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Found 127 results

  1. It's been a while since I posted something for critique, so I uploaded something I'm not so good at naming stuff
  2. Well, earlier today, I was searching through the people who do commissions and it came to my attention that there was nothing actually pertaining to traditional art. This made me wonder: Is traditional art not as popular anymore? Certainly, with advancements in technology and whatnot, it's much more convenient for artists to do digital art, but has it come to the point to where traditional art is a thing of the past? I mean, the way I see it, traditional art is special and unique in its own way. Now, this isn't to say that digital art is neither special nor unique, but it's something more commonly seen these days. As a traditional artist myself, I find that actually having people who want something from you is...rare. Most times than not, they're looking for somebody who does everything digitally, because it's probably more convenient and of higher quality than something that is hand-drawn. Compare digital art to traditional art. Both have pros and cons. Digital art is definitely a way to produce higher quality images and quite frankly, there's not much wrong with it. Traditional art on the other hand may produce lower quality images; however, the artist puts quite a bit of effort into the work because they want it to look as good as they possibly can. Again, this isn't to say that digital artists don't put time and effort into their drawings. Honestly? I don't know whether or not traditional art is going out of style. That's why I made this topic: to get your guys' honest opinion on whether or not traditional art is going out of style. - Night Visions
  3. Im doing a small series of the mane six with their human counterparts (or vice versa). Heres my other accounts: Starting off with a drawing of human and pony Fluttershy in a reading Nook:
  4. Welcome to Scribblepwn3's commission shop! Interested in purchasing some artwork? Click here for the shop page. If you want to make a purchase, just leave me a comment below, detailing what you would like. Include preferred pose(s), references for OCs and cutie marks and whatever else might help in creating the image you'd like to have done. I'll be asking for your feedback on preliminary sketches as well. This will allow you to give me a better idea of what you want to see in the complete work. All the best stuff takes time! Every piece I do will be scanned at 200 DPI, so the quality will be high enough to print when you receive it. Please keep in mind, if you think these prices are a bit high.. All of this work is done using no computer assistance until the scanning stage. Every piece of artwork is 100% traditional, on paper with pen, liquid ink, watercolour and pencil. All of this stuff requires being replaced at my own expense, so the commission money I get, largely goes back into the cost of my supplies. And without further delay. EXAMPLES AHOY! Examples of the work quality you can expect to see. Pencil sketches. (bear with me on some of these examples, they're not all scanned due to the size of the book I was using. Work I provide will be higher quality, and I will be adding better examples in future as I create more.) Inked line art. Inked, with shading and limited Palette. Full colour work "These are nice and all, but uh.. Can I see more before I decide?" But of course! Check my gallery out on DeviantArt, or on Derpibooru for everything pony. Hope you like what you see! Remember, artwork sold here supports not only me, but also MLP forums. Current commission list (in order from first in line at the top): -Mr. Dash-- Full colour with detailed background +additional oc. Status: Complete -Dark Tempest-- Full colour x2 +additional oc. Status: Complete- Piece1 - Piece2 -JonasDarkmane-- Full colour +additional oc. Status: Complete -JonasDarkmane-- Full colour(full background) Status: Complete -Skysweep-- Full colour inked Status: Complete
  5. because I am a huge dum dum and didn't realize non pone arts board existed so I made one RIP featuring arts past and present. anyway...OH LOOK. SQUIRREL.
  6. Hello there. I see you've stumbled upon my thread. I've decided to share a few of my pictures with you. I hope you'll like them. I do mostly traditional art because I'm not that good at digital yet. I'd love to try that more often, though.
