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Found 23 results

  1. This is the main story that I've been working on, and I finished re-writing the early chapters recently as the quality wasn't quite on par with my more recent writing. I tried mixing in a few humorous scenes to keep the fic from being too dark, but it's still not exactly a happy story. There isn't much fighting until the last few chapters, but hopefully that's not too disappointing. It's almost 85k words long, and parts two and three are going to be about the same, so keep that in mind if large reads aren't your thing. Anyway, here's the synopsis from FiMFic. I think it's fine to post this here as long as I don't link directly to the story, but someone let me know if it's not and I'll edit the post. It's rated M, so you'll need to turn off the maturity filter on Fimfiction to view the story. My account is linked in my signature here, so you can find it from there.
  2. Gallus the Griffon sabotaged the Hearth's Warming tree with a purpose, so that he didn't have to go back to Griffonstone and face the loss of his family. Now, with the help of Twilight and his fellow classmates, he must go to Griffonstone and face the tragic circumstances surrounding that dark day in his life.
  3. NOTE: This story is not intended to be canon to the Equestria Girls series in any way. Please read with discretion. Sunset slowly got out of her car and walked toward her partially destroyed school. Half of the auditorium had been reduced to nothing but burning green ashes. Atop the ashes were the geodes belonging to Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Sky Scraper was trying to comfort Fluttershy, while Twilight was being consoled by her boyfriend, Sherbert Music-Guard. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were hugging each other and crying loudly. Several other students also appeared to be traumatized by what had just happened. Sunset kneeled before what used to be the auditorium and let the tears flow down her cheeks. She felt nothing but extreme guilt, sadness and rage. The next morning, Principal Celestia stood at a podium in front of the mass of green ashes. Portraits of the students who had perished in the explosion were hanging on the walls. Principal Celestia began her speech. “Fifteen students were killed at the Fall Formal last night when the auditorium was blown up by an unknown attacker. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Flash Sentry, Scootaloo, Sweetie Drops, Roseluck, Octavia Melody, Bulk Biceps, Sandalwood, Snips, Snails, Norman, Pixel Pizzaz and Indigo Wreath will be remembered fondly by all of us. They were amazing students and people, and were truly a credit to our school. Let us have a minute’s silence in their honor.” For the next minute, Sunset, Twilight, Fluttershy, Sky Scraper, Sherbert Music-Guard, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Maud Pie, Lyra Heartstrings, Vinyl Scratch, Photo Finish, Violet Blurr and the rest of the CHS students, along with many grieving families, remained solemnly silent. Then Vice Principal Luna stepped up to the podium. “It has been brought to our attention by Sunset Shimmer that this heartless attack was most likely carried out by Adagio Dazzle, a former student here at Canterlot High.” said Luna. “As a result, school will be canceled today. We think it would be best for you all to stay home, given the circumstances.” Fluttershy put a hand on Sunset’s shoulder. “Sunset, you did your best. There was nothing more that could have been asked of you.” Sunset sighed. “I know, but I can’t help but feel somewhat guilty for this. I just can’t believe Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie are gone.” “I know. I feel just as horrible as you do.” said Twilight. “I have a sinking feeling things can only get worse from now on.” Canterlot, a normally happy town, suddenly seemed gray and dull. Lyra missed her best friend and girlfriend very badly, and remembered all the fun times they’d had together. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle promised themselves that they would never forget Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle also pined for her big sister. Photo Finish and Violet Blurr felt empty without Pixel Pizzaz alongside them. Vinyl grieved for her best friend Octavia. Even Maud Pie was overcome by her emotions when remembering Pinkie. Sonata was horrified and immensely saddened by the atrocity her sister had committed. But no one was more miserable than Sunset. First she had vowed to avenge Applejack. Now she was determined to avenge Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and the others who’d lost their lives. “Well, Adagio, I hope you’re happy.” snapped Aria. “Why wouldn’t I be?” Adagio snickered. “I got my revenge. Canterlot High School has crumbled, and those Rainbooms are gone for good.” Aria finally lost it. “First of all, you only got half of them!” she shouted. “The remaining three are looking for you right now. And second, you killed twelve innocents! I thought you wanted to get rid of the Rainbooms, not murder innocent people just for the fun of it! You know what, I’m done following you around. I’m calling the police, and they’re going to destroy that fucking stupid stone and put an end to you once and for all!” Adagio grinned. She pulled the Incineration Stone out of her pocket, and pointed it straight at Aria. Sunset slowly walked through the downtown area, guilt still hanging over her head. In the distance, she could see Fluttershy and Twilight standing together, looking shocked. Sunset immediately ran up. “What is it?!” she asked, worried for her friends. “O — over there!” Fluttershy pointed to her right. Sunset looked and saw Sky and Sherbert kneeling before a small pile of green ash. Sky walked back to the girls. “It’s that purple siren girl, Aria Blaze. She got incinerated.” “Probably by Adagio to cover her tracks!” said Sunset. “Does anyone know where she went after killing Aria?” “A think she went that wey.” said Sherbert, pointing north. “That’d be taeward Heichwey Nineteh-five.” “Okay, then.” Sunset turned to Fluttershy and Twilight. “Are you girls up for going after her?” “If it means avenging our friends, then yes!” said Twilight firmly. Fluttershy nodded in agreement. Fluttershy’s and Twilight’s boyfriends hugged and kissed them goodbye and wished them luck. Then the three girls hurried back to Sunset’s house, got into her car, and raced off toward the highway. The girls listened to music as they sped towards the highway. But as they merged onto Highway 95, the music stopped. Moments later came the voice of a news reporter. “This just in.” the reporter announced. “There has just been a bombing at Camp Everfree. The camp’s counselors, Timber Spruce and Gloriosa Daisy, were both killed, and the perpetrator of this attack, a teenage girl named Adagio Dazzle, is believed to now be approaching Manebridge. We will elaborate on this story when we have more details.” “Holy shit, Manebridge is almost at the northern border!” cried Twilight. “We won't get there before dusk!” “We can if we take Highway 3.” Sunset replied with a smile. “You’re right!” said Twilight. “Why didn’t I think of that?” At the exit to Highway 3, Sunset swerved onto the northbound ramp. “Speaking of which, why would Adagio go after Camp Everfree of all places?” Fluttershy asked. “I saw her in the forest that night.” said Sunset. “Maybe Timber or Gloriosa saw her and she wants to destroy any places that could connect her to the explosion at the school. In any event, we’re onto her and if we keep going to exit 47, we’ll be in Manebridge before dusk!” As Sunset, Twilight and Fluttershy approached exit 47, the first exit for Manebridge, a loud explosion sounded out. “Shit!” Fluttershy exclaimed. “Did you girls feel that?” “Yes.” said Sunset. “Adagio is close by.” As Sunset was exiting the highway, Adagio finally stopped her car at a local diner. She went in, ordered a sandwich, and sat down in the back of the building. As she ate her dinner, she thought to herself, This is ridiculous. How could my plan have backfired so badly? Adagio finished the sandwich and walked out of the diner. But just as she pulled the Incineration Stone out of her pocket and aimed it at the diner, Sunset, Twilight and Fluttershy arrived on the scene. Sunset ran into the diner. “Everyone get out! This place is about to be blown up!” Like magic, everyone poured out of the diner. Adagio turned to face the three girls, pointing the stone at them. “Well, I guess it’s time to say goodbye to you three. Thank you very much for ruining my plans.” Sunset ran forward. “Oh no, it isn’t! Just for you — and me!!!” Sunset tackled Adagio and slammed her through the door. The Incineration Stone went flying through the air. “What?!? NO!!!” Adagio cried. The stone fired off one last time, and the entire diner was destroyed by a massive green explosion. “SUNSET, NO!!!” Twilight and Fluttershy cried out. They both sagged to the ground and burst into tears, just as Sonata, Lyra and Wallflower Blush arrived. Sonata was visibly very upset. “I’m so sorry.” she said. “I — I was too late.” “Sunset’s a hero.” said Wallflower through tears. “Yep.” Lyra agreed. “She killed the murderer herself.” “I — I can’t believe it!” Twilight whimpered. “Now Fluttershy and I are the… only ones left.” “I wouldn’t say that.” said Wallflower thoughtfully. “You’ve still got us. You Rainbooms have taught me so much about friendship, and helped me to open up.” “Sunset believed me when no one else would.” said Sonata. “I tried warning others about Adagio, but they all ignored me because they assumed I was still on her side.” “You avenged your best friends, and mine.” said Lyra. “We’ll help you through this. It’s the least we can do.” Years later, a large portrait would stand in the main hallway of Canterlot High. It depicts Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Applejack during their band’s, and the town’s, heyday. Below it, the plaque reads, “The Rainbooms — Six Brave, Strong and Kind Girls Who Discovered Friendship Few Ever Know”. Right next to it stands another portrait. It is of Sunset Shimmer, and its plaque reads, “Sunset Shimmer, the Heroine of Canterlot”.
