anyway you want! I can even send the cutout if you request me to. Any takers? LunaLusterdust is my Instagram name.
  2. Hi! I am offering a completely original character in exchange for any original artwork! This is how it works: -you make offer, and I accept -you provide short description of pony, and I'll do two concept sketches. -you choose which sketch you want me to elaborate on, and I do. -we swap art, and go our separate ways.
  3. Hey guys I saw that there are several bronies on here who play TF2 and i decided to make this page for them and myself, along with anypony who was interested. Come to trade, make new friends, find somebody to join you on a match of MvM, or whatever else you can think of. below are some sites to make trading easier. by the way, I'm a Heavy main. Just putting that out there. my steam id is the same as my name her: kaiser5578
  4. So Im having a quiet moment after a con this weekend, and now offering to do some very rare art trades. I am offering either Pencil sketch or black ink work In return I would like anything from the list: StormBlaze (normally wears dog tags and Wonderbolts hoodie) - With any of these canon ponies: Soarin, Rainbow Dash, Tempest Shadow, Sunset Shimmer, Vinyl Scratch - With Denz (her special somepony & guitarist) - Singing - As a Wonderbolt - As a Shadowbolt - Drinking a mint milkshake - Drawing - Dancing/rocking out - As a Fallout Character (vault suit & swords as weapon of choice) - As her siren form Dont mind if shes anthro or if you wanna draw a generic easy pic of her/flying. If anthro, then she wears a black tank top and urban camo shorts under her hoodie. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you would like to trade please give me details: Name of character: Species: Ref: Brief personality description: Accessories: Theme (if any): Preference in art type: Simple sketch | Headshot sketch | inks
  5. dear beloved bronies! today i sharpen my claws with this furricious offer. As you can see on the title i am willing to trade pics of kitties for pics of ponies, how it works simple! the instructions are: send me 2 pics of: Lions, Tigers, Ocelots, Lynx, Cougars, Cheetahs, Panthers or cats, you can search for them in the internet, you may say: sounds ridiculous but hey! listen to me. the important thing is to write on the picture: I SUPPORT FELYDAE WORLD on it and your username with these () you can put the words on ms paint, doesn't matter and in exchange you will rceive a simple vector draw of your favorite pony or OC doing anything you want. example: can be a cartoon, can be a drawing, NO MEMES or pictures with words just like the examples i mentioned above and only the species i am asking for, no manticores, chimeras, sabretooths or leopards, theses will be add later and most important: NO ANTHRO OR HUMANIZED PICS so no anime girl with cat ears or felines with human body just pic of animals, any questions, feel free to ask Waiting list: 1.- Fractured 2.- VinylWubs 3.- Damien & Flash 4.- 5.- 6.- 7.- 8.- 9.- 10.-
  6. I'd Like To Draw Your Characters In Some Expressions, Will You Draw Mine Doing Whatever? Examples Of Expressions; Examples Of My Art;
  7. Hi! I've recently rejoined the mlp world as a veteran G1 collector and enthusiast! G4 finally started growing on me and I eventually succumbed. Now my G1 styled ponysona, Sabina, needs a G4 rendition. Anyone interested? My art style is definitely not G4 sorry! I've been influenced by G1 animation styles like the traditional cartoons as well as the G1 Tales series. I'll post my examples, who also happen to be my ponysona. Any takers?
  8. Hello there, I'm a new guy to the server but a long time brony. I recently made an OC pony as well and I need one last thing for him to be set and ready to go. I need a cutie mark, preferably one on a blank background. Now I do not ask this for nothing, that would be quite rude and not very friendly at all. No, I want to trade. I am studying to be a creative writer for entertainment, and would be very willing to offer story services for any characters you have in any way you want them to interact... Saying this aloud it doesn't seem all that enticing, but I promise to edit and revise it until you are satisfied with it's contents, and I will do my utmost to make an interesting and compelling read for them. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to- WAIT! I need to describe the darn thing first dont I? Ok, please note that I might only make a story for one person, so don't go making this unless I agree to you making it... I know that sounds rude, but I don't want to go writing for a bunch of people all day long. Anyhow, here it goes: the mark consists of three parts, a magic circle with a grimoire lying in the center that bears an image of an herb. The magic circle has a few runes and whatnot around it and the grimoir is a brownish color (i would make it myself if not for my shaky hands and lack of a useable mouse or drawing program on my computer) I hope to be hearing from someone soon, and will be very grateful when I do. Thank you, whoever might read this, for your time (also here is a pic of my oc so you know what the color of my flank is)
  9. Hi I need an artist. I can trade stories for art. There will be nothing gory (maybe a little blood) As long as you can provide art I can provide stories! Thank you.
