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Found 44 results

  1. BECAUSE IF CRISPY CAN HAVE HIS METAL THREAD, THEN CELESTIA HELP ME I CAN HAVE MY OWN THREAD WITH ELECTRONIC MUSIC. So yeah, thread for electronic music. All of it, be it ambient, house, drum 'n bass, dubstep, hardcore, techno, trance, whatever, it goes here. I'll start out with one psytrance track and one gabber track. NOW GO FILL THIS THREAD WITH ELECTRONIC MUSIC, BRONIES. I EXPECT AT LEAST APPROXIMATELY 100 REPLIES TOMORROW MORNING, OR ELSE. (joking, obviously)
  2. Here is Sandstorm by Darude on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Enthusiast Fan] Mareldmon590 [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  3. (Don't take anything what i say is as FACT. This is merely something i did for fun and to also understand my own character better.) I am pretty sure, some of you have seen it a dozen times by now, being it through fanart or by writing how Mesme Rize is hypnotizing his friends and others, by using his seductive charms, thick coils and his colorful hypnotic eyes. And for whatever reason he does it (mostly for entertainment purposes) there is always one question in our mind, that keeps plaguing us. How does it work? It may surprise you to know that our lovable snekpone has an ability many could only dream of obtaining. He has what people refer to as the power of psychokinesis. In simple terms, Mesme Rize can manipulate things with his mind, but only on such a small scale. While he can't make objects levitate in the air, or be able to bend a spoon using his thoughts alone, he has managed to train this ability to produce the invisible waves of energy that can act on a victims mind. However, this is nothing close to the same kind of mind-control power a storybook psychic uses to manipulate people. His power, much to our surprise, is a very rudimentary power. In a hypnotic trance, a person's brainwave is at a lower frequency than someone that is awake. Mesme Rize can manipulate a victim's mind, using the invisible waves he can emit, so that their mind matches a similar frequency as that of someone in a hypnotic trance. How this is done is not completely certain, but there is another part to this power of his. These same waves also bombard the frontal lobe, the part of the brain that deals with emotions, long-term memories and motivational responses. The reason for attacking the frontal lobe will be explained later, but what this means is Mesme Rize cannot hypnotize someone from behind, and must hypnotize them from the front. You may be wondering how this ability of Mesme Rize is related with his eyes. It would be easy to say that the rings are purely an artistic feature, but then why couldn't Mesme hypnotize (for example) Dark Horse with his eyes closed, or if he was completely still, or possibly asleep? Much about Mesme Rizes eyes are unknown, but what is known is he requires the victim's attention when he tries to use his power. When he has a victim's full attention, they will normally lock their eyes with his eyes, and stay completely focused on Mesme Rize while he uses his psychokinetic powers to attack their mind. The reason for that is simple. he requires eye contact to distract them long enough for his powers to work properly. Without a distraction, his victims may be experiencing a number of emotions that interfere with the snekpones ability to attack their mind. With a distraction, it could allow an opening for him to manipulate their mind long enough for it to be difficult to break away. During the hypnosis, the victim also experiences many different emotions, that makes them fall more and more into a trance. All (or most of them) are: -loss of all inhibitions -forgetting of responsibilities, situations, consequences, other people, even yourself sometimes -loss of fear of any kind of danger -complete physical relaxation from body untensing its muscles and going limp -overwhelming feeling of lust and infatuation towards the "master" (deep feeling of complete love for them and trust) -almsot all thoughts going through your mind ending up in "mind blanks" and then no thoughts going through at all. in some cases just 100% mind blank all together like you're in a dreamless sleep -sense of suggestability from overwhelming trust It's safe to say though, that Mesmes Hypnosis technique is completly harmless, as victims don't have any memory loss once they are out of a trance, or have any sort of brain damage, even after multiple uses. Infact, most of them feel very good, considering their muscles and bones will get a few hours of break and total relaxation, even more then they would get through normal sleep. So don't be afraid, if you cross paths with Mesme next time. Being in his care for a few hours, might even be an enriching experience.