  4. NOTE: This story is not intended to be canon to the Equestria Girls series in any way. Please read with discretion. So far, all of the Equestria Girls movies and TV specials have involved a villain who uses Equestrian magic to manipulate the students of Canterlot High. Although the final battle scenes are quite intense, the Mane 7 always ultimately defeat the villain, and there is a happy ending where the villain often gets redeemed. But what if things didn’t happen that way? What if, even when the villain is defeated, irreparable damage is done to the protagonists and to Canterlot itself? This story explores this alternate route, this not-so-happy ending. While reading this, you will likely feel saddened, angered, offended, disturbed, or possibly all four combined. Read ahead with discretion. It all started on the evening of August 27, about a week before Sunset Shimmer and her friends were due to start their senior year of high school. On this particular Tuesday evening, it was quite warm and sunny outside, despite being fairly late. So the Rainbooms got together in Twilight’s garage to practice. They were having a great time, until one of the strings on Applejack’s bass guitar snapped. “Aw, shucks!” she exclaimed. “Stop the music!” Fluttershy turned off the amp. “What happened?” she asked. “One a’ the strings on mah guitar snapped, an’ ah left mah spares at home. Ah’ll just be headin’ home to fix this thing up. Be right back.” Applejack took her broken guitar, got into her jalopy and drove off toward Sweet Apple Acres. About an hour later, Applejack had not yet returned. The remaining six girls were getting tired of waiting for her. “Where the hell is Applejack?!” Rainbow Dash groaned. “She was supposed to be back here ages ago!” “Well, maybe fixing her guitar took longer than she thought.” said Rarity. “Have any of you considered just calling her?” Sunset asked. She pulled out her phone and speed-dialed Applejack. As soon as she did, she was immediately redirected to voicemail. Okay, that’s weird, Sunset thought to herself. She spoke into her phone. “Hey, Applejack, where are you? It’s been a whole hour.” Sunset put her phone down and she and the other girls waited for a reply. But after another 15 minutes, there was no response. “All right, something strange is going on.” said Sunset to her friends. “Why has Applejack disappeared all of a sudden?” “C’mon, you know Applejack wouldn’t ditch us like that!” Pinkie Pie laughed. “She’s probably just pranking us!” “If she is, then it’s not a very good prank.” said Twilight. She turned to Sunset. “We’d better go look for her. Come on!” Twilight and Sunset climbed into Sunset’s car and the two of them drove off. In a short while, they could see Sweet Apple Acres in the distance. They were almost there when they saw something very strange in front of them. In the middle of the road was a pile of what looked like bright green ashes. Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom and Granny Smith were standing next to it, tears in their eyes. Sunset stopped the car and she and Twilight got out. “What is this?” Sunset asked, confused. Apple Bloom tried to fight back her tears. “Just — just look!” the red-haired girl cried. Sunset and Twilight looked and saw a terrible sight. Sitting atop of the pile of green ashes was Applejack’s geode. Twilight picked it up. “What’s this doing here?” she asked. Although he was generally a man of few words, Big Mac couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Don’t ya see what’s happened?” he snapped, tears flowing from his eyes. “Applejack was just drivin’ along when some green fireball came outta nowhere ‘n’ hit her!” He pointed a finger at the ashes. “That’s all that’s left of her and her car! She’s — she’s dead! Ah saw her die! We all did!” “Ah can’t believe she’s really gone.” Granny Smith said quietly. “Come on, let’s go inside ‘n’... let her rest in peace.” She, Big Mac and Apple Bloom turned and went back in the house. Sunset and Twilight felt emotions take over their bodies. Their vision blurred and they blinked furiously. They hugged each other and cried, and all they could think about was the fact that Applejack was gone… forever. Applejack’s funeral was held that Friday. The remaining six Rainbooms, along with nearly the entire Apple family, attended it. No amount of solace was had, for there were just too many unknowns regarding Applejack’s death. After the funeral, Sunset’s grief turned to extreme frustration as she asked herself the obvious question: Where had that green fireball come from? She sat down, opened her notebook and wrote a letter to Princess Twilight in Equestria. Dear Princess Twilight, It is with great sadness that I must tell you that my friend Applejack died Tuesday night. According to Big Mac, she was driving home when a green fireball came out of nowhere and hit her. All that remained of her and her car was a pile of green ashes. But her geode remained intact somehow. My friends and I are extremely sad and extremely confused by this. I just thought you should know. Your friend, Sunset Shimmer As soon as she finished writing that letter, a brief reply appeared right below it. Sunset read it and was shocked. I read your message. You need to come to Equestria immediately! -Princess Twilight
  5. NOTE: This story is not intended to be canon to the Equestria Girls series in any way. Please read with discretion. “First and foremost, I’m so sorry about Applejack.” said Princess Twilight as she and Sunset, who was now in her pony form, entered the Canterlot library. “It’s all right, Twilight.” Sunset replied. “I just need to find out what killed her. I know her death wasn’t natural, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.” “You’re correct in saying it wasn’t natural.” said Princess Twilight gravely. “That green fireball was definitely Equestrian magic. And I’m pretty sure I know where it came from.” Princess Twilight led Sunset to a shelf near the back of the library. The purple alicorn scanned the shelves until she found the thick black book that she was looking for. The cover read, “The Equestrian Encyclopedia of Weapons and Tools of Destruction”. “Okay, that title doesn’t sound good.” Sunset remarked. Twilight flipped through the encyclopedia until she reached the letter I. On that page was an illustration of a round stone with a giant X scratched into it. “The Incineration Stone.” Twilight explained. “Long ago, an evil and mentally disturbed unicorn used this stone to terrorize various communities in Western Equestria. The green fireballs that this stone emitted decimated entire towns and killed close to five hundred ponies. This unicorn was so powerful that it took five great sorcerers, led by Starswirl the Bearded, to defeat him in battle. The evil unicorn was ultimately killed, and Starswirl took the stone and hid it somewhere far away. But Starswirl never said where, and its fate remains unknown.” Sunset gasped. “That stone must have ended up in my world!” “Most likely, yes. That’s the only logical explanation.” Twilight replied. “And someone found it and used it to kill Applejack!” Sunset exclaimed. “But who? I’d better get back to my world. This is big, really big!” When Sunset returned to the human world, it was getting dark. The clock in front of the town hall declared that it was nearly ten o’ clock. Sunset figured she had better get some sleep, so she hurried home, changed into her pajamas, and crashed on her bed. She stayed awake for some time, pondering what Princess Twilight had told her, but eventually she drifted off and fell asleep. Adagio Dazzle crouched in the bushes near Sweet Apple Acres, making sure she wasn’t seen. Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk crouched right beside her. “Well, girls, we’re finally back in this piece of shit town.” she said to her sisters. “Now to get our revenge and assert our superiority once and for all!” “But how?” Sonata asked, confused. “Our pendants were destroyed, like, a long time ago.” Aria sighed. “Just shut the fuck up for once in your life, Sonata.” From her pocket, Adagio pulled out a stone with a giant X scratched into it. “This.” she said. “This stone shoots out green fire that can destroy anyone and anything. With it, I’ll devastate this town, and we three will take over.” Just then, Applejack came into view, driving home in her jalopy. Adagio sneered. “Well, well, well. It looks like we have our first victim. Goodbye, Applejack.” She held the stone, took aim, and fired. “Oh God, not them!!!” Sunset jolted awake, very disturbed and angered by the dream she’d just had. She would get no more sleep that night, and the next day she told her friends about the Incineration Stone, and the dream. “Oh, goodness!” Fluttershy remarked. “You don’t think the Dazzlings are back, do you?” “It could just be a nightmare.” said Sunset thoughtfully. “On the other hand, my empathy power could be starting to manifest itself in my dreams as well.” “Then what are we waiting for?” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “Let’s find the Dazzlings or whoever has this thing and bring them to justice!” “That’s easier said than done.” Sunset replied. “Literally anyone could be a suspect, not just those three.” “Well then, I suppose we’ll just have to question everyone.” said Rarity. And that’s just what they did. For the last week of summer until school started, the six girls questioned various people in the town. But everyone’s response was the same — they were sorry about what happened to Applejack, but had no clues to this mystery. The girls also kept an eye out for the Dazzlings, but never saw them. All this caused Sunset to lose sleep, and once the school year started, that impacted her grades as well. She stayed up later and later trying to catch up on missed assignments. Her friends helped her, but that didn’t reduce the amount of stress that was piling on Sunset. One Thursday night, Sunset was still lying awake in bed at two in the morning. She was feeling restless, so she decided to go for a walk around town. She didn’t bother to change out of her pajamas, merely throwing on a jacket. The night air did manage to clear her head somewhat, and she made it all the way to the outskirts of Canterlot. She reached the edge of the forest and was just about to head home when she heard an all-too-familiar voice behind her. She turned to see three girls standing in the forest. Just from the shape of their hair, she knew who they were: Adagio, Aria and Sonata. “It’s been nearly a month since Applejack’s, hmm… unfortunate death.” Adagio whispered slowly. “What are you, gonna launch another attack already?” Aria growled. “Not yet.” Adagio replied. “I haven’t decided when or how I’m going to take out the rest of those girls. I say we leave this town now, and return when the time is right.” “Fine.” Aria sighed. She and Adagio turned and headed further into the forest. Sonata, who had remained silent the whole time, waited a moment before following her sisters. Sunset was horrified at what she’d just heard. Her nightmare had to have been true! She hurried back home and crashed down on her bed. Once again, she didn’t fall asleep, but she was too terrified of what could happen to her and her friends to be tired. When she and her friends met up at school the following morning, she hurriedly told them what she had seen. Fluttershy promptly went into full panic mode and had to be calmed down by Rainbow Dash, and the other three were extremely shocked as well. “Oh, shit!” Twilight cried. “What are we gonna do?” “I don’t know.” said Sunset. “But we need to keep an eye out for them. If you see one of them, let me know and we’ll figure something out.” Sunset’s five friends solemnly agreed. Over the next couple of weeks, things gradually returned to normal in Canterlot, and before long, it was time for the Fall Formal. That night, the girls were getting ready at Rarity’s house. Rarity had made five gorgeous dresses for herself, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, and they were all very excited for the dance. Fluttershy was especially excited about going with her boyfriend, Sky Scraper. Sunset, however, had decided not to attend this year, as she was still feeling a bit put out. “Darling, are you sure you don’t want to go?” asked Rarity. “I made a fabulous dress for you too.” “That’s okay.” Sunset replied. “I just don’t feel like it.” “Well then, I… guess we’ll be off.” said Twilight. “Bye, Sunset.” She and the other girls piled into a limousine parked outside, and they set off for the school. Shortly after her friends left, Sunset was getting ready to go home when the doorbell suddenly started ringing furiously. Sunset opened it and saw Sonata Dusk looking terrified. “What the hell are YOU doing here!?!” Sunset cried out. “I bet you're trying to kill me!?!” “No, no, no!!!” Sonata shouted. “I’m trying to stop Adagio!” “Wait, what?” Sonata sighed. “Adagio ditched me and Aria. I don’t know where Aria’s gone off to, but Adagio’s about to blow up your school with this magic fire stone that she found! She’s on her way over there right now! I tried to talk her out of it, but she threatened to kill me if I got in her way again!” “Holy shit, we have to get there before she does!” Sunset exclaimed. “Get into my car, we’ll stop her!” Sunset and Sonata climbed into Sunset’s car, and they sped off as fast as they possibly could. Meanwhile, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie entered the school, followed by Fluttershy and Sky Scraper holding hands. Multiple other students were heading into the auditorium as well. Adagio was approaching the school, the Incineration Stone in her right hand. “Just another minute or so, and my revenge will be completed!” she cackled to herself. Sunset’s car screeched like a bat out of hell toward the school. She was going about 80 miles an hour, and Sonata was terrified that they would crash, but Sunset continued to accelerate. As the last of the students filed into the auditorium, Adagio reached the school. She pointed the stone at the auditorium, and a green glow emerged from it. Twilight, Fluttershy and Sky Scraper were a safe distance away. Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie weren’t so lucky. Sunset could see the school in the distance when an entire part of it was turned into a massive green explosion that shook the entire town. Her face went pale and she lifted her foot off the gas. She slumped in the driver’s seat and burst into tears. “NO!!! GOD, NO!!!”
  6. In the often bright and happy world of Equestria, there are a few... ponies that have had terrible lives through their actions or the actions of others. My question is, who is the most tragic, in your opinion? I picked my top character, but these are just off the top of my head, feel free to add your own. First we have: Sunset Shimmer. Surprising, isn't it? Sunset Shimmer is an unrepentant villain. From the start she had no friends, because she thought power was all that mattered. So why is she on this list? In a word:fate. Sunset Shimmer is the not-Twilight, with the same destiny; to be Celestia's heir, and, eventually, an alicorn princess. She had the same attitude as Twilight too. neither of them sought friendship, one sought knowledge, the other, power. Ultimately, there was one key difference that separated the two: Celestia. She failed to impress on Sunset Shimmer the magic of friendship, and through that failure, she learned. It was because of this that she told a young filly to "get out of those dusty books", and sent her to Ponyville, where she met the friends that changed her life. It was Sunset Shimmer's destiny, on the other hand, that led her to look through a magic mirror and see the power that Celestia would never give her. She was eventually defeated, dethroned by a pony just like her wielding a power she couldn't understand, in a manner similar to Celestia's defeat of Nightmare Moon. Unlike Luna, however, Sunset Shimmer now has no destiny; she has lost the power she sought after, and even though she has learned the magic of friendship, she has lost the chance to be princess. She is, in a word, a shadow of her shadow. Sunset Shimmer may not be a sob story, but she has no purpose in a world where destiny is everything. She was also replaced by a pony that is a mirror of herself, one that became powerful through lucking into a different destiny.Though I don't condone her actions personally, Sunset Shimmer is most definitely a tragic figure. So, what do you guys think? Who is most tragic pony? Comments below!
  7. I checked with someone but, mods if this post is a no-no please say so I will kill it myself. Hello all, Rescue Sunstreak here, and I write the PVFD series. Read about Rescue and the brave stallions and mares who rush headlong into the fire armed with nothing but a hose and axe. Please, feel free to ask my questions. I will do my best to answer them in a timely manner. Thank you again, Rescue Sunstreak
  8. My thoughts on a proposed law in congress that would offer tracking devices for special needs children.
  9. I have no idea how long I have been running, all I know is my friends and all who I hold dear to me are dead. Snatched away by the hordes of monsters simply known as the Exmortis. Canterlot never stood a chance, the Princesses never stood a chance... so what other option was there but to run from the ever increasing mass? Oh Spike...I should have been there to protect you...
  10. I recently discovered this band "A Feast for Kings". I started listening to some of their stuff and I was very impressed, so I decided to share my favorite song with you guys (and gals). Unfortunately, their lead singer died in the seventeenth of May this year. A Feast for Kings isn't a large band, so their lead singer had another job at a construction site and passed away after a mishap with some equipment. They posted about it on their Facebook the day of his death. "Today something horrifying happened. Something tragic, something we can never undo. Today we lost a brother, a friend, a great vocalist, and even better person. Our vocalist Eric Gentry has gone to be with The Lord today. We wanted to let the#affkfamily know that we are in need of your prayers. This is crushing news. You won’t find a better guy than Eric. We love him with all our hearts and will miss him dearly until we see him in heaven again. See you soon brother." - AFFK May 17, 2014
  11. So i recently got reminded of a story. A very sad abd "dark/tragic" story that originated from a comic i read in a Greek magazine long ago. However i believe it is unlikely that it was greek or that it wasn't translated into english at least. I want to find said comic. It is imperative for me to re-read it since i want to use the inspiration to write a new fanfic. So here goes the story... The protaginst is a little boy... Blonde or brown hair i think. It starts with an object in the sky... Likely a meteor or a star((somehow i think aliens are involved but unlikely)) falls/shines into his eyes. As a result he cries out of pain... And soon his relatives find out that his tears are pure gold! They are an extremely poor family living in a modern world normal with all its cruelty and wonders. Though at the beggining they use his pain to live a slightly better life for all the family they become greedy... As a result they start causing pain to the child through various ways as it grows so that they can satisfy their insatiable greed. But the child starts fighting back. He no longer cries due to the physical pain... He becomes a masochist... He no longer believes the dark/grim pranks of death or illness that they pull on him... He becomes serious. He no longer attaches himself to his pets because his relatives kill them and make him watch with eyes taped open... He becomes solitary. They show him the worst places in the world... They take him at a dumpster/i don't know how to call it... And there they show him the poor, the sick, the incapacitated dumped by society. The boy cries tears that heal every of their illnesses or maladies. Finally the boy announces in a tuxedo? That he will cry one last time... And his tears shall grant his relatives immortality/they shall live on forever. Immortality in death that is... Because the last tears kill them all. There... That's all i remember... Please help me?