  10. I'm kinda bored. I want to draw some pony art but I would like some art of my character Mehndi Heart as well. So I thought that a trade would be a fun idea! I don't really care if I receive digital, traditional, amateur or professional. I just like trading and appreciate any effort that's given. XD I'll do a chibi drawing of your pony character as a trade! (I really love drawing chibi ponies) So, any takers?
  11. Okay so, I'm willing to trade a colored piece of your oc, doing a pose of your choice (I'm not perfect but will try my best) I'd like the quality to match ! In return I really want an art of my ponysona Ezzy sitting in a box adorably, it's not much to ask I think, a color for a color, will take traditional or digital, I'm using colored pencils, for this also gives me practice , don't worry though I'll make sure it's the best I can do! My art : My ponysona Ezzy :
  12. WELCOME TO MY TRADE Welcome everypony who looks here this is my trade and ya trade so if you want to do one leave a comment and say who you want me to do and things like that I also do random things to so if you want something random to tell me here is some examples of my art PONYS not done pony face anime CATS AND DOGS (literally just made this in 2 min) backgrounds made using
  13. Sooo... An art trade booth. I dont know what to say. So put your oc in then comments. When you post your side of the art trade I will post mine! ENjoy! Examples of art Name of character Yes or no to background one or two ponies is limit Please dont use a base. I prefer original art! Dont copy or trace other peoples art Ask first! Be patient
  14. I have no idea how likely this may happen, but I thought it might be fun. I, BlueBrony, will write you a short song of almost any subject (MLP or not) in exchange for a simple drawing of my OC, Professor Quikwit. Song Terms 1. it will be at least 1 min and 30 secs long 2. the song can be vocal or instrumental 3. No curse words 4. I am willing to try most any genre, but my specialty is piano or simple EDM (aka not dubstep) If you are interested, reply to the thread! I am also open to negotiations (except for term 3) Here are some examples: this is a rather silly song here is a more serious example
  15. Hello! I see that you have stumbled upon my very own Trade Ya! thread. (That, or you saw the tirtle and you were like "Ah! I want my pony OC drawn in chibi form!") Either works! What i'm looking for: I would really appreciate it if you could draw a photo of my pony OC doing something cute with one of her husbandos. However, her husbandos are anime characters and I would like them drawn in pony form. That way, the picture all comes together nicely. For example: If you look up a photo of Kakashi Hatake, you'll see that he's, well, a human. I would like him drawn as a pony to go along with my pony OC. What can I give to you in return?: I can draw up a chibi form of your pony OC! By "chibi", I mean the style that was introduced in the season two finale of MLP; A Canterlot Wedding. Rules/restrictions: - NOTHING NSFW - Pictures you offer can be drawn digitally or on paper. - Please do not pester me about your photo, and I promise I won't pester you about yours! - Cutie marks are not my strong point; so they may not come out perfect on my end. Should you decide to take part in this anime mancandy-obsessed girl's art trade, just tell me that you accept and I will provide you a photo of the anime character to be ponified. (I can also provide their cutie marks) At the same time, you provide a reference of your pony OC for me to hang onto. My pony OC: What do you think? Can you handle the hottness?