  4. Ever since i came onto this site, i always got those questions of "Are you a hypnotist? What does it feel like? Will i lose my will? Is it dangerous? etc." After doing this for a whole year now, i thought i made up a general basic guide, about some FAQ's about hypnosis and more. First of all, no discussion of hypnosis can really take place, sadly, without the debunking of a number of myths about it. Many of these myths lead people to the erroneous conclusion that hypnosis is restricted to the realm of fantasy, and not something that can really happen to anyone. While I'm not the first, by any means, I'd like to do my part to set the record straight, as someone who's been both a hypnotist and a subject before. When most people think of hypnosis, they think of the blank-eyed zombie who sleepily mutters 'yes Master, I am in your power'. It's as cheesy and stupid as it is hot for people who are into that sort of thing, but let's break this down. The first misconception that many people have about hypnosis and trance is that it's like sleeping. This would only make sense; people in trance are breathing regularly, typically with their eyes closed, and for all intents and purposes they look like they're sleeping. A simple enough conclusion to make, but also quite wrong. Which brings me into the definition of what trance actually is. Trance, in its simplest form, is your brain going on auto-pilot, where it's not really focusing the conscious mind on whatever it is you're doing. Some of you may be thinking: "Wait...that happens to me all the time! Is that really trance?" The short answer is 'yes'. If you've ever gone on a pleasant drive and arrived at your destination, only to realize that you have absolutely no memory whatsoever of what you did on the way there, that is in fact trance; your conscious mind isn't really focused on what you're doing, because it's so routine you do it all the time, and therefore so long as nothing noteworthy happens (like someone suddenly slamming their brakes in front of you) you don't even notice it. The same thing happens when you're so absorbed in a task, like reading, that you suddenly realized you failed to note the three to five hours that have passed without a single movement in your body. You may be thinking that all of this sounds incredibly boring and mundane. It is. It's still trance, however; that's literally all trance is. Hypnosis, on the other hand, is when someone induces that mental state within a subject, along with a third element, which I'll get to shortly. Basically, the clichés of the hypnotist, such as the pocket watch or their induction spiel, are all rooted in this basic principle. For example, if you've ever wondered why hypnotists would dangle a shiny object in front of a subject's face, or told them to stare into the hypnotist's eyes, or any of might be thinking that it's nothing more than a prop, and in a way, it could literally be anything. It's not important that it be any particular item (though I'd recommend a light one, as holding it for several minutes without moving can strain you if it's heavy); what is important is that the subject focus on it, intently, putting all of their conscious mind into studying every aspect of it. The reasoning behind this, of course, is that it gives the conscious mind a target to focus on. Most of the time, our conscious minds are busy processing all kinds of information at any given moment. Any one of them can be incredibly distracting from the hypnotist's goal; to put the subject into a trance. When driving for example, you tend to be doing a very small number of related tasks, most of which you handle subconsciously; you adjust pressure on the pedals to check or increase your speed, you nudge the wheel to go around curves, etc. Well, if a subject is just sitting there with a hypnotist, their minds are probably all over the place. That object, the focus, is what trains the subject's mind on one thing and one alone, and dropping everything else. There's more to it than that, but I'll get to it later. So far I've mentioned two of the three elements to hypnosis. The first being the trance state, the state where the subject's conscious mind goes on auto-pilot, leaving only the sub-conscious. The second, the hypnotist who places the subject into this state, which is obviously needed for suggestions and whatnot. The third is the reason behind the slightly misleading phrase that is common among hypno-fans: "All hypnosis is self-hypnosis." The meaning most people have behind that phrase is two-fold: One, that you cannot be made to do anything you wouldn't want to do (for example, something harmful to yourself), and two, that no matter what the hypnotist might suggest, it's up to you to actually obey or disobey; everything, from the choice to listen to the hypnotist's induction and fall into trance, to actually following whatever suggestion he has for you, is your choice, ultimately. These things are somewhat true, but not absolute, as I'll get into right now as I discuss the third element of hypnosis: The surrender of the subject's will. You read that correctly. The third key element of a successful hypnotic session is the surrender of the subject's will to the hypnotist. When a subject is hypnotized, their conscious mind isn't 'home', and the sub-conscious is more vulnerable to suggestion than you might think (that is, after all, the entire point of hypnosis). Essentially, in a lot of ways, your willpower