  12. I thought it could be interesting, to write a story about Sombra´s rise to power (and fall to evil) from his own perspective. This FanFiction will play during 13 Days, starting on the day before his father died, ending on the day of his coronation. There is a risk in interpreting prophecies... And since I´m from Germany, my grammar may be not that good or a bit complicated at times. I apologise for that. Enjoy. Day 1 Day 2
  13. I have always loved Applejack and it is something I have said many times but with today being the 2nd anniversary of my fathers death I am reminded of one of the reasons that I believe really sealed the deal for me and made me have a strong bond with Applejack in particular and there is a hint in the picture below. The death of Applejacks parents, orphans have been a long time trope in literature, TV, comics, cartoons, video games and just every media that has ever existed and ever will exist but something about Applejack's case in particular is special to me. It is never explicitly stated in the show itself because it was judged to be too tragic for the show's "target audience" but is confirmed by the writers and was hinted at in Apple Family Reunion which is my favorite episode of the series. But again what about Applejack's story pulls at my heartstrings? It is because these experiences remind me a great deal of my own. Applejack faced hardship early on by having to take responsibility for the family farm and to help raise her younger sister Applebloom and while my experience wasn't exactly like that there is a lot of similarity. I was diagnosed at age 2 with Autism after exhibiting severe behavioral problems and losing what little language I had, I had to work a lot harder just to learn things that most people take for granted like basic socialization, what is appropriate and innapropriate, how to handle stress and even learning how to talk. Fast forward to age 12 and though I still had many issues I was on the school honor role and though I did go through bullying did have some friends but it was at this time that my grandmother passed away unexpectedly at the age of 64 which is only 4 years older than my mother is now. Fast forward to my early 20's and my grandfather is in a coma due to complications of trying to remove a brain tumor and as per his will the feeding tube was pulled which I had serious moral concerns with and still do to this day. And then there is of course my father he was sick for most of his adult life he nearly died from Polio during his childhood, and nearly died from Lupus sometime in his 20's or 30's and one of his kidneys failed in 1995. My Mom stepped in at the time and gave him one of her kidneys which lasted 8 years. After that kidney failed he despite some difficulties was able to take care of himself albeit with some assistance but after a nasty infection and drug interaction in 2008 his condition slowly deteriorated to the point where my Mom and I had to help take care of him. He wasn't strong enough to go through another transplant so that was out and after years of suffering his body finally gave out on March 13th, 2012. My Dad has been there for me since I could remember, no matter how sick he was and how much he suffered he always thought of me, my brother and my mom and I am glad that I could be there for him in the last few years of his life. While Applejack's younger sister Applebloom unlike my father was is actually healthy the fact that she along with her older brother Big Macintosh and Granny Smith had to all help take care of her still reminds me of my mom and I banding together to take care of my dad and to me is a sad but also very inspiring story. The fact that Applejack was able to go through something like that which would destroy so many and come out of it stronger to me shows a lesson that is important for everyone and it is that even when times are tough that hope can still burn bright.
  14. CHAPTER 1 "Blank flank!" I remember that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon used to call us Cutie Mark Crusaders that on a daily basis. Hearing those two words still send a shiver down my spine. See, I never actually got my Cutie Mark. Both Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle died in an accident when we were all in are second year of high school, on a trip to Neighagra Falls. Even though they had their Cutie Marks by then, we were still the Cutie Mark Crusaders until the very end. But I... never got my Cutie Mark. I never found the one thing that made me special, that made me different from everypony else. I hated myself for it. Why was I so... boring? "Your order is ready. Thank you for coming to McPony's and have a good day." Yes, I work at McPony's. I hate my job, but who else is going to take care of my foal? I needed a job as soon as I got out of high school. I guess I should have made that stallion use protection, but I was in love with him. I thought he cared about me- and I was wrong. So now I have a foal who will probably never know his father, because even if I brought Lightning Flash to court claiming that the foal was his child, I'd either lose the case or be laughed out of court. With the connections he has now, being married to that darn Diamond Tiara (Why couldn't have she died in the accident? Why Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle?), it'd probably be the latter. At least working at McPony's I get free food for myself so that I can spend my bits on my son. It's horrible food and it's probably killing me slowly, but it leaves me with bits to pay rent and care for my son. I'm even saving up bits here and there to get us a real home, not one that we're sharing with another family. I've thought about just ending my own life. It's going to end anyway so why not just put myself out of my misery? I tried once, actually. On the day I told Lightning Flash that I was pregnant... I was curled up in a ball, bruised after the attack from Lightning. "Why would you do this to me?!? The foal is yours!" "You stupid mare, don't you get it? I don't love you. You're just a pathetic blank flank. You have no place in this world." The cold voice and eyes... the words blank flank... it pierced my soul. He... tricked me... CHAPTER 2 I trudged home through the snow, dropping by the community foalsitter to pick up Cloud Flicker. As I cuddled him, the foalsitter walked up to me with a thick blanket. "That blanket you have there isn't really enough for Cloud Flicker, Scootaloo. Here, take this one." "Are you sure, Sky Skimmer? I mean... that blanket looks mighty expensive and I don't have the bits to pay you for it." "Scootaloo, your foal needs it. I'm not about to charge a friend for something like this." I took the thick, voluminous, and clearly luxurious and wrapped Cloud Flicker in it, causing him to nuzzle the fabric. He's a cute little foal. As I picked him up again, I gave Sky Skimmer a weary smile. "Thanks, Sky Skimmer. I... owe you one." "It's no problem, Scootaloo. We all need help getting on our hooves sometimes." "Yeah... have a good night. "You too." With Cloud Flicker wrapped up in two blankets and held close to me in my wings, I walked the rest of the way home, unable to fly in this accursed snow. After a while- I couldn't tell how long it took- we finally made it home, a small dingy area with half of a room. Hey, it isn't much, but it's a roof over our heads. It's better than the alternative- because the alternative would leave my foal in the orphanage. I spent part of my childhood in that orphanage- I'm not putting Cloud Flicker through that. Celestia knows I'd rather die than ever see my little Cloud Flicker put into that hell hole. I call it the Tartarus of Ponyville to this day. I still can hear the cries... "Please let me eat... I promise to be a good filly..." "Shut up and get back to work, lazy!! You don't eat until you finish working!!" Day after day we work and work. We go to school, we come back, we work. It's a never ending rut. Why did you have to die, Mommy? Daddy? I won't let Cloud Flicker go there. No matter what it takes. I held my little foal to my chest and sing to him a song that my mom sang to me before she died. Hush-a-bye, don't you cry, Go to sleepy little baby. When you wake, you'll have cake, And all the pretty little horses. To this day, I had no idea what the song was talking about. I don't know, and probably never will. It was a nice song though. Cloud Flicker liked it. That's all that mattered. CHAPTER 3 (Please, Celestia, let them like this) "I guess you're just not special, Scootaloo. " "I am too special!" "Scootaloo is special and you know it!" "Yeah!" "Oh yeah? Then why is she the only one left that's a... BLANK FLANK!!" Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon laughed. Of course, they weren't laughing at Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. They had their cutie marks. The only pony in school without their Cutie Mark... is me. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle stand up for me. "What's wrong about having no Cutie Mark?" "Scootaloo is our friend. Leave her alone." Diamond Tiara scoffed. "Whatever. If you want to be friends with the only loser Blank Flank left at Ponyville Elementary that's your choice." "Later losers!" I looked at my friends with a weak smile. "Thanks... Apple Bloom. Sweetie Belle." "You're welcome, Scootaloo!" "We'll always be the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Until all of our Cutie Marks are here." "Cutie Mark Crusaders..." "HO!" The next morning I woke up to Cloud Flicker crying. I held him close to me, rocking him. "It's alright, Cloudy... Oh... my baby." When I felt his forehead I realized that Cloud Flicker had a fever. A very bad fever... I'm no doctor but I know when my foal is sick. "We need to get you to Nurse Pinkheart. Hold on Cloudy..." I quickly wrapped Cloud Flicker in a blanket and rushed out the door with him in my wings, rushing to Nurse Pinkheart. The moment I got to the office, Nurse Pinkheart went about caring for my sick little foal. "... He has pneumonia." "What can be done to help him?" "Scootaloo, you may want to sit down." "What can be done to save Cloud Flicker? Please tell me, Nurse Pinkheart." "... nothing." My jaw dropped as I started to tremble. I fell backwards and landed in a conveniently placed chair. "What... what do you mean nothing? Nothing can be done to save my son?!?" "I hate to tell you... there is nothing we can do... for Cloud Flicker. Pneumonia is such a rare illness in Equestria. We have no treatment... I'm sorry." I fought a battle to keep from bursting into tears. After all, Cloud Flicker was still right there and if he saw his mother crying he'd cry as well. I