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Found 1 result

  1. I'm so excited I have to share.. ( The IP Lawyer had to change it to a later date since tomorrow is a holiday..) Good things come to those who wait. Will just art and write while I wait. The IP Lawyer will help clarify those in Doubt. over 4 Of my Species, The point of a Trademark is to help Clarify the Confusion between Brands. And to Protect your creations. With people in Doubt, I will clarify this out. will post back with his Reply ) Almost two years ago I started off with a single Doodle, gave her a name and a few random stories. Within that time frame the content grew in a Massive huge Size. Illustrated over 100 characters.. All are from my Written novel series. Granted they are not all loaded in my Deviant Art page Over 30 New species, many different and creative worlds. Guardians of ( earth, fire, Air, water,) protectors of the North and South pole, Keeper of the sun, keeper of the moon. Keeper of seasons Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. And way more... All written works all planned out many chapters, written. planing to publish novels in my Work.. I put my heart and soul in what I done. I love to create. So I decided to register a Trademark my Logo. here in Canada . That flows with The world I built and created.. My Lawyer is Processing my Trademark here in Canada for me. Yes I even designed the logo... So far everything is good. Will it pass of not what do you think ? Once I get my Trademark Logo Registered in Canada, I will Register it in USA too. This Journey is just the beginning of Bigger things to come Hugs Laurie Ann Garland