  7. Just thought I'd drop all my art of my ponysona/me as a pony (named Lucky Bolt) here for yall to look at. I draw both digitally and tradtionally so expect a mix of different art styles. You can follow my DA here: To start off, here's a vector of typical fangirl me:
  8. Here's the thought: is traditional art - drawing, and painting, mostly - facing extinction or, at most, being a very, very niche hobby in favour of digitally produced art? Do a Google search on anything that can be drawn, anything really. Aside from clubbing baby seals maybe... So you get images, hopefully not photos but something made by a person. I bet it's moslty, if not all, digital art. Promo materials? Digital art. Posters? Digital art. Your favourite webcomic? You guessed it, digital! Anf, frankly, there are good reasons for it: - only "material costs", after purchasing the drawing tablet and software, is electricity. Once you pay off the equipment, making art costs as much a browsing cat memes, - it's convenient, meaning that you can warm up your hand and doodle for half an hour, close the program and do whatever else you have planned - no cleaning required. - if at first you don't succeed, click undo. Arguably the biggest advantage of digital, you can try out lots of ideas and if they don't work, you don't have to start over, just undo what you don't like and try something else. Same with correcting mistakes, you can drag and drop whle sections of your drawing, realign it on a different angle, resize even. No need to start over, - you get the right shade every tme. In color works, you don't need to play an alchemist, mixing colors for the right shade and pray to whatever higher power you chose it works. Save the color code and use it every time you need it, even a single drop. - less of a learning curve. Due to the above, and the layers provided by programs, you have many tools that make it much asier to produce the desired outcome, and the whole creative process looks different than that of a traditional artist. It's more... incremental. Making slight changes to see how it looks, trying different things on the go until you're safisfied. Whereas traditional, in comparison, sems to posess a number of inherent disadvantages: - you need to buy everything, frompencils to markers, brushes, paints, erasers, everything. And find space to store it too, - it's art time and you have that awesome idea! Just... gotta set up the supplies, where did I putthat marker I need so badly? Oh, it went dry, gotta go to the shop for a new one... Aaaaand I gotta clean up my working space and tools, lest I'll spend half of my salary on new ones. Traditional art has setup and cleanup time requirements, as well as material costs which aren't exactly trivial. - you are limited by your tools, the minimal and maximal line width they can produce, as well as the color palette of your markers/paints/crayons. If you need to mix colors, it's a bit of a roulette till you learn to ace the proportions. - if at first you don't succeed... We've all been there, the drawing is coming along nicely and then, you have an ink splatter and there's nothing to do about it. Another crumpled sheet of paper in the bin as you ready yourself to start over from the beginning. - it matters what you draw on. Not only does paper and canvas cost, and said costs rises with every wasted piece, but also, each has unique propoerties you need to keep in mind. Some papers have a tooth, some are smooth. Others can't take in too much moisture or they start to buckle. At some point, you may need several brands for different applications. - Digitizing. So, you've made your masterpiece and you're ready to show them, show them all mwa ha ha! Eeeexcept it's on a sheet of paper, and everything happens on the Internet. Ooops. So, you buy a scanner, and get some art program to fix whatever the scanner messed up, so your work looks just as good on the screen as it does in your hand. More costs, and another skill to learn, yaay, - and finally, the steep learning curve. Due to material costs, time requirements of your chosen medium, different art making process than digital (less trial and error and thinking on the page), and finally, the sheer amount of sub-skills required, it takes much more time and effort to produce art hat looks equally good compared to digital. Oh, and if you go to YT and look for art courses.... yep, most are made by digital artists and mostly useful for other digital artists. Now, it's not a hate thread, keep in mind. More like, a preamble to a discussion, whether traditional art is still "viable" after you graduate from primary school. I myself try to learn to work traditinally, so, I may be biased but, it seems that digital mediums, due to their cost effectiveness and skill effectiveness, are taking over the hobby and professional scenes, aside from art galleries and museums (a matter of time, probably) And, if that's true, then, does traditional have any future? Aside from niche audiences who like the old ways? Is there any point in going traditional, as a person who is about to make the big decision and start their art journey?
  9. I totally forgot to share this. Traditional inking of Princess Luna
  10. Needless to say it's been a while since the last time i've drawn a pony, but honestly i don't think this turned out too badly. This was going to be just a regular drawing at first, but during the thought process i decided to give it a slight holiday twist with the winter clothing and such, it's nothing much, but it looks nice nonetheless. Anyway, i've been thinking a lot about the weather lately: here in Brazil it gets really stormy around this time of the year, thus for the last few weeks or so i've been hearing a lot of rain, thunder and lightning coming from outside my house, which eventually inspired my new OC: my fellow users, say hello to Stormy Weather! She's a young adult pegasus, would probably be around her early 20s at most if she were a human, born and raised in Cloudsdale by her mother Stormy Tide and her father Heavy Weather; both of them weather ponies, and ever since she got her cutie mark she had wanted to follow their hoofsteps. Now that she's grown, Stormy works at the rain division* of the weather team, specifying in heavy rains and thunderstorms, it only makes sense: Stormy Weather's talent is, as her name would imply, causing storms. Weather is a mare of above-average height and somewhat athletic build, traits that she shares in common with her father, but still retains an overall feminine appearance. Backstory: Personality: Commentary:
  11. Hello and welcome to the thread that, hopefully, will document my venture into the realm of traditional art. The purpose of this topic is quite simple, really - to post one's attempts at drawing, explain what was supposed to be done, and, if anyone stumbles on it, recieve constructive critique, maybe tips even. Now, Before I present the examples of my, ahem, "current skill level", I'd like to pause for a moment to talk about where I wish to go with all that. Otherwise my presentations would be in a void of sorts. So, I first tackled just a single medium, pencil sketches. My workshop consists of a set of KOH-I-NOOR pencils (12 piece set ranging from F to 8B), assorted erasers and blending stumps, drawn on A4 paper. Just so you know. I try to draw everything freehand, without rulers and such. My "end goal" in this medium could be summed up by this example: Once I become proficient with shapes, I intend to expand into inked sketches, line and shaded, then gradually add color. My weapon of choice would be the dip pen with a lot of nibs and inks (I already write with a fountain pen exclusively, so nib care is nothing new for me). Again, a presentation on what I'd love to achieve one day (I know they're digital but can be as well done with dip pens) Daydreaming section done, so it's time to get back on the cold hard ground. I don't have a scanner in this apartment, so I made pics instead. Each piece will have it's individual spoiler. As you can probably tell, I've got a looong way to the examples showed earlier. I welcome critique and advice, and meanwhile, I will focus on getting consistently good side views, front view portraits and those pesky 3/4's. Later I intend to move into custom poses, and if I won't break the pencils from frustration, expand into actual scenes, with backgrounds and stuff. Hopefully.