is significantly reduced when hypnotized, and a key portion of hypnosis is that the hypnotist's will temporarily 'replaces' yours. This is also where some of the... I don't want to say 'danger', but definitely something to be aware of, comes to play. Remember that bit where I said you can't be made to do something you don't want to do? That's true, but the lines aren't completely solid. With carefully worded language, a smooth transition and a suggestible subject, it is possible to bypass some of one's usual restrictions, simply because the subject's will has been subjugated during the trance by the hypnotist. This is the third key element of hypnosis. To sum up: * Trance (the distraction of the conscious mind) * Hypnotist (to guide a subject into trance and plant suggestions) * The Surrender of Will (to permit the hypnotist to take control and guide the subject through the trance) These are all the key elements. Now, reading my above paragraph, you might be thinking that hypnosis is an incredibly dangerous thing, as a less than scrupulous hypnotist might take advantage of a subject and plant evil suggestions that brainwash the subject in various ways. However, let me put your mind at ease and basically refute my own point above. While you can be persuaded to do or say some things that you wouldn't normally, there are a number of limits. In fact, too many to list. For example, not everyone is suggestible to the same degree or in the same fashion. I've seen subjects who go completely zonked while under, for example, and can be made to experience certain feelings while under trance, but the moment they awaken, it's over, and trying to get them to *do* something in trance snaps them out. Others have even the slightest suggestion last long after trance, whether the hypnotist attempted a post-hypnotic suggestion or not. Everyone is different. Similarly, not everyone feels the same way in trance. Some people feel exactly the same in trance as out, and that has nothing to do with how easy or well a hypnotic suggestion works. Others, as I've said, completely zonk out. Also, some types of suggestions work better than others. Suggestions that say 'you will do this and this later' are the least likely to 'stick'; emotional suggestions and trigger phrases (if well implemented) are the better ones, typically. So, the next question: "Can I be hypnotized?" The short answer is yes. The longer answer is "Yes, but only if you trust the hypnotist enough to surrender your will to him, and depending on how your mind works, you may or may not feel like you are in trance, and even then, the ability of suggestions to work may vary." I will say, if you try being hypnotized and you feel it didn't work, consider that it may either be the result of your mind just not feeling totally zonked, or it could be the result of an unskilled hypnotist with sloppy hypnotic technique. Trust me, there's a lot of crappy hypnotic stuff on the internet. The entire reason I learned my own techniques is because I was unsatisfied with the content I could find myself. So yeah, these are the basic things you need to know about Hypnosis. If you have more things to ask, you can message me, or leave a message in the comments. Either way is fine.
  5. I really thought for a loooooooooooong time if i should make a blog post about this, mainly because some people might find it weird. But then i pretty much said to myself: "I am already considered weird around here, so what the heck?" So, everybody who in the last half year had atleast a bit of experience with me, knows that i have a fascination with everything that has to do with hypnosis. I sometimes act as a meta hypnotist, i have a hypnotizing Twilight as an Avatar, i have Twilight hypnotizing in the background on profile etc. But why do i have this fascination? I will tell you all about my history of me and hypnosis and i will try to keep it as PG as possible. My story begins at a very early age, probably at around 3 or 4 years. I was always a big disney fan and spend alot of time watching Disney movies, mostly Peter Pan and Aladdin at that time. One day, my parents came home with a new disney movie, called "the jungle book" (you probably already know where this is going. ) The movie in general is one of my favorite disney movies, pretty much in my Top 10. But what i always found fascinating where the scenes with Kaa the snake. This was pretty much my first touch with hypnosis and maybe even the most important one for me. Everytime i think of hypnosis in cartoons, i link to this scene. At a young age, i didn't knew why i was so fascinated with it. But as i grew older, i kind of got the undertones of it. I really like the whole thought of slowly drifting away and leaving all your worries behind, as you enter a state of bliss and peace. It's a very nice thought for me. Over the years then, i would always feel weird, when they would show a hypnosis scene in a Movie or TV Show, especially when i watched the stuff around other people. There is barely anyone that knows about my fascination, since i don't want to be judged by them and at time, i thought i was the only one who felt that way. I really kept this fascination for my own, even till this day in my private life. Skip ahead to the time, where i was almost finished with high school and my parents finally got a PC that was Internet compatible. Besides from visiting my Star Wars fandom sites and looking for the newest video game reviews