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Found 9 results

  1. I'm a little stumped on this for myself, but I have gotten different perspectives on my personality. Some say i'm quiet, others say i'm loud and hyper. But two things people say about my personality that I hold close to me is that they say I'm caring and really kind....that means a lot to me. :3
  2. Let’s just jump right in. Talented Her talent is recognized by ponies such as: Hoity Toity, a fashion bigwig (literally) from Canterlot (Suited for Success – review coming soon ); Sapphire Shores, the Pony of Pop, who also mentions that Rarity has been given at least one rave review as an up-and-comer in Clothes Horse Magazine (A Dog and Pony Show); the ruler of the land, Princess Celestia (A Canterlot Wedding); and in her latest focus episode, Prim Hemline, the fashion community of Manehatten and even a costume designer for the Equestria equivalent of Broadway (Rarity Takes Manehatten). So her skills as a fashion designer have been recognized in at least two major cities. It’s pretty apparent that if it were not for the fact that she consistently puts her friends ahead of her fashion career, she would already be a huge success. It’s not that she isn’t good enough to leave them all behind and achieve her dreams. She chooses to remain with her friends, and she is not willing to sacrifice her friendships for success, give or take the odd wobble. Sophisticated This is not a result of serendipity. She was not born into a high class family; quite the opposite, in fact, as her parents and Sweetie Belle make entirely clear. She has lifted herself up to that level, through nothing but her own hard work and determination. In Sweet and Elite, she proves that she fits right in with the most upper class ponies in Canterlot. All it takes is one chance meeting with Fancy Pants to set her up as the Pony Everypony Should Know. Even if that was a case of right time and place, she still made the best of the opportunity, as she later impresses the upper class ponies in the absence of Fancy Pants himself. Even in real life, making the right connection is often necessary for one’s virtues to be recognized, so I believe Rarity should still be given credit for making the most of her lucky break. And despite knowing who and how important he is, she didn’t just sycophantically agree with everything he said, like the hangers-on were doing. She was willing to vocally disagree with him. Finally, that wonderful accent, darling? That sort of accent has to be worked on and polished, much like a diamond. In many senses, she is a self-made mare. Which bring us to the next point. Hard-working She owns her own business, Carousel Boutique, and she runs it alone. She has no employees, purchases her own supplies, finds her own raw materials and she makes all her own dresses (I’m looking at you, Suri Polomare). With the possible exception of Applejack, she is the one who works the hardest out of all the Mane Six, and even then, Applejack has her family to help her, while Rarity goes it alone. Related to this, she is trendy, and I mean that in the most positive sense. Rarity does not follow fashions, for the most part. She actively looks forward and tries to anticipate what fashions will be popular in the near future, and she strives to stay ahead of the game. Another thing she works really hard on is her appearance, and that is the next thing I want to look at. Beautiful, Cute and Charming She is gorgeous. That mane deserves its own billing in the credits. Purple being one of my two favorite colours doesn’t hurt her case either (the other one is green, if you were wondering ). I’ve also always been partial to ladies with blue eyes, and Rarity’s peepers are just the right shade. The only pony (both in universe and out) who can compete in the beauty department is Fluttershy. The indications are that (apart from mane extensions ) Fluttershy is beautiful without making any effort to be (just look at how little mud her mud mask needs in Green isn’t your Colour) whereas Rarity works at being beautiful. She wears false eyelashes, frequently goes to the spa, and apparently brushes her mane a hundred times before she goes to bed and uses curlers. She brings out her own beauty. To me, the essence of Rarity is bringing out the hidden beauty in things. She strives to be better in her appearance and her behavior, and wants others to be better as well. She takes raw materials and produces beautiful dresses from them. She finds gems hidden in the ground, and if they weren’t already cut and polished naturally, no doubt she would cut and polish them as well. Out of all the ponies, her cutie mark is arguably the most appropriate to her character. She is also amazingly cute. Just look at her expressions. How can you say "no" to this face? Finally, whether you agree with how she employs her ability or not, Rarity is able to charm just about anypony. And she does it without ruffling any feathers or making anyone feel bad to have her turn her attention to them. Even when she does it to get something for herself, she makes her target feel good about it. Caring and Forgiving Rarity is often shown to be very insightful into her friends. She recognizes when others are putting on a brave face, like Rainbow Dash in Sonic Rainboom. She noticed that something was bothering Twilight in Lesson Zero. She was the one who comforted Spike after he rampaged through Ponyville in Secret of My