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Found 10 results

  1. So, I've been playing a ton of Pokemon Sun lately, and something that's been present since Diamond and Pearl is the GTS (Global Trade System), essentially a marketplace where people can offer Pokemon in exchange any other Pokemon, narrowing it down by Gender, Level, ect. In concept, it's a brilliant idea, since finding some Pokemon can be a tedious process, not to mention that some Pokemon are version exclusive so if you don't want to have to buy both versions then this would be a fantastic way to fill up your Pokedex. So naturally people had to ruin it until it's become the deplorable hive of scum and villainy it is today. Nowadays, no matter what you look up and on what game, 99% of requests are written by either idiots or trolls and boil down to "Give me precious diamonds for pennies." "You want a level 1 Charmander? Sure... for a Level 100 Shiny Charizard." "Hey, how about this Butterfree for a Dialga?" "Here, I'll trade you this Magikarp, which you can literally catch by going to any body of water and fishing for two seconds in exchange for your Mew?" Don't believe me? The first time I booted up the GTS in Sun, even knowing how awful it was, I was looking for a Feebas, which have always been hard to find. However, they're potentially at their easiest to find in Sun/Moon, since they're localized to one area, you're told what this area is and I found two in less than an hour. But searching through GTS, the first FIFTY offers all wanted Version-Exclusive Legendaries, Legendaries you can't catch without importing them, an Ultra Beast known as Celesteele or Level 100 Dittos. I stopped looking after that because i wanted to beat my head against something. However, in X/Y, an alternative was introduced that has proven to be better than GTS in almost every way: Wonder Trade. Basically you offer up a Pokemon you've got and then you are randomly paired up with someone to trade with, only seeing what Pokemon you've received after the trade has occurred, so it's entirely random what you'll get. It's not perfect, and there are plenty of cases of people trading common Pokemon hoping to get a rare Pokemon, but there are far more people who are willing to give away good Pokemon through the Wonder Trade. Hell, I bred multiple Feebas' for the sole purpose of Wonder Trading them. Just in Sun, I've gotten a lv.50 Scyther, the fire starter Litten, a Sandyghast, an Axew and, most shocking of all, a Lv. 100 Legendary. Even when I do get common Pokemon like Spearows or Yumgoos, I still get something, which is more than I can say for GTS. Plus, each Pokemon is another unique ID number I can use to win the ID Lottery in-game, which means that no matter what I get through Wonder Trade, I've still profited somehow. Nintendo, will you moderate the GTS already and kick off all the stupid trades? Or, at the very least put some kind of filter on it! It says a lot when a random shot in the dark is leagues better at getting good Pokemon than a market where you can search and request specific Pokemon.
  2. SwiftBlaze

    trading at Babscon

    I sent a tweet to Babscon to find out where we can do trading at. Only space available is the tabletop gaming room. I'll be there with my stuff between 4:30 - 6:00pm on Friday. I have dog tags, blind box figurines, mlp cards, and some prints.
  3. Acoustic Cloud

    MLP Trading Cards

    Alright well today i finally went and got my first mlp merchandise in store. I went to kmart (not my fav) and got some MLP trading cards... I ran into a brony friend there and we just kinda perused the aisles looking at MMA and table tennis stuff, then we go to the counter and snag all of the trading cards they have left, we had two lanes to go through, one with some guy who i assumed would have thought was crazy, and another guy who seemed kinda like us... picked his lane, we go up with our stuff and he had just gone to one of those MLP anime conventions! he talked about the cards and all that, it was crazy... I even got two awesome foil cards of my fav pony ^^ (i'll post pics later) Anyone else have some good or bad shopping experiences?
  4. SwiftBlaze

    My Pony Merch for Trade

    I will be bringing my extras of the mini Blind Box figurines from sets one and two. I have so many that I want them to find a good home. Have complete sets of both already (hint of why I have extras). Message me if you are interested in doing a trade for other pony merch. Please note I have a complete set of the dog tags so I don't need those. Almost anything else will be acceptable. Meeting place will be the Creator's lounge.
  5. kodyap1293