on Gamespot (yes, i was there. ) I also used the rare opportunitys to find some hypno stuff on the internet. The PC was in the living room back then, so i only could look it up if my parents weren't at home. Back then, i could barely find anything, except a few free self hypnosis audio files, with mostly bad quality. In 2008, i found out about a Kaa Roleplay site on the internet (i won't link to it, since it's partially NSFW.) I visited it and it was like a dream come true for me. It's like i wasn't the only one, who had those childhood experiences. I didn't participated in any RPs back then. But i was always following some of the stories these people where writing in the Forums. As i was too much into my job between 2009 and 2011, i barely had anytime to think about my fascination. I then lost my job in Summer 2011 and at almost the exact same time, i found out about My little pony of course. I watched the whole of Season 1 and was very entertained. Then it happend. The return of Harmony. Oh,,,my...god. Did Faust do that on purpose? I saw Discord discording the mane 6 and most people in the fandom where refering to Kaa and of course, there was the Fan Art. Now, at this point i was maybe 3 or 4 weeks in the fandom and thought that this will not become a big community, with guys who have interests. So i just forgot about it for now and enjoyed Season 2. In early 2013, a fimfiction writer by the name of Mightyshockwave, who would later become a very good friend of mine in the fandom, released a story by the title of Snakity. ( I was totally into the story and i was surprised how many people in the fandom liked it. It was also the first time i heard about Lamias, which i fell in love with instantly. Then in 2014, during my 1 year stay on Deviantart, i was using my name Hypnosparkle for the first time and for the first time in my life, was not shy anymore about my fascination and wanted to share it with the others. Mightyshockwave teached me a bit how to Roleplay and for months, i roleplayed different hypno stories with the mane 6, BGs, OCs and what not and always with other people. That's pretty much how my OC Mesme Rize was born then. I also was the founder of the MLP-Hypnogroup, which now is run by my friend Mightyshockwave. ( I left DA in early in 2015, for personal reasons and because i was starting to get dry from all these RP requests i got. Now i am here, pretty much going on your nerves with my meta personality. I wanted to write this to let you know how unique people can be and although some of their interests might be weird, we are still normal human beings on the outside, with the same basic emotions. If you had an interest that you would think, people would find weird, i would just say that it makes you unique, not weird. Also, i would never try to take over anyones minds in real life. That's just bad. Thank you for reading and i hope this isn't the end of my career on this Site, because of it.
  6. Have a little atmospheric Electro/Trance now, Went along with a nice chorus for the main Lead and added a little piano play. Enjoy All rights to there respective Owners. Visit our SoundClouds : And Tumblr :
  7. Gotten around to finish this pony-related track finally ^^ Produced in Mixcraft 6 and Reason All rights to there respective Owners. Visit our SoundCloud And Tumblr
  8. Hey, I came out with a new song. I was going to have vocal chops in it, but they proved too infuriating for the time limit I had, so I improvised. Head on over to my channel, Omniotronic, give a like, subscribe, and comment if you want. Thanks!
  9. Hey! These forums have a non-pony artwork area... Who knew? Anywho, here is a song from March I did. Head on over, like, comment, subscribe (do do do do do do do do do sub-scribe!), etc.
  10. She's not perfect but it was still fun making it Also im not even sure what genre it is. I'm pretty sure its house tho.... meh. Hope you guys enjoy and feedback is more than welcome.
  11. This song I made is very "un-funky". It has much more of a trance feel, so let me know your thoughts. I know I'm still getting used to the art of sound mixing, so any sound mixing and mastering tips and tutorials would be very helpful.
  12. Hey guys! just did my first upload and im sooo glad I would love to hear what you guys think of my song. This is a song i imagined you could just relax or maybe study to. Perhaps even a song for going to sleep? Any way here it is and enjoy! I think you just link it and the vid pops up right?
  13. I can't be the only person on this forums that likes Old Skool Techno/Trance/Hardstyle can I? For those of you who don't know what these genre's are... This is Old Skool Hardcore: And this is Old Skool Trance: I can only make 2 youtube links in a single post but everyone knows what techno sounds like So is there anypony else here who likes this stuff or am I a loner? xD
  14. A song I wrote for her after the episode "Maud Pie" was aired on the 15th. This even got a feature on EqD. BPM: it changes from 110 to 125 about one-fourth the way. TIME SPENT: Well, I think approximately 2.4 hours..?
  15. I'm finally back. That was been a while since I didn't make a new music topic. I want to do a little update: I deleted my Youtube account (thanks to google+), but I opened a new one on Dailymotion. I didn't upload music videos yet, but my new songs were uploaded on my soundcloud. SO, I made 2 remixes: Children of the night (Psytrance) PFUDOR: (Eurodance) Hope you enjoy!