lost said battle quickly. "I'm sorry, Scootaloo. I wish I could do something to treat him." "... How much longer?" "At best, a week. He's a pretty strong foal... considering the situation. At the sane time, he is still just a foal." "... Take care of him for a bit. Please." "I'll do that. You go... do what you need to do, Scootaloo." I planted a quick kiss on Cloud Flicker's burning forehead and spoke to him in a singsong voice. "Mommy will be back for her favorite foal in Equestria soon, precious. I love you." With that, I turned and left the clinic, leaving Cloud Flicker in Nurse Pinkheart's caring hooves. CHAPTER 4 I galloped through town, too big for my old scooter. As I moved through the snow, thoughts were racing through my mind. "Nothing we can do..." "Rare in Equestria.." "At best, a week..." Without a set destination, I found myself at the Ponyville Cemetery where Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were buried. I walked along the rows of tombstones, running a wing along the top of each to brush off the snow. Pretty soon, I found myself in front of the side-by-side tombstones for Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. I have the next plot over reserved for myself, for when my day is. As I usually do when I come to visit Apple Bloom's and Sweetie Belle's tombs, I sat down and started talking to my friends. "Cloud Flicker is sick girls... Nurse Pinkheart says he only has 1 week to live... My baby... Girls what in Celestia's name am I going to do?" After sitting there for a while in the snow, I got up and brushed the snow off of each tombstone one last time. "I'll see you soon, girls. I miss you." As I walked back to Nurse Pinkheart's clinic, I took a moment to spend a few bits and get Cloud Flicker's favorite treat- carrot cake from Sugarcube Corner. She remembers when Pinkie Pie used to run it... But that's another story. Continuing on, she chose a new large blanket and a book for Cloud Flicker. "Thanks for shopping, Scootaloo!" "Yeah... see you later..." Continuing on to the clinic, I picked up a few more things for Cloud Flicker. I still had enough money left to survive, but I used up some of my savings. Whatever. The house can wait- but my baby? He's always most important to me. Slowly, I entered the clinic. Nurse Pinkheart had Cloud Flicker who was sleeping quietly in her hooves. I smiled at the two of them. "Nurse Pinkheart?" "Yes, Scootaloo?" "... I want to do something special for Cloud Flicker. Can you help me?" "Of course I can, Scootaloo. What did you have in mind?" "Maybe... I was thinking about taking him to Canterlot. It's a bright city..." I brushed back some of his mane. "He loves bright things." "That sounds like an excellent idea. Would you like to take him tomorrow?" "That would be nice." I took Cloud Flicker and rocked him gently, a maternal smile playing across my face. I only smile around him these days.
  15. unce upana tym,, a gyal is in da shoppen mal wit her bf n dey r lukin at clothsea do boi goz t da gyal n pionts at his shrt h is wering 'gyal...wut materal is dis????#' da gyal bootifuly luks at hs shrt 'ummmmmmm cottan?' she gesses 'no' ses da boi da gyal CRIS n cris (shi is embarased) shi runz awaii from boii,, n runz 2 da elavata shis cryin sos much dat she gits trappd in da door !!! She gets CUT IN HLAF da boi gos ova 2 hr... she DED da boi cri 'i ment 2 say no... ... itz HUSBOND MATARIEL!!!!" he screems n frows da elavata at wol... a bootiful diamonda rign wuz insyd... ***lyk dis if u cri evrytim***
  16. Anybody heard what happened in the eastern townships during the night of July 6th? Here's an article to explain a bit: So basically, a train transporting oil was left unattended while it was on the brakes. It was situated on a hill, near the Lac-Mégantic municipality. It crashed in the center of the city and then exploded into the middle of the night, causing a panic. 5 deaths are confirmed and 40 people are still missing. Personally, I can't believe this happened. This pains me since it could have been avoided have somebody kept an eye on that train. I want to hear your thoughts on this.
  17. (I originally wrote this as Caesar2013 on, just bringing it here.) MLP is the Property of Hasbro. I own nothing. You might be wondering why I have decided to this. You may think you could have saved me somehow, but you can't. Nothing you can do can ease the ache I feel in my heart. A pain that is tearing through my fiber, anguishing my soul, shattered into a thousand pieces. I cannot stand one second of this most miserable of exsistences. But when she was alive, my life was warm and tranquil. Though the military required my absence from her, she was in my thoughts. Every moment with her was a thousand lifetimes of happiness and tranquility. Whenever Cadence came to visit me, she would always wish me luck with those rowdy soldiers, or simply little peck on the cheek, those were the moments i remember the best, with the most fondness. Those memories I was determined to hold on to, even as the effects of alcohol clouded my mind. But even with those memories, I have nothing to live for anymore. With Cadence no longer amongst us, my exsistence is empty... meaningless. Even if we reached the end of time, somehow, someway, our presence together would make our final moments the best it could be. The moments I spent with her was heaven on earth, though blissfully ignorant of the pain I must feel now. I remember when we first met, the times we shared. How shy I was then to talk to her. The idea that one day, we'd be getting married, then starting a family then seemed like a folly. Our wedding night wasn't exactly an ideal one, with the changeling invasion and all. But we pulled through and finally became husband and wife. We lived together in wedded bliss. One day she told me the exciting news... she was pregant. The state of wedded bliss we knew, had been rekindled. I would make sure that her every need was attened to. At other times, I would work long hours to make sure we had enough to support her. I was the happiest stallion in Equestria. Princess Celestia even gave me time off to spend more time with her. We'd discuss potential names, and argue who would be the better parent. We laughed about it then, I wish could laugh about it now. But all the same, every single moment of joy, every minute of laughter, has been replaced with years of bitter sadness. I was supposed to be a father that day, my wife was supposed to come home that week. Never shall I forget her screams of pain nor the look on her face as she slowly died. Alicorns were supposed to be beautiful, immortal creatures. Instead, their very being is just as mortal as the rest of us. Never shall I forget what the doctor told. Never shall I forget that my child, my foal, was born dead. My very being had broken that day. I screamed, I cried, I denied it. "She isn't dead!" I would yell. But there was nothing my tears and screams could do, to bring back my beloved Cadance. I never even got the chance to say goodbye to her, when she was still amongst us the living, whom must now carry on in her absence in this world, this life, this hell of exsistence. Only the bitter taste of alcohol, seemed to dull my senses, dull my pain, and dull my anguish. But Canterlot does not need, nor ever, needs a drunk of a Captain. My downward spiral into Tartarus, my sentencing to hell, made ever harder. As I sit here, taking a last sip of alcohol, contemplating my final thoughts. She could have, and should have lived. She should have remained with me, and we would have raised our foal together. We could have grown old together. Watched as our foal had foals as well. We could've left this world together. But that is folly. That is a lie. I must linger, I have been sentence to this hell, until Celestia sees fit that I may be reunited with my beloved Cadence, and the foal I never had the chance to love, embrace. I must linger in this paradise lost. I am sorry, mother and father. I am sorry to my friends at the Academy. I am most sorry to you, my little sister, Twily. I remember some of the good times we shared together. Wasn't I who taught you to fly a ite oh so many years ago? I promised I would always be there for you. If only your Big Brother Best Friend Forever, could be there for you. Sadly, that is no longer the case. I felt like I died, along with my wife and foal. But instead I have been condemened to Tartarus and to live without Cadence is my eternal punishment. Though It was you, who helped ease my pain through this difficult time, but this overwhelming pain that gnaws at my heart and sould, has finally overcome all barriers and left me a broken stallion that was your brother. But alas, there is nothing more you can do. You must take care of our mother and father. No doubt that you will share my pain, a pain that shakes my soul. You must be the stronger child now. This gun feels heavy and cold. But nothing feels colder than I do at this very moment. I can hear you, mother and father, screaming at me to open the door. Your pleads and yells, mean nothing to me at this very moment. The door had been barricaded, all but the strongest of magic could be enough to break it down. I must leave this world of broken dreams and hopes. I hope that in the next life, there is a better world. A new world where there is no pain, no death, and one with my beloved Cadence. A world of eternal happiness and sunshine. There is one bullet in the chamber. . One bullet to silence my pain once and for all. I am sorry, my parents, friends, and... Twilight, but I must be with my bride. Your Dispairing son, Shining Armor Forgive me... for my selfishness... ******************************************************************************************************************************** Author's Notes. Not too long ago, I read a story with Cadence in the same postion somewhat as Shining Armor in "Final Thoughts". In the fanfic, Cadence had now experienced the death of her husband, as Alicorns are immortal, they outlive the rest of their peers, in this case, Shining Armor, her husband. When Shining Armor died in that story, Cadence was devestated, as she had to be immortal while her loved ones died all around her. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of that story. So on my take of it, It's actually Shining Armor that outlives Cadence. The way I see it, Alicorns are naturally Immortal, and can only die through other means, such as physical assaults and other means of external damage. In that case, they may be able to live years and years as everyone else around them dies. Unfortunately for Shining Armor, he learns that Alicorns are just as mortal as the rest of the other ponies.