  16. (Inter) National Hug-A-Pony Day Registration Hey everypony ! In exactly a week (the 07/07/2016 to be precise), we will be celebrating the Hug-A-Pony Day ! That's why I wanted to create a little event for the occasion =D You'll see, it's fairly simple. Do you know how "Secret Santa" works ? Well, here, it'll be the same. All you have to do to participate is listed below : Reply under this post saying you wanna participate Add to it the name of the OC you wanna submit, a picture of it and its cutie mark if it is not visible on the picture of the full pony (or non-pony) OC. [WARNING : You can only submit ONE of YOUR OCs.] You have until Sunday to submit your OC. Sunday, when all OCs will be submitted, I'll find a partner for everypony. I'll let you know the 4th of July who you'll have as your hugging buddy. From then on, you'll have until the 7th (the actual Hug-A-Pony Day) to draw your own OC hugging the hugging partner I assigned you. You must not tell the owner of the OC that I assigned you that you got him as a partner. Next Thursday, I'll open an other topic where everypony will be able to show their work for the Hug-A-Pony Day. For those who are still puzzled about all this, I'll try to explain it better :From today until Sunday, you can register your OC to participate. Monday, I'll assign your secret hugging partner. From Monday until next Thursday, you'll have to draw your own OC hugging the OC I assigned you without telling anypony. On Thursday, I'll open another topic where you'll show your work. Anypony can participate, no matter their drawing skills or the species of their OC and your art can be traditional or digital ! So no excuse, you can participate for sure ;D If you have any questions, feel free to PM me about it and not ask below ! And as I'll be also participating, here is my submission of my OC Tinky Blue: I hope to see many of you submitting your OCs
  17. I was wondering if there can be a time slot in the schedule for space to do trades in an available room? It will be fun to do and make new friends.
  18. How about we do something fun? We each draw something, without coloring, and with a transparent background. Another person colors in that picture. Who's in? Anyway, here is a line drawing that can be colored.
  19. Toys R Us in Cedar Rapids Iowa is having a big clearance sale. I bought a Funko Pop, and 2 mini mystery ponies for $18. They don't have any Doctor Who stuff right now, and they are trying to get rid of old stock in prep for fall and winter. Pokemon stuff is on clearance (almost bought Xerneas but I didn't have the money), and pony stuff is all 20% off if it's not already clearance. The two mini mystery ponies I got are Apple Jack and Rarity. I'm thinking about selling or trading them as I really wanted Discord and I can't seem to find any Funko Discords locally. :/ (Does anyone know if there is a code guide for the mystery minis like the blind bags) I be interested in trading if you want if you have any Discord figures.
  20. I'm just wondering if there are any construction workers on here just for the heck of it. As for me, I am currently working with my dad in the Drywall Finishing and Plaster Trade (basically, a Drywaller). My dad needs my help this summer and I still get good pay from it (only on the days he needs me though). I've had 7+ months of Drywall working experience so far. Now I'd like to know which trades do the rest of you work for? I'll have a poll up, but I'd also like to see your posts explaining what and why you are working in that particular trade. Post away!
  21. I just did an art trade and it was so much fun i decided to open 5 slots for people go ahead and ether comment on my da,
  22. So here we can trade Pokemon from X and Y and exchange them for another Pokemon! Just make an offer and wait for a reply to your it I will watch this thread to see that no spammers invade -------------------------------- My Offer -------------------------------- Level: 70 Pokemon: Mewtwo Nickname: None.. Details: Has PokeRus Pokemon Wanted: Xerneas Level 70-100
  23. I want some animal/monster art to add to some cards I'm gonna make. The cards are going to have random attack and defense attributes just like Yu Gi Oh!. Also if you have any art for action cards I can use it as well. I am not going to pay anyone so I am just asking for art that you may want to do something with or just make me some for the fun of it. I'm going to make it have a computer game that as you progress you gain cards to print out. If you have any art that you would like to contribute please send it to Thanks in advance to anyone who wants help me with this project and please send some game suggestions to my email or below as well.
  24. Hi all! I'm looking for people who (still) play Diablo 3. Better still, a group that still plays D3. My Details in a Shellnut: Lv. 125 (60+65 Paragon) Whirlwind Barbarian More details here.
  25. If anyone is looking to battle or trade share your FC! Or PM me my FC: 1679 4491 4452 Ps, Anything goes for battling, trading is pretty restricted right now but im starting to breed certain pokemon and get some generally cool stuff i have no need for.