  16. Hi everypony. I'm brand new here, and already I had several people say in my post that I should upload one or two of my songs. So here goes. This one is called The Spacefarer. I came up with it about 10 years ago and put it together using ACID Music with the Waves Renaissance reverb library, plus live recordings from a Korg T3 and a Yamaha P-120 keyboard. NOTE: The attachment link below is broken - it worked when I first joined the forum, but it's not working now. This song is available for listening here instead: KieferSkunk_-_Spacefarer3.mp3
  17. Con

    Conal - N2O

    It started out as this experiment.
  18. Anyone here listens to this band? No? Here's some basic information about them: Aly and Fila are Egyptian DJ Artists who play Trance/uplifting Trance. Their Activity in DJ started since 2003 and it is still present. To know more, about them go to this Wikipedia page Want to listen to one of their Songs? Here's a spoiler below full of their work examples
  19. Newbie

    Depressed Pony

    Hey there, everypony! (I started my topic here at first There is pretty much all the info about the project, but I'll repeat myself anyway so you don't have to go there if you don't want. "Fan Music" section is a better place for my topic anyway. So, my project is called Depressed Pony and the sound of it can be described as a calm, melancholic and beautiful (? - everyone has his own view about the "beauty" but anyway that was my goal) music. I'm usually writing and recording metal and post-rock so I'm really new to this kind of electronics. I also don't know what genre it really see for yourself. The idea of the project is about complicated relationship between DJ Pon-3 and Octavia. Music contains violins, choirs as well as a bunch of electronics and a metal guitar recording - that's my view about how it would sound if Octavia and DJ recorded music together. The topic I mentioned first had 2 songs available but they are removed right now as they need a remaster. Here's the 3rd song: With An Only Dream: I hope you like it... The album will contain 6 songs in total and will be published for free via bandcamp on the 1st January
  20. Hey there, everypony! I'm new here, I wanted to introduce my music to you. My project is called Depressed Pony, as I wanted to create something very melancholic and beautiful yet heavily inspired by MLP. The project was created just 2 days ago and I already have 3 songs done, however I can show you only two of them now. The musical style, as mentioned, is trance (electronics) and some kind of metal (I recorded distorted guitar at the background). Honestly I'm new to electronic music so I don't really know how to describe this genre. Here are the songs -Clouds -Octavia So, my plan is to make an album and publish it for free via bandcamp page. I hope you like the music, enjoy!!! P.S. I used soundcloud of my another project Blurry Lights which has nothing to do with MLP, it's just peaceful post-rock with pianos and clean guitar. You can listen to it too though, if you wish!
  21. i know it's been done many times before, but this song was stuck in my head and i could NOT get it out. so i spent 40+ hours making a remix of it for me to get sick of it also, this will be the last song i'll be making in fl studio. ableton just arrived in my mail yesterday and i'm super hyped about it c:
  22. Hello everypony! I want to introduce you to other new project. This time I make a remix of the song Babs Seed, and I really don't know how the idea of this song came out... I just started putting the voices in the music editor on LMMS: "Babs Seed, Babs Seed, what we gonna do? Got a bully on our tail"And I then I tried to make a nice lead to "fit" with the voice... And the rest of the song came just like that. The song is a work in progress, I'm now trying to find a way to fit that lyrics part "Everywhere we turn, she's just a step ahead". Waiting for your opinions! Brohoof /)
  23. Hey everypony. I have this idea for a mix I want to do the only thing is my music library is limited for House/dubstep/club mix's. What I want to do is ask everypony here to send me one of the there favorite remixes/songs and I will do my best to put my favored one's from the list in to a 1 hour long mix. I will post up the mix on to my soundcould and facebook so if you want to hear the mix just follow me on ether. So how about send me some song suggestions? Please only one suggestion per pony. (If possible try to keep the song BBM's to 120 - 140 range)
  24. I almost gave up on music for a while. I had no inspiration, and no motivation. Then I watched the season 2 finale again and it all came back. It's amazing what this show can do sometimes This is my first attempt at a trance style. Not my best, especially with the mixing and mastering, i'll admit that. I'm just glad to be making music again
  25. This one did take a while. The acapella seemed REALLY hard to keep in sync throughout the song though. If you need a download, hesitate to ask. -D2L