  18. I wanted to share a story I just finished: A Puppet To Her Fame My unicorn parents called me a worthless mud pony. They pushed me every day to overcome my lowly status. When I woke up one morning with my cutie mark, I thought they would love me. I couldn’t have been farther from the truth. It was not destiny or enjoyment that lead me to discover the cello and composing. My parents made that decision, deciding before I was born I would continue their family legacy of famous musicians. They did not realize what that decision would cost them.
  19. Link Book I: From Discord Rex to Celestia Princeps Translated with footnotes by T. Sparkle Now, it befell in the days of Morning Glory[1], when she was ruler of all of Equestria, that there was a mighty lord of Cloudswall who refused to bend knee to the crown, and fought mightily against her for many years. The lord was called the Lord of the Wall. And tiring of war, Morning Glory called for the Lord, and asked that both he and his wife, the Lady of the Wall, come forth for a peace conference. The Lord agreed, and both he and his wife came to Canterlot[2], and were accorded all the honors of royalty. [1]: The predecessor of Celestia and Luna as ruler of Equestria (discounting Discord). [2]: Which city did not yet exist, I note. Now, this lord was much renowned for his beauty and grace, and from the moment she lay eyes on him Morning Glory coveted him, and would fain lie with him. But he was a good stallion, and she knew he would not assent to her advances. So she fell love-sick, and her archmage and closest advisor, Star Swirl, came to her chambers where she rested. Mistress, he said, no spell of mine can find why you are ill. That is no surprise, she replied, for I am sick of love for the Lord of the Wall, that without him I shall never feel right. Ah, he said. I do believe I can cure that illness. And he cast a spell of his own devising, and Morning Glory appeared as the Lady of the Wall; and she deceived the Lord into thinking she was her; and she lay with him and was much pleased. But when the Lady heard tell from her husband of what had happened, she trembled mightily and told him that she had been enjoying the gardens then, and that they must have been summoned so that he might be dishonored; and therefore, that they must leave immediately, under cover of darkness, and return to their own lands lest worse befall them. And they did so. Morning Glory was much wroth when she heard of this, and told her advisors; and they said that she should order them to come forth, or she would resume the war tenfold; and she did so. But they refused, saying that it was a ploy to dishonor them; and Morning Glory was even more wroth with their reply; and set forth with a great host, of unicorns and pegasi both, for the Lord was a pegasus, and his fortress a cloud. And they sieged their fortresses. But Morning Glory remained wroth; and when she saw the Lord, she felt lustily for him; and she charged Star Swirl with again slipping her into his chambers. And he disguised her as the Lady again, and she traveled to him; and again he gave himself to her and lay with her unknowingly. Now, the Lady of the Wall had seen her departing the siege camp and had set forth to rout her army; but had been killed during the attack. The Lord muchly trembled when he heard that his wife had died hours before he slept with her, for having been dishonored again; and knowing that he could not win, he slew himself by his own hoof and gave orders to destroy his fortress, which happened. Morning Glory traveled back to Canterlot saddened only by the death of the Lord; she returned to her rule in the capital. And months later, her belly began to swell, and she realized she was with foal, and that the Lord had begat a foal on her; and she concealed herself in her quarters, so that nopony would know. And she waxed greater and greater, and eventually gave birth. And wonder of wonders! Not a unicorn or pegasus or earth pony, but something new; an alicorn, with mane pink as dawn and coat white as the sun. For the father had been pegasus and the mother earth pony and wearing a guise of unicorn spells[3]. And Morning Glory called her Celestia, and thought her the Sun Incarnate. But fearing for the foal’s life, Morning Glory hid the birth, and charged Star Swirl with concealing her daughter; and Star Swirl hid her alicorn nature, disguising her as a simple earth pony, and sent her to be with an ally, a young prince named Sombra in the north. And Sombra’s wife nourished Celestia with her own son, with her own milk. [3]: This is a blatant failure of biology. While alicorns are genetically mixtures of all three races, true, they arise from the use of powerful magic, as with Cadence and myself, not through some accident of birth. Millions and millions of couplings of this exact type have occurred throughout history, and not one has ever resulted in a naturally-born alicorn. Moreover, the author drastically underestimates the problems Morning Glory would suffer from becoming pregnant. The higher ranks of the clergy-administrators of the Solar Empire were supposed to be celibate, permanently renouncing worldly desires to allow them to better serve the Sun and the World (ie., Equestria). Although by the time of Morning Glory the upper hierarchy, especially the Collegium, were extremely corrupt and often flagrantly violated this and other rules, the High Priestess and Solar Regent becoming pregnant and giving birth would have been a major scandal they could not have ignored. She and her foal would certainly have been executed for their affront to the laws. Finally, and most damningly, there is no documentary evidence whatsoever for the existence of Celestia before more than a decade into Discord’s reign, almost twenty years after the incident being related here; and then she was still a young filly, similar to her description here, not an adult mare as you would expect if she had been Morning Glory’s foal. Although Celestia and Luna have generally been loath to speak of it, both have privately communicated to me--and authorized me to republish--that their mother was not Morning Glory, that they were in fact biologically sisters, and that they would say nothing more on the subject. And then within three years a great evil appeared in the land; a creature, some said a dragon, others a cockatrice, others still a pony stalked the night, driving ponies to madness. Brave stallions would run heedless from it, devoted mothers would murder their foals, rulers abandon their lands. And Morning Glory and her army rode out to fight it; and they were driven mad or killed, and fled; and the creature established itself in Canterlot, and took it away, none know where hence.[4] [4]: This clearly refers to Discord--a point made clear later when the creature is specifically referred to by that name. No record exists of Canterlot being swallowed up and destroyed; the prior capital was named “Everfree” and located in the present position of the Everfree Forest. It was destroyed during Discord’s reign, such as it was, but then rebuilt after his defeat; then destroyed again during the later war between Luna and Celestia, corrupted into the Everfree Forest, and abandoned for the new city of Canterlot, built on the sacred slopes of Canterlot Mountain. Then stood the land in great trial; for without Morning Glory and her priests, there was no check on the lords, and they waxed strong; and each wanted to make themselves a king or emperor. And so there was great fighting up and down the land, while in the middle of it a great cancer grew, a realm of madness and despair. And Star Swirl saw all, and despaired; and he traveled the land, seeing the violence and madness plaguing it; and his thoughts turned back to the filly of Morning Glory. And he hatched a plan. To all of the great lords he traveled, and the great priests and bishops too, telling them, Come to Fillydelphia on the Solstice, swear to it; for as the holy day of the Sun, she will surely send a miracle to show who should rightly be ruler. And they swore; and on the Solstice, they came, great armies of them. And among those who came were Sombra, now King in the North, and his son and his adopted daughter, still by appearance an earth pony filly. And altogether they prayed to the Sun, from before sunrise; and after emerging from the churches on the sunset, they saw a great platform of stone raised in the square; and upon it in gilt letters, Whosoever canst raise the Sun is the rightful ruler. And they marveled, and thought it impossible for any one pony to raise the Sun. And the bishops and Star Swirl convened, and they said Whichever pony is destined to raise the Sun must be here, or she would not have sent this commandment; and they allowed everypony present to try. And they did; the unicorns tried, and they failed; then the pegasi tried, and they failed; then the earth ponies tried, and they failed. And all were about to give up in despair when Star Swirl said, Wait, there is one more, and brought forth the filly of Morning Glory’s; the crowd murmured and said But she is just a filly; have not all the mighty lords failed?; and he removed the spells he had wrought concealing her, and they were shocked by her appearance. And she rose, and with her rose the Sun; and she earned her Mark that day; and the crowd loved her, and called her Celestia Imperatrix and Sol Invictus, and other such things. And she said Nay, I am but Celestia Princeps, no more; and they loved her all the more.