Excess, and defended him against Rainbow’s teasing in Dragon Quest, before trekking half-way across Equestria with Rainbow and Twilight in a dragon costume she made herself with no prior notice in order to keep an eye on him. And finally, despite being in a deep depression, she came running to the rescue when she thought her dear pet Opal was caught in a tree in Suited for Success. When the Cutie Mark Crusaders were found out to be Gabby Gums in Ponyville Confidential, Rarity was the only one who actually tried to explain why what they were doing was wrong, instead of just turning her back to three young fillies who had made a mistake and felt terribly guilty about it. She forgave her friends at the drop of a cat (pun intended) in Suited for Success, forgave Sweetie Belle for ruining the cloth she spend a long time making in The Stare Master, and forgave Fluttershy when she said some extremely hurtful things to her and Pinkie Pie in Putting your Hoof Down. Intelligent; Quick Thinking; Adaptable; Witty While Twilight may be the acknowledged as the brains of the Mane Six outfit, Rarity shows that she is far from vapid herself. She very quickly gets the number of the Diamond Dogs, and outfoxes them thoroughly by the end of the episode. In The Crystal Empire, she not only learns a traditional hat-making method overnight, but also manages to think up excuses for Spike’s sudden departure in order to keep the crystal ponies from realizing something is wrong. She came up with a great idea to explain why they had a fake Crystal Heart, which Applejack totally ruined. She also showed her ability to learn things quickly when she volunteered to work on Cadence’s hair, and despite skipping a step, she managed to correct the resulting disaster in time (Game Ponies Play). She also delivers her fair share of snarky lines. Tough Not only is Rarity both beautiful and intelligent, but she can kick serious flank when she wishes to. She may be a lady, but she can take care of herself. Notable scenes include her giving Applejack a roundhouse kick to the face and lugging around a huge boulder in Return of Harmony; coming just short of first place in a race alongside Sweetie Belle, and being athletic enough throughout that Sweetie Belle had no idea that it was not in fact Applejack running with her in Sisterhooves Social; facing down three teenage dragons in Dragon Quest (and delivering a fabulous line at the same time) and outright smacking Changelings in the face with a solid right hook during A Canterlot Wedding. Let’s face it, for somepony who is often called "prissy" she’s really quite a powerhouse. Dramatic Rarity is generally agreed to be one of the most entertaining ponies to have on the screen. Her flair for the dramatic and tendency to chew the scenery make her a riot to watch, and provide some of the series best lines (“I’ll destroy her!”; “Fighting’s not really my thing, I’m more into fashion… BUT I’LL TEAR YOU TO PIECES IF YOU TOUCH ONE SCALE ON HIS CUTE LITTLE HEAD!”; “Of the all worst things that could happen, this is the worst. POSSIBLE. THING! beat What? I really mean it this time…”) Of course, not everyone appreciates that aspect of her as much as I do, but I’m including it as a positive here in any case. Complex Now to be fair, none of the Mane Six are what you would call simple or flat characters. There is a lot of depth to all of them. Still, I feel that Rarity goes beyond the others in this category. Rarity wants good things for others, but she also wants good things for herself. She's caught in a tug of war within herself between these two motivations. For example, consider Green Isn't Your Colour. In that episode, Rarity wanted to be happy for Fluttershy and her success as a model, but she was also very jealous of the attention she was getting. And then she felt guilty for having those feelings, especially when things seemed to be going wrong for Fluttershy. That's just one example from one episode, and I could list more, but I think that suffices for the point I wanted to make here. She has her flaws, as well, which I will deal with in another entry at a later time. Now you may have noticed that I have yet to mention what most consider the foremost aspect of her character, her generosity. That’s quite deliberate. I don’t need to defend Rarity’s generosity in order to justify her being my favourite pony. Not when there are all these other great reasons to like her. If you want evidence of that, I’d recommend getting hold of @@ghostfacekiller39: he has a list. So that was Part 1 of Looking at Rarity, focused exclusively on what I think to be her good points. In Part 2, I want to look at some of her more questionable personality traits. I’ll examine the things fans point out as reasons not to like Rarity, and I’ll explain which ones I think are sound, and which ones I think would be Look forward to it, and of course, stay Rarity side up!
  3. If you had a chance to rent an apartment with a pony, which would it be? Remember that this isn't just a matter of who your favorite is. Just because Rarity is your favorite in the show doesn't necessarily mean she'd be easy to live with, but then again she might make you free clothes. Keep in mind each pony's positive and negative traits. Really ask yourself which one would be best to live with, even if they're not necessarily your favorite in the show. And no alicorns. You can't have it all. Besides, they're royalty; they don't have to live in an apartment.