  12. Hello, my fellow poniesssssssss Small bday gift art for our beloved snek pony, Mesme Rize. I've made some edits on the Paint Tool SAI, to highlight some parts, and also made him look more.... snake alike, heheh.
  13. So yes, I decided to post a smol thread about my recent artworks, aka Traditional Arts. (I've lost my notebook, so no digital artworks for a while). You can find more artworks on my DeviantArt page : Sketch 1 - Chantilly Sketch 2 - Demon Tamsa Sketch 3 - Discord Sketch 4 - Static Sketch 5 - Eyes Sketch 6 - Vida Loka Sketch 7 - Cyber Sketch 8 - Past
  14. WASSUP EVERYPONY? Scribbler here with a whole new season of artwork! I've been busy so far, even before season 6 starts, and this time I'm rocking full watercolour and proper high res scans! My DA account> Scribblepwn3 If you would like a artwork of your OC, be sure to head on over to my commission shop. So kicking things off with my oc/mascot, Midnight Scribbler. Next up, another of my own characters. Suit Twister. This one is a parody of one of my favorite movies/albums. He's a pink horse of a different colour. And finally, The hive queen receives good news of a magical land where plenty of food can be found. aaand almost forgot. My new creepypasta character. Arachna Widowmane More to come as the year progresses! Make sure to check out this thread, and my DA page for updates! You can also find my work on under the tag "artist:scribblepwn3" There's also a bunch of older work I did over the fall and winter of 2015 if you're interested in seeing my progress up to now. Check that out here!
  15. Wow, it's been a while since I've started a topic. Anyway, I'm thinking of doing a comic strip and I've created an art style for the project. As of now, I'm playing around with it, but I was hoping for some feedback. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Twilight Sprackle Apple Jackie I still regret inking this one. I'm working on the style with the rest of the Mane 6, but please feel free to give me any feedback (something that isn't, "your inking sucks" or "Get a drawing tablet") "The Quick Trigger" Thanks! -RealityPublishing
  16. A pretty neat chalk pastel drawing I found of Boba Fett, that super popular Star Wars character that played a small role. Go ahead and give this artist some love if you like.
  17. Hey there people~ I was bored, and so decided to make this drawing of Nightmare Moon, because she's badass as buck. Didn't turned out the way I wanted, but I tried, eh.
  18. Hello! I just realized I have pony art I can share, so here it is. My OC, Daylight Dreams. I drew her for Forest Rain's community video of his song "Great to be Different". Someone's pony OCs I drew. Their themes are mouse, fox, and bunny respectively. A decorative birdhouse I painted for an auction. It ended up not selling, so I actually still have it. It took so long to paint, so I wouldn't allow it to sell for a low price. I sold it later though! I have a bit more pony stuff, but they're all sketches I haven't scanned in. I need to draw more! I generally like making vexel art, and drawing in the show's style (though I'm experimenting with my own). I'm thinking of trying out pony paintings next. What do you think I should paint?
  19. So, I took a free time for myself and decided to draw your fancy marshmallowwhite pony, Rarity. It's my first time drawing her, so it may have stuff off. yh, first time and it looks like i've already draw her before
  20. Hello everypony. I drew a Nightmare Moon on school because I was totally bored, and since it came out pretty good, I decided to finish it on home and turned into this. Hope you guys like it. (I don't have more a scanner, so yh)
  21. Im a college art student, and aspiring art teacher. I like all sorts of art, including metal sculpture and ironworking. Sooo, have some OFF fan art i did a while ago, but just digitized OFF, by mortis ghost
  22. Sweet Pen


    Just a drawing i've done for practice. Isn't perfect, but I tried. Evil Celestia all the way~
  23. Hello my little ponies! In this topic, I shall bring to everypony something I had in my mind for a while: Redesign some characters mine~ So, let's begin, shall we? Arzu Old Design New Design Dians Old Design New Design Tempo Old Design(yes, i used base when I first made her.) New Design Angel Iskra Old Design New Design I'll post more, since it's a lot of OCs that need a good redesign mine.
  24. Hey there fellow ponies! So, to get my boredom away, i've posted a status update to see if someone wants their oc's to be transformed into a batpony, and @@Venomous and @ wanted it, so I've made their oc's with bat wings and fangs, and the cat eye thing c: If i do more, I shall post here.