[5] [5]: It is difficult to recall in this era, when Princesses of Equestria are given the honor due Empresses of other lands, but at the time this would have been quite the political statement. The crowd--the pony on the street, if you will--was heaping her with exotic and prestigious titles; note that the title Imperatrix, let alone Sol Invictus, was reserved exclusively for the goddess of the Sun. By declining all titles but “Princeps”--First Among Equals--Celestia would have been claiming that she was due no more honor than the average pony. Book II: The Quest for the Elements And Celestia did establish a court in Fillydelphia; and all the lords of all the lands came to bend knee and swear themselves to her as their sovereign[1]. Even King Sombra and Queen Lux bowed themselves to her; and she said, Nay my parents, thou needst never bend knee to me. And they said, Nay Celestia, thou art not of our blood, but of another; ask Star Swirl, for it was he who delivered thee to us. And she did, and he told her of her mother and father, and she said, This Discord, he hath killed my mother? And she my father? And Star Swirl answered, So he has, and so she did. And Celestia said, Then I shall slay him. And Star Swirl replied, That may be, but not as thou art; for he is a creature of madness, and if you approach your mind will flee. And she said, So how may it be? And he said, I will find out. [1]: Another blatant historical inaccuracy. All information available indicates that Celestia and Luna--note that latter’s absence here, which clearly dates it to the post-banishment era, several centuries after the events it purports to record--made their top priority the defeat of Discord, and did not take the throne until after his sealing in stone. Even then, it took many decades--centuries--before the pre-Discord Equestrian state was completely reunified under their rule. So Star Swirl left Fillydelphia, and once again set hoof to road. Far and wide he traveled, seeking a weapon against madness; amongst the deer he traveled, learning of a totem of truth and honesty; then ‘mongst the caribou, who told him of loyalty and honor; then the noble dragons, who spoke of generosity and giving[2]; then the donkeys, who expounded on mirth and joy; even the minotaurs, learned in benevolence and kindness, knew his hoofstep. And he returned to Fillydephia, and he told Celestia of what he had found, and she turned distant, and thought; and thought she for some time, long enough that all were afraid, before she responded, Yes, those five are powerful weapons, but there is another. And she thought some more and said, All ye who are faithful and true knights, all who wouldst serve thy Princeps well, come; there is a quest, a quest for the Elements of Harmony[3]. And all her court said, Yea, we are faithful and true, and they followed her. [2]: This reference, and others from about the same time period, are highly interesting given the severe contrast with the present culture of the dragons. I am conducting research into whether there might have been such 'noble dragons' at the time, but have found little evidence either way. [3]: This is one of the earliest references to the Elements of Harmony by that name. And first she traveled west, to the forests of the deer, and she asked, Where art the Element of Truth? And some said, Nay, we will not speak to any pony of it (for there had been much war between pony and deer in elder days, and they still mistrusted them). Others said, It is in the clouds; but Celestia and her pegasi searched the clouds and did not find it. A few said, Nay, it is in the earth, in a cave or buried; but Celestia and her earth ponies asked the earth, and it said, Nay, I know not where it is. And Celestia was sore wroth; but yet she had made a friend in the deer-lands, the daughter of the King. And she asked her, Doth thou know where the Element is? And she said, Nay, I think no deer does; and even if they did, they would not speak the truth of it to you. And there was a flash, and a golden torc appeared around her neck; and they said, What wonder is this? And they saw that it had the clan markings of the King’s daughter on it and they said, Ah, the Element of Truth! For one honest friend drowns out the lies of many. And so Celestia and the King’s daughter left the deer-lands and traveled north, to the forests of the caribou. And there they asked, Where art the Element of Honor? And they responded, We do not know. And Celestia was aggrieved, and vowed to search for it; and she traveled northwards, seeking seers and oracles. While traveling, she espied a knight of the caribou, clad all about in fine armor; and he saw her and bowed his head and said, My Lady, it grieves me greatly to do it, but I have sworn an oath to duel each who cometh this way until I find the one who canst defeat me; to them I shall pledge my service, forevermore. And she said, very well. And he battled her; he was a mighty warrior, fleet of hoof and skilled in battle; but she had wings, and magic, and these were allowed; and she defeated him. And he said, My Lady, to thee I pledge my service, for the rest of my days. And there was a flash and about his neck appeared another golden torc; and they recalled and said, It must be the Element of Honor; for what is more honorable than following thy oaths? With the Elements of Truth and Honor at hoof, she traveled now again eastwards, to the caveholds of the dragons. There she met with their Council and asked, Where art the Element of Giving? And they said, Truly, we doth not know; it has been hidden to us for an age or more. And Celestia was much aggrieved, and made to travel the holds; but one of her maidservants fell ill. And her wizards could find nothing wrong, nor her alchemists; then she asked the dragons. And one of them, the greatest alchemist of them all, traveled to her; and he examined her; and he said, Ah, this is a difficult case. I can cure it, but I will need the heartscale of a dragon.[4] And everypony despaired; for each dragon grows but a single heartscale, and they can never regrow it if it is removed. They asked every dragon of the hold, but all refused, saying, Nay, anything less you might have; but not my heartscale; all the while, the maid grew ever weaker. Finally, the alchemist said, If no dragon will give of themselves, then I will; and he plucked off his heartscale; and there was a flash and about his neck appeared a torc of gold; and they recalled again and said, It must be the Element of Giving; for what more canst thou give than thyself? And he brewed his potion and gave it to the maid; and she was healed. [4]: The heartscale being a scale just above the heart. Not having one makes a dragon much more vulnerable to outside dangers, as their heart lacks part of its protection. Together they then traveled to the isles of the donkeys, to the east; they asked their King of Kings whether he knew where Mirth hid, and he said, Nay, I doth not; but thou art free to search. And they did, but were disappointed; for no where on the isles did the Element hide. And they began to return home; but one of the knights, a stallion of great honor and valor, slipped and fell from a mountain; and he broke his neck and died. And they were much saddened. As they were passing through a village, a young jenny saw them and asked, Why art thou saddened? Is it not a sunny day? And they responded, Our quest for Mirth hath failed and one of our number hath died during it; why wouldst we be gladdened? And she said, But it is during the dark of the night that we must recall the dawn; and they saw the sense in what she said. And they laughed and joked and played with her through the day and the night; and when they made to leave in the morn there was a flash; and around her neck was a torc; and they thought and said, ‘Tis the Element of Mirth, it must be; and she came with them. To the south they traveled on from donkey lands, to the minotaurs. Celestia asked their College if they knew where Benevolence lay, and like the others they said Nay, we doth not; but thou art free to search. And they did, sailing from isle to isle; and again they found no trace of Benevolence; and Celestia was wroth and challenged the heavens. And a storm blew up, and Celestia and her pegasi fought to quell it; but it was a mighty storm, and one of them was struck by lightning, and fell in the ocean. And they did not see him, and he washed up on an island. And one of the minotaurs found him on a beach and nursed him back to health. When they discovered that one of their own was missing, they turned back to search; and eventually they found the island, and him; and they said to the minotaur, Thou hath given of thyself greatly for one thou didst not know. And he said, Nay, 'twas a simple act of kindness, the same for anyone; and there was a flash of light; and about his neck was a golden torc. And they saw, and said, It must be the Element of Benevolence; for what is more benevolent than nursing a stranger? With the Five found, they ventured back home to Fillydelphia. Her court said, Celestia, with the Five you could fight Discord and win. But she said, Nay, I had a vision. There is yet one missing. And she turned and said, My friends to the Bearers; for all had become her friends; and there was a flash of light and atop her head sat a crown unlooked for; and she said, Ah, ‘tis Magic, the Princeps of the Elements; and Mirth did laugh and all were gladdened. For, she said, now we art ready.