    Gaming Pokerus Trade

    Hey there everyone. I've been playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire a lot lately and made a few friends whilst doing so. One of them told me about Pokerus. (Super rare pokemon virus that nearly doubles ivs when leveling Pokemon) I was wondering if anyone had a infected Pokemon they'd be willing to trade? I want to start playing against others and I figured this would be a helpful way to get started. My friend code is in my sig. Just let me know if you want to trade. If I get a Pokemon that has been infected, I will trade with others who need it. Thanks!
  6. I want some animal/monster art to add to some cards I'm gonna make. The cards are going to have random attack and defense attributes just like Yu Gi Oh!. Also if you have any art for action cards I can use it as well. I am not going to pay anyone so I am just asking for art that you may want to do something with or just make me some for the fun of it. I'm going to make it have a computer game that as you progress you gain cards to print out. If you have any art that you would like to contribute please send it to Thanks in advance to anyone who wants help me with this project and please send some game suggestions to my email or below as well.
  7. IDontExistAnymore

    Gaming Steam Trading Hub

    Would you like to trade some of your useless steam games and other random steam things, such as items and backgrounds? Well you've come to the right place! If you have any trades you want to make, put your steam name in your reply, and the item you are trading, or receiving. REMEMBER! You can only trade games bought as gifts! For Example. Username: theoldnose looking for: castle crashers trading: portal 1 and 2 (Just an example not actually trading) Just like that! Happy Trading
  8. Friend Code: 0346-9697-8418 Hello hello <3 I have a few pokemon with the Pokerus virus and would like to trade for others~ Pokemon I am trading with the virus: lvl 60 Eleketross Vulpix (various) lvl 1 Larvesta lvl 1 Chaingling Solosis (various) All together I have 25 pokemon that I am trading that have the virus but can make more NOTE: IT WILL NOT SHOW DURING TRADING THAT THE POKEMON HAS POKERUS For those who don't know what Pokerus is: Pokerus is a 'virus' that was introduced in Gen 2 which is VERY rare and beneficial to pokemon with it. There is a 1 in 21845 chance of getting the virus (about 0.0000457% chance) which makes it rare than shiny pokemon (normal chance of getting a shiny is 1 in 8192). The virus causes pokemon with it's EV stats to double when they level up. It is contagious for two days on the individual (if you store pokemon with the virus it will preserve it) and after that the virus will still effect the pokemon with it (will still get the benefits). You can spread the virus by having the pokemon with it in your party and battling wild pokemon and eventually the virus will spread to the rest of your party. If you need anymore information about it here's where you can read about it: [x] Pokemon I'm looking for: Eevee (female) Zorua (female) Legendaries Pseudo-legendaries Starters (female) Bagon Any Shiny Pokemon Any Event Pokemon Togepi Anything good that I haven't got yet~ (Which is a lot) As proof that I have pokemon with the virus here's all the pokemon with the virus:
  9. ScottishUnicorn

    Team Fortress 2 trade profit

    While playing TF2 I got a #40 crate by drop, which was one of the rarest crates you can get, usually worth 6 keys. From this crate you can either get something like a strange mantread which is worth 2 keys, which results in 4 key loss. Or you can get something like a strange sapper which is worth around 10 keys. I decided to take the risk and open the crate by spending 2.5 refined on a key and I got a strange sapper. I considered just keeping it, but I don't play enough spy to really care about it. I started trying to sell it for 12 keys, but over time I started to drop the price to get people interested. I got the price down to 10 keys and I got a offer of 9 keys, but not just any normal keys. These are the fall keys. The fall keys are worth 1.5 regular keys. So if you times 9 by 1.5 you get 13.5 regular keys. That was originally more than I was hoping for when offering the sapper when I started. A pretty solid profit off the crate if you ask me.
  10. Hey everypony, I've been rather interested in getting some art done of my OC just for a personal collection and I'm looking to buy/getfreebies of my OC. Of course though i'll need to see some samples to know what I'M paying for or you could just draw it and drop it here for me if you wanna do it for free all my love and brohooves for free art. lol <3 After I've seen your sample work, and like it, we can then talk about pricing and go from there Here's my OC and an art piece I've gotten so far (horn is missing though X3)