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Found 19 results

  1. I've been playing the pokemon tcgo for a while, I stopped for a while, then I got back on. Anyone want to exchange friending information? Maybe if any of you guys show up at Trotcon we can play, using the physical cards.
  2. I'm relatively new to this fandom. I've just finished season 2 and bought some trading card packs. I got Princess Cadence and the back of her card had something rather peculiar on it... It says "Element of Harmony-Love". After looking at this, I went back to that episode and watched Chrysallis get defeated by Cadence and Shining Armor. And sure enough, her eyes did the same thing Twilight's did when she used the elements.
  3. Hi, Does anypony know what set these Series 3 mystery foil puzzle cards come from? And where can I buy them? They seem to be very rare on eBay, sometimes going for $30+. I would love to get this puzzle set sometime, but don't want to pay that much money so soon. I am hoping I could get it at Hot Topic or somewhere else. Does it come as a "Binder Set" or does it come by chance, like 1 card per 30 packs? 'Cause if it comes in the latter, I would just rather buy them on eBay for more. (If it is any help, I live just outside of Portland, Oregon.) These are the cards I'm looking for (images from eBay): Thanks everypony! /) I really want to get these! -Edit:- P.S. Also, does the "Rainbow Power" foil puzzle set come in a binder or individually? This here:
  4. Since they were released just previously I checked now several stores in Spokane and in Seattle and can't find them anywhere. Has anybody found any cards anywhere else?
  5. My friend and I just bought a two player pack out of curiosity. Not sure what to expect. Have you played it? What's your opinion on it?
  6. So I picked these Fluttershy card sleeves for my mono black deck up off of eBay last week and they finally came in the mail! I was so stoked! My roommate, on the other hand, doesn't think they're as awesome. But he's not a brony haha Anyway, I was just kinda curious. Does anyone else on here play Magic?
  7. I had ordered two starter decks of MLP Trading Cards because I wanted to collect them and I also wanted to try my hand and play the game. I play Magic TG and so I thought this would be cool to try out and if I don't like it, I've got some neat MLP cards! I am learning the game, as it is a complicated one with some pretty neat rules, which I enjoy and I plan on continuing with it. Do you have MLP cards and if so, do you collect them for fun and/or do you play the game?
  8. Cardfight! Vanguard is a TCG or trading card game made by Bushiroad. It has anime version. I wonder if anyone on this forum played this game before or still playing? It's quite popular now and trending. If you do, I'm using Dimensional Police half-build deck.
  9. I want some animal/monster art to add to some cards I'm gonna make. The cards are going to have random attack and defense attributes just like Yu Gi Oh!. Also if you have any art for action cards I can use it as well. I am not going to pay anyone so I am just asking for art that you may want to do something with or just make me some for the fun of it. I'm going to make it have a computer game that as you progress you gain cards to print out. If you have any art that you would like to contribute please send it to Thanks in advance to anyone who wants help me with this project and please send some game suggestions to my email or below as well.
  10. I am a big collector of the MLP trading cards and I have a whole box of common cards that I want to give away to those who want them (I have no use for them). I also have a few foils if anyone is interested in those too. I have almost all of the common cards so PM me with a list of the ones you want and an address I can send them to (within the US). Its 100% free, I pay for shipping Limit is 6 cards per person because that's the most that I can fit in an envelope.
  11. I recently bought some of the trading cards and some of them had quotes from an in-universe book: "The Art of Fun" by Pinkie Pie. So...Pinkie wrote a book. I never would have guessed that. Then again, she does have a large vocabulary. That may have come from actually writing that book. And it would make sense for her to take notes about having fun.
  12. Just wanted to give some much needed exposure to this awesome project. Two people here from the land down under one day decided to make trading cards, but entirely of OC original characters from the fandom, however they need some support to get things off the ground. By supporting the project you can even get your own OC on a card! And it isn't limited to just ponies either. All species from the MLP lore and mythology will be accepted, which means no human antro or Equestria Girls characters. With only less then 20 days to go and the target so close to being reached it would be a shame to go up in smoke so donate before it's too late and get a small piece for yourself.