[5] [5]: Yet more inaccuracies, although intriguing ones. Celestia and Luna, together and alone, were responsible for defeating Discord. Yet why would a pony chronicler write in non-pony races, particularly those traditionally hostile to ponykind like the deer? This is some evidence that the tales collected in La Vie de Celestia may not all have been of pony origin. And fortified by the Elements, Celestia did look to do battle with the foul demon who had taken her mother and who was spreading madness through the land. And she asked Star Swirl about it and said, I would fain know whatever thou knowst about Discord; and he said, Sooth, I know little but that it is a creature of evil and madness. But thy Elements should protect thee; for madness drives thee to lie, cheat, steal, suspect, and hate; and what are truth, honor, giving, mirth, and benevolence but their opponents? And she said, But what of my armies? And he said, They shall not be needed; defeat Discord, and all will be restored. So she left Fillydelphia with only her friends the Element-Bearers with her; and they set forth for Canterlot. And on the way they passed many commoners and noble folk, who all cheered for them. And as they approached Canterlot, they saw many strange happenings; ponies like wild beasts, beasts like ponies, rains of sweet brown milk[6], and the like. And the Bearers said, Celestia, we are afraid; what madness is this? And she said, Come, we shall defeat it. And they were calmed, and gladdened by her resolve. [6]: Chocolate was not yet common in Equestria during the 1st-2nd century CR. And they reached Canterlot, or where it had been; and saw nothing around but madness. And Celestia said, Discord! But he did not emerge. And she said again, Discord! And he still remained in hiding. And she said for a third time, Discord! And he appeared. The Element-Bearers were struck wonderously by his appearance; he had been described, but to see a hybrid of pony and dragon and deer and more besides was wonderous strange to them. And he said, Why so serious? And mocked the Princeps. And she did grit her teeth and say, Discord, we hath come to end thee! And he said, Well, try if thou must, and stood still for them. And they banded together, and attacked him with the power of the Elements; and he was turned to stone forever[7]. [7]: An unfortunate misconception.
  20. I have the doc as a attachment, it involves Trixie and Twilight, and it's ruffly 2 pages. please read and tell me what you think, this is my first completed Fanfic... Stage fright.docx
  21. (The OC page, it may clarify some things) Radioactive Tragedy There's an old legend from before the war, says a little bit about a team of four. Scientists that Celestia had working for her. Nopony knows much about what they were doing, only that they speant their lives in a hole. Up until the Fallout; then it's said that two ponies came out of the hole alive. It's said that one pony was a mare, the other was a colt. The mare was a sad pony; it's said that underneath her armor was a blood-stained labcoat, and a broken heart. This is her story. Don't let the narrator hold you up; he means well, but nopony can write my story like me. I'm the only one that can give you the straight and narrow, since Half Note died. I feel mine creapng closer; time is of the essance. My given name, ironically, is Radioactive Tragedy. I prefer Radio; it's more friendly. It's certainly not a great name for a mare, even a unicorn, but I loved it. It gave me the key to my science, and then the key to my cutie mark. I was orphaned at birth; my mom was a unicorn working on an important experiment; my dad was a pegasus with a mail job. They didn't have time, or didn't have fund, for a baby, so my mother signed a few papers and they didn't have to deal with me. That's a different story. A few years after the Discordian Incedent, a rift in time-space openned between Equestria and the human world, known as 'Earth.' The inhabitance of Earth did not know of our kind, or the rift, at first. The first to discover it came through at a trickle; most were happy to follow our rules, or go home. But as their numbers grew, so did their hostility; they began corrupting the environment; influencing ponies to destructive tendancies.Celestia, heart heavy, kicked out all but a select few humans; those who called themselves bronies, who were willing to follow her laws. They spoke of a TV show that featured us, speaking of a whole network of their numbers. Celestia granted them permission to stay as long as they accepted the following conditions; that they become her subjects, that they be subject to a transformation spell, turning them into ponies, and that they stay loyal to her laws. Breaching this contract ment that the brony was sent back to the human realm until redemption, or forever depending on the offence.It is said that occassionally Celestia would enter the human realm and invites bronies into Equestria. I can verify that bronies exist; without them, I would not have a job. Bronies have given us their basic understanding of nuclear physics and capabilities, at Celestia's urding. It was thought that humans would eventually reopen the rift and attempt a counter-strike. Celestia sent me, a mare known as Beaker, a colt mechanic named November, and a brony who prefered the name Eighth Note. Our mission was to create suits that would protect ponies from Radiation, Bio-weaponry, explosions, bullets, electrical weaponry, and magic. The task couldn't have been more difficult. They locked us in a Fallout shelter I had designed underground. At the time I was proud; now I am ashamed however, you will realize the reason later. The facility had an air-filtration system, a plumbing system connected to an underground river, that was filtered at the molecular level, and a small farm with a few assorted vegitables. The facility was made of reinforced concreate, surrounded by a foot of lead and titanium, steel, and magic, while hidden under a mountain. The entrance was disguised as a mine shaft, hidden in a wall. We effectively lived down there, working and testing our suit designs. It took atleast 5 years to make a working, viable suit; 2 years of prototypoe development, 1 year of testing, and 2 more for the finished product. Right when we were about to emerge triumphantly back into the world, the bombs came. Poor Beaker; she didn't deserve to die. A section of the lab that was poorly built collapsed on top of her; she died instantly. November's leg got caught in the initial collapse, When he used magic to move it, the rest came down on top of him. We could hear his screams of pain as he bled out, going into shock, but we couldn't help him; he had locked the doors and broken the terminal with magic. With his own blood, he wrote on the window 'Get out.' Eighth Note and I nodded at eachother, donning our suits. We escaped with the data as the rest of the shelter collapsed under it's own weight, and stood at the entrance of the 'mine shaft'. This is where I stand now, looking at the hell-hole that Equestria has become. I love echos. They make me happy and help my writing; Look, "Echoooooooooo." Hey guys, when you leave comments, it either lets me know what I'm doing wrong, or makes me feel good. So you know, post a coment? For the rainbooms?
  22. Yup, KibaThePony here, and i am now a fanfiction writer. The Pack, will be my first one that i will be doing. It is about mainly about these two Packs of ponies of all ages, and in two very large seperate groups, fighting against one another. The Pack you're supposed to root for is Fire Clan, in which our hero, Twilight, (and the others) are in. There will be a cast of other characters that will be sure to grip you,and after the whole thing, i think that you will feel deep hatred for BrokenFang because he did something to you fav. character. Things happen in this, like Pinkie has her name shanged to Dianne, Rainbow Dash is now going onto the air force with other warriors, Twilight takes down an ursa minor, and the way the dogs to it in GNG. She may be just as she says an average everyday pony, but may become the greatest warrior of them all. Here is a link that can give you 1/2 Fire and Ice. http://www.fanfictio...2/1/The_bPack_b Hope you like it! Please reveiw! Now, i am done with Fire and Ice segment! "Whew!" Now i have to do the next segment, Into The Wild. Hope you din't get bored with it.
  23. Hi. This is my second attempt at fanfiction. And it seems to be striking a chord with some readers, so maybe it's a good one? It's called "A Spell for Lyra" and in it, Twilight tells the story of how she met Lyra the unicorn, a mistake she made, and one of the hardest lessons in friendship she had to learn. It's a little bit sad, but people seem to like it. If you don't, please let me know how I can do better. Thank you, my friends.