  4. I believe there is a lesson learned in most episodes from the show, mostly pertaining to the Elements of Harmony aka Mane Six. So I had a thought, what about the other ponies? What element would make them unique? To start off, I would say Luna is the element of Patience (being on the moon for a millennium), but other elements would link to her as well, but I think patience is more fulfilling. There are signs in the show that describes her being concerned about Twilly before she became a princess, worrying if she would fail, I assume. She seemed to let time pass her by, let things change as they will, observing her surroundings. There are times I noticed when a pony temporarily loses their element, like Fluttershy being kindness tends to show assertiveness or anger, Pinkie being Laughter, tends to show insecurity and sadness, etc. So back to Luna being jealous of her sister showed she was becoming impatient maybe? An element of harmony could mean polar opposites at times? Also, Celestia would probably be the element of Wisdom for obvious reasons. Any other ponies that come to mind being an element or sub-element? Background ponies? Anything to hint what their element would or could be.
  5. It's for something i'm kind of working on as a pet project of mine; If you had been thrust into a deadly game of life and death where the game is rigged to provide you some sort of advantage based on your greatest trait, your strength, what would it be, and how would it translate? EDIT: The game is simple. You're sent into an exact copy of our world, There are at least 10 other people somewhere there - and the game will send you home only once the last player dies. Everything seems to be in working order, electricity seems to be running, water pumps, everything. You can even see animals around, but there are no other humans around (except perhaps the other players).
  6. Sure I watch MLP:Fim and I know it's just awesome to watch for a lot of people. There are other good shows too but what makes a book or TV show watchable/entertaining
  7. So I'm currently studying genetics in my biology class and I decided to open this thread for discussion on pony genetics. Of course, as we all know there are four species of pony: Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus and Alicorn. It is also said that Alicorns are not naturally born...well, there is one thing that can happen for an Alicorn to be naturally born. This can happen via a mutation in the chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. According to Wikipedia, horses have 64 chromosomes, or 32 pairs. Here's a karyotype, or diagram of chromosomes, for a horse. Now, let's say that pair numbers 30 and 31 were responsible for determining wings and horn. The diagram shown above would be the karyotype for a normal earth pony. But, for a unicorn, there would be an extra chromosome in pair #30. For a pegasus, the extra one would be in pair #31. For an alicorn, which is extremely rare, both chromosome pairs 30 and 31 would have an extra chromosome. Alicorns would be sprout only because of a mutation. Just because a pegasus and unicorn breed doesn't mean that the result would an alicorn all the time. It can be either one. This is determined by what is known as a Punnet Square. Don't let the results confuse you. The capital letters represent dominant traits and the small case letters represent recessive traits. As you can see from the Punnett Square above, there can be four outcomes. One would automatically assume that the first foal, the red square, would automatically be an Alicorn. REMEMBER, alicorns can only sprout via mutation. Also, the father's traits are usually the dominant traits (this rule only applies to the first foal). The first foal would be a pegasus, the second foal would be a Unicorn, and the third and fourth would also be pegasai. But you're like: "Wait! Both the traits in the fourth foal are recessive. Wouldn't it just be an earth pony?" I see what you're thinking. But remember the rule of dominance? This also applies to the fourth foal as well. So, let's have a little debate here: Were Princess Celestia and Princess Luna born Alicorns? I say yes. Let's take this a little out of the canon shall we? Princess Galexia, Princess Celestia and Luna's mother bred with their father, Prince Universto. Because they were both Alicorns, they could breed Alicorns themselves. This begs yet another question. "If an alicorn breeds with another non-alicorn (Earth, Pegasus or Unicorn), wouldn't it produce just another alicorn? Well, actually no. If the mutation is passed on then yes. But otherwise no. This may confuse some people due to the Punnett square situation, as the Punnett square would produce 3 alicorn foals. Well, what's your opinion on pony genetics?
  8. For those who don't know, The Sims 3 is a life simulation video game where you can create your own characters called "sims", and control them and their life in a town. When you create your sim in the Sims 3, you pick five traits to define their personality. For this thread, we will be using all of those traits to define our personalities. Since you pick five in the game, you will pick five out of all the traits to best define your personality. Once you finish picking your traits out, post them below. I will leave a list of all the traits below. They will only be the PC ones, and the expansion pack ones will be included. Now, most of the traits are pretty self-explanatory, but if you don't know what one means; just go to the below link for a list of all the descriptions for the traits. Here is the list of all the traits: Mine: Shy: I've always been pretty shy in public, but I've gotten better at not being shy. I'm still a bit shy though. Bookworm: I love books, and always have since I could read. Computer Whiz: Since I use a computer a lot, I've gotten quite good at using them. Night Owl: I love being awake at night, and I have the most fun at night. Family-Oriented: I don't know; I've just always had a liking towards family.
  9. What are the traits for a character that could be your favorite,a character you'll love.You can also put examples,Mine are: Nice Caring Awesome(in a Action way) Adventurous Tough Daring and Brave Good fighter Smart (i wish i was Awesome and tough,but im much more of a coward )