  13. So I was wondering if anyone knew if there is going to be Some sort of meetup for the new Mlp tcg? near sandy springs ga or atlanta.
  14. Got home from school yesterday and noticed a strange looking package lying on the sofa. It looked like a square poster tube, so being the only person in the house who would likely order a poster, I thought it must be mine. I picked it up and looked at the shipping label, and to my surprise, it was from Enterplay, the company that makes pony trading cards. I was excited to see what was inside, yet confused as to why they had sent me a package. I didn't remember ordering anything from them, yet clearly inscribed in the return address area was "Enterplay LLC". After a brief moment of just standing there, staring at the label in a state of confusion, I finally decided to open the package and see what was inside. I knew that Enterplay made posters in addition to trading cards, so by the shape of the box, I had an idea of what it must be. Well, I was right... but there was more. What I actually found did nothing but compound my confusion. There was obviously a poster (a DJ Pon-3 poster, not shown), but there was also a pack of series 2 cards and, the most confusing part, what appeared to be an empty envelope. I picked up the envelope, wondering what it was for. Were they expecting me to send something back? Maybe money to pay for something I didn't order in the first place? As I was about to look inside, I realized it was sealed... in fact, it had something in it, so wondering what it was, I held it up to the light and saw the outline of what appeared to be a trading card. I knew that it must be some kind of special card to be put in an envelope by itself, but what I found was something I didn't expect at all. It was the San Diego Comic Con exclusive DJ Pon-3 trading card. At this point I was in a state of utter confusion and disbelief. Why would they send me this? Ideas began running through my head. Maybe it was a special gift for vendors or panelists at BronyCon... No, that didn't make any sense. There's no way they would give away hundreds of cards from another convention, and how would they have my address anyway? I must have ordered it somehow. I searched my email for any kind of invoice and there it was... "Order Date: Fri, Jul 19, 2013 15:35:09" Aha! Now I remember! It was a one time only "We Missed the Con" sale they had back in July. It was so long ago I had completely forgotten about it. It was a little late... okay, maybe a lot late, but at least it finally arrived and I couldn't be happier.
  15. I saw this tin lunch box recently, and I thought the design is a little curious. I'm not sure how long it's been on the market. Does anyone have any idea why the front of the box has Fluttershy front and center smiling while the rest of the Mane Six are in a circle behind her with dismayed/confused looks on their faces? What is the marketing strategy behind this design? Has anyone else seen it? Post here if you know anything about it or have any theories about it.
  16. Well I haven't found a thread like this yet, so I've decided to go ahead and create one. Basically this is to trade your steam trading cards with other MLP forum users. I'll go ahead and start. Have: DOTA 2 - Tidehunter Killing Floor - Siren Civ 5 - Science Universe Sandbox - Saturn, Earth (x2) and Mars. Want: Skyrim and Tomb Raider cards I don't have. I'll do 2:1 for cards that I either have, or am not collecting.
  17. The latest promo card that Enterplay is giving away at the Big Apple Ponycon has been revealed. And I was wondering, would there be anyway the forums could organize some sort of way to get cards to people who can't go? Like, a thread where people who are going to the con can volunteer to buy a few extras to sell here?
  18. So I've been working on a series of MTG cards based on Friendship is Magic. The topic has kind of died on MTG Salvation, but I just realized I never posted them here. Sooooooo here ya go! Pictures now up! Card-text (outdated) I put them on real life cards!
  19. So I was browsing ebay for some trading cards, and I saw a Rainbow Dash foil card, apparently being handed out at the San Diego Comic Con, going for $91. I didn't even know that there was an exclusive Comic Con Rainbow Dash card. I don't see it anywhere on the Internet except for that one ebay seller. So does anyone know if this card is legit? Because if it is, I'm screwed, because I'll never have a complete collection of cards if Rainbow Dash is